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f you have any obituaries please consider typing them up and donating them to this site so they can be viewed by everyone.  Please put Austin Obit in the subject line so I can post them to the correct site. You can contact me at: Steve Alvarez

The Bellville Historical Society has scrapbooks with clipped obituaries from The Bellville Times starting from 1984. Following are the indexes to these scrapbooks. The page number after the name is the page number from the scrapbook. Contact   Joy Neely  if you want further information.

         Abell John Emanuel Page 94
         Acebo John Page 136
         Anderson Johnnie, Jr. Page 114
         Arning Eugene Alvin Page 32
         Aukerman Edythe Mae Page 33
         Bains Leslie C. Page 23
         Barnett Ralph Reed, Jr. Page 86
         Barrett Kirby William Page 94
         Barrett Rubin Page 136
         Beckman Norman Lee Page 125
         Bender Nora Eckermann Page 82
         Bender Nora Eckermann Page 87
         Bennett Howard Lee Page 17
         Bilski Peter Frank Page 53
         Bischoff Erwin Page 1
         Bishop Elda Ellen Page 2
         Blake Ila E. Page 39
         Blakey William Henry Page 73
         Blaschke CeCelia Ross Page 160
         Blinka Alanade John Page 167
         Bode Toni Estelle Regenbrecht Page 163
         Boelsche Edyna Kuehn Tomlinson Page 153
         Bonner William H. Page 43
         Boon Elisabeth Vint Page 64
         Borne Yvonne G. Page 13
         Boudreauz John Paul, Jr. Page 120
         Brady Glen Justin Page 106
         Brandt Donald Dennis Page 91
         Brandt Linda Sue Vesely Page 69
         Brashear Coleman Earl Page 52
         Bravenec Alvina Schiller Page 119
         Buechmann Eldie Paul Page 72
         Bugaj Mary Louise Clarkson Page 133
         Buls Tom Page 49
         Buntzel Dallas Page 17
         Burtschell Jesse Page 110
         Buscha Victor John Page 103
         Butler Carroll Page 82
         Butler Clifton "Jack" Page 148
         Camp Stephen Page 50
         Campbell Bess J. Tate Page 137
         Campbell L. Christeen (Brown) Page 117
         Carr David Charles Page 30
         Carter William Henry "Trey" Page 67
         Chatham Mabel Fisher Page 106
         Chilton Joe Paul Page 120
         Claborn Jewel Gibson Page 50
         Cobb Terry "T. J.", Jr. Page 59
         Conklin Debra Ann Page 83
         Cowart Jewell Marie Mouser Page 72
         Crathers Wilbert L. D. Page 63
         Danison Eveline P., Sr. Page 116
         Davis Earnestine Slater Page 154
         Dittert Hertha Krause Page 125
         Dittert Naoma Page 27
         Dittert Naoma Page 31
         Dittman Herbert Alfred, Sr. Page 74
         Duebbe Mary Masar Page 71
         Duebbe Mary Masar Page 73
         Duncan Lois Mae Page 46
         Eben Agnes Page 23
         Eckermann Leslie Allen Page 154
         Eckermann Miles B. Page 95
         Eckhart Patricia Mae Brown Page 156
         Egg Frances Duncan Page 141
         Ehrigson Martha Ann Shelton Page 110
         Elshick Daniel Max Page 98
         Emshoff Erna Page 75
         Emshoff Gardie Otto Page 130
         Ermis Annie Marie Page 18
         Esar Mildred Emma Hackbarth Page 101
         Evans Michelle Lorraine "Shellie" Page 91
         Felchak Hortense C. Page 24
         Fillip Marjory Smyth Page 156
         Flentge Alvin J. Page 9
         Foerster Verlin Page 33
         Ford T. A. "Cotton" Page 154
         Fox Lee "Sleepy" Page 167
         Freier Adele Cannizzo Page 126
         Gaidosik Delphine Vincent Page 57
         Gajewski Gene Page 51
         Galyean William Thomas Page 34
         Gambill Virginia Page 40
         Garcia Pedro, Sr. Page 148
         Garlin Elsa Blezinger Page 101
         Garlin Elsa Blezinger Page 104
         Garza Rudolfo, Sr. Page 112
         Gass Walter H. Page 20
         Gebhard Elfices Page 5
         Goebel Bernice Kathryn Susen Page 51
         Goebel Wilbert Page 10
         Goller Charles "Buddy", Jr. Page 76
         Graham Jerry Wayne Page 126
         Gregorcyk Richard G. Page 143
         Griffin Shirley Mae DiGiovanna Page 127
         Haack Charles David Page 83
         Hackbarth Winnie Davis Crisp Page 59
         Haevischer Elsa Mathilda Klausmeyer Page 69
         Hahn Elda Frieda Albrecht Page 112
         Haines Alfred Brad Page 138
         Halfmann Vlasta Mary Page 13
         Hamilton Christal Nicole Page 163
         Hare Clarissa Elizabeth Milam Page 28
         Haring Georgia Ann Kainer Page 157
         Hartmann Ora Dell Page 77
         Hartmann Ora Dell Page 84
         Havran Robert Lee Page 152
         Hegemeyer Reinhardt W. Page 133
         Henrichsen Henrietta E. Page 34
         Hensley Mike Page 31
         Hintz Larry Page 77
         Hlmes Elizabeth "Sweetie" Curry Page 107
         Hluchan Helen Troutman Page 130
         Hogan Micah Shane Page 149
         Holmes Elizabeth Page 102
         Honeycutt Stephen Michell Page 141
         Honeycutt Stephen Michell Page 144
         Hosak Marie Agatha Kutra Page 52
         Hueske Herbert Frederick, Jr. Page 144
         Ignasiak Virginia "Ginny" Roberts Page 113
         Jackson Rev. Thomas Earl Page 19
         Jankowski Julius Page 14
         Jaster Leonard Francis Page 118
         Jensen Karen R. Howard Page 131
         Johnston Gray Clifton, Jr. Page 54
         Jones Lou Cinda Page 11
         Josey Bessie Mable Page 44
         Jurchak Flroence Marjorie Page 3
         Kalina Annie Martha Lastovica Page 155
         Kamas Milady Pomykal Page 164
         Kaminski Leonard F. Page 114
         Kanisteiner Eleanora Geistmann Page 113
         King Clara (McDade) Archie Page 129
         King Harry Elwood Page 90
         King James, Jr. Page 164
         Kinsey John Page 75
         Koehne Fred Page 60
         Kolwes Reinhardt Ernest Page 21
         Konesheck Erna Page 2
         Koteras Cecilia Noviskie Page 6
         Krause Louis Otto Page 57
         Kveton Waco Page 157
         Laake Mary Louise Page 61
         Lamza Mary Emily Page 44
         Landers David E. Page 56
         Lastovica Annie Clara Sula Page 90
         Lee Winona Ruby Page 47
         Leenen Genevieve Frances Miller Page 111
         Lewandowski Theresa Page 10
         Light Wilbert W. Page 72
         Lockstedt Bruno A. Page 40
         Lowe Carey Edward Page 160
         Lueckemeyer Robert, Jr. Page 35
         Luedecke Carla Ann T;hompson Page 78
         Luhn Sandra Ruth Page 12
         Lynn Gertrude Pratt Page 134
         Macat Pearl Louise Beckmann Page 142
         Machala Eugene Alvin Page 41
         Machala Leroy William Page 87
         Maddox Truman Albert Page 45
         Maerz W. W. "Willie" Page 92
         Majewski Amanda Nichole Page 56
         Marburger Edna C. Page 41
         Marcinkiewicz Alice Brast Page 85
         Martinez Rosa Maria Tejada Page 4
         Massey Murel Ray Page 88
         Massey William Waller Page 29
         Matuska Elda Annie Page 6
         McCaleb Christopher Charles Page 150
         McCarn Jewell Page 18
         McKeon Jacqueline Wion Page 145
         McMurrey Duevirne Moore Page 24
         Meissner Hertha Ernestine Page 145
         Mewis Anita Hildebrandt Page 158
         Mewis Tiffany Rochelle Page 54
         Meyer Arnold E. Page 32
         Mintz Eula Lea Reynolds Page 65
         Moeller Donna Gail Ray Page 127
         Moyer William Edward Page 137
         Mueller Wesley Hardin Page 92
         Muniz Rosa Beltran Page 95
         Murphy Gloria J. Machemehl Page 100
         Myers Bessie Mable Page 12
         Nastoupil Doris Page 48
         Nelius Alice Page 63
         Nemann Lillian Schroeder Page 165
         Norris Charles Ralph Page 122
         Noska Josephine Veronica Page 6
         O'Brien Juanita Sander Page 66
         Oldag Tommie Douglas Page 100
         Ondruch Donald Page 123
         Owens David Paul Page 14
         Pachal Henry Otto, Jr. Page 115
         Pacher Emma Johanna Marie Mueller Page 102
         Patton Sammie Louise Billingsley Page 146
         Pavalock Ambrose Page 123
         Payton Marvin Page 68
         Pease Lorena Varee Meadows Page 118
         Perkins Gary C. Page 30
         Perley Myron Page 7
         Persky Lynda Drummond Page 135
         Persky Monroe Page 135
         Peters Edward Oran "Pete" Page 36
         Pfeffer Lawrence Herbert Page 42
         Pfeiffer Harry Peter Page 115
         Pieper Erwin August Page 93
         Pillips Enola Page 35
         Platte Esther Thielemann Page 107
         Poore F. Gayle Burton Page 142
         Pope Milton Page 158
         Porter Bird Eva Hamilton Page 166
         Porter Shirley Jean Perry Page 108
         Post Helen Ognoskie Page 138
         Pouncy Melvin Earl, Sr. Page 37
         Powell Fannie Forrest (Lovett) Page 104
         Prause Hazel Mewis Beckman Page 15
         Rasmussen Willie E. Page 7
         Ratjen Alvina Kollaja Page 161
         Richter William H. Page 61
         Rinn Mathilda Pavelka Page 58
         Roberts George N., Sr. Page 139
         Roesler David Page 128
         Roesler David Page 131
         Rogers Bing Page 38
         Rogers Gracie Nelson Page 89
         Rogers Mabel M. McClain Page 67
         Ruggles Odessa Winn Page 118
         Schier Ruth Hood Page 168
         Sabrsula Marcella Jan Page 71
         Sabrsula Marcella Jan Page 76
         Sanchez Rogelto Page 161
         Schaffner Esther "Mousie" Page 80
         Schaffner Esther "Mousie" Page 84
         Schaffner Inez Page 25
         Schlabach Ora Lee Weyand Page 87
         Schneider Irene Georgia Vasicek Page 86
         Schnieder Charlie Christopher Page 103
         Schoppe Cassidy Louise Page 55
         Schovajsa Ra;ymond Willie Page 62
         Schrader Dorothy Alma Brosig Page 108
         Schrader Genelle Holland Page 99
         Schroeder Birdie Schubert Page 140
         Schultz Selma Kemper Page 165
         Schulz Minnie Lena Wienecke Page 116
         Sefcik Milady Page 48
         Sell Jerry David Page 119
         Sheridan Michelle Lynn Peck Page 143
         Sheridan Michelle Lynn Peck Page 146
         Sillavan Robert Page 25
         Skelton Dr. James Madison, Sr. Page 109
         Skrivanek Charlie Willie Page 96
         Slovak Mary Emily Page 39
         Smesny Annie Rosa Hajdik Page 147
         Smith Norma Faye Page 121
         Smith Virginia Lucille Houchin Page 65
         Snell Rev. Phil Solomon Page 159
         Soeten Olive "Bobbie" Page 121
         Spencer Lillian Shade Page 131
         Stone Arthur B., Jr. Page 49
         Stark William Frank Page 26
         Starustka Agnes Marie Gajewskey Page 132
         Stigall Fred Page 46
         Stolarski Chester Page 64
         Strauss Harold Charles "Sonny" Page 67
         Strauss Wardie Irene Pittman Page 68
         Summer Gladys Grabow Page 8
         Svinky Willie Page 111
         Swansey Jesse James Page 22
         Taubert Ann Marie Nolte Page 96
         Teichmann Anita Clara Schroeder Page 89
         Teichmann Anna Clara Schroeder Page 97
         Tejeda Edward "Eddie" Page 149
         Terrell Vada J. Page 62
         Thomas Everett Rue Page 150
         Thompson Bart Alan Page 97
         Timme Georgie Marie Amsler Page 162
         Toelke Lester William Page 121
         Tucker Syble Mae Page 27
         Vasek Charles Page 18
         Vega Maria Luisa Gandarilla Page 98
         Villa Ora Nell Page 129
         Volkman Francis Wayne Page 79
         Volkman Francis Wayne Page 81
         Volkman Wayne Page 78
         Von Minden Jennie Krenek Page 122
         Vykoukal Margaret Page 4
         Walton Doris Mae Young Page 134
         Walton Doris Mae Young Page 139
         Warmke Verlin Kramer Page 153
         Washington Donnie R. Page 168
         Wasicek Emma Sabrsula Page 151
         Wehmeyer Joyce Lahrmann Page 47
         Weiss Rev. Paul Page 16
         Weiss Stanley P. Page 58
         Wensel Walter H. Page 166
         Westbrook Alan David Page 147
         Whitzel Joyce Page 55
         Wienecke Alwina Zander Page 70
         Wilke Waldine Jeannette Page 151
         Williams Florence Jameson Page 5
         Witttneben Althea Warmke Page 162
         Wright Baker Know Page 105
         Wright Henry Clay, Jr. Page 152
         Wright Inez Tucker Page 155
         Zernicek Rosa Page 58
         Zettel Tommie Page 8
         Zubicek Bertha Geistmann Page 132






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