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1900 United States Census 


Below you will find all of the 1900 Austin County Census. First it is transcribed in the order shown on the original census.  Scroll or click for an Every Name  index which will show the Enumeration District and page number.

Our index and transcriptions include most of the infomarion shown on the original census.   However, images of the 1900 Census are available without charge at the Family Search Website.   See instructions below the every name index for locating images. 

Justice Precinct 1

Enumeration District Bellville area 

All that part of precinct 1 west of the G.C.&.S.F.R.R.north to round house, thence to Piney Creek crossing, thence along the Bellville and Hemsted public road to the intersection of the Center Hill road, thence north along the Center Hill road to the precinct line including Bellville (not incorp.)

ED1p1a-1b ED1p2a-2b ED1p3a-3b ED1p4a-4b ED1p5a-5b
ED1p6a-6b ED1p7a-7b ED1p8a-8b ED1p9a-9b ED1p10a-10b
ED1p11a-11b ED1p12a-12b ED1p13a-13b ED1p14a-14b ED1p15a-15b
ED1p16a-16b ED1p17a-17b ED1p18a-18b ED1p19a-19b Ed1p20a-20b

 Enumeration District 2 Buckhorn area


All that part of precinct east of where the Center Hill road intersects the Bellville and Hempsted road and north of the Bellville and Hempsted road. 

E2p1a-1b E2p2a-2b E2p3a-3b E2p4a-4b E2p5a-5b
E2p6a-6b E2p7a-7b E2p8a-8b E2p9a-9b E2p10a-10b
E2p11a-11b E2p12a-12b E2p13a-13b E2p14a-14b E2p15a-15b

 Enumeration District

All that part of precinct 1 east of the G.C.&.S.F.R.R. to the round house and south of the Bellville and Hemsted road to the precinct line.

E3p1a-1b E3p2a-2b E3p3a-3b E3p4a-4b E3p5a-5b E3p6a-6b
E3p7a-7b E3p8a-8b E3p9a-9b E3p10a-10b E3p11a-11b E3p12a-12b
E3p13a-13b E3p14a-14b E3p15a-15b E3p16a-16b E3p17a-17b E3p18a-18b
E3p19a-19b E3p20a-20b E3p21a-21b E3p22a-22b E3p23a-24a


 Justice Precinct 2

Enumeration District 4 (Welcome) 

E4p1a-1b E4p2a-2b E4p3a-4a E4p4a-4b E4p5a-5b
E4p6a-6b E4-7a-7b E4p8a-8b E4p9a-9b E4p10a-10b
E4p11a-11b E4p12a-12b E4p13a-13b E4p14a-a4b  

Justice Precinct 3 

Enumeration District  5  (San Felipe)

E5p1a-1b E5p2a-2b E5p3a-3b E5p4a-4b E5p5a-5b E5p6a-6b E5p7a-7b
E5p8a-8b E5p9a-9b E5p10a-10b E5p11a-11b E5p12a-12 E5p13a-13b E5p14a-14b
E5p15a-15b E5p16a-16b E5p17a-17b E5p18a-18b E5p19a-19b E5p20a-20b E5p21a-21b
E5p22a-22b E5p23a-23b E5p24a-24b E5p25a-25b E5p26a-26b E5p27a-27b


Precinct 4  

Enumeration District 6 

All that part of precinct 4 north and west of the Cat Springs road commencing at the iron bridge crossing at Mills Creak, thence through Cat Springs to the County line.

E6p1a-1b E6p2a-2b E6p3a-3b E6p4a-4b
E6p5a-5b E6p6a-6b E6p7a-7b  

 Enumeration District 7  

 All that part of precinct 4 south and east of Cat Springs road through Cat Springs to County line.

E7p1a-1b E7p2a-2b E7p3a-3b E7p4a-4b E7p5a-5b
E7p6a-6b E7p7a-7b E7p8a-8b E7p9a-9b E7p10a-10b
E7p11a-11b E7p12a-12b E7p13a-13b    


Precinct 5 

Enumeration District 8

All that part of precinct 5 north of Rockhouse road to North Industry, thence to the Welcome road to the precinct line.

E8p1a-1b E8p2a-2b E8p3a-3b E8p4a-4b
E8p5a-5b E8p6a-6b E8p7a-7b E8p8a-8b
E8p9a-9b E8p10a-10b E8p11a-11b E8p12a-12b


Enumeration District 9

All that part of precinct 5 south of Rockhouse road to North Industry, thence the Welcome road to the precinct line, including Industry, (not incorp.)

E9p1a-1b E9p2a-2b E9p3a-3b E9p4a-4b E9p5a-5b E9p6a-6b
E9p7a-7b E9p8a-8b E9p9a-9b E9p10a-10b E9p11a-11b E9p12a-12b
E9p13a-13b E9p14a-14b E9p15a-15b E9p16a-16b E9p17a-17b E9p18a-18b
E9p19a-19b E9p21a-21b E9p22a      

Precinct 6  

Enumeration District 10 

All that part of precinct 6 west of the G.C.&.S.F.R.R.

E10p1a-1b E10p2a-2b E10p3a-3b E10p4a-4b E10p5a-5b
E10p6a-6b E10p7a-7b E10p8a-8b E10p9a-9b E10p10a-10b
E10p11a-11b E10p12a-12b E10p13a-13b E10p14a-14b E10p15a

  Enumeration District 11

 All that part of precinct 6 east of the G.C.&.S.F.R.R.

E11p1a-1b E11p2a-2b E11p3a-3b E11p4a-4b E11p5a-5b
E11p6a-6b E11p7a-7b E11p8a-8b E11p9a-9b E11p10a-10b


Justice Precinct 7 

 Enumeration District 12 

E12p1a-1b E12p2a-2b E12pp3a-3b E12p4a-4b E12p5a-5b E12p6a-6b
E12p7a-7b E12p8a-8b E12p9a-9b E12p10a-10b E12p11a-11b E12p12a-12b
E12p13a-13b E12p14a-14b E12p15a-15b E12p16a-16b    


Precinct 8 

 Enumeration District 13 

E13p2a-2b E13p1a-1b E13p3a-3b E13p4a-4b E13p5a-5b E13p6a-6b
E13p8a-8b E13p7a-7b E13p9a-9b E13p10a-10b E13p11a-11b E13p12a-12b
E13p14a-14b E13p13a-13b E13p15a-15b E13p16a-16b E13p17a-17b E13p18a


1900 Austin County Census

 Every Name Alphabetical Index    

 You can browse for names and locations that are similar to the names of your ancestors.  (Example:   if the name you want is "Baum", you will click on "Bat" in the table below. "Bat includes all names beginning with the letters "Bat' and ending with "Bem..."   "Ben" names start in the next column.)   

   Each name shows  the Enumeration District  and census page numbers for that name in the first column for viewing the transcription of that page,  and the Enumeration District and Image number for use in finding  an image of the actual census page at  the Family Search website in the last column.  (Help with Family Search is shown below the Index.)


Aa Alb Alm Andres Arn Ba Bak Ban Bar Bart Bat Ben Ber Bi Blai
Ble Bol Boo Bra Bras Bri Brown Broz Buc Bum Bus Ca Car Che Cla
Clo Coll Com Cra Cu Da Dan Dav Daw Devo Dig Dol Dre Ea Ech
Ed El Enn Fa Fel Fine Fit Flo Fos Fra Fre Ga Gar Gas Gi
Gle Gog Gra Gran Greg Grot Haa Hah Harl Harriso Hat Hein Helm Hens Herr
Hill Hilla Hint Hl Hog Hollm Hoo Hou Hu I Ja Jackson,I Jackson,N Jal Jar
Jeg Johni Johnson,L Jone Jones,I Jor Ka Kal Kas Kel Ker Kink Klu Ko Koh
Kop Kra Kre Kru Kuc Kun Kv La Lane Lat Leeg Lev Lil Lio Log
Lou Lue Luh Ma Mae Mal Mar Mas Mayo McCu McGr Me Meis Meo Mey
MeyerL Mie Mill Min Mo Mos Mu Mug Na Nel New Nol O Os P
Par Pav Per Pet Pfl Pio Pom Por Q-R Ras Ree Rei Rem Rid Rinn
Ro Rod Ros Ru S Sand Sav Scha Schi Schlu Schn Schr Schr2 Schul Schum
Se Sha Shen Shu Sim Sk Sm Smith,I Sn Son Spa Spo Star Stei Ster
Sti Ston Stri Su Sw T Teg Thi Tho Thoms Toe Tre U V Vi
Vog W Wall Wan Warn Wasi Wei Wen Wes Whi Why Wil Willi WilliamsL Wils
        Wis Wo Wot XY Za Zb          

To see a copy of the original census record at Family Search  you may type in a name and find the image  if  you spell the name exactly as it is spelled in their records.   If not, use the browsing information for Family Search that is shown below and the number from the last column of the entry you found above.   Our thanks go to Joy for her help on this and all our projects.

Suggestions for using the FAMILY SEARCH Census Records

Pull up the url shown above. 

Scroll to United States Census 1900 and click. 

Scroll to "View Images in this Collection"

Click on Browse through 1,657,671 images

Click on    Texas 

Click on Austin (County)   Then on the  Enumeration district you found in our Austin County Index.. 

Example:  0003-5 in the last column of our index  means ED 0003   and image 5 at Family Search.  Hint:  After the first image comes up, you may have to click on the forward arrow several times and wait for an image and then click again until you get there.