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Bovine Bend Cemetery


(Bluff Cemetery in Cemetery Book)  

Location of Bovine Bend Cemetery.  This cemetery is located Northeast of Wallis, Texas  on property owned by Houston Lighting and Power Company and leased to Alvin Marek.

From Columbus Street in Wallis, turn left on Marek Street.  Cemetery is at the end of this very long street, directly behind James Marek's house, address 7605 Marek Street.  Pass his fence on the edge of the bluff.


Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Surname Given Name Birth Death Comments Cemetery
  Little Bennie 11 August 1891 21 September 1892   Bovine Bend
Unmarked grave         Bovine Bend
Cole A. B. 23 April 1834 21 May 1890   Bovine Bend
Cole Susan A. 21 November 1848 05 January 1929   Bovine Bend
Gibson Drewsyla 1864 1895   Bovine Bend
Lester Tommie 2 September 1887 30 December 1893   Bovine Bend
  T. E. L. No dates given   footstone for T. Lester? Bovine Bend
Habermacher C. J. 16 February 1820 18 August 1883   Bovine Bend
English Dr. R. B. 26 June 1825 21 December 1864   Bovine Bend
Harry Mrs. M. L. H. 27 October 1821 5 April 1885   Bovine Bend
Harry M. L. H. 5 January 1830 4 February 1895   Bovine Bend
Coody Mary Elizabeth 27 November 1875 24 August 1894   Bovine Bend
Coody Warren G. 10 February 1870 19 July 1947 Sp. Am. War Bovine Bend
Ward Richard No date given 5 months son of A.C & N.P. Bovine Bend
Hester G. K. 1 June 1848 18 August 1883 Mason Bovine Bend
Guyler Jacinta 22 April 1860 15 October 1861 moved to Wallis Bovine Bend
Guyler Fannie 6 November1863 18 November 1863 dau of L.A & W Bovine Bend
Guyler Samuel 12 April 1865 18 April 1865 son of L.A & W Bovine Bend
Hester Gussie   5 months dau of E.G & C. J. Bovine Bend
Hester George W. No dates given   son of L.E & G.K. Bovine Bend
Hester G. K. 1 June 1818 25 May 1878   Bovine Bend
Coates Mark 17 June 1837 18 November 1863 son of C & M. A Bovine Bend


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