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Mt. Juliet Church of Christ
submitted by Karen Moore Waugh

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Photo taken at the Hamilton farm just north of Mt. Juliet in 1911.

From left to right: Cora McFarland Young, Annie Lee Goodall Moore, (baby) Nancy Moore, Gordon Moore, Lizzie McFarland Young (Mrs. Elbert), Elbert Young, (baby) Mary Elizabeth Young, Nannie (Nancy Young) Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, T.F. Hamilton, Jr., Nelle Hamilton, Molly Luck Young of Watertown, (youth) Howard Young, Bob Young, Quabon Young. 

NOTE: Mary Elizabeth was the daughter of Quabon & Cora Young and Howard was the son of Elbert & Lizzie Young. Chances are that both Mrs. Youngs (Cora & Lizzie) were sisters/cousins who attended the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ and probably school with Annie Lee as children. There were McFarlands who were members of the early Mt. Juliet church and McFarlands who attended the Goodall Moore Wedding in 1909. 

Since this photo was taken while the Gordon Moore's were still living in Louisville, KY, I assume that they were visiting Annie Lee's parents in Mt. 
Juliet when this photo was taken. Dorothy Denson Zumbro's relationship to our family: Her great grandmother, Nancy Neal Young was an older sister to W.S. Neal who married our great grandfather Capt. George Moore's sister, Sarah J. Moore. Both W.S. and Sarah Neal are buried in the Neal Cemetery in Smith Co. with Capt. George and Lousiana Smith Moore. Nancy Moore (Turner) taught schools in Wilson County for more than 30 years. 

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