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Austin County, Texas 

United States Census for 1920

Alphabetical Index and Transcription as shown on original Census.

 This web page contains the  Census Transcriptions and  Index for 1920 Census. Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs for their voluntary work editing this information.  The  files have  been retyped and edited for easy access at this website.   If you have comments, additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   

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ED8-1p6b Stephen Frank

 To see transcribed pages of families and neighbors,  note the page # in the first column of the index,  return to this page, and scroll  down .  The first column  in the index  shows the Enumeration District(ED8-1) and page number(6b) shown on the original census.   Use that information in the next section (below)  to find transcriptions of each page.  

 (Comment: the number 8  in the Enumeration Districts seems exclusive to Austin County. 

Justice Precinct 1 

Enumeration District 8-1

Justice precinct 1, (part of) including Austin County Jail. (noinmates) Wetter 6/8/20 R T B. All that part of voting precinct No. 1, Bellville box, lying east of Belleville and old Millheim road and Belleville and Buckhorn road..


 Enumeration District 8-2 

 Justice precinct 1 (part of), including Austin County Poor Farm. That part of voting precinct 1, Belleville box, lying west of Belleville and old Millheim road and the Belleville and Buckhorn road.; Austin County Poor Farm should be shown separately.

 Enumeration District 8-3 (NW)

Justice precinct 1, (part of) Voting precinct 7- Buckhorn

 Enumeration District 8-4 

Justice precinct 1 (part of) Voting precinct 16,-Burleign




Justice Precinct 2

Enumeration District 8-5   (Welcome area)



Justice Precinct 3 

Enumeration District 8-6 east San Felipe area and town 


Enumeration District 8-7  

Justice precinct 3, (part of), excluding San Felipe town. All west of the G.C. and S.F.R.R.





JusticePrecinct 4  

Enumeration District 8-8 

Justice precinct 4 (part of) Voting precinct 4- Cat Springs Box



Enumeration District 8-9 (Millheim, Peters)


Justice Precinct 5 


Enumeration District 8-10 Industry


 Enumeration District 8-11   Shelby



Justice Precinct 6   

 Enumeration District 8-12 ( P6 East)  Phillipsburg area

 Enumeration District 8- 13 (P-6 West) New Wehden area


Justice Precinct 7 

  Enumeration District 8-14 (Nelsonville)


Justice Precinct 8 

 Enumeration District 8-15  (Wallis area)




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