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The Wilson County Tennessee ONLINE Genealogical Society


The Wilson County TN ONLINE Genealogical Society (TNWCOGS) was formed for the purpose of establishing an orderly, online community of persons who are interested in the preservation, collection and compilation of any and all primary or secondary records of a genealogical or historical nature pertaining to Wilson County, Tennessee, for placement into online databases or internet web pages.

The membership being open to the public, it is therefore decided:

(1) no monetary dues shall be requested or required for membership in the TNWCOGS.

(2) the only requirement for qualification of membership status in the TNWCOGS shall be the donation of an individual's time and/or material to the TNWCOGS web pages.

(3) all meetings of the TNWCOGS shall be conducted online through the dissemination of informational emails to the members from the organizing body.

(4) the copyright on any and all copyrighted material(s) submitted to the TNWCOGS shall be solely held and owned by the person(s) submitting said material(s).

(5) any and all material(s) submitted to the TNWCOGS shall remain the property of the person(s) submitting said material(s).


How to become a member:

It's simple. To become a member of the TNWCOGS, submit any non-copyrighted* genealogical or historical information pertaining to Wilson County, Tennessee, or its residents (past or present), for publication on the TNWCOGS web pages. Submissions may be made via email or snail mail (US Postal Service, UPS, Fed-Ex, etc., etc.).

* See condition (4) above.


Email submissions may be sent to:


For information on where to send snail mail submissions, send email to the address above.


Where are the TNWCOGS web pages located?



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