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FAMILY FARM Life - Weakley County Tennessee

Pictoral History of the Family Farm
by MaryCarol

the work, the play, the family life

Baby Kisses - a little humor

40 Folksy Tales about Life Growing up on the Family Farm - from foods on the breakfast and dinner table, Planting customs, Making Sorghum Molasses, The Peddler Man, Bones n Rocks in soup, Biscuits & Tea Cakes, Hoop Cheese n Crackers, Washday, Christmas Memories, the Bad Cyclone, Memories of a Farmer's Daughter, Picking Strawberries, Cotton Pickin' Days, Before Radio or TV, first "Fridge", and a lot more.

 Prince's Band - band of Weakley County
Farmyard - part of the Tillman family
Churning Butter - Wringer Washing Machine - Milk Bottles
"Warshing" Clothes  Recicpe - from an old grandmother to a young bride
The Clothesline - bringing back memories + a poem
Old Time Ways
hog killing time, Laying of a corpse, Using household products
The History of Aprons - with photos
The Flour Sack poem + pictures

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