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Weakley County's connection to the ill fated Donner Party of 1846-47

The MURPHY family of Weakley County part of Donner Party

by MaryCarol


I took the following photos summer of 2003. The Murphy Family traveled from what is today Reno, Nevada, along the Truckee River. Near the eastern shore of todays Donner Lake, they used the boulder above for one side of their make shift cabin.  The huge boulder allowed them to build a fireplace and to provide insulation. Today this boulder has a bronze plaque in it with all the names of the Donner Party.....MaryCarol

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DONNER LAKE - covered train tracks
Path to MURPHY Cabin
Donner Party PLAQUE
Donner Party Plaque - MURPHY family noted with red *
Murphy Family Cabin - FRONT view
Murphy Family Cabin - LEFT view
Murphy Family Cabin - RIGHT view
Lavinah MURPHY'S lavender flowers
MONUMENT to imigrants - 22 ft high snow mark
CABIN SITE  built before the Donner Party and used by one Donner Party family
SNOW - Still around the Murphy Cabin April of 2002
Icey STREAM near the Murphy Cabin April of 2002

Tombstone of Sarah MURPHY FOSTER - Ft. Bragg, California
Tombstone plaque of Sarah MURPHY FOSTER - Ft. Bragg, California
NEW - Beautiful Old Photo of MARY MURPHY COVILLAUD  & husband, Charles Julian Covillaud, with 2 of their children. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Couillaud of France and the Couillaud family. Thank you, Charlotte!

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