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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Bi - Bl

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED1p12a Bidaure Francisco
ED15p1b Bielec Ensconoc
ED15p1b Bielec Frank
ED15p1b Bielec Ladislav
ED15p1b Bielec Sophia
ED15p1b Bielec Valta
ED15p1b Bielec Willie
ED8p2b Bielefeld Ben
ED8p2b Bielefeld Charles
ED8p2b Bielefeld Clara
ED8 p9b Bielefeld Fritz
ED8 p9b Bielefeld Ida
Ed7p17b Bielefeld Lena
ED11p2a Biermert Martha
ED11p2a Biermert Minna
ED2p4a Biggs Anna
ED3p1a Biggs Anna
ED3p1a Biggs Cecil
ED2p4a Biggs Eunice
ED3p1a Biggs Jennie Alice
ED3p1a Biggs John Porter
ED2p4a Biggs Ray
ED2p4a Biggs Ruth
ED3p1a Biggs Thomas
ED3p1a Biggs Willie E
ED6p7a Billig Alice
ED6p7a Billig Edward
ED6p7a Billig Erwin
ED6p7a Billig Esther
ED6p7a Billig Henrietta
ED6p7a Billig Marie Anne
ED6p7a Billig Mildred
ED8p2a Binder Anna
ED11p5b Birkelbach Augusta
ED11p5b Birkelbach Edgar
ED11p5b Birkelbach Ella
ED11p5b Birkelbach Erwin
ED11p5b Birkelbach Fritz
ED11p5b Birkelbach Harry
ED11p5b Birkelbach Wilma
ED8 p 7b Bischoff Albert
ED8 p 7b Bischoff Clara
ED8p1a Bischoff Erwin
Ed7p18b Bischoff Fritz
ED8p1a Bischoff Loderna
ED8 p 7b Bischoff Otto
ED8p4b Bisent Maniel
ED15p14a Bishop Ella J
ED15p14a Bishop Lee
ED2p9b Bivins Annie
ED4p4a Bivins Ben
ED4p4a Bivins Ben
ED4p4a Bivins Roberta
Ed7p18a Black Ida
Ed7p3a Black Nettie
Ed7p3a Black William
ED6p17a Blackman Alberta
ED6p16a Blackman Beatrice
ED4p8a Blackman Ben
ED9p6b Blackman Ben
ED6p6a Blackman Cherry Sue
ED6p16a Blackman Clarence
ED9p6b Blackman Dinah
ED6p17a Blackman Emmer
ED6p17a Blackman Etriss
ED4p8a Blackman Eugene
ED6p16a Blackman Flora
ED6p6a Blackman Fred
ED4p8a Blackman Geneva
ED6p17a Blackman George
ED6p17a Blackman George
ED6p16a Blackman Henderson
ED4p8a Blackman Iola
ED12p3b Blackman Jo M
ED3p11b Blackman John
ED6p16a Blackman John
ED6p16a Blackman Johnnie May
ED4p8a Blackman Leon
ED6p6a Blackman Lisay
Ed7p11b Blackman Malinda
ED4p8a Blackman Manda
ED6p6a Blackman Mattie
ED4p5a Blackman Sam
ED4p5a Blackman Sarah
ED9p6b Blackman Vinna
ED9p6b Blackman William
Ed7p11b Blackman Wm
ED4p5b Blackmor Beatrice
ED4p5b Blackmor Ella
ED4p5b Blackmor Hattie May
ED4p5b Blackmor John
ED4p5b Blackmor Rena
ED4p5b Blackmor Stark
ED4p5b Blackmor Wilbert
ED6P18b Blacknell Annett
ED4p6a Blacknell Clara
ED6P18b Blacknell Eddie 
ED1p14a Blacknell Edward
ED6P18b Blacknell Ersie Ola
ED6P18b Blacknell J L
ED6P18b Blacknell L J
ED1p14a Blacknell Mary
ED6P18b Blacknell Reddie
ED6P18b Blacknell Robert Charles
ED4p6a Blacknell Theo
ED6P18b Blacknell Thomas
ED6P18b Blacknell Zallie
ED6P18b Blacknell Zemmie
ED6p1b Blackwell Carrie
ED6p20b Blackwell Charley
ED6p20b Blackwell Charley Thomas
ED6p20b Blackwell Della
ED2p10a Blackwell Edward
ED6p20b Blackwell Ellen Bell
ED6p1b Blackwell Eugene
ED6p20a Blackwell Henderson
ED6p20a Blackwell Martha
ED2p10a Blackwell Mary
ED6p20a Blackwell Nathanial
ED6p1b Blackwell Wathi
ED12p7a Blair Ed
ED12p7a Blair Martha A
ED6p18a Blakey Floyd Burger
ED6p18a Blakey Lillie
ED6p18a Blakey W. H
ED3p2a Blanchett Carrie
ED3p2b Blanchett Ed
ED3p2b Blanchett Edna B
ED3p2b Blanchett Edward
ED3p2a Blanchett Grady
ED3p2b Blanchett Gussie
ED3p2a Blanchett Henry
ED3p2b Blanchett Ira
ED3p2b Blanchett Ira B
ED3p2a Blanchett Mary
ED3p2b Blanchett Mary
ED3p2a Blanchett Nannie
ED3p2a Blanchett Rose
ED3p2a Blanchette Dora
ED3p2a Blanchette Henry
ED3p2a Blanchette Tom
ED3p2a Blanchette Tommie
ED15p10b Bland Alice H
ED3p14a Bland Cal
ED3p14a Bland Ivey
ED15p10b Bland Payton
ED8p5a Blaschka Alma
ED8p5a Blaschka Gladys
ED8p5a Blaschka Helen
ED8p5a Blaschka Hugo
ED8p5a Blaschka Natala
ED8p5a Blaschka Norma
ED8p5a Blaschka Richard
ED8p5a Blaschka Rudolph
ED8p5a Blaschka Vester
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Adolph
ED8p1b Blaschke Agnes
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Alwin
ED8p2a Blaschke Anna
ED9p1a Blaschke Dora
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Edmond
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Edward
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Ella
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Emilie
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Florence
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Joe
ED9p1a Blaschke Leona
ED9p1a Blaschke Louis
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Marther
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Mary
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Minna
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Otto
ED8 p 7b Blaschke Richard
ED8p2a Blaschke Rudolph
ED15p17a Blazek Annie
ED15p17a Blazek Annie
ED15p18a Blazek Anton
ED15p17a Blazek Ardilla
ED15p17a Blazek August
ED15p16b Blazek Ed
ED14p3a Blazek Egner
ED15p17a Blazek Emily
ED15p18a Blazek Ester
ED14p3a Blazek Fannie
ED15p17a Blazek Fannie
ED15p8a Blazek Francis
ED14p3a Blazek Frank
ED14p3a Blazek Franklin
ED15p8a Blazek Joe
ED14p3a Blazek Joe
ED15p8a Blazek Joe
ED15p17a Blazek Joe
ED15p17a Blazek John
ED15p17a Blazek John
ED15p8a Blazek John
ED14p3a Blazek Ladge
ED15p8a Blazek Louis
ED15p16b Blazek Lucy
ED15p8a Blazek Lydia
ED15p18a Blazek Mary
ED15p17a Blazek Ollie
ED15p8a Blazek Powel
ED15p18a Blazek Richard
ED15p18a Blazek Sydney
ED15p16b Blazek Veruna
ED14p3a Blazek Willie
ED15p17a Blazek Willie
ED15p18a Blazek Willie 
ED10p8b Bletzinger Blezinger Ada
ED10p8b Bletzinger Blezinger Fred
ED10p8b Bletzinger Blezinger Herbert
ED10p8b Bletzinger Blezinger Hertha
ED10p8b Bletzinger Blezinger Johanna
ED10p8b Bletzinger Blezinger Manfred
ED10p8b Bletzinger Blezinger Norbert
ED10p8b Bletzinger Blezinger Ora
ED10p8b Bletzinger Blezinger Werner
ED5p3b Blezinger Adolph
ED8p5b Blezinger Arthur
ED8p5b Blezinger Elsie
ED8p5b Blezinger George
ED8p5b Blezinger Herman
ED8p5b Blezinger Julius
ED5p3b Blezinger Louis
ED8p5b Blezinger Louis
ED8p5b Blezinger Sophie
ED12p9a Blisswey Melessie
ED12p9a Blisswey Samantha
ED5p1a Bliznak Albina
ED5p1a Bliznak Albina
ED5p1a Bliznak Franciska
ED5p1a Bliznak John
ED5p1a Bliznak John 
Ed7p4b Block Jack
Ed7p4b Block Joe
ED12p2b Blocker August E
ED12p2b Blocker Christian
ED12p2b Blocker Edna
ED12p2b Blocker Fredricke
ED12p2b Blocker Frieda
ED12p2b Blocker Newton J
ED12p2b Blocker William
ED15p12a Blomberg W C
ED13p4a Blue Bessie
ED13p4a Blue Ed
ED13p4a Blue Jimie
ED13p4a Blue John
ED13p4a Blue Ras
ED13p4a Blue Ross
ED13p4a Blue Sallie
ED13p4a Blue Willie
ED12p1a Blum August
ED12p2b Blum Calorin L
ED12p4b Blum Ernest
ED12p4b Blum Evangeline
ED12p1a Blum Harvey
ED12p4b Blum Hattie
ED12p2b Blum Louis C
ED12p2b Blum Robert H
ED12p1a Blum Wesley
ED4p8a Blumenthal Malinda
ED4p8a Blumenthal William
ED10p13b Blunt Joe
ED10p13b Blunt Molly
ED10p13b Blunt Robert



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