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About pj: 

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pj Tells it All...Well...Almost....

I, Paula (pj) Howard Thompson was born on a farm in a remote area of Weakley Co, Tennessee that had been in my family since mid 1850s.  I was born to Paul R. Howard and Ellen Beauton Jones in (you guess on this one, I do have to have some secrets left), the only child but I was not a typical only child, I had to work.  



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Left: pj with parents, Paul R. Howard and Ellen Beauton Jones. Right: pj with Mama Jones.

My Mama's mother lived with us... this is Mama Jones, Lucy Caroline McClain Jones, born 1877 just a stone's throw away from where I lived all my life.  

I graduated from Martin High School in ____ and the day after moved to Memphis, Tennessee to attend Business School.  Business school didn't last too long cause I knew it all.  Got myself a job as a bookkeeper with the Welcome Wagon, $37.50 per week, thought I was rich!!!!  I did finally go to college at Memphis State, but didn't graduate, I have always hated school but believe in it to the fullest!  

I met my dear (for lack of what I really want to say, you figure that one out) husband in Memphis. Now he was from Greene County, Arkansas and that was not a plus to me.   Anyway we got married June 24, ______ and have raised 3 beautiful daughter and we now have 9 WONDERFUL  grandchildren, 3 boys and 6 girls.  Oh I forgot to mention, and 3 sons-in-law!  

I have been a bookkeeper and tax accountant for ______ years!  Got you guessing now!  I own my own business in South Fulton, Tennessee.  We still own the farm, but had to sell the cattle and hogs due to the health of my husband.  We have a park model on Kentucky Lake that we dearly love... we boat and I am the Captain.   We travel when we can, took a 6000 mile vacation this year, only second in all these years.  Genealogy is the love of my life.  Harold goes to the lime office and country store every day.  We live a simple life and love it, can't wait to retire and go back home to my swing under the shade tree.  

A final note here is to say, I have never in my entire life ever written a story or nothing until Jan asked me to write about "Days Gone By", so now you have me, put up with me.  Come to see me and I will cook you a good country meal and we'll sit in the swing under the shade tree and talk of days gone by.  

Paula (pj) Howard Thompson; A Native of Weakley County, Tennessee; December 10, 1998; c1998pjThompson  


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