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Julian Quarles Myers, Jr. was born in Post, Texas on December 11, 1912 and died in Bellville, Texas on August 22, 2009. JQ (as he preferred) was a lifelong devotee of aircraft and flying.

He was noted for his friendly attitude and characteristic whistling, never a discernable tune, just whistling. He married Billie Winifred Calloway on Christmas Eve, 1934. Billie was born in Lebanon, Kansas on July 25, 1916 and preceded JQ in death on Aug. 10, 2007 in LaGrange, Texas after 62 years of marriage. This writing is devoted to them both as they were inseparable in life. 

JQ grew up in El Dorado, Texas and traveled with his family extensively, as his father was a traveling Geologist for Shell Oil Company. This adventurous youth took him to places few had ever seen in the United States, and he completed one of his high school years by correspondence from a campsite in what was then a very primitive Yellowstone National Park. His love of flying started at Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he learned to fly and later taught basic flight school as a civilian instructor for the Army. In his active years as a flyer he met such prestigious aviation legends as Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart.  Post WWII, JQ oversaw the contract to demolish the B-17 Bombers in Kingman, Arizona to get the metals back into industrial circulation, and sold off many military fighter aircraft to private aviation. Through his career he lived in many areas of the United States and worked in a variety of industries. He retired from Rheem Manufacturing Company in Ft. Smith, Arkansas as Service Manager in 1977 after 19 years of service. JQ and Billie then moved to the lower Rio Grande valley, from where they toured and camped in various parts of the US and Canada before finally moving to Austin County near Oak Hill in 1994. 

As for Billie in particular, after her youth in Kansas and Oklahoma, she met and married JQ, the dashing aviator from Tulsa. Her life intertwined with JQ’s as a wife and mother, Billie was a homemaker for most of her life and always active in the Episcopal Church wherever they lived. She served as church secretary at Trinity Episcopal Church in San Antonio. Billie was a fine pianist, and served both as a day school teacher and organist at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Dallas while helping manage the church’s clothing resale business. She attended St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Bellville for several years until health issues restrained her.  

JQ and Billie were generous and loved by their family. They loved the out-of-doors, Texas, and considered Austin County the finest place they had ever lived. They are survived by their two daughters, Sandra Kelly of Austin and  Julianna Legg of Bellville, grandchildren Emily Kelley of Chicago, Konrad Kelley III of Ft. Worth, Stephanie Henao of San Antonio, Jennifer Loftin of Brenham, and great grandchildren Madeliene, Sofia, and Thomas Henao of San Antonio and Camille and Natalie Loftin of Brenham.

A private remembrance was held for them at the home of Tom and Julianna Legg in Bellville.

Posted by Joy Neely


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