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Bouldin (Flake) Cemetery

Also known as "Bethany Colored Cemetery"


Location of Williams/ (Flake) Bouldin cemetery:  From Bellville, take 159 West to Nelsonville.  In Nelsonville, before 2502, turn left on Skalak Road.  The Susen Cemetery is to the left, but this cemetery is to the right.  About 1/10 mile on Tieman Road you make a 90 turn.  Continue about 3/10 mile.  Cemetery is on the right in brush and trees.  You can not see cemetery from the road.  This is private property.

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Name                                Dates Comments Cemetery
Flake, Garfield 13 March 1885   8 December 1968 h/o Pearlie Knockson Bouldin/Flake
Flake, Pearle M. 17 January 1888   18 August 1956   Bouldin/Flake
Flake, Delaney 2 April 1918   9 July 1956   Bouldin/Flake
Banks, Annie 29 August 1870   21 June 1948   Bouldin/Flake
2 unmarked graves   Flake section Bouldin/Flake
Bouldin, Susie 1 September 1874   19 March 1916   Bouldin/Flake
4 unmarked graves   Bouldin section  
Bouldin, Nadine 1 March 1900   18 August 1926    
Flake, Johann March 1843   5 July 1909    
Keener, Mattie 9 April 1875   15 July 1952    
Glinger, Jairet 9 September 1859   8 October 1906    



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