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Raymond Harold Brennan, devoted father and husband, departed this world surrounded by his wife, family and God, Friday, the 18th of November 2011 at 3:50 p.m.

Raymond was born in St. Louis, MO., the 24th of February 1931, to Veronica Catherine and Edward Joseph Brennan. He often referred lovingly to the lower-middle working class neighborhood in which he was raised as ďKerry Patch,Ē extremely proud of his Irish heritage. Some of his fondest memories were from days spent at his Uncleís fishing cabin outside the city limits sleeping on the porch during the lazy days of summer.

After Raymondís father was killed in a tragic home accident, he went to work for International Shoe Company. Having graduated from Normandy High School at sixteen, he went on to join the United States Air Force at seventeen to help provide for his mother and make a career for himself.

Raymond often joked that many of the troops he trained in the Air Force were older than he. Two years into the service he had the opportunity to take the officer examination. Without any college credit, he scored in the top ten percent and began flying jets soon after; the first in the Air Force to fly such aircraft. Even though the service was challenging and something Raymond loved, he knew he wanted more. On a vacation trip with a friend to Texas, he discovered what was to be his future; the oil business. He came back from vacation, retired from the 559th Strategic Fighter Squadron at Bergstrom Air Force Base and applied and was accepted to the University of Texas at Austin. He began in June of 1956.

During his time in Austin, Raymond met a young lady named Marian Moore on a blind date. She wasnít his blind date; but someone elseís. He asked his friend if he could have the young ladyís number. Two weeks later Marian received a phone call. Two years later Ray and Marian were married at St. Austinís Catholic Church in Austin, TX. Two years after that their first son, Michael Edward was born. With the help of the GI bill, flying at night in the reserves, grading papers for his professors and the help of his wife, Raymond graduated in three and half years with honors from the University.

After graduating, Raymond was urged and even offered tuition by his professors to enter law school. Raymond declined to accept a position with Superior Oil Company in Carmi, Ill. Anxious to provide a living from his new family and obtain experience in the oil field, he knew this was the opportunity not to be missed. Ray and Marianís daughter, Kelly, was born here in 1962. Shortly afterwards, Texas beckoned the family return.

From 1963 until Raymond began his own company, Texas General Petroleum in 1979, his resume was built on a steady accent from Vice President of Bank of the Southwest and working with such accounts as the Mitchell Brothers to Chief Engineer at Rycade Midhearst.

Raymondís ability to speak at any business level necessary; his understanding of humanity and human character; his love of life; his genius knowledge of the facts placed before him, made him a businessman not to be forgotten. These unique qualities made him a presence not to be missed. Rayís simple presence entering a room left an impression. He never met a stranger. People never forgot him.

In 1967, Raymondís last child, Laura Ann was born. Rayís family was the constant joy in his life. Always a devoted husband and father, everything he did was with his family in the forefront of his mind. His children were the most important loves in his life next to his wife Marian; a love affair that lasted 55 years.

An animal lover at heart; he worried constantly about his two puppies; Rocky and Bandit. When ill, he inquired frequently and urgently about their health.

Devoted friends such as Tom Jackson, Phyllis Bartling, Anne and CL Roy, Bob and Fran Pond and Sybil Annette and Dr. Joseph Hagman were weekly visitors and inquired daily into Raymondís health. The Brennan family will forever hold a special place in our hearts for them and others who went above and beyond all means necessary to help our father through this transition to a place where he will no longer feel pain or suffer.

Raymond leaves behind his loving wife Marian, his son Michael Edward, his daughter Kelly Howard Jones, and his daughter Laura Brennan Gonya. He also leaves their spouses Noemy Brennan, Jay Jones, and Jason Gonya. Raymond had five beautiful grandchildren he was very proud; Thomas Carter Howard, Katlyn Ann Howard, Holly Claire Howard, Joseph Raymond Brennan, Sean Michael Brennan. He also leaves behind five nieces and nephews whom he adored; Edward Joseph, Cindy, Cathy, Timothy, and Ron Brennan.

Raymond was preceded in death by his mother, father, and brother Edward Joseph.

Our father will never be forgotten, he will always be missed. We love him dearly; now and always.

A private celebration of Raymondís life is to be held at the familyís country home in Bellville, TX at a later date.
Posted by Joy Neely



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