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Index Beat 1 Beat 2 Beat 3 Beat 4 Beat  5 Supplemental
AB C-F GH A-G A-L A-G A-G A-G Pages 132-136
I_K LM N_P H-M M-Z H-M H-M H-M Pages 137-141
R_Sc Se_Sz T_Z N-Z   N-Z N-Z N-Z Pages 142-150


As most folks who frequent these web pages know,  there are only fragments of the 1890 census available for  research.  This record will not replace the lost census.   However, it does provide a list of over 4000 names of the taxpayers of Austin County for that  year.

The "Beats" shown above seem to show the property of  people residing in specific  geographical areas.  However, the property is sometimes scattered across the county.

Beat 1 seems to encompass Bellville and Kenney.    Beat 2 shows the Welcome and Nelsonville area. Beat 3seems to cover Sealy, Wallis and San Felipe and Beat 4 is the Millheim , Cat Spring area.   Beat 5 shows property around  Industry.

The Supplemental Section is also divided , with non residents on p. 132-135;  RR & Telegraph Co.'s on p. 136; Supplemental 1890 records are on p. 137-141 and Supplemental 1889 records on p. 141b.   "Unrendered" taxes are  on pages 142 and 143, then  Page 144 is the sworn and notarized statement of authenticity of the record.  After this,  is  the "Subsegment"  Supplemental Roll B for 1890 starting on Page 145 and finishing on the last page, (150)  where the tax collector again says the assessment is complete. All intelligible  names of  taxpayers were copied.  Some lists of properties were not copied.  Those omitted were primarily long lists of individual city lots and the properties of  companies rather than individuals.   The original book may be viewed  at the Austin County Appraisal District office in Bellville.  

Our thanks to  Austin County  for making this record available for our use.   Please remember that these records were handwritten and the ink has faded during the 120 years since it was applied.  Some entries are our best guesses.  Question marks indicate we ran out of best guesses.

As always, thanks go  to Joy Neely for her time and indefatigable efforts in producing such records for your use..


If you can provide us with similar records , please contact Joy Neely or Steve Alvarez  .   Thank you.

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