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Austin County, Texas 

1870 United States Census 

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 Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely for her contribution  to this information.  This index shows name, age, race, birthplace, census &  image page number.   Precinct 3 includes patrons of Pittsville, East Bernard,  and San Felipe Post Offices.     1870 Census images are available at   

Austin County Archives     in  USGenWeb Project Archives 

Find an ancestor's  surname from the every name index, then go to the image or transcription page numbers to see families, neighbors ,age, sex, race,  birthplace, etc. 


Index to 1870 Census

Includes  some areas now in Waller and other counties. 

 See 1850 Austin County map.


Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Aa-Alb Ald-All Alt-Arc Arm-Az
Bak-Ban Bar-Bas Bat-Beld Bell-Ben Ber-Bey
Bh-Blak Blan-Bog Boh-Bos Bot-Brac Brad-Braz Bre-Bros Brow-Bru Bry-Bue Bug-By C-Cam
Can-Chan Chap-Cho Chr-Cla Cle-Cly Co-Cole Coll-Con Coo-Cor Cos-Croc Croo-Cz D-Dan
Dar-Dav Daw-Dia Dib-Dix Do-Dre Dro-Dy Ea-Ec Ed-Ek El-Ep Er-Ez F-Fin
Fis-Fl Fo Fre Fri-Fu Ga Ge-Gill Gilu-Gloo Glov-Gol Gon-Grav Gray-Gu
H-Hali Hall-Ham Han-Harp Harr-Hart Harv-Hav Haw-Henk Henn-Hig Hil-Hin Hio-Hold Holl-Hos
Hot-Hun Hur-Ivy J-Jackson,K Jackson,L-Jan Jar-Johni Johns-JohnsonP JohnsonR-Jon Jor-Kay Ke Ki-Kit
Kiz-Kn Ko-Kop Kor-Kri Kro-Ky La-Lar Lat-Len Les-Lew Li Lo-Lor Lot-Ly
M-Manl Mann_Mare Mari-Matk Mats-McC McD-McI McK-McZ Me-Men Mer-Mey Mi-Mik Mil-Mir
Mit-Moo Mor-Muec Muel-My N-Nic Ni-Nu O-Or Os-Pai Pal-Pan Pap-Pea Pec-Pet
Pew-Pod Poh-Pot Pou-Q R-Raw Rein-Rice Rich-Rip Rich-Rip Ro-Rob Rod-Ros Rot-Ruz
S-San Sap-Sche Schi Shel-Shep Schn-Schr Schu-Schw Sco-Sel Sen-Shed Shel-Shep Sher-Sila
Sile-Sma Smi Sn-Spe Spi-Star Stat-Ster Stev-Stol Ston-Stu Su-Sz T-Te Th-Thoma
Thomp-Ti To-Tuc Tuf-Ty U V-Voe Vog-Wag Wal Wan-War Was Wat-Wei
Wel-Whe Whi-Why Wi-William Williams Willis-Win Wis-Wom Wo-Wy XYZ


If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .  


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