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1910 Austin County Census Every Name Index


Find your ancestor's name here and note the page number. Use your browser's back button to return to the main 1910 Census page.  Then find the correct Enumeration Districts  in the tables there and click on the correct individual page to see more information about that ancestor, family and neighbors.


Page Surname Given Name Age
ED7p4a Obarr Myrtle 15
ED7p4a Obarr Zada 13
ED5 p9b Oberrender Charles 20
ED5 p9b Oberrender Ernst 29
ED5 p9b Oberrender Frieda 17
ED5 p9b Oberrender Gotthold 67
ED5 p9b Oberrender Sophie 62
ED3p8b Odem Elias 80
ED1 p4b Ogg Edward C. 54
ED1 p4b Ogg Elisa T. 42
ED1 p4b Ogg Jenney V. 16
ED1 p4b Ogg Mildred 16mo
ED1 p4b Ogg Reese B. 17
ED4 p5b Ognoski  Ognowsky Annie 26
ED4 p5b Ognoski  Ognowsky Herman 8mo
ED4 p5b Ognoski  Ognowsky John 8
ED4 p5b Ognoski  Ognowsky John 71
ED4 p5b Ognoski  Ognowsky Martin 30
ED4 p5b Ognoski  Ognowsky Rosie 2
ED2p11b Ognoski Ognosky Agnes 25
ED2p11b Ognoski Ognosky Albert 19
ED2p11b Ognoski Ognosky Anna 2 mo
ED2p11b Ognoski Ognosky Frank 47
ED2p11b Ognoski Ognosky Frank Jr. 5
ED2p11b Ognoski Ognosky Lilly 3
ED2p11b Ognoski Ognosky Mary 2
ED6p9a Oldag Agnes 32
ED6p9a Oldag Bertha 8
ED9p5a Oldag Betty 40
ED9p5a Oldag Charles 44
ED9p6a Oldag Emma 17
ED6p14b Oldag Ernest 13
ED9p5a Oldag Frieda 15
ED6p9a Oldag Henry 41
ED9p6a Oldag Joachim 79
ED9p6a Oldag Joachim 15
ED6p9a Oldag Louisa 11
ED9p6a Oldag Marie 73
ED6p9a Oldag Mary 15
ED6p9a Oldag Paulina 13
ED9p5a Oldag Robert 13
ED15p12a Olear Elza 15
ED15p12a Olear Ora May 14
ED3p14a Oliber Seferino 38
ED1 p4a Oliver Ella E. 23
ED1 p4a Oliver Ella N. 5mo
ED1 p4a Oliver James B. 27
ED4 p4a Oliver Lattie 19
ED4 p4b Oliver Lauvchia 22
ED4 p4b Oliver Timothy 26
ED4 p4a Oliver Tom 22
ED6p18b Ollivia Ollie B 3
ED14p10b Olsen Sam 49
ED7p8b Ondruch Fabien 11
ED7p8b Ondruch Franziska 35
ED7p8b Ondruch Franziska 5
ED7p8b Ondruch Joe 35
ED7p8b Ondruch Joe 9
ED7p8b Ondruch Louis 3
ED7p8b Ondrush  Undrash Agnes 14
ED7p8b Ondrush  Undrash Carolina 10
ED7p8b Ondrush  Undrash Franziska 51
ED7p8b Ondrush  Undrash Joe 51
ED7p8b Ondrush  Undrash Lulamia 11
ED14p7b Opila Anton 36
ED14p7b Opila Mathilda 12
ED14p7b Opila Tony 36
ED11p4b Oppermann Margarethe 20
ED11p4b Oppermann Willie 19
ED6p16b Orsak Frank 3
ED6p16b Orsak Franziska 33
ED6p16b Orsak Joe 11
ED6p16b Orsak John 36
ED6p16b Orsak John 1
ED6p16b Orsak Louisa 7
ED6p16b Orsak Mary 9
ED6p16b Orsak Milly 5
ED11p11a Osborn Annie 13
ED11p11b Osborn Betty 10
ED11p11b Osborn Selma 8
ED6p11a Osborne Annie 26
ED11p9b Osborne Eugene 6
ED3p4a Osburn Ader 15
ED3p4a Osburn Annie 2
ED3p4a Osburn Charlie 6
ED3p4a Osburn Davie 12
ED3p4a Osburn Eunice 44
ED3p4a Osburn Henriette 9
ED3p4a Osburn Josephine 14
ED3p4a Osburn Louise 4
ED3p4a Osburn Lucy 3
ED3p4a Osburn Peter 44
ED3p4a Osburn Solomon 17
ED9p8a Oswald Ernest 53
ED9p8a Oswald Franziska 58
ED3p13b Ottmer Adolph 34
ED3p13b Ottmer Albert 13
ED3p13b Ottmer Edda 14
ED3p13b Ottmer Edna 10
ED3p13b Ottmer Ella 5
ED3p1b Ottmer Emil 15
ED3p1b Ottmer Henry 33
ED3p1b Ottmer Herbert 4
ED3p13b Ottmer Ida 36
ED3p1b Ottmer Leona 2
ED3p1b Ottmer Lucy 29
ED3p13b Ottmer Minie 3
ED3p13b Ottmer Not named 7mo
ED3p13b Ottmer Walter 8
ED10p1a Otto Amalie 73
ED10p1a Otto Henry 73
ED11p5b Owens Emil 11
ED3p11a Owens Joe 78
ED3p11a Owens Lottie 27
ED3p11a Owens Lou 60
ED1 p13b Owens Winfield H. 29



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