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The Roman Catholic Church

Archbishop of Port of Spain
The Most Reverend Edward Joseph Gilbert, C. Ss. R
Archbishop's House
27 Maraval Road
St. Clair, Port-of-Spain
Trinidad & Tobago
Tel.: (868) - 622- 1103
Fax: (868) - 622- 1165

Archbishop Gilbert's secretary: Mrs. Maria Affong
Archdiocesan Website:

This webpage provides info on all the Trinidad & Tobago Catholic churches. For example, click on City for Port-of-Spain, click South for San Fernando and click North East for Arima.

***If you are hoping to research any of the Catholic registers, it is adviseable, in the first instance to write to the parish priest and follow this up with contact with the Church Office Aministrator/Secretary.

Please make a donation to assist the preservation of the Catholic vital records.

The oldest Catholic parishes are:

1688: San Rafael, San Rafael
1690: St. Vincent Ferrer, Moruga
1756/57: Santa Rosa, Arima
1756/58: Assumption, Toco
1756/58: La Divina Pastora, (Cathedral), Port-of-Spain
1781: Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Siparia Conception
1826: St. Francis of Assisi, Erin
1826: St. Peter's, Carenage
1831: St. Peter, Cedros
1832: St. John the Evangelist, Diego Martin
1837: St. Paul, Couva
1840: Sacred Heart, La Brea
1845: Holy Cross, Santa Cruz
1845: Sts. Philip and James, Chaguanas
1846: Our Lady of Lourdes, Maraval
1856: St. Patrick's, Newtown, Port-of-Spain
1861: St. Ann's, Port-of-Spain
1867: Our Lady of the Rosary, Port-of-Spain
1874: Our Lady of Fatima Church, Laventille, Port-of-Spain
1880: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Blanchisseuse
1882: Church of the Sacred Heart, Port-of-Spain
1890: St. Michael, Maracas Valley
1891: St. Charles Borromeo, Tunapuna
1892: St. Francis, Sangre Grande
1892: St. Joseph, Scarborough, Tobago
1892: Sacred Heart, Delaford, Tobago
1898: St. Mary's Our Lady Assumed into Heaven, St. Mary's Village, South Oropouche
1900: St. Mary of the Assumption, Mucurapo, Port-of-Spain
1902: St. Francis of Assisi, Belmont, Port of Spain.

Further information on more recent Catholic parishes can be found in:

Title: Parish Beat
Author: Sr. Marie-Thérèse Rétout, O.P.
Publisher: [Port of Spain, Trinidad : Inprint Caribbean] 1976.

Archbishop House Archives
Chancery, Flood Street
Trinidad & Tobago

The Archives are located in the grounds of Archbishop's House and hold diocesan documents of various kinds. Copies of Catholic News can be consulted.

Baptismal, Marriage and Burial registers
It has been stated that some old registers from various outlying parishes have been deposited for safe keeping in Archbishop House Archives, ie during improvements to presbyteries, etc. However, this remains unconfirmed and little is known about their exact whereabouts within the Archives. Most Catholic vital records, ie the old baptismal, marriage and burial registers, including those of the central Port of Spain churches, are held in the parish church offices. However, some are missing.

Vicar General: Fr. Christian Pereira
(Also Santa Rosa Parish Priest from July 2002)
R.C. Presbytery, Woodford Street, Arima
Tel:. (868) - 667 - 3658
Email address:

Financial Administrator: Fr. Garfield Rochard
Archbishop's House
27 Maraval Rd., POS.
Tel/Fax: (868) - 622 - 2691
Email :

Antilles Episcopal Conference
9A Gray Street
Trinidad & Tobago

General Secretary: Fr. Gerry Farfan, C.S.Sp. (General Secretary)
For Catholic Caribbean Directory 2002
Tel.: (868) - 622 - 2932
Fax: (868) - 622 - 8255

Central Port of Spain Catholic Churches
(Only a small number are listed here below, so if your area of interest is not listed, REMEMBER to check:

City Deanery
1781 Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (Cathedral)
31 Independence Square
Trinidad & Tobago
Tel.: (868) - 623 - 5232

Fax: (868) - 625 - 6892

Cathredral Administrator: Fr. Allan Ventour
Tel: (868) - 623 - 4446

Cathedral Archives

9am to 4pm, Tuesday to Friday
Secretary: Mrs. Carol Duprey
Assistant: Miss Cythia Major

For an appointment to visit the archives, telephone to ascertain whether the archives room is available for research.

Historical Note: In the 1860's there was no other church in Port-of-Spain but the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Thus, the Cathedral was the only parish extending as far as Newtown, St. Ann's and even Maraval. In 1863 the Church of the Immaculate Conception was the only church in Port-of-Spain, as it then was, in which marriages were solemnized.

Up to about 1930, Rosary, Sacred Heart, and St. Francis in Belmont were chapels of ease in the Cathedral parish. The priests in charge of these chapels were called vicars, and they lived in the Cathedral presbytery. There was only one parish priest for the entire town.

Microfilming of the Cathedral Baptismal Registers (1784 - 1806: 4 Volumes) was undertaken during 1995 - 1996 by the Microfilming Unit of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Library, St. Augustine. This resulted from the initiative of Adrian Camps-Campins, the Trinidadian artist and designer of historical Christmas cards with support from Dr. Margaret Rouse-Jones, the Campus Librarian, and with the generosity of Robert Boos.

Location of Printed Copies of Cathedral Baptismal Registers (1784 - 1806)
1 copy at UWI Library, St. Augustine
1 copy at the Cathedral Archives.

Location of Microfilms of Cathedral Baptismal Registers (1784 - 1806)
This is unknown.


Churches of the City Deanery

Our Lady of the Rosary (1867)
14 Park Street
Trinidad & Tobago

Fr. Reginald (Rex) De Four, C.S.Sp (Parish Priest from Oct 1999)
He covers St. Martin de Porres, Gonzales as well as Rosary.
At Rosary on Monday & Tuesday 9am - 11.30am & Friday 10.30am - 11.30am.

Tel.: (868) - 623 - 4020
Fax: (868) - 625 - 6352
Email : (Parish Priest)

Parish Administrator: Barbara Rajah
Secretary to Parish Priest: Miss Jenny Limchoy

Rosary Parish Secretary: Miss Margaret Deane
Office: Mon - Fri 9am - 12pm.

The Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary was erected in 1865 and the foundation stone of "new" church laid on 4 Sept 1892.

Baptisms (in Rosary registers) commence in June 1889, but Rosary, at this time, was still a part of the Parish of the Immaculate Conception, so it is also essential to research at the Cathedral Office. Rosary baptismal registers are held in the Rosary Church Office.

The early burial registers may have gone astray.

Research info on Rosary Church: Rev. Jason Gordon
Tel.: (868) - 627 - 3207


Church of the Sacred Heart (1882)
21 Richmond St.
Trinidad & Tobago

This church was originally built for English speaking Catholics and, at present, is served from the Cathedral. (As above)

Sacred Heart records are now being permanently kept at the Cathedral.


St. Patrick's Catholic Church (1856)
Picton Street
Trinidad & Tobago

The Catholic parish of Newtown began in 1856. Official records of the parish began with a baptism in August 1856, signed by the first parish priest.

Rev. Fr. Hugh Joyeau
Tel.: (868) - 622 - 1703
Fax: Use Cathedral fax

Office: 8am - 12pm Mon - Fri
Mrs. Angela Joseph: Parish Secretary
Email (Parish Secretary):

St. Ann`s R.C. Church (1861)
R.C. Presbytery
St. Ann`s Avenue
St. Ann`s, Port-of-Spain
Trinidad & Tobago

Previous to 1861 St. Ann`s was part of the parish of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. In 1861 the first parish priest was appointed.

Rev. Fr. Godfrey Stoute
Tel.: (868) - 624 - 1426
No Email address (use Cathedral email:

Office: Tues and Thurs only 3.30pm - 5.30pm.

St Francis of Assisi Church (1902)
R.C. Presbytery
146 Belmont Circular Rd.
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel.: (868) - 624 - 7923
Rev. Fr. Michael Hayden, O.P.

Our Lady of Lourdes (1846)
R.C. Presbytery
Saddle Rd.
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel/Fax: (868) - 629 - 2193

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Kevin de Loughry, O.P. (Parish Priest)
Secretary: Mrs. Annette Daisles

Acting Secretary: Sister Esther Maharaj
Office: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9am - 12pm Closed Wed am
Tues, Wed, Fri 4pm - 5.30pm

Churches of the Suburban Deanery

St. Joseph (1592 - 1593)
R.C. Presbytery
King Street
St. Joseph
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel:. (868) - 662 - 2827
Fax: (868) - 662 - 6478

Rev. Fr. Carlyle Fortune, O.P. (Parish Priest)

St. John the Baptist (1687)
R.C. Presbytery
San Juan
Trinidad & Tobago

Rev. Fr. Henri Brennon, F.M.I. (Parish Priest)
Tel.: (868) - 638 - 2607

Holy Cross (1845)
Cannatro Village
Santa Cruz
Trinidad & Tobago

Rev. Fr. Benedict (Bunty) Hilaire (Parish Priest)
Possibly has email but address is unknown.
Secretary: Mrs Tricia Ottley
Tel.: (868) - 676 - 8740
Office: Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

Churches of the Southern Deanery

Holy Cross, Princes Town (1687)
R.C. Presbytery
Princes Town
Trinidad & Tobago
[Princes Town was formerly known as Savana Grande]

Tel:.(868) - 655 - 2404
Rev. Fr. Martin Sirju (Parish Priest)

Churches of the South Deanery

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (1687)
Harris Promenade
San Fernando
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel.: (868) - 652 - 2883 (Rev. Clyde Harvey: Parish Priest)
Tel.: (868) - 652 - 2269 (Office)
Rev. Seamus Maguire

Office: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9am - 3pm. (Break for lunch)

Churches of the North Eastern Deanery

Santa Rosa (1756/57)
R.C. Presbytery
Woodford Street
Trinidad & Tobago

Fr. Christian Pereira: (Parish Priest & Vicar General)
Tel:. (868) - 667 - 3658
Email address:

The Arima birth, marriage and burial registers, including the outstations, for about 150 years are kept in the presbytery. Some, however, are missing.

Churches of the North-Western Deanery

St. John the Evangelist (1832)
Church Road
Diego Martin
Trinidad & Tobago

Fr. Cuthbert Alexander (Parish Priest)
Tel.: (868) - 637 - 9510

Office: Mon - Fri 9am - 3pm.
Parish Secretary: Mrs. Daphne Brown

Note: Before 1948, Petit Valley was part of the Diego Martin parish (R.C. Presbytery, Green Hills Village, Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago)

Churches of the Central Deanery

Sts. Philip and James (1845)
R.C. Presbytery
Main Road
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel.: (868) - 665 - 4245
Rev. Fr. Kenneth Assing (Parish Priest)

Tobago Special Ecclesiastical District

St. Joseph (1892)
R.C. Presbytery
Bacolet Street

Tel.: (868) - 639 - 2136
Rev. Fr. Thomas Willemsen, C.S.Sp. (Parish Priest)


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