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Austin County Obits

Miss Hildegarde Schauerhammer

That "In the midst of life we are in death" has never been more tragically brought home to our people than on last Tuesday afternoon, when word reached here of the killing of Miss Hildegarde Schauerhammer, in an automobile accident. Leaving her home here that afternoon, in a car with Miss Erna Westermann, Jerre Esterak and Ernst Laas, the party expected to hear Alma Gluck sing at Houston that night. Miss Schauerhammer and Mr. Esterak were on the rear seat, Miss Westermann and Mr. Laas on the front seat, Miss Westermann driving at the time of the accident, which occurred about 3:45 p.m., about seventeen miles this side of Houston. At this point they were overtaken by another car driven by a woman, who, in glancing at the Bellville car, either inadvertently or by loss of control of her machine, turned it toward the car driven by Miss Westermann, who, in order to avoid being run into, turned her car further aside, thereby running into a ditch and completely overturning the car. Mr. Esterak fell free of the car, and found Mr. Laas, pinned underneath it with the others, using every ounce of strength that he could summon, trying to lift the car, with his body, from Miss Westermann, pinned down at his side. With Mr. Esterakís help Mr. Laas got out, and, some near-by road hands getting to their assistance at the same time the girls were released. A woman from nearby also came to render assistance. A few minutes later Miss Schauerhammer died. In response to a call, an ambulance from Houston made a record run, and the Bellville party were taken to that city. Miss Westermannís condition was said at St. Josephís Infirmary to be not at all serious, and she later went to the home of relatives, where she still, is, not entirely recovered from the shock of the accident, but giving her family and friends no cause for alarm as to her condition.

A number of friends of the family left that night for Houston, and on Wednesday morning they returned with the body of Miss Schauerhammer, accompanied by Mr. Esterak and Mr. Laas. They were met at the station by an immense crowd of grief-stricken friends of the dead girl, and for the remainder of the day the ordinary life of the town was suspended, so great was the shock to our people.

Miss Schauerhammer was a devout member of the Episcopal church, and in that faith the services for the dead were said. At half past three in the afternoon a family service was held by Rev. S.M. Bird at the home, at the conclusion of which the body was borne to the Episcopal church nearby, where the funeral services were held, the number present being so great that many were unable to gain admittance to the church and stood at the windows throughout the solemn service. Interment was made at Pilgrimís Rest, the funeral procession being the longest ever seen here. This, and the great number of exquisite flowers-more than could find placing on the grave, bore witness to the affection in which the deceased was held, and to the deep sorrow of her friends at the parting. Among many others, beautiful flowers were sent by the choir, by the Womanís Guild and by the Sunday school of the Episcopal church, by the euchre club and by the five-hundred club.
Miss Schauerhammer, the third child of Mr. and Mrs. C. Schauerhammer, was born and grew to young womanhood here. After graduation in our local school, she attended St. Maryís College, Dallas, where the honor of a free scholarship was given her, as the most accomplished among the students of music. She was organist at the Episcopal church here and was in every way faithful to her duties in the Church; she was a member of the thirteen and five-hundred clubs, and entered fully into the social life of the town. Long after the shock of her tragic death has passed, she will be keenly missed and mourned by Bellville people and many friends elsewhere. She died at the age of twenty-one years and eight months.

"Father, in Thy glorious keeping
Leave we now Thy servant, sleeping."

Among those coming for the funeral were friends from Houston, Hallettsville, Brenham, Kenney, Sempronius, Sealy, and other parts of the county, and the following relatives: Mr. And Mrs. James Dunaway of Smithville, Mr. And Mrs. C. Langhammer of Houston, Mrs. W. A.-----(Rest of article is destroyed. Last name may be Mrs. W. A. Schley.)

From Cemetery Listing: Born: May 21, 1896 Died: January 30, 1917
Buried: Pilgrimís Rest, Bellville, Texas

Submitted by: Judy Hess Oakes

(Transcribed as written, without spelling, etc., etc. corrections.)