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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Bo - Bri

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p13b Bobal Mary
ED6p17a Bobaltz Fraiuche
ED6p17a Bobaltz Laoeold
ED6p17a Bobaltz Laoeold
ED6p17a Bobaltz Ludmila
Ed7p3b Bock Frank
Ed7p3b Bock Mary Francis
Ed7p3b Bock Sibyl
ED12p6a Bodson Sally
ED5p6b Boecker Bennie
ED5p6b Boecker Charles
ED5p10a Boecker Ella
ED5p6b Boecker Esther
ED5p10a Boecker Fred
ED5p10a Boecker Fred
ED5p6b Boecker Frieda
ED5p6b Boecker Laura
ED5p10a Boecker Leonora
ED5p10a Boecker Lizette
Ed7p15a Boehm Fanny
Ed7p15a Boehm Joseph
ED5p6a Boeker Auguste
ED13p3a Boeker Eerest
ED13p3a Boeker Frank
ED13p3a Boeker Fread
ED5p6a Boeker Henry
ED13p3a Boeker Henry
ED13p3a Boeker Ida
ED13p3a Boeker John
ED5p6a Boeker Minnie
ED5p6a Boeker Otto
ED13p3a Boeker Sophia
ED10p17b Boelsche Adela
ED10p4a Boelsche Alice
ED10p4a Boelsche Annie Lee
ED10p4a Boelsche Bennie
ED10p3b Boelsche Caroline
ED10p4a Boelsche Edgar
ED8 p8b Boelsche Esther
ED10p17b Boelsche Grover F
ED10p4a Boelsche H H
ED10p4a Boelsche Laura
ED10p4b Boelsche Lesitte
ED10p4a Boelsche Leslie
ED10p4a Boelsche Minnie
ED10p4a Boelsche Nora
ED10p4a Boelsche Ralph
ED10p4a Boelsche Rosalyn
ED10p4a Boelsche W F
ED2p4b Boelshe Boelsche Olivia
ED2p4b Boelshe Boelsche Roy E
ED5p5b Boenk?? Henry
ED6p9b Bogar Annie
ED6p9b Bogar Martin
ED6p9b Bogar Paul
ED6p9b Bogar Rasia
ED15p3b Bohac Agnes
ED15p3b Bohac Filomena
ED15p3b Bohac Frank J
ED15p3b Bohac Frank L
ED15p3b Bohac Mary
ED15p3b Bohac Rudolph
ED15p3b Bohac Victoria
ED5p6b Bohelmann Arthur
ED5p6b Bohelmann Fred
ED5p6b Bohelmann Lizette
ED5p6b Bohelmann Meta
ED5p6b Bohelmann Veda
ED13p1a Bohne Fritz
ED13p1a Bohne Henrietta
ED13p1a Bohne Tillie
Ed7p11a Bolden Jessie
Ed7p11b Bolden Lillie
Ed7p11b Bolden Luck
Ed7p11a Bolden Martha
ED12p5a Boldin Beatrice
ED12p5a Boldin Johnnie
ED4p7a Boldon Hattie
ED4p7a Boldon Hubert
ED10p13b Bollman Carl
ED10p13b Bollman Carl
ED10p13b Bollman Ellie
ED10p13b Bollman Frieda
ED10p13b Bollman Henrietta
ED10p13b Bollman Otto
ED10p16b Bollman Richard
ED15p5b Bollmann Chas
ED15p5b Bollmann Erna
ED15p5b Bollmann Florence
ED15p5b Bollmann Floyd
ED1p5a Bolten Agusta
ED1p4b Bolten Baldie W
ED9p2b Bolten Cedonia
ED9p2b Bolten Chas
ED9p3a Bolten Dora
ED9p3a Bolten Effie
ED9p3a Bolten Elmo
ED1p4b Bolten Frieda T
ED9p2b Bolten Herbert
ED9p3a Bolten Herman
ED9p3a Bolten Iona
ED1p4b Bolten James W
ED9p3a Bolten Janette
ED9p3a Bolten Lee
ED9p3a Bolten Lydia
ED1p4b Bolten Otto E
ED9p2b Bolten Richard
ED9p3a Bolten Walter
ED6p18a Bolten Mrs Laura
ED14p4a Bonneau Mary
ED14p4a Bonneau Willie
ED14p4a Bonner Alberta
ED1p14a Bonner Allen
ED14p10a Bonner Allen
ED14p9b Bonner Andora
ED15p6a Bonner Annie Mae
ED14p10a Bonner Bertha
ED14p4a Bonner Carrie
ED15p6a Bonner Chester A
ED14p10a Bonner Cora Ann
Ed7p14b Bonner Cressie
ED14p9b Bonner Doy
ED14p4a Bonner Edga
ED14p2a Bonner Ida
ED14p5b Bonner Isabel
ED14p9b Bonner Jacob
ED1p5b Bonner Katie
ED14p9b Bonner Ladgin
ED14p5b Bonner Leon
ED14p5b Bonner Leon
ED15p6a Bonner Lettie
ED15p6a Bonner Lillie
ED14p10a Bonner Lillie Lee
ED14p4a Bonner Manual
ED14p4a Bonner Phil
ED14p10a Bonner Rachie
ED14p5b Bonner Raymond
ED1p14a Bonner Reedy
ED1p14a Bonner Rosie
ED14p5b Bonner Sadie
ED15p6a Bonner Tom
ED14p9a Bonner Willie
ED14p9b Bonnie Annie
ED14p9b Bonnie Bernace
ED14p9b Bonnie Ethelyn
ED14p9b Bonnie Fedo
ED14p9b Bonnie Fedo
ED9p2a Bonnie Lucy
Ed7p2a Borgel Berhard
Ed7p2a Borgel Charlotte
Ed7p2a Borgel Elfrieda
Ed7p2a Borgel Gerhard
ED5p11b Bormann Alfred
ED5p7b Bormann Emma
ED5p7b Bormann George
ED5p12a Bormann Harry
ED5p11b Bormann Laura
ED5p11b Bormann Robert
ED5p1a Borns Ella
ED5p1a Borns Estella
ED5p1a Borns Rosa Lee
ED5p1a Borns William
ED14p3a Borobash Annie
ED14p3a Borobash John
Ed7p17b Borowski Pete
ED1p14a Boson Carcethia
ED1p14a Boson Elias
ED1p14a Boson Ida
ED5p10a Bouldin Bessie
ED5p10a Bouldin Braddock
ED5p10a Bouldin Emma
ED5p10a Bouldin Howard
ED5p8b Bouldin Jason
ED5p8b Bouldin Jinnie
ED5p8b Bouldin Lenora
ED5p10a Bouldin Wilkes
ED1p5a Bouvie Herman
ED1p5a Bouvie Lillian
ED14p1b Boy Hubert Launa
ED6p17a Boyd Chessie
ED15p19a Boyd G L
ED6p17a Boyd James C
ED6p17a Boyd James T
ED15p19a Boyd Katie
ED15p19a Boyd Pearl
ED6p17a Boyd Vick
ED14p2b Boyehr Ella
Ed7p4a Boyle Florence
Ed7p4a Boyle William
ED2p7a Boynton Dulcie
ED2p7a Boynton Fred
ED2p7a Boynton George
ED2p7a Boynton George R
ED2p7a Boynton Nettie Olla
ED6p1b Bozeman Annie
ED6p1b Bozeman Egar
ED6p1b Bozeman Jessie
ED6p1b Bozeman John
ED6p1b Bozeman Pearl
ED6p1b Bozeman Susan
ED1p12b Bozerdet Felicitas
ED1p12b Bozerdet Fermin
ED3p12b Bracey Bueford N
ED3p12b Bracey Claude
ED3p12b Bracey Claude
ED3p12b Bracey Grace Marie
ED3p12b Bracey Lillie
ED15p16a Bracher Rosa
ED6p19b Bracy Dick
ED3p12a Bracy Elijah
ED3p12a Bracy Ellen
ED4p1a Bracy Ellen
ED3p12a Bracy Emanuel
ED3p12a Bracy Julia
ED3p12a Bracy Rebecca
ED3p12a Bracy Willie
ED8p4a Bradbrook Friderotillie
ED8p4a Bradbrook Henry
ED8p4a Bradbrook Victorie
ED2p1a Bradshaw Allen B
ED2p1a Bradshaw Anna L
ED2p1a Bradshaw Grace D
ED2p1a Bradshaw Jesse A
ED2p1a Bradshaw John D
ED2p1a Bradshaw Lorena A
ED2p1a Bradshaw Richard D
Ed7p11a Bradshaw Silva
ED6p7b Braesicke Albert
ED6p7b Braesicke Antoni
ED6p7b Braesicke Arthur
ED6p7b Braesicke Edna
ED6p7b Braesicke Edwin
ED8 p8b Braesicke Eliza
ED6p7b Braesicke Erna
ED8 p8b Braesicke Gertrude
ED8 p8b Braesicke Hugo
ED6p7b Braesicke Lilly
ED8 p8b Braesicke Otto
ED8 p9a Braesicle Albert
ED1p10a Bran Hugo
Ed7p18a Brandenburg Ada
Ed7p18a Brandenburg Allen
Ed7p18a Brandenburg Annie
Ed7p18a Brandenburg Bessie
Ed7p18a Brandenburg Earl
Ed7p18a Brandenburg J B
ED1p2b Brandes Donatus
ED1p2b Brandes Hazel
ED1p2b Brandes Melvin
ED1p2b Brandes Minnie
ED1p2b Brandes Norris A
ED1p2b Brandes Pearl
ED6p9a Brandiburg Ella
ED6p9a Brandiburg Elsie L
ED6p9a Brandiburg Florence
ED6p9a Brandiburg James T
ED6p9a Brandiburg Lonnie
ED6p9a Brandiburg Marshall
ED6p9a Brandiburg Odessie
ED6p9a Brandiburg Oliver
ED6p9a Brandiburg Versey M
ED4p2a Brandis Brandes Annie
ED4p2a Brandis Brandes Charlie
ED4p2a Brandis Brandes Fritz
ED4p2a Brandis Brandes Fritz W
ED4p2a Brandis Brandes Hermina
ED4p2a Brandis Brandes Otto
ED4p2a Brandis Brandes Sophie
ED4p2a Brandis Brandes Walter R
ED13p1b Brandt Alfreda
ED15p19a Brandt Allen
ED3p9b Brandt Arno
ED13p1b Brandt Bertha
ED13p1b Brandt Charley
ED15p19a Brandt Dennie
ED13p1b Brandt Eddie
ED3p9b Brandt Edna
ED13p1b Brandt Elisabeth
ED3p9b Brandt Emil
ED15p19a Brandt Emma
ED15p19a Brandt F D
ED13p1b Brandt Herbert
ED13p1b Brandt Herman
ED13p1b Brandt Isabel
ED3p9b Brandt Johanna
ED13p1b Brandt Leona
ED13p1b Brandt Maggie
ED13p1b Brandt Martha
ED3p9b Brandt Martha
ED11p5a Brandt Mary
ED3p9b Brandt Norma
ED15p19a Brandt Robert
ED15p19a Brandt Rosetta
ED13p1b Brandt Walter
ED11p5a Brandt William
ED6p20a Brandybuge Alvie
ED3p7b Branst Brast Cizel
ED3p7b Branst Brast Ervin
ED3p7b Branst Brast Hazel
ED3p7b Branst Brast Herman
ED3p7b Branst Brast Martha
ED3p7b Branst Brast Rufine
ED8p4a Brasicke Alice
ED8p4a Brasicke Emma
ED8p4a Brasicke Herbert
ED8p4a Brasicke Herman
ED2p8b Brast Agusta
ED2p5b Brast Albert
ED2p6a Brast Alma
ED14p10a Brast Alvin
ED1p8b Brast Annie
ED10p5b Brast Augusta
ED2p6a Brast Bertha
ED6P18b Brast Cecile  Clara
ED6P18b Brast Charles
ED14p10a Brast Clara
ED6P18b Brast Edwin
ED14p10a Brast Eline
ED9p7a Brast Emma
ED2p5b Brast Emma
ED9p7a Brast Erwin
ED2p8b Brast Fritz
ED14p10a Brast Fritz  
ED14p10a Brast Fritz F
ED10p5b Brast Gerhard
ED10p5b Brast Henry
ED2p6a Brast Herbert
ED14p10a Brast Hugo
ED6P18b Brast Jay Dee
ED14p10a Brast Josie
ED6P18b Brast Lenora Esther
ED2p6a Brast Leslie
ED1p8b Brast Lester
ED1p8b Brast Lily
ED2p8b Brast Louisa
ED10p5b Brast Louise
Ed7p1a Brast Matilda
ED1p8b Brast Max
ED6P18b Brast Metta
ED2p6a Brast Nona N
ED2p6a Brast Olinda
ED2p6a Brast Otto
ED9p7a Brast Otto C
ED2p6a Brast Paulina
ED6P18b Brast Viola Dorotha
ED1p8b Brast Walter
ED8p3b Bratt Carolina
ED1p11b Brau Karl K
ED1p11b Brau Loyline
ED1p11b Brau Wilhemina
ED1p11b Brau Wilhemina
ED10p12a Braun Adela
ED11p8a Braun Alfred
ED11p8b Braun August
ED10p12a Braun Ella
ED10p12a Braun Elsa
ED10p12a Braun Leo
ED10p12a Braun Leona
ED10p12a Braun Lina
ED10p12a Braun Manfred
ED10p8a Braun Melonie
ED10p8a Braun Oscar
ED11p8a Braun Ramus
ED11p8a Braun Rosa
ED6p13b Braut Alberta
ED6p13b Braut Joe
ED6p13b Braut John
ED6p13b Braut John
ED6p13b Braut Mary
ED6p13b Braut Mary
ED14p11a Bravenec Alvin
ED14p9a Bravenec Annie
ED14p10b Bravenec Annie
ED14p11a Bravenec Annie
ED8p5a Bravenec Bessie
ED14p10b Bravenec Ed
ED8p5a Bravenec Edwin
ED14p9a Bravenec Fannie
ED8p5a Bravenec Franklin
ED14p9a Bravenec Gilbert
ED14p9a Bravenec Jerry
ED14p10b Bravenec John
ED13p6b Bravenec John
ED8p5a Bravenec John
ED8p5a Bravenec John J
ED13p6b Bravenec Liddie
ED14p11a Bravenec Lillie
ED14p11a Bravenec Lillie
ED14p11a Bravenec Louis
ED8p5a Bravenec Louise
ED14p10b Bravenec Marcus Lee
ED14p11a Bravenec Mary
ED14p11a Bravenec Mary
ED13p6b Bravenec Mildia
ED14p11a Bravenec Otto
ED14p9a Bravenec Sadie
ED14p9a Bravenec Steven
ED14p11a Bravenec Tom
ED14p10b Bravenec Valistie
ED1p9a Braw Adolph
ED1p9a Braw Annie
ED1p9a Braw Annie
ED1p9a Braw Charlie
ED1p9a Braw Hermanig
ED10p15a Bregenzer Annie
ED10p15a Bregenzer Gus
ED10p15a Bregenzer Linette
ED10p15a Bregenzer Robert
ED10p15a Bregenzer Willie
ED11p7b Breihan August
ED11p7b Breihan Mary C
ED11p7b Breihan Wilhelm H
ED15p17a Bremby Alfreda
ED9p2a Bremby Becky
ED14p9a Bremby Bill
ED12p5b Bremby Carry L
Ed7p12b Bremby Chas
Ed7p12b Bremby Chas
Ed7p12b Bremby Earl
ED15p17a Bremby Ella
ED14p9a Bremby Ellen
ED15p17a Bremby Estella
ED12p5b Bremby Everline
Ed7p12b Bremby Jane
ED15p17a Bremby John
Ed7p12b Bremby John
ED15p17a Bremby John
ED15p17a Bremby Laura
Ed7p12a Bremby Mary
Ed7p12a Bremby Pearl
ED15p17a Bremby Susia Mae
ED12p5b Bremby William
ED8p2a Bretschneider Charles
ED6p1b Brewer Beadie
ED6p1b Brewer Ben
ED6p1b Brewer Bennie
ED6p1b Brewer Bessie
ED12p8a Brewer Emma
ED6p1b Brewer Gayler
ED12p5a Brewer Hattie
Ed7p15a Brewer John
ED6p1b Brewer Joseph
ED12p8a Brewer Le Roy
ED6p1b Brewer Lily
ED12p8a Brewer Mack
ED6p1b Brewer Martha
ED6p1b Brewer Wallie
Ed7p3a Bridge Bertie
Ed7p3a Bridge Robert
ED8p7a Briedel Allison
ED8p7a Briedel Anton
ED8p7a Briedel Augusta
ED8p7a Briedel Leander
ED6p22b Brieger Bernhard
ED6p22b Brieger Bertha
ED6p22b Brieger Monroe
ED6p22b Brieger Vernita
ED6p2b Brihel Frank
ED6p2b Brihel Frank
ED6p2b Brihel Rosey
Ed7p12a Brimley George Henry
Ed7p12a Brimley Jim
Ed7p12a Brimley L V
Ed7p12a Brimley Maybell
Ed7p12a Brimley Robert



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