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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .    To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED3p10b Abbs Ellen
Ed7p13a Abbs Hazel
ED1p15a Abbs Jennie
ED1p15a Abbs Jesse
Ed7p13a Abbs Jimmie
ED3p10b Abbs Jordon
Ed7p13a Abbs L C
Ed7p13a Abbs Lillie
Ed7p13a Abbs Marion
ED3p10b Abbs Virginia
ED1p13a Abel Adella
ED2p6b Abel Adolph
ED4p5a Abel Alfred
ED1p13a Abel Andrew
Ed7p1a Abel Annie
ED1p13a Abel Annie
ED4p8a Abel Edwin
ED4p7b Abel Emil
ED3p9a Abel Emma
ED2p6b Abel Emma
ED2p6b Abel Emmie
ED1p3a Abel Fritz
ED2p6b Abel Hattie
ED1p13a Abel Henrietta
ED4p7b Abel Henriette Dora
ED1p13a Abel Henry
ED4p7b Abel Hilda
ED4p8a Abel Hildegard
ED4p5a Abel Isabella
ED4p7b Abel James Otto
ED1p13a Abel Leonard
ED1p13a Abel Max
ED1p3a Abel Meta
ED1p13a Abel Osmus
Ed7p1a Abel Ottillie
ED1p13a Abel Otto
ED1p13a Abel Raymond
ED9p4a Abel Rudolph
ED9p4a Abel Therese
Ed7p1a Abel Werner
Ed7p1a Abel William
ED1p13a Abel William
ED3p9a Abramcik Andrew
ED3p9a Abramcik Annie
ED3p9a Abramcik George
ED3p9a Abramcik John  
ED3p9a Abramcik Rosa
ED1p12a Aceto Antonio
ED1p12a Aceto Antonio
ED1p12a Aceto Edicta
ED1p12a Aceto Juan H
ED3p2a Acock Leon
ED3p2a Acock Sallie
ED3p2a Acock Vera May
ED4p7a Adam Bertha
ED4p7a Adam See
ED15p1a Adamek John
ED15p1a Adamek Julias
ED5p11a Adamik Rosa
ED4p8b Adams Anne
Ed7p2b Adams Guy
ED4p8b Adams Thomas B
ED6p16b Aguilar Concepcion
ED6p16b Aguilar Diego
ED6p16b Aguilar Juan
ED5p2a Ahlhorn Clarence
ED5p2a Ahlhorn Dennis
ED5p2a Ahlhorn Erna
ED5p2a Ahlhorn John A
ED6p16b Alahanda Aastaco
ED6p16b Alahanda Santaro
ED6p16b Alahanda Thrans
ED6p16b Alahanda Thrusas
ED6p16b Alahanda Wasceila
ED6p6a Alalo Annie
ED6p6a Alalo Frank
ED6p6a Alalo Joe
ED6p6a Alalo Joe
ED6p6a Alalo John
ED6p6a Alalo Louis
ED6p6a Alalo Mary
ED6p6a Alalo Rugin
ED9p3a Alanis Jonipacis
ED9p3a Alanis Monroe
Ed7p12a Alba Joe
Ed7p12a Alba Leo
Ed7p12a Alba Lupie
Ed7p12a Alba Mary
Ed7p12a Alba Netta Lee
ED9p5a Albers Gilbert G
ED11p2a Albers Odell
Ed7p17b Albert Ada
ED5p1b Albert Archibald
ED5p1b Albert Celesta
ED5p1b Albert Chester
ED5p1b Albert Elda
ED5p7b Albert Ema
ED5p1b Albert Ena
ED5p1b Albert Franklin
Ed7p17b Albert Hallie
ED5p1b Albert Herman
ED5p1b Albert Hulda
Ed7p17b Albert Ida
ED5p1b Albert Laura
ED5p7b Albert Lizette
ED5p1b Albert Lola
ED5p1b Albert Louis
ED5p1b Albert Malinde
ED5p1b Albert Monroe
Ed7p17b Albert Otto
ED5p1b Albert Paul
ED5p1b Albert Roosevelt
ED5p1b Albert Sidonia
ED13p1a Albrecht Alfreda
ED13p1b Albrecht Clara
ED13p1a Albrecht Ervin
ED13p1b Albrecht Fritz
ED13p1a Albrecht Lena
ED13p1b Albrecht Mary
ED13p1b Albrecht Mary
ED13p1a Albrecht Otto
ED13p1b Albrecht Rudolph
ED15p10b Albright Guyler
ED15p10a Albright J J
ED15p10b Albright James J
ED15p10b Albright Marion
ED15p10b Albright Mary
ED6p15a Aldridge Geneva
ED6p15a Aldridge Henry
ED6p15a Aldridge Jewel
ED6p15a Aldridge Robert
ED6p21a Alexander Jack
ED15p8b Allen Annie Laure
Ed7p3a Allen Arthur
Ed7p3a Allen Arthur
ED3p4a Allen Beulah
ED15p2a Allen Corine
Ed7p3a Allen Ettie
ED3p4a Allen Eula
ED4p6a Allen Frances
Ed7p12a Allen George
ED12p11a Allen George
Ed7p3a Allen Guy
ED15p5a Allen Howard
ED3p4b Allen Ira
ED3p4a Allen J D
ED6p19b Allen Jacob
Ed7p3a Allen Jennie
ED12p11a Allen Johanna
Ed7p3a Allen John
ED4p6a Allen John
ED4p6a Allen Josephene
ED15p8b Allen Katherine
ED15p8b Allen Katie E
ED3p4a Allen Kelly
ED15p2a Allen Leala
ED12p11a Allen Louise
ED15p8b Allen M N
Ed7p3a Allen Maggie
ED3p4a Allen Maggie
ED15p5a Allen Miles J
ED15p8b Allen Miles J
ED15p5a Allen Nora
ED15p2a Allen Peter B
ED3p4a Allen Sallie
Ed7p12a Allen Sam
ED3p4a Allen T J
ED4p6a Allen Tom
ED4p6a Allen Tom
Ed7p3a Allen Virginia
ED6P18b Allin Jacob
ED6p20a Allnece Author
ED6p20a Allnece Martha
ED6p20a Allnece Victor
ED15p10a Almon Cora B
ED15p10a Almon Ewdin
ED15p10a Almon Sam
ED15p10a Almon Taylor
ED15p10a Almon Taylor
ED10p15b Altman Florence
ED10p15b Altman Ivy
ED10p15b Altman Lester
ED10p15b Altman Mrs. M E
ED10p15b Altman Rhymer
ED15p19b Ambrus Jennie
ED15p19b Ambrus Ambroz Anton
ED4p6b Ames Carrie
ED4p5b Ames Eddie
ED4p5b Ames Harrison
ED4p5b Ames Leola
ED4p5b Ames Mary
ED4p5b Ames Mary
ED4p5b Ames Ola May Bell
ED4p5b Ames Roberta
ED4p5b Ames Stacy
ED4p5b Ames Virginia
Ed7p8b Ammann Colorinda
Ed7p8b Ammann Oscar
Ed7p8b Ammann Vera
ED15p10b Ammons Birdie
ED6p21b Ammons James
ED15p10b Ammons Lessie Mae
ED15p10b Ammons Martha Lou
ED15p10b Ammons Nerie Leonia
ED15p10b Ammons Otis Ray
ED15p10b Ammons Samuel
ED4p8b Amsler Bernice
ED4p8b Amsler Charles
ED4p5b Amsler Charles F
ED4p5a Amsler Georgia
ED4p5a Amsler Gladys
ED4p5a Amsler Irene
ED4p5a Amsler John
ED4p5a Amsler Lydia
ED4p8b Amsler Magnolia
ED4p5b Amsler Mary
ED6p21b Amthor August Lee
ED6p21b Amthor Chester
Ed7p3b Amthor Eliza
ED6p21b Amthor Emil
ED6p21b Amthor Felix
Ed7p4b Amthor Hugo
ED6p21b Amthor Issie
Ed7p3b Amthor Marie
ED6p21b Amthor Nettie
Ed7p3b Amthor Otto
ED15p19b Anderlie Annie
ED15p19b Anderlie Annie
ED15p19b Anderlie Bohus
ED15p19b Anderlie Charlie
ED6p6b Anderson Alfred
ED1p11b Anderson Alice
Ed7p10a Anderson Alice
ED6p9b Anderson Annie
ED6p6a Anderson Archie
Ed7p10a Anderson Arthur
ED6p6b Anderson Beatric
ED6p1b Anderson Beaulah
ED6p19a Anderson Carsabanie
ED12p1a Anderson Cecil
ED15p12b Anderson Claud
ED3p13a Anderson Dave
ED6p1b Anderson E L
ED6p1b Anderson Eddie
ED6p19a Anderson Edna
ED6p6a Anderson Emma
Ed7p10a Anderson Ernest
ED6p6a Anderson Eugene
ED10p18a Anderson Fannie
ED6p6a Anderson Fannie
ED12p1a Anderson Forest
ED6p6b Anderson Frazier
ED12p1a Anderson Grace
ED12p1a Anderson Henry F
ED6p6a Anderson Henry H
ED6p1b Anderson Hugh
ED6p6a Anderson Ischnell
ED10p18a Anderson James
ED10p18a Anderson Jessie
ED6p6a Anderson Jettie
ED4p9a Anderson Joe
ED6p6a Anderson Kittie
ED6p6b Anderson Leurenia
ED6p2a Anderson Lillie
ED6p6b Anderson Lola
ED6p19a Anderson Louis
ED6p6a Anderson Manda
ED12p1a Anderson Margrett
ED15p6b Anderson Mary
ED6p1b Anderson Menina
ED6p6a Anderson Mercitis
ED6p1b Anderson Morris
ED6p6a Anderson Nelson
ED6p19a Anderson Oranell
ED6p1b Anderson Ottie Flinn
ED6p2a Anderson Pasadenia
ED6p1b Anderson R L
ED1p11b Anderson Robert
ED6p1b Anderson Rosa Lee
ED12p1a Anderson Rosa Lee
ED12p1a Anderson Ruben
ED3p13a Anderson Sarah Ann
ED6p9b Anderson Saul
ED15p12b Anderson Susie
ED6p6a Anderson Theopholis
ED6p19a Anderson Vera
ED12p1a Anderson W H
ED6p6b Anderson Walter
ED6p6b Anderson Wilford
ED8p3b Andreas Adele
ED14p2b Andreas Aneta
ED14p2b Andreas Arthur
ED14p3a Andreas Carrie
ED14p3a Andreas Edmund
ED8p4a Andreas Ella
ED8p3b Andreas Erwin
ED14p2b Andreas Herman
ED14p2b Andreas Herman
ED8p4a Andreas Katharina
ED14p2b Andreas Minnie
ED8p3b Andreas William
ED13p8b Andres Andreas Adolph
ED13p8b Andres Andreas Arno
ED13p8b Andres Andreas Eleonor
ED13p8b Andres Andreas Hulda
ED1p4a Andress Adelaide
ED1p4a Andress Arthur
ED1p2a Andress Delmar
ED1p4a Andress Ivy
ED1p2a Andress Mollie
ED1p2a Andress William
ED12p11a Andrews Clarence
ED12p11a Andrews Frank
ED12p11a Andrews Hazil
ED6p9a Andrews Louis
ED6p9a Andrews Maggie
ED12p11a Andrews Maudie
ED12p11a Andrews Missouria
ED6p19a Andrews Phil
ED6p12a Anton Amelia
ED6p12a Anton Francis
ED6p12a Anton Louis
ED6p12a Anton Swiekal
ED5p10a Appel Charles
ED5p10a Appel Henry
ED5p10a Appel Jacob
ED5p10a Appel Julia
ED1p12a Aquilar Daris C
ED1p6b Archer Jack
ED3p14a Archie Josephine
ED3p14a Archie L. C
Ed7p18a Archie Mary
ED3p14a Archie May
ED3p14a Archie Tom
ED3p14a Archie Tom
ED3p14a Archie Vinia
ED3p14a Archie Virginia
ED1p11b Ariatha John
ED1p11b Ariatha Juana
ED1p11b Ariatha Paulo
ED1p11b Ariatha Pedro
ED1p11b Ariatha Spenausa
ED3p15a Armstead Alberta
ED15p3b Armstead Caroline
ED3p15b Armstead Fannie
ED3p15a Armstead Gussie
ED3p8b Armstead Jimmie
ED15p3b Armstead Julias
ED3p8b Armstead Leroy
ED3p8b Armstead Lucy
ED3p15a Armstead Robert
ED3p15a Armstead Robert
ED3p15a Armstead Sallie
ED3p15a Armstead Sammie
ED15p4a Armstrong Albert
ED3p5b Armstrong Anderson
ED12p10a Armstrong Annie
ED12p3a Armstrong Burl
ED12p7a Armstrong Burl
ED12p6b Armstrong Charlie
ED12p8a Armstrong Daisie
ED15p4a Armstrong Daniel
ED12p8a Armstrong Eleaser
ED3p5b Armstrong Eula
ED12p8a Armstrong Fanny
ED12p3a Armstrong George
ED12p10a Armstrong Hamp
ED15p4a Armstrong Hattie
ED15p4b Armstrong Ida
ED12p9a Armstrong John
ED12p8a Armstrong Lillie
ED12p7a Armstrong Maney
ED12p3a Armstrong Mary
ED3p16b Armstrong Neely
ED15p4b Armstrong Roxana
ED12p3a Armstrong Tommie M
ED12p8a Armstrong Will
ED12p3a Armstrong Willie
ED12p9a Armstrong Zelma
ED10p11b Arndt Arno
ED10p11b Arndt Carl
ED10p11b Arndt Elda
ED10p11b Arndt Frieda
ED10p11b Arndt Otto
ED13p2a Arning Arthur
ED13p1a Arning Christ
ED13p1a Arning Ed
ED13p2a Arning Emma
ED13p1a Arning Herbert
ED13p1a Arning Ida
ED13p1a Arning John
ED13p1a Arning Lena
ED13p1a Arning Lydia
ED13p2a Arning Metta
ED13p2a Arning Minna
ED13p2a Arning Nettie
ED13p2a Arning Raymond
ED13p2a Arning Wm
ED3p13a Arnold Eula
ED3p13a Arnold Hazel
ED3p13a Arnold Jeffie Jim
ED3p13a Arnold Jim
ED3p13a Arnold Joe
ED3p13a Arnold Lucy
ED3p13a Arnold Nellie
ED10p7a Arriens Bertha
ED10p7a Arriens Carl
ED10p7a Arriens Frank
ED10p7a Arriens Otto
ED10p7a Arriens Theo
ED10p14b Ashorn Alonzo
ED5p10b Ashorn Alva
ED10p13b Ashorn Arthur
ED10p13b Ashorn Bertha
ED14p6a Ashorn Ed
ED10p13b Ashorn Eddie
ED14p6a Ashorn Edgar
ED5p10a Ashorn Edmund
ED5p10b Ashorn Edmund
ED10p13b Ashorn Edward
ED10p13b Ashorn Elenora
ED5p10b Ashorn Emma
ED10p14b Ashorn Gustavis
ED5p10b Ashorn Herbert
ED10p13b Ashorn Iresrich
ED14p6a Ashorn Lee
ED14p6a Ashorn Lena
ED10p15a Ashorn Lester
ED10p13b Ashorn Lina
ED10p15a Ashorn Mary
ED14p6a Ashorn Olga
ED14p6a Ashorn Olvina
ED10p13b Ashorn Otto
ED10p13b Ashorn Regina
ED10p13b Ashorn Rosa
ED10p14b Ashorn W C
ED5p10b Ashorn Walter
ED10p15a Ashorn Willie
ED10p15a Ashorn Winnie
ED10p4b Asman Mrs. Mary
ED11p8b Asmann Adolph
ED11p8b Asmann Anna
ED11p8b Asmann Eddie
ED5p4b Asmann Frieda
ED5p4b Asmann Richard
ED10p8b Assman Willie
ED2p10a Atkins Ella Lucile
ED2p10a Atkins Estelle
ED2p10a Atkins John  
ED2p2b Atkinson Arthur
ED2p2a Atkinson John P
ED2p2b Atkinson John P
ED2p2a Atkinson Louise M
ED2p2b Atkinson Ora Lee
ED2p2b Atkinson Oscar
ED15p16b Augustine Mary
ED6p19b Augustus Ruth
ED6p19b Augustus Ward
ED10p17b Aurich A G
ED10p15b Aurich Bertha
ED10p17b Aurich Bertram
ED10p15b Aurich Elda
ED10p17b Aurich Erna
ED10p17b Aurich Kermit
ED10p15b Aurich Lester
ED10p17b Aurich Lucile
ED10p15b Aurich Oscar A
ED10p15b Aurich Paul
ED10p15b Aurich Wilhelmine
ED1p15a Austin Albert
ED1p15a Austin Annie L
ED1p15a Austin Deather
ED1p15a Austin Ell Dee
ED1p15a Austin Floyd
ED1p15a Austin Lizzie
ED1p15a Austin Maggie
ED1p15a Austin Norris
ED1p15a Austin Oral
ED1p15a Austin Ruby
ED1p15a Austin Spencer
ED3p8a Avery Jim
ED15p7b Ayela Carmel
ED15p7b Ayela Linerea
ED15p7b Ayela Soledad



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