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Genealogy Trivia, good things to know, misc.
NEW - Burma Shave Signs - remember these fun road signs?

of early Tennessee Counties 1800-1830; Weakley Co Pop. 1830-2000; USA pop. 1790-1980.


NICKNAMES  of Girls and Boys first names.

GENEALOGY - You know your are taking Genealogy too serious if.......


NAMING PATTERNS - Naming Patterns of the 19th Century & Dutch naming customs

Weakley County Tennesseeans Know -  OR - You might be a Weakley Countian if.....

SOUTHERNERS KNOW  - The average Southerner knows.....

SOUTHERN SAYINGS & Tips for Northerners in the South

100 YEARS AGO - how our lives have changed over the past 100 years

NEW - 1955 - Comments on prices of things in the year 1955 (only 54 yrs ago, today being 2009)

Purchasing power of money in the United States from 1774 to 2006 - how much money would you need in 2006 to have the same purchasing power of $500 in year 1774? - you would need $12,890.

Social Security Numbers - Who knew Grandpa lived in Montana?? - The first 3 digits of a person's Social Security Number tells the State where the person lived when the number was assigned.

States 2 letter Abreviation - just in case you forget

20 Generations Chart - you have over a million kinfolk

GOOD THINGS TO KNOW - from using bounce - bee stings & pennys - Hydrogen Peroxide - 5 things your cell phone can do - recognizing a stroke - warm drink after a meal - Uses for coffee fileters -  killing mosquitos with listerine - killing fire ant colony with soda water - Another 28 Household tips including uses for Alka Seltzer, removing crayon marks on walls, remove blood stains on clothes, remove burnt food from skillet and lots more.

Outstanding links to other Web Sites to help you in your Quest
If you want to search the Weakley County Mailing List ARCHIVES - for all posts that have your surname in them - Go to this site and type in the surname ONLY that you are looking for in the Subject line.

STATE on history of tennessee, military records, etc - check here first
Newly added INDEX of death certificates:
1908-1913 - 
1914-1916 - 

Looking for a summary type format on Tennessee History - look here


Searching for Tennessee deaths 1949 - 2005 - on Shelby County Registers website


University of Tennessee Yearbooks online - 1897 thru 2001 - this is really neat!

The following 3 links will take you to some good reference ONLINE books about Tennessee

1. This is a WPA book - Tennessee: A Guide to the State first published in 1939. The entire pdf of the book can be found here. You kinda have to poke around but the book is filled with many old photos - includes info on Weakley and surrounding areas - Davy Crockett etc.

2. Here is a webpage with a list of online Google books about Tennessee

3.  This one is the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture. If you look at the links on the left column there are links to maps and image galleries. Above those on the left, click on "browse by category" to read all the articles. In the "county history" category there are individual county histories, mostly written by the various county historians, and there are county photos. There are many other interesting categories.


OLD OCCUPATIONS and what they meant - use your back button to return to Weakley County

"She passed away on Monday" the obit said, but WHAT WAS THE DATE? This neat website will give you calendar years, great for figuring out death dates, marriage dates, etc.

Rootsweb SURNAMES lists....find them, search them....

Social Security Death Index

Mark Reed's.....CENSUS ONLINE....AWESOME. Search all counties of TN plus other states. Find Census that have been put online.

Neat inflation calculator to find out how much one's ancestor was worth in  year 2000 dollars. Form adjusts any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 2000.

Early maps of US for genealogy....really good!

Great cemetries search.....almost 3 million records world wide

THE BELL WITCH WEBSITE.....located in Adams, TN North of Nashville. learn about the hauntings of the Bell family by an unfriendly presence.

NATIONAL ARCHIVES online - you can now search the National Archives - new website. More than 50 million records from Civil War battles to family immigration files.


Has some good links..

Battlefield of Civil War .....NICE EASY SITE

Gathering of links having to do with Tennessee Counties





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