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Monique Ann Hutzler Meischen, age 34, was born June 6, 1969 in San Marcos,
Texas. She died suddenly on Wednesday. Feb., 25, 2004 in Austin Seton
Monique was the daughter of Gary Robert Hutzler and Nancy Ann Hall Hutzler
of Kyle.
On March 9, 1996 she was married to Jeffrey Layne Meischen, son of Betty and
Del Meischen of Bellville. Jeffrey Meischen's grandparents are Walter and
Erna Meischen of Industry and now deceased A.J. Smith and Sibyl Cloyd Smith
of Bellville.
Jeffrey and Monique had made their home for the past eight years at 2500
Rolling Oaks in San Marcos.
Monique Hutzler Meischen graduated from Jack C. Hays High School in 1987 and
furthered her educational ambitions by obtaining multiple degrees from
Southwest Texas State University including Bachelor of Science in
Interdisciplinary Studies, 1991; The Lawyer's Assistant Program, 1994; and a
Master of Arts in Legal studies, 2000.
While a student at SWT, Monique began working for the Executive Vice
President's Office, and then, transferred to the Athletic Department where
she chose to remain throughout her professional career. Although Monique
held many and varied positions throughout her tenure, her role could be best
described by her co-workers as "Queen of the Department."
Everyone who knew her deeply loved, admired, and respected her and all of
her enormous capabilities. Co-worker Dana Kraft, who represented the SWT
(now Texas State University) faculty, said at her memorial service that "she
was the glue that kept the whole place running."
Monique worked tirelessly for the University, always going above and beyond
the call of duty. She dealt with the problems and questions of all the
student athletes, often accompanying them when they played out of state.
Just two weeks before her death, when unbeknownst to her own family that she
was dying of cancer, she went with the basketball team to Phoenix. At the
basketball game between Texas State and the University of Texas, a moment of
silence was held in memory of Monique Meischen,
Appropriately, a memorial service was held for Monique at 1 p.m. in the
beautiful, newly constructed VIP lounge at Bobcat Stadium. It was so fitting
to look out of the three story high windows at the track meet going on
below, knowing that Monique had worked so hard the last week of her life to
make everything turn out just right. As her sister Rene put it, "If she had
learned that the service would coincide with the track and field event,
Monique would have said, 'that's classic!' It would have been all any of us
could do to keep her from diving into the middle of the track meet and the
memorial service at the same time, directing them both with zeal and passion
like the pro she was." We are all confident that she is up there making sure
that everything is going right and nothing is getting messed up right now!
Three weeks before her death, Monique had given a baby shower at the Smith
farm in New Ulm for Jeff's sister, Becky Malone. Sadly, monique had lost her
own first baby on Jeffrey's birthday, July 17, 2003. The baby would have
been due this February, At the hospital on Tuesday, Monique told Becky on
the phone, "I really want to see my little nephew."
Until this past Sunday, monique had never complained of feeling ill and had
kept it from us all, even her mother and husband. On Monday, she complained
of a debilitating headache. Jeff took her to the emergency room of the San
Marcos hospital, and she was then transported by ambulance to Seton in
Austin where she went into cardiac arrest Tuesday evening at approximately
8:30 p.m.
Almost a decade ago when Jeff met Monique, we were two separate families.
Now, our families and associated friends have developed from that original
relationship into one huge, wonderful, loving unit that has spread across
the state of Texas. We miss you terribly Monique, and we will always love
you. We know you are up there observing everything from above and making
sure it all goes OK. What an angel God got when he welcomed you to his home

Posted by Joy Neely


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