Austin County, Texas 

1880 United States Census 

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 Our sincere appreciation to Imogene Storrs for her contribution  to this information.  This index shows name, age, race, birthplace, census &  image page number.  

Find an ancestor's  surname from the every name index, then go to the transcription page numbers to see families, neighbors ,age, sex, race,  birthplace, etc.   

Index of Names -- 1880 Census

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Aa-Alb Ald-Alt Am-An Ap-Az Ba-Bal Bam-Bar Bas-Bay Bea-Ben Ber-Bey Bi
Bl Bo-Bon Boo-Bou Bow-Boz Bra Bre-Bri Bro Bru-Bun Bur-By Ca-Cam
Can-Ce Ch-Che Chi-Cle Cli-Cok Col Com-Cro Cru-Cz D-Dan Dar-Dav Daw-Di
Dl-Dud Due-Dz E-Ec Ed-Em En-Ez F-Fin Fis-Fl Fo Fra Fre-Fz
Ga Ge-Gi Gl Go Gra-Gre Gri-Gz Ha-Hal Ham-Harp Harr-Hart Harv-Haz
He-Hel Hem-Herr Hes-Hill Hillb-Hiz Ho-Hol Hom-Hoz Hr-I J-Jack Jaco-Jaz Je-Ji
Jo-Joh Jon-Jz Ka Ke-Kim Kin-Kli Klo-Kno Ko-Koe Koh-Kor Kos-Kra Kre-Krz
Kub-Kz L-Lan Lao-Les Let-Lil Lim-Log Loh-Lud Lue-Luz M-Man Mar Mas-May
Mc-McH McK-Mei Mel-Mew Mey-Mic Mid-Mik Mil-Mis Mit-Moo Mop-Mue Mul-Muz N-Ne
Ni-Nz O P-Pap Par-Peo Per-Pf Ph-Pl Po Pr-Q Ra Re-Reic
Reil-Ric Rig-Roa Rob-Rog Roh-Rum Run-Rz Sa Sc-Sche Schi Schl-Schm Schn-Schr
Schu-Sco Scr-Sev Sew-Sha She Shi-Sho Shr-Sil Sim-Sma Smi Sn-So Sp
Sta-Sted Stef-Sti Sto-Str Stu-Sz T-Thi Tho-Tie Til-Tra Tre-Tz U V-Vi
Vo-Vz W-Wan War Was-Wat We-Wer Wes-Wh Wi-Wilk Will-Wilm Wils-Wis Wit-Wol
Woo-Wz XY Z              


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