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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .    To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p6b Babik Josef
ED6p6b Babik Rossy
ED6p6b Babik Simon
ED6p6b Bachdla Frank
ED6p6b Bachdla Joe
ED6p6b Bachdla John
ED6p6b Bachdla Mary
ED14p3b Bacica John 
ED13p7b Backhus Aug
ED13p7b Backhus Mary
ED13p7b Backhus Mary
ED10p8a Bader Anna
ED10p8a Bader Anna
ED10p7a Bader Antonia
ED10p7a Bader Antonia
ED1p5a Bader Bennie
ED10p8a Bader Bennie
ED2p4a Bader Birdie
ED10p8a Bader Eddie
ED1p5a Bader Edmond
ED1p5a Bader Edward
ED2p2a Bader Eliza Otto
ED10p8a Bader Ellie
ED1p5a Bader Emma
ED10p7a Bader Ernst
ED2p2a Bader Georgie B
ED10p8a Bader Henry
ED2p2a Bader Jadk
ED2p4a Bader Leslie
ED10p7b Bader Lidia
ED1p1a Bader Martha
ED10p7a Bader Mary
ED2p4a Bader Max
ED1p5a Bader Olga
ED10p7a Bader Olivia
ED2p2a Bader Otto
ED2p2a Bader Roland
ED2p2a Bader Thelma
ED10p8a Bader Tom
ED1p1a Bader William
ED6p15a Badnar Jim
ED6p15a Badnar Rosie
ED6p18a Baebel Arthur
ED6p18a Baebel F. W
ED6p18a Baebel Florence
ED6p18a Baebel Hollie Lenora
ED6p18a Baebel J. T
Ed7p13b Bailey Lizzie
Ed7p13b Bailey Mitchell
ED1p8b Baillnex Bertha
ED6p5b Bains Fredie
ED6p5b Bains Ophelia
ED6p5b Bains Wat
Ed7p19b Balase Emmie
Ed7p19b Balase Martin
ED14p4a Baldin Bettie
ED14p1b Baldin Chesly
ED14p4a Baldin Cliford
ED14p1b Baldin Ella
ED14p4a Baldin Myrtle
ED14p4a Baldin Ola
ED14p4a Baldin Ruby
ED14p4a Baldin Simon
ED14p4a Baldin Simon
ED14p4a Baldin Willie
ED14p1a Baletka John 
ED14p1a Baletka Mary
ED4p7b Balke Amanda
Ed7p19a Balke Anita
Ed7p19a Balke Arno
Ed7p19a Balke Ben
Ed7p19a Balke Bennie
ED9p6a Balke Christ
ED4p7b Balke Edina
ED4p7b Balke Edwin
ED9p6a Balke Edwin
ED4p7b Balke Karl
Ed7p19a Balke Leola
Ed7p19a Balke Louis
Ed7p19a Balke Louise
ED4p7b Balke Lyman
ED4p7b Balke Nathalie
ED4p7b Balke Nola
ED4p7b Balke Norma
Ed7p19a Balke Raymond
ED4p7b Balke Timme
ED4p7b Ballot Ballard D J
ED14p3a Balusek Annie
ED14p5b Balusek Annie
ED14p3a Balusek Frank
Ed7p1a Balusek Hilda
ED14p5b Balusek Joe
ED14p3a Balusek John
ED14p3a Balusek Rosie
ED6p19a Bangemann Fredrick William
ED6p19a Bangemann Jannie Maggie
ED2p8b Banis James
ED2p8b Banis Rosie
ED3p16b Banket Eddie
ED3p16b Banket Eva
ED3p16b Banket Hannah
ED3p16b Banket Johnson
ED3p16b Banket Lincoln
ED3p16b Banket Lucinda
ED3p16b Banket Perlie\
ED3p16b Banket Willie May
ED12p7b Bankett Charlie
ED3p17a Bankett Cinderella
ED4p3a Bankett Irena May
ED4p1a Bankett Katy
ED4p1a Bankett Paul
ED12p7b Bankett Rosa
ED3p17a Bankett Willie
ED10p11a Banks Anna
ED10p11b Banks Charlie
ED10p11b Banks Eddie
ED10p11b Banks Gertrude
ED10p11a Banks Isaac
ED10p11a Banks Israel
ED10p3b Banks Israel
ED5p1a Banks John Lester 
ED10p11b Banks Johnny
ED10p11a Banks Leverda
ED10p11a Banks Mary
ED10p11a Banks Mary
ED10p11a Banks Willie
ED1p5a Bankston Edward
ED1p5b Bankston Emma
ED6p19b Banner Cherrie
ED5p9a Baranowski Pearl
ED5p9a Baranowski Rosie
ED5p9a Baranowski Steve
ED12p10b Baranowsky Annie
ED12p10b Baranowsky August
ED12p10b Baranowsky Frank
ED12p10b Baranowsky Henry
ED12p10b Baranowsky Martha
ED12p10b Baranowsky Martin
ED12p10b Baranowsky Stella
ED3p9a Barber Alonzo
ED4p1a Barkett Bernice
ED4p1a Barkett Leroy
ED4p1a Barkett Milton
ED4p1a Barkett Nathaniel
ED4p1a Barkett Paul
ED4p1a Barkett Roberta
ED4p1a Barkett Rosa
ED4p1a Barkett Samuel
ED4p1a Barkett Sarah
ED4p1a Barkett Will Wesley
ED10p18a Barnes Fanny
ED10p18a Barnes Gilbert
ED10p18a Barnes Holland
ED10p18a Barnes Holland
ED3p9a Barnes Mary
ED2p10a Barnes Thomas
ED6p4a Barns Abbie
ED6p3b Barns Jessie
ED6p4a Barns Jessie
ED6p4a Barns Johnnie
ED6p4a Barns Leina
ED6p3b Barns Patsy
ED6p4a Barns Rolena
ED6p4a Barns Rosie
ED6p4a Barns Veina
ED2p2a Baron Ada
ED2p2a Baron Bernett
ED2p2a Baron Lena
ED2p2a Baron Lorene
ED3p6a Barr Bryant
ED3p5b Barr Charlie
ED3p6a Barr Ed
ED3p6a Barr Ella
ED3p6a Barr Fred
ED3p6a Barr Leslie
ED3p6a Barr Mary
ED12p6a Barr Vallie
ED12p10b Barrett Alma
ED12p10b Barrett Alvina
ED3p8a Barrett Annie
ED12p10b Barrett Annie
ED12p10b Barrett Arthur
ED12p10b Barrett B
ED3p3b Barrett Bertha
ED12p10b Barrett Charles
ED12p10b Barrett Charlie
ED3p7a Barrett Delma
ED12p10b Barrett Edria
ED3p3a Barrett Fannie
ED12p10b Barrett Fanny
ED12p10b Barrett Halbert
ED3p3a Barrett Halbert
ED3p3a Barrett Henry
ED3p3a Barrett Ivy
ED12p10b Barrett Jack
ED3p3b Barrett Jake
ED3p3a Barrett James
ED3p3a Barrett Jim
ED3p3a Barrett John
ED12p10b Barrett John
ED12p11a Barrett Leilla
ED3p3a Barrett Lettie
ED3p3a Barrett Lillie Dell
ED3p3b Barrett Lorine
ED3p3a Barrett Mattie
ED3p3a Barrett Reuben
ED3p7a Barrett Rilby
ED3p3a Barrett Roland
ED12p10b Barrett Ruben
ED3p7a Barrett Thelma
ED3p1b Barry Claude
ED3p1b Barry Claude K
ED3p1b Barry Maggie
ED3p1b Barry Marguret
ED3p1b Barry Ruth Lee
ED15p5a Barta Alfons
ED15p5a Barta Bohumil
ED15p5a Barta Frank
ED15p5a Barta Jennie
ED15p5a Barta Joe
ED15p5a Barta Victor
ED10p17a Bartay Adelene
ED6p17a Bartay Alvina
ED10p16a Bartay Andrew F
ED8p5a Bartay Annie M
ED2p3b Bartay Benjamin
ED2p3b Bartay Chester 
ED10p17a Bartay Dennie
ED2p3b Bartay Dicy
Ed7p12a Bartay Dorothy
Ed7p9a Bartay Edgar
ED10p17a Bartay Edwin H
ED14p2b Bartay Eldridge
Ed7p12a Bartay Elizabeth
ED10p16b Bartay Emil
Ed7p9a Bartay Ethel
ED10p17a Bartay Evelyn
Ed7p12a Bartay Fred
Ed7p12a Bartay Freddie
ED2p6b Bartay George
ED2p6b Bartay George J
ED14p2b Bartay Gilbert
Ed7p12a Bartay Helen
ED14p2b Bartay Henry
ED1p15b Bartay Ida A
ED10p17a Bartay Irene
ED14p2b Bartay Isabel
ED2p3b Bartay John Arthur
ED2p5a Bartay Lena
ED14p2b Bartay Leroy
ED2p6b Bartay Leroy
ED10p16a Bartay Louise E
ED2p6b Bartay Louise M
ED2p3b Bartay Maggie
ED2p6b Bartay Mary
ED14p2b Bartay Nettie Bell
ED10p16a Bartay Nona
ED14p2b Bartay Norma
Ed7p9a Bartay Rena
Ed7p12a Bartay Roy
ED10p16b Bartay Tillie
ED10p17a Bartay Walter
ED2p3b Bartay Zoe Ellen
ED6p17a Bartay Roland
ED11p3b Bartram A Ernest
ED11p3b Bartram August
ED11p3b Bartram Herman
ED11p3b Bartram Herman  F
ED11p3b Bartram Laura
ED11p3b Bartram Mary
ED6p19a Basett George
ED6p19a Basett Jennetta
ED6p19a Basett John Henry
ED6p19a Basett Mollie
Ed7p11b Bass Rosa
ED6P18b Bassett Bennie Lei
ED6p2a Bassett Gertrude
ED6P18b Bassett Jannie
ED6P18b Bassett Lillian Ann
ED6p2a Bassett Lucile
Ed7p13b Bassett Manua
ED6P18b Bassett Nettie May
ED6p2a Bassett Percy
Ed7p13b Bassett Rosa
Ed7p13b Bassett Sam
ED6p2a Bassett Searcy
Ed7p13b Bassett Shelini
Ed7p13b Bassett Velma
ED10p13b Bastian Adolf
ED10p13b Bastian Anna
ED10p13b Bastian August
ED4p6b Bastian Augusta
ED10p13b Bastian Barbara
ED4p6b Bastian Earnest
ED10p13b Bastian Edna
ED10p13b Bastian Emma
ED10p13b Bastian Ernst
ED10p6a Bastian Henry
ED10p13b Bastian Joseph 
ED10p13b Bastian Martha
ED10p13b Bastian Otto
ED10p13b Bastian Sophie
ED8p1a Bastiann Ida
ED2p1b Bates Frank
ED3p12a Bates Wilbur
ED8p3a Batla Ben
ED2p4a Batla Edward
ED2p4a Batla Inez
ED8p3a Batla Jerome
ED8p3a Batla Jesse J
ED2p4a Batla Julia
ED8p3a Batla Mary
ED8p3a Batla Ollie
ED2p4a Batla Thomas
ED8p3a Batla Victor
ED8p4a Batta Annie
ED8p4a Batta John J
Ed7p11b Batts Annie
Ed7p13a Batts Carrie
Ed7p11b Batts Joe
ED1p15a Bauket Adam
ED1p15b Bauket Elisha
ED1p15b Bauket Emma
ED1p15a Bauket Irene
ED1p15b Bauket Isekal
ED1p15a Bauket Patsy
ED1p15b Bauket Sarah
ED1p15b Bauket Will Odo
ED1p15b Bauket William
ED2p8b Bayers Gertrude
ED2p8b Bayers Joseph
ED14p6b Baylock Livy
ED15p9b Beach Henry L
ED15p9b Beach Mae
ED15p18a Beal Conelia
ED15p18a Beal Demis
ED3p14b Beal Gussie
ED3p15a Beal Jack
ED4p3a Beal Jesse
ED15p18a Beal Jessie R
ED3p14b Beal John Eddie
ED15p18a Beal John W
ED4p3a Beal Julia
ED15p18a Beal Lennie
ED15p18a Beal Lottie B
ED4p3a Beal Louise
ED3p14b Beal Lucius
ED15p18a Beal Minnie R
ED3p12b Beal Nathan
ED15p18a Beal Olla Bell
ED3p15a Beal Rosa
ED3p13a Beal Sarah 
ED3p13a Beal Vinia
ED4p1b Beal Willie
ED14p2b Bealof Fritz
Ed7p1a Beasley Ida
Ed7p1a Beasley Stephen
ED2p4a Bechert Amanda
ED2p4a Bechert Arnold P
Ed7p8b Becker Anna
ED5p4b Becker Annie
ED10p7b Becker Charlie
ED10p7b Becker Chas
Ed7p9b Becker Elizabeth
Ed7p8b Becker Ella
ED5p4b Becker Elsa
ED5p4b Becker Emily
ED2p7a Becker Ernest
ED2p7a Becker Ernst B
ED2p7a Becker Ettie
Ed7p8b Becker Hans
ED10p16b Becker Hedwig
ED5p4b Becker Hilda
ED9p4a Becker John
ED10p7b Becker Louise
ED10p7b Becker Louise
ED5p4b Becker Mary
ED5p4b Becker Vesta
ED5p4b Becker William
ED5p4b Becker William
Ed7p7b Beckman Alma
ED10p4b Beckman Alvin
Ed7p9b Beckman August
Ed7p9b Beckman Berneta
ED9p1a Beckman Bertha
ED9p1a Beckman Birdie
ED10p6a Beckman Capitola
Ed7p9b Beckman Caroline
ED10p6a Beckman Cecelia
ED4p8a Beckman Charlie
ED8p1a Beckman Clara
ED2p4b Beckman Clara
Ed7p9b Beckman Ed
ED4p8a Beckman Edwin
ED10p4b Beckman Ella
Ed7p9b Beckman Ernestina
ED9p1a Beckman Erwin
ED10p6a Beckman Glenn
ED2p4b Beckman Gustave
ED9p1a Beckman Irma
ED10p6a Beckman Josie
ED10p6a Beckman Lenwood
ED9p1a Beckman Leo
ED9p1a Beckman Leopold
Ed7p7b Beckman Lucile
ED10p6a Beckman Margaretha
ED4p8a Beckman Metha
Ed7p9b Beckman Minnie
ED10p6a Beckman Nellie
ED4p8a Beckman Oradell
Ed7p9b Beckman Otto
ED10p6a Beckman Otto
ED10p6a Beckman Reinhold
ED10p6a Beckman Robert
ED8p1a Beckman Walter
Ed7p7b Beckman Wm.
ED12p1a Beckman Beckmann Alma
ED12p1a Beckman Beckmann Clara
ED12p1a Beckman Beckmann Edgar
ED12p1a Beckman Beckmann Fredrick
ED12p1a Beckman Beckmann Martha
ED12p1a Beckman Beckmann Pauline
ED12p1a Beckman Beckmann Willie
ED9p5b Beckmann Annie
ED8p4a Beckmann Elnora
ED9p5b Beckmann Louise
ED8p4a Beckmann Minna
ED8p4a Beckmann Paul
ED6p16b Bedford Catherine
ED6p16b Bedford Dwey
ED6p16b Bedford Elmond
ED15p14a Bedford Ida
ED15p14a Bedford J D
ED6p16b Bedford Lenora
ED6p16b Bedford Mabell
ED6p16b Bedford Noel
ED6p16b Bedford Raphell
ED15p14a Bedford Wilkes
ED15p14a Bedford Wilkes
ED5p10b Bednar Alvin
ED5p10b Bednar Anna
ED14p4b Bednar Annie J
ED5p10b Bednar Anton
ED5p10b Bednar Bennie
ED5p10b Bednar Cecelia
ED5p10b Bednar Ceril
ED5p10b Bednar Ceril
ED5p10b Bednar Edward
ED5p10b Bednar Frances
ED14p4b Bednar Frank
ED5p10b Bednar Frank
ED5p10b Bednar Hattie
ED5p10b Bednar Joe
ED5p10b Bednar Joe H
ED5p10b Bednar John
ED5p10b Bednar Josephine
ED5p10b Bednar Julia
ED5p10b Bednar Ladislav
ED5p10b Bednar Lillie
ED5p10b Bednar Louis
ED5p10b Bednar Mary
ED5p10b Bednar Olga
ED5p10b Bednar Peter
ED5p10b Bednar Peter
ED5p10b Bednar Phelomina
ED8p5a Bednar Vine
ED5p10b Bednar William
ED5p6b Bedrick Francis
ED4p6a Beese Bernice
ED4p6a Beese Pacient
ED4p6a Beese Phil
ED4p6a Beese Shields
ED4p6a Beese Walter
ED4p6a Beese Willie
ED10p10b Behrens Annie
ED10p10b Behrens August
ED10p10b Behrens Charles
ED13p2b Behrens Selma
ED11p2b Beirmert Herman
ED2p6b Belford Grace F
ED2p7a Bell Anna
Ed7p10b Bell Eddie Lee
ED6p19b Bell Elie
ED2p2b Bell Ella
Ed7p10b Bell Eva
ED2p2b Bell Foster
ED2p7a Bell George
ED2p2a Bell Joseph D
ED2p7a Bell Joyce
ED2p7a Bell Loyd
ED2p2b Bell Luther
ED2p2a Bell Mary A
Ed7p10b Bell Mose
Ed7p10b Bell Mose
ED2p7a Bell Mosell
ED2p7a Bell Reno
ED2p7a Bell Roy
Ed7p10b Bell Sister
ED2p2b Bell Thompson
Ed7p10b Bell Virginia
ED2p7a Bell Woodrow
ED12p6b Bellville Bettey
ED12p6b Bellville Gene
ED12p6b Bellville George
ED12p6b Bellville Georgie
ED12p6b Bellville Hattie
ED12p6b Bellville Lillie
ED12p7a Bellville Lou Willie
ED12p6b Bellville Minerva
ED12p6b Bellville Nancy
ED12p6b Bellville Perle
ED12p6b Bellville Sam
ED12p6b Bellville Sam
ED15p6b Belt Allean
ED15p7a Belt Dorothy
ED15p6b Belt Harry G
ED15p6b Belt Nellie Mae
ED15p6b Belt Oranell
ED15p7a Belt Walter E
ED15p7a Belt Winnie
ED15p7a Belt Winnie Mae
ED6p11a Belunek Agnes
ED6p17a Belunek Albina
ED6p11a Belunek Charlie
ED6p11a Belunek Francis
ED6p11a Belunek Frank
ED6p17a Belunek Josephina
ED6p11a Belunek Mary
ED6p17a Belunek Michel
ED3p14a Benavides Josephine
ED3p14a Benavides Lena
ED3p14a Benavides Louis
ED3p14a Benavides Milton
ED3p14a Benavides Theofila
ED10p17a Bender A R
Ed7p1a Bender Albert
ED5p11a Bender Alvin
ED5p11a Bender Bennie
ED10p17a Bender Bernice
ED8p6b Bender Bertha
ED8p6b Bender Edna
ED9p4a Bender Ernestine
ED5p11a Bender Fannie
ED9p4a Bender George
ED9p4a Bender Gertrude
ED8p6b Bender Gustav
ED9p4a Bender Harold
ED8p6b Bender Henrietta
ED5p11a Bender Ivy
ED9p4a Bender John
ED9p4a Bender John
ED9p4a Bender John
ED5p11a Bender Lillie
ED5p11a Bender Milda
ED5p11a Bender Paul
ED9p4a Bender Pauline
Ed7p1a Bender Sophie
ED10p17a Bender Vera
ED10p17a Bender Veron R
ED9p4a Bender Violet
ED5p11a Bender William
ED5p11a Bender Winnie
ED1p12a Beneus Annie
ED1p12a Beneus Hedwig
ED1p12a Beneus Henry
ED3p13b Benjamin Barbara
ED3p13b Benjamin Bessie
ED3p13b Benjamin Corella
ED3p17a Benjamin Fannie
ED3p13b Benjamin Jessie May
ED3p13b Benjamin L C
ED3p13b Benjamin Maella
ED3p14b Benjamin Melissa
ED3p13b Benjamin Neely
ED3p13b Benjamin Robert
ED3p13b Benjamin Victoria
ED3p4a Benkowski Brunie
ED3p4a Benkowski Clay
ED3p4a Benkowski Francis
ED3p4a Benkowski Joie
ED3p4a Benkowski Rosa
ED3p4a Benkowski Sophie
ED3p4a Benkowski Steve
ED3p4a Benkowski Steve, Jr.
ED12p6a Bennett Adele
ED12p6a Bennett Albert
Ed7p4a Bennett Annie May
Ed7p4a Bennett Dewitt
Ed7p4a Bennett Dewitt
ED12p4b Bennett Dora A
ED12p4b Bennett K L
ED12p4b Bennett Lorene
ED12p6a Bennett Nettie
ED12p4b Bennett Vivian V
ED12p4b Bennett Waldene
ED1p7b Benowitz Paul
ED12p4a Benson Lauson Rudolf
ED12p9b Berger Amelia
ED12p9b Berger Amelia
ED12p9b Berger Annie
ED12p9b Berger Elisebeth
ED12p9b Berger Ida
ED12p9b Berger John
ED12p9b Berger Malinda
ED12p9b Berger Minna
ED6p18a Berger Mrs. Terrey Toney
ED5p11a Berka Carpo
ED5p11a Berka Clara
ED12p8a Berkeley Maudie
ED12p8a Berkeley Raph
ED6p20a Berkins Henryetta
ED6p20a Berkins Richard
ED1p9a Berndt Albert
ED10p4b Berndt Alma
ED1p9a Berndt Alvina
ED2p4b Berndt Annie
ED10p4b Berndt C H
ED3p14b Berndt Chester
ED3p14b Berndt Delma
ED2p4b Berndt Edgar
ED3p14b Berndt Emil C
ED10p4b Berndt Emilie
ED2p4b Berndt Grace
ED3p14b Berndt Hedwig
ED1p9a Berndt Hedwig
ED3p14b Berndt Leslie
ED10p5a Berndt Madeline
ED10p5a Berndt Mary
ED2p4b Berndt Richard
ED10p5a Berndt W H
ED10p5a Berndt Willie May
Ed7p4b Berner Catherine
Ed7p4b Berner Felix
ED6p18a Berner G R
ED6p18a Berner Gus Robert
ED6p18a Berner Louisa
ED6P18b Berner William Orvel
ED6P18b Berner Zinelle Estella
ED5p11a Bernshausen Arthur
ED10p13a Bernshausen Christine
ED5p11a Bernshausen Dora Mae
ED5p11a Bernshausen Edwin
ED10p17a Bernshausen Ellie
ED5p11a Bernshausen Emma
ED5p11a Bernshausen Henry
ED5p11a Bernshausen Herbert
ED10p13a Bernshausen Johanna
ED5p11a Bernshausen Lillie
ED5p11a Bernshausen Louis
ED5p11a Bernshausen Lydie
ED5p11a Bernshausen Mathilde
ED5p11a Bernshausen Paula
ED10p17a Bernshausen Rein
ED5p11a Bernshausen Richard
ED5p11a Bernshausen Richard
ED5p11a Bernshausen Robert
ED10p13a Bernshausen Rudolf
ED5p11a Bernshausen Theodor
ED10p13a Bernshausen Vernita
ED5p11a Bernshausen William
ED6p8b Berntson Gertrude
ED9p1b Beschoner Bertha
ED9p1b Beschoner Max
ED5p4b Bespalec Albert
ED5p4b Bespalec Anna
ED5p4b Bespalec Anna
ED6p7a Bethany Addie
ED1p2a Bethany Agusta
ED6p7a Bethany Anna
ED3p13a Bethany Della
ED6p7a Bethany Henry
ED3p12b Bethany Maggie
ED3p12b Bethany Robert
ED1p2a Bethany Rolf M
ED6p7a Bethany Rosia
ED3p13a Bethany Stella
ED1p2a Bethany Thomas
ED3p12a Bethany Willie May
ED14p3a Bethney Ettie
ED14p8b Bethney Nancy
ED14p3a Bethney Richard
ED1p15a Bevens Ellvill
ED1p15a Bevens George
ED1p15a Bevens Jay Cee
ED1p15a Bevens Jay Dee
ED1p15a Bevens Lottie S
ED1p15a Bevens Mary
ED15p13b Bevil Frank
ED15p13b Bevil Perry Lee
ED1p6b Beyer Albertina
ED1p6b Beyer Gottfried
ED1p6b Beyer Gustave
ED1p6b Beyer Louise
ED1p6b Beyer Minnie
ED1p6b Beyer Roy
ED5p4a Bezpalie Albert
ED5p4a Bezpalie Marie



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