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Weakley County Schools


First Schools of Weakley County

With few exceptions, the schools of Weakley County from the time the County was formed in the early 1820's until after 1870 were private schools. Property owners did not want to be taxed enough -- just like today--to support public education. There were a few State laws passed to support public schools but they did not seem to work.  Records show that the State of Tennessee funded 70 cents per scholar for school year 1856-57. See NEW journal of first Superintendent of Weakley County Schools 1867-1869 below.

Support for public education gained favor during the 1870's. The Weakley County School System grew rapidly with the largest number of public schools and the largest number of students in the early 1900's.  However, by 1940 the large numbers of students were gone and most of these schools started closing down.  Bigger but fewer consolidated schools took their place.

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NEW - Handwritten Math Book 1817-1818 by R. C. Drewry used as Teaching Manual in Weakley County
NEW - Journal of first Superintendent of Schools Weakley County 1867 - 1869 - Lots of Teachers Names!
List of Historical Schools in Weakley with general area location, district and if  found on this webpage.
 Map of Weakley County Schools before 1920
 map of school bus routes 1935-36
 map of road conditions 1935-36
WORKSHEET on school names and districts 
8th Grade Test in 1895 -- Take the Test -- How well did you do??
The Old One Room Country School with wooden desks- pot belly stove--photo
Favorite Teachers -- Jesse Campbell and Nannie Sharp Campbell
Teacher School Contracts - Old School Teacher Contracts 
Unknown School - Can you identify this group of students?
Unknown School 1894 - several LeCORNU  students identified.
Unknown School in District 13 abt 1890's - can you identify? - Letha BARNETT CLAYTON

Old Schools of Weakley County, Tennessee
 photos and Histories
Bowers School 
Beech Springs School -- or called Opposum Trot School
Brock School
Central School - Teachers reunion abt 1970
Central School - 1926 - 1928
Chestnut Glade School - big panoramic photo of school/community abt 1920 - are you or your ancestors here?
Chestnut Glade School - History, map, photos
Chestnut Glade School 2nd grade class abt 1941 Lots of Names!
Chestnut Grove School 1915 - Sharon, TN
Dresden School  - class?
Dresden High School - 1935/1936
Dresden High School 1936
Dresden School - abt 1944 - Girls Basketball Team 
Earls School 1895 - LOTS of names
Eastern Academy School - abt 1914-15
Eastern Academy School - the old schoolhouse
Eastern Academy School - Students
FANCY School - unknown school identified with names
FANCY School - unknown date
Farmers School - 1909 Lots of names here
Gardner School - Teacher 1930
Gardner School - class play
Gardner High School - Girls Basketball Team 1937
Gardner High School - 8th Grade report card
Gardner Homecoming 1986
Gardner High School - boys Basketball team 1922-23
Gardner School Classes - unknown date
Gleason High School -- 1952
Girls Basketball Team 1915
Greenfield First School
Greenfield Training School - Photo + History lots of  names here
Greenfield Training School Brochure 1913 - 1914 + photos 1912 Football - 1912 Baseball - debating halls, instructors, honor roll, etc
Greenfield Training School - 1910 stock Certificate
Greenfield Training School - 1915 - newspaper article - Fire that burned down the school
Greenfield Training School - Class of 1915 - photo taken on front porch of the Sam Baker house

 Greenfield Training School 1909 - Boys Football Team
 Greenfield Training School 1912 - Boys Football Team
 Greenfield Training School 1914 - Boys Football Team
 Greenfield Training School abt 1915-1918 - Boys Football Team
 Greenfield Training School 1920 - Boys football Team
Greenfield Training School 1914 -- Girl's Basketball Team
Greenfield Training School 1914 - Girl's Basketball Team YEARS LATER
Greenfield Public School - also known as Normal College & Graded School
Greenfield Graded School - also known as Normal College
Greenfield Public School - Happy Hill
Greenfield Public School  abt. 1909
Greenfield Public School - Football Team
Greenfield Public School - 8th grade class early 1900's
Greenfield Public School - 8th grade 1925--with names
Greenfield High School -- Lots of info and photos
Greenfield 1932 Football Team
Greenfield 1932/33 Football Teams
Greenfield 1940 Football Team
Gum Swamp School
Hall-Moody Institute - Martin, TN class of 1909 with names - NEW
Hall-Moody Institute - pictoral history compiled for 1975 Reunion - Lots of photos with names - NEW
Harris School - Dresden - abt. 1893
Harris School - Dresden Class of 1910-1911- lots of names

Harris School - Dresden Class of abt 1921 - lots of names
Harris School - Dresden Class of 1922
Holts School
Hyndsver School
Jones School -  1907 Martin area
Kilgore School
Lamb's School - 1914 -1915 with names
Laneview School - before 1890 - 1914
Martin High School
Martin High School 1924
Martin Old Grammer School
Martin Old Elemetary School - 5th grade 1946-47
Mary Hay Academy School
McCain's Chapel School - near Dresden - Gillmore and Gregory children
McConnell School
McConnell School 1904
McConnell School #2
McConnell School 1925
McFerrin College 1900 - Martin
McFerrin College 1910 - 1911 - 6 photos from Jesse Rawlin's album
 McFerrin Football Team 1912 - 3 photos with names, scores, who they played, etc
Meridian School - Lots of people
Meridian School - 1909
Meridian School - classes of 1919, 1927, and 1937
Meridian School - Adult Class taught 1934-5
Mt Arie School
Mt Arie School - Class of 8
Mt. Arie School - older class
Mount Arie School - 1911
Morgan Business School - Martin
Morgan School abt 1920
New Salem School - 1914 - 1950
Oak Grove School - abt 1923 with names
Ore Springs Area School - early to mid 1930's
Palmersville School  - abt 1910
Palmersville Schools - links to outside sites
Peace & Harmony School - Greenfield area 1932
Peace & Harmony School - playing drop the Handkerchief
Pisgah School - notice the feet
Pisgah School 
Pittman School 1904 - Names of all students
Pittman School - March 1915
Plesant Valley School
Public Wells School 1915
Old Salem School - Martin area, LOTS of names
Ore Springs area School - early to mid 1930's
Rinda School 1905 - Lots of Names
Rock Hill School
Rose Hill School - in District 17 - Northern Weakley
Salem School 1914 - with names
Salem School abt 1932
Shafter School 1893
Shafter School 1922
Shafter School - 1922 - 1923 - 3rd Grade - can you identify any of these students?
Shafter School 1922-23 - with names of students - this is a big file
Sharon School abt 1904
Sidonia School - 1822 - 1925 - lots of students
Sidonia School - 1933 - 7th & 8th grades
Smith's Chapel School 1906/7
Stella Ruth School - near Martin
Stella Ruth School - near Martin - another class
Sunny Side School 1912
Terrell School 1896
Terrell School 1947/48 - Lower Sharon Road, Dresden, TN
Union School - 2 photos 1900 - 1910 Pulbic Wells area - Martin, TN
Union High School 1925 - photo, LOTS of Surnames here!
Union High School
Union High School abt. 1942
Union Grove School abt 1933 with names on photo - McKenzie
Walnut Ridge - photo of students plus short bio of teacher, John Albert Miles
Walnut Ridge School abt. 1880
Walnut Ridge School 1904-5
Walnut Ridge School 1907-8
Welch Junior High School - Basketball team 1937-38
Welch High School 1938
Welch School - 1939 Dukedom, TN
Williams School 1899

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