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Garnett-Bonner Cemetery


An early and still active black cemetery in Oak Hill near Sycamore Crossing Road, consists of two neighboring plots, apparently primarily for the Garnett & Bonner families.  West plot, (Garnett) has 20 known interments, 10 marked.  The East (Bonner) Plot has 7 known interments, one marked.   This cemetery is also known as Ward's Chapel. 
Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Last name First name Birth Death Comment Cemetery
Garnett Vinie 5 July 1825  18 July 1920   Garnett
Armstrong Mrs. Ora 1888 1986   Garnett
Fletcher Lottie B   24 May 2005 w/o George Garnett
Fletcher George 7 January 1889 30 August 1952   Garnett
Garnett Chester 19 January1892 7 September 1974 h/o Annie Bonner Garnett  
Garnett Robert, Jr. 1895 1985   Garnett
Spates Mrs. Emaline 1900 1990   Garnett
Garnett Maryan 10 July 1907 7 October 1915   Garnett
Garnett Eddie 12 March 1915 2 April 1915   Garnett
Garnett Robert, Sr. no date given 5 January 1941   Garnett
Garnett Eliza no date given 21 July 1953   Garnett
Bonner Mrs. Kate 12 August 1880 1 November 1979   Garnett


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