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The Anglican Diocese of Trinidad & Tobago

The Bishop: The Right Reverend Calvin W. Bess
Tel.: (868) - 622-1324 (H)
Tel.: (868) - 622 - 7704
Fax: (868) - 628 - 1319

Bishop's Secretary: Anne Granderson
Diocesan Office, Hayes Court, 21 Maraval Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
Postal Address:, 2 Hayes Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
Tel.: (868) - 622 - 7387 (Office)


Archdeacon & Vicar General: The Venerable Kenneth Forrester
St. Andrew's Rectory, Scarborough, Tobago
Tel/Fax: 639-2485 (Home/Office)

Dean: The Very Reverend Knolly Clarke

Anglican Diocese Parochial Records
The old parish registers and any available indexes are NOT kept at the Diocesan Office at Hayes Court. Any requests for permission to research the parish registers personally or to obtain information from them should be obtained from the parish in which your relative(s) were baptised, married or buried. Contact Bishop's Secretary:Anne Granderson or the parishes direct.

Tel.: (868) - 622 - 7387

19th Century Trinidad Anglican Churches

The Ecclesiastical Ordinance of 1844 made the Anglican Church the Established Church of Trinidad and this resulted in Trinidad being divided into sixteen parishes, while the Island still remained part of the diocese of Barbados. Grenada and Tobago were to constitute the Archdeaconary of Trinidad. Six rectories were constituted from seven of sixteen parishes. This Ordinance also laid down rules for the keeping of Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths.

On June 29, 1872 Trinidad was separated from the diocese of Barbados and the independent Trinidad Anglican Church was established. The Anglican parishes as they were in the 19th Century Note: some have disappeared and are now included within "new" parishes.

Holy Trinity (est. before 1801)
Port-of-Spain, Laventille, Maraval, St. Ann, Tragarete

The first Anglican Church was a modest wooden building on the corner of Prince and Frederick streets. In 1808 a great fire swept through the town burning down the Church. In its current location, the Church, was completed in 1818, but it was another seven years before it was blessed.

Until 1835, the Trinity was the only Anglican Church in Trinidad. Reverend John H. Clapham probably came to Trinidad about the time the British occupied the island in 1797 and was the first rector and until 1823, he was the only Anglican clergyman in the island. In 1824, formerly under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Trinity became part of the new diocese of Barbados.

In 1844, at the time of the Ecclesiastical Ordinance, the parish of the Holy Trinity comprised the town of Port of Spain and suburbs, with the quarters of Laventille, Tragarete, St. Ann's and Maraval.

The Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity (est. 1823)
Dean & Rector: The Very Reverend Dean Dr. Knolly Clarke
The Deanery, 30A Abercrombie Street, Port-of-Spain
Tel.: (868) - 623 - 4887 (H)

The Curate Flats
Tel.: (868) - 623 - 6858 (H) 625 - -4288

Assistant Priests:
Reverend Fr. Ashley Mungal,
Reverend Fr. Jeff Elder
Reverend Lyris Bailey
The Rev'd Marva Kellman - Tel.: (868) - 662 - 7912 (H)
Reverend Fr. Titus Ackbarali, Jnr. - Tel.: (868) - 645 - 2662 (H)

Office Secretary: Mrs. Decima Piercy
Office: Open - 9.30 (Mon to Fri)
Tel.: (868) - 623 - 727
Fax: (868) - 624 - 9827

Verger: Mrs. Diane Bernard (Contact thru Office Secretary)

Holy Trinity Cathedral Church Archives
The first baptismal entry for the Anglican Church in Port-of-Spain was in June 1801 and on Trinity Sunday of 1823 Holy Trinity Cathedral was opened.

In 1844 the island of Trinidad was, by ordinance, divided into sixteen Anglican parishes, of which six were endowed as rectories the others as island curacies.

For information on the old baptismal, marriage and burial records, contact one of the Assistant Priests or the Office Secretary.

Further historical information can be found in:

175 YEARS OF ANGLICANISM - A Commemorative Brochure in celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity which is the Cathedral Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago - one of the country's historical monuments.
Other Title: One hundred and seventy years of Anglicanism
Publisher: Port-of-Spain, Holy Trinity Cathedral: 175th Anniversary Committee, 1998.
UWI Call #: BX5640.4 A42 T77 1998 (UWI West Indiana Library)
Heritage: REF WI 283.72983 (National Library)

Short History of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
Author: Power, Reginald

St. Paul (est. 1840)
North Naparima & San Fernando

In 1840 Mr. Gilbert was ordained and appointed Rector in San Fernando. Before that, Anglicans received communion in private homes.

The Rev'd Canon Francis Caesar
St. Paul's Rectory
12 Harris Promenade, San Fernando
Tel.: (868) - 652 - 4813 (H)

St. Andrew (est. 1841)
Couva, Barrancou, Carapichaima, Cascajal

St. Andrew's, Couva
The Rev'd Canon Everest Hall
1 Bonne Aventure Road, Pointe a Pierre
Tel.: (868) - 658 - 5357 (H)
Tel.: (868) - 679-3285(O/Fax)

St. Philip (est. 1844)
Savonetta (Now called Pointe a Pierre)

St. Philip, Phoenix Park
Now Parish of St. Andrew

The Rev'd Canon Everest Hall
1 Bonne Aventure Road, Pointe a Pierre
Tel.: (868) - 658 - 5357 (H)
Tel.: (868) - 679-3285(O/Fax)

St. Luke (est. ca 1844)
South Naparima
Now Parish of St. Clement, Naparima

The Revd. Canon Clive Griffith
St. Clement's Rectory
Manahambre Rd, Ste. Madeleine
Tel.: (868) - 652 - 1642 (H/O/Fax)

St. Matthew (est. ca 1844)
Oropouche - Cedros, Erin, Icacos, Irois
Now Parish of St. Augustine, La Brea

The Rev'd Fr. Carlyle Adams
St. Augustine Rectory, La Brea
Tel.: (868) - 648 - 7478 (H/O)
Tel.: (868) - 648 - 7584(H)
Fax: (868) - 648-7657

St. Michael (est. 1845)
Chaguaramas, Diego Martin, Mucurapo & Islands in the Bocas

The Rev'd Canon Matthew Gray
St. Michael & All Angels
St. Michael's Rectory
La Croix Ave
Diego Martin
Tel.: 637-5183 (O) 637-9332 (H)

St. Mary (est 1846 - the foundation stone was laid in 1842)
Arouca & Tacarigua

The Rev'd Fr. Jemmott Hazlewood
St. Mary's Rectory
Eastern Main Rd, Tacarigua
Tel.: (868) - 640 - 4429
Fax: (868) - 645 - 9547

St. Peter (est. ca 1846)
Pointe a Pierre

The Rev'd Canon Everest Hall
1 Bonne Aventure Road, Pointe a Pierre
Tel.: (868) - 658 - 5357 (H)

St. Stephen (est. ca 1847)
Savanna Grande (now called Princes Town)

The Rev'd Canon Edwin Primus
St. Stephen's Rectory
High Street, Princes Town
Tel.: (868) - 655 - 2480 (H/O/Fax)

St. John (est. ca 1847)
Aricagua, Cimaronero, Santa Cruz, St. Joseph
& the parts of Caroni west of the junction of the Tacarigua and Caura rivers

Now the Parish of Holy Saviour
St. John, Petit Bourg
Eastern Main Road
San Juan
Tel.: (868) - 674 - 8476

c/o The Rev'd Canon Steve West
Holy Saviour Rectory
Sellier Street
Tel.: (868) - 662 - 5178 (H/O/Fax)

St. Jude's (est. ca 1848)
Arima, Guanapo with the settlements of Cuare,
Turure, La Seiva & the parts of Caroni east of the Church of the Annunciation junction of the Tacarigua and Caura rivers.

St. Jude's Rectory
King Street, Arima
Tel.: (868) - 667 - 3656 (O / Fax)
Name of the priest?

(Note: Olga J. Mavrogordato (1979) in Voices in the Street stated that St. Jude's Church at Arima was consecrated on 21 December, 1885.)

St. Thomas (est. 1848)

 The Rev'd Fr. John Rohim
St. Thomas' Rectory
St. Thomas Village, Chaguanas
Tel.: (868) - 665 - 5142 (O) / 770-3622 (Cell)

1843: St. Thomas cornerstone laid.

St. Bartholomew (est. ca 1848)
Mayaro, Nariva, Toco & the settlement of Manzanilla
Now Parish of St. Faith, Rio Claro

The Rev'd Fr. Winston Mulcare
St. Edward's House
La Roche Trace
Tel.: (868) - 679 - 2418

St. Mark
Moruga & Guayaguayare

 The Rev. Fr. Hilton Bonas
18 Canaan Road, Point Fortin
Tel.: (868) - 648 - 2212

Christ Church

 These parishes had few Anglicans

Other Old Churches - forming part Holy Trinity Parish

Tragarete Church or Chapel of Ease (est. 1846)

 The foundation stone was laid in 1844. It was a Chapel of Ease for Trinity Church and, being in Trinity parish, it was served by ministers from Holy Trinity Church.

It was later to be called All Saints' Church, and became independent in 1868.

All Saints' Church
13 Queen's Park West
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago
Tel.: (868) - 627 - 7004 (O)

The Rt Rev'd Clive O. Abdulah [former Bishop]
Fort William Apartments
Fort George
St. James
Tel.: (868) - 622 - 8757 (H)

St. Matthias (est. 1858)

 The Rev'd Fr. Gilbert Harris
c/o The Cathedral Close
30A Abercromby Street
Port of Spain
Tel.: (868) - 625 - 4288


St. Margaret of Antioch (est. 1860)

 The early inhabitants of Belmont, mainly of African and British descent, arrived shortly after the abolition of slavery in 1812 when Trinidad passed from Spanish to British Rule.

Between 1852 and 1866, there was only one church at which Anglicans living near to Port-of-Spain could worship, this being Holy Trinity Church, later Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The Anglicans who lived in Belmont therefore attended Holy Trinity Church. In 1850, the Rector of the Holy Trinity started a mission at Belmont. He rented a two-roomed house from where he conducted services.

St. Margaret of Antioch
St. Margaret's Rectory

Church Office: 93 Belmont Circular Road
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago

Rector: Rev Lystra Barclay
Tel.: (868) - 624 - 1856 (O)
(868) - 625 - 8857
(868) - 621- 0503 (H)

BMD Records

Tobago Register
Title: Register of Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths from 1781 to 1817
Author: TOBAGO. English Protestant Church
Publisher: Port-of-Spain, 1936
Note: Microfilm. London: British Library, [1995].
1 reel (147fr.); 35 mm. (a b). Neg: PB.Mic.38461
Original: British Library Document Type: Microform
Holdings of original: British Library - 9907.r.13. DPB
Microfilm copies available from: British Library Reproductions

Further historical information

Title: The Diocese of Trinidad & Tobago, 1872-1972
Publisher: Anglican Church of Trinidad & Tobago, 1972
UWI Call #: BX5640.4 T8 D588 T8 (UWI Library)
(NOT at Library of Congress)

Title: From Chaplaincy to Diocese: A History of the Anglican Church in Trinidad, 1797-1904
Author: Tappin, Bernard Swainson
Publisher: Thesis (Ph.D.) The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, 1997
UWI Call #: BX5640.4 A45 T7 T37 1997 (UWI Library)

Title: Report of the Church Council of the Church of England in Trinidad From June 1868 to December 31, 1874
Publisher: New Era Publishing Office, 3 Abercrombie Street, Port-of-Spain,1875


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