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Welcome to the Austin County Obituary Section. All the obituaries you will be viewing are donated by volunteers. If you have an obituary of a person who is connected to Austin County by birth, death, or any connection at all,  please consider sending them to me at: Steve Alvarez  so this obituary section can grow and benefit everyone.

Bodungen_Jeanette Michaelis_Bruno
Braesicke_Albert Michaelis_Walter
Braesicke_Nola Moore_Lovic
Brooks_JW Parker_Annie
Brooks_Mary Parker_Will
Brooks_Wyatt Pierce_Lola
Buchtien_Harold Reese_KW
Buchtien_Norman Reese_Martha
Caletka_Auguste Rees_Nancy
Caletka_Charles Reese_Phillip
Caletka_Joseph_Sr Riniker_Charles
Caletka_Teresie Rudloff_Minnie
Cleveland_Edna Schauerhammer_Hildegarde
Donaho_Gertrude Schluens_Evelyn
DuBose_Stacy Schluens_Fred
Engelking_James Schuessler_Ruby
Fisher_Martha Schwark_John
Giese_Arthur Sens_Arnold
Hess_Roland Sigler_Innis
Hillboldt_Sam Stafford_Edmund
Hinze_Verna_Belle Stokes_Birdie
Holub_Frances Stokes_Ennis
Holub_Liber Stokes_Leroy
Holub_Vincent Suhr_Lena
Houston_Roderick Thomas_Charley
Jackson_Eddie Twiggs_Albert
Kinkler_August Uhlig_Edgar
Kloss_Richard Uhlig_Adelheid
Kveton_Theresa Uhlig_Leander
Loehr_Virginia Waak_Ben
Luedecke_Dora Waak_Hulda
McDonald_BC Waak_William
Maeckel_Ernst_Edward Walker_J_J
Marburger_Leroy Washington_Booker
Mewis_A_E Washington_Willie
Mewis_Martha Witte_Lydia
Mewis_Mary Zahradnick_Ferdinand


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