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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED1p4a Brockman Edwin
ED1p4a Brockman Erna
Ed7p3b Brockman Irene
Ed7p3b Brockman Irvin
ED1p4a Brockman Jane
Ed7p3b Brockman Lena
ED1p4a Brockman Rudolph
Ed7p3b Brockman Walter
ED6p16a Brocy Clarsay
ED1p1a Brodsky Jonis
ED6p4b Brook Eddie
ED15p17b Brooks A D
Ed7p17a Brooks Albert
ED2p9b Brooks Alton
ED6p19b Brooks Annie
ED3p6b Brooks Artie Marie
ED3p8a Brooks Bertha
ED3p8a Brooks Bertha Dena
ED3p1b Brooks Charlie
ED3p8a Brooks Christine
ED3p6b Brooks Effie
Ed7p12b Brooks Fannie
ED3p6b Brooks Foster
ED2p9b Brooks Gordon
ED3p6a Brooks Hattie
ED6p3b Brooks Herman
ED6p3b Brooks Howard
ED6p3b Brooks Janita
ED6p3b Brooks Jannie
ED15p13a Brooks John H
ED2p9b Brooks John W
ED2p9b Brooks Johny M
Ed7p17a Brooks Josephine
ED15p17b Brooks L W
ED6p3b Brooks Lee Roy
ED6p3b Brooks Luan
ED3p13a Brooks Lulu
ED2p9b Brooks Marian
ED15p13a Brooks Mary
ED2p9b Brooks Mary N
ED6p3b Brooks Peter
ED2p9b Brooks Phil
ED3p8a Brooks Ruby
ED15p17b Brooks S A
ED3p6a Brooks Sam
ED6p19b Brooks Seth
ED3p4b Brooks Shermain
ED6p3b Brooks Susie
ED3p8a Brooks Townsell
ED3p8a Brooks William D
ED3p6b Brooks ? Will
ED4p6b Brosig Adeline
ED4p1b Brosig Alma
ED9p5b Brosig Bertha
ED9p5b Brosig Dora
ED9p5b Brosig Dora
ED9p5b Brosig Fritz
ED4p1b Brosig Iona
ED9p5b Brosig Major
ED4p6b Brosig Mckinley
ED4p6b Brosig Olga
ED9p5b Brosig Ralph
ED9p5b Brosig Roosevelt
ED9p5b Brosig Theodore
ED4p1b Brosig Theodore
ED2p11b Brossman August
ED2p11b Brossman Elisa
ED6p21a Brown Abe
ED15p9b Brown Alice
ED1p8b Brown Alice
ED6p6a Brown Almore
Ed7p11a Brown Annie
ED3p13b Brown Annie
ED6p21a Brown Annie
Ed7p10b Brown Arlevia
ED10p3a Brown Arthur
ED12p3a Brown Arthur
ED6P18b Brown Beatrice Bettie
Ed7p13a Brown Bernice
ED3p17a Brown Bessie
Ed7p13b Brown Blance
ED3p11a Brown C. J
ED3p17a Brown Callie
ED6p19a Brown Cara
ED10p3a Brown Cathrine
ED3p12a Brown Charley
Ed7p13b Brown Claridine
Ed7p13b Brown Clementine
ED3p11a Brown Daniel
ED3p13b Brown David
ED3p11a Brown Della
ED10p3a Brown Dora
ED3p12b Brown Ed
Ed7p13b Brown Eleanor
ED3p11a Brown Elersa
Ed7p12b Brown Emeline
ED12p3a Brown Emma
ED6p8a Brown Emmer
ED6p6a Brown Eva
ED3p11a Brown Eva
ED3p13b Brown Fannie
ED3p13b Brown Fannie
ED6p6a Brown Fournie
ED1p8b Brown Frances
ED1p8b Brown Frances
ED6p8a Brown Frank
ED12p3a Brown Fred
Ed7p13b Brown Garvin
ED15p15b Brown Georgia B
ED6p6a Brown Gusie
ED6p6a Brown Hattie
Ed7p13a Brown Helen
ED12p3b Brown Henry
ED6P18b Brown Howard Edagar
Ed7p10a Brown Ida
Ed7p13a Brown Ida
ED6p21a Brown J B
ED6p6a Brown J D
ED6p6a Brown Jacob
Ed7p12b Brown James
ED10p3a Brown James
ED6p21a Brown James
ED3p17a Brown James R
ED6p21a Brown Jamie
ED10p3a Brown Jathrow
ED3p13b Brown Jim
ED15p9b Brown Jodie
Ed7p10a Brown Joe
ED9p5a Brown John
ED12p3a Brown John
ED12p3a Brown Johnnie
ED3p13b Brown Lenis
ED6p6a Brown Leo
ED12p2b Brown Leon
ED3p13b Brown Leonard
Ed7p13b Brown Leroy
ED6p6a Brown Lester
ED3p13b Brown Louis
ED3p11a Brown Louisa
ED12p3a Brown Lovie
Ed7p10b Brown Loyd
ED3p12a Brown Luberta
ED6p21a Brown Lucie
ED6p21a Brown Lucie Siss
ED6p6a Brown Lucile
Ed7p11b Brown Lula
Ed7p10a Brown Luvella
ED3p11a Brown Maggie
Ed7p10a Brown Marion
ED6P18b Brown Marion Frank
Ed7p13b Brown Marshall
ED10p3a Brown Mary
ED6p6a Brown Mary
ED6P18b Brown Mathe Christene
ED10p3a Brown Mattie
Ed7p10a Brown May
Ed7p12b Brown Mettie
Ed7p13b Brown Nelson
ED6P18b Brown Ollie Robert
ED6p6a Brown Ophelia
ED1p8b Brown Oscar
ED6p21a Brown Raymond
ED11p5b Brown Robert
Ed7p10a Brown Russell
Ed7p13a Brown Rycie
ED6P18b Brown T E
ED10p3a Brown Teat
Ed7p10a Brown Trever
ED15p9b Brown W F
ED3p11a Brown Will
ED12p2b Brown Willie
ED3p11a Brown Willie
Ed7p13a Brown Wilma
ED6p21b Brownlee John A
ED6p21b Brownlee Katie
ED6p21b Brownlee Lizzie
ED6p21b Brownlee Rosaline
ED14p1b Broz Adela
ED5p2b Broz Francis
ED5p3a Broz Francis
ED14p1b Broz Henry
ED14p1b Broz Henry
ED14p1b Broz John
ED5p2b Broz John
ED5p3a Broz John
ED5p2b Broz John
ED5p3a Broz John
ED14p1b Broz Joseph 
ED14p1b Broz Joseph 
ED14p1b Broz Josephine
ED14p1b Broz Mary
ED14p1b Broz Mary
ED14p1b Broz Mary
ED5p2b Broz Otilie
ED5p3a Broz Otilie
ED14p1b Broz Wensel
ED14p1b Broz Wensel
ED14p1b Broz Wensel
ED15p9b Bruffy Nally May
ED1p12b Brugger Alfred
ED1p12b Brugger Augusta
ED1p12b Brugger Clifford
ED1p12b Brugger Doris
ED1p12b Brugger Edna
ED1p12b Brugger Henry
ED1p12b Brugger Joe
ED1p12b Brugger Leslie
ED1p12b Brugger Milfred
ED1p12b Brugger Regina
ED14p9b Brunby Julia Ann
ED14p9b Brunby Pilgrim
Ed7p15b Brune Adolph
Ed7p15b Brune Annie
ED6p18a Brune Clara
ED4p8b Brune Dee
ED10p10a Brune Dora
ED4p8b Brune Edmund
ED10p10b Brune Edmund
ED4p8b Brune Edward
ED6p8a Brune Edward L.
ED10p10a Brune Eliza
ED4p8b Brune Ella
ED4p8b Brune Emelia
ED6p8a Brune Emma
ED6p8a Brune Emmie
ED4p8b Brune Emmie
ED4p8b Brune Erwin
ED10p10a Brune Fanny
ED6p8a Brune Gertrude
Ed7p15b Brune Gus
Ed7p15b Brune Gussie
ED4p8b Brune Herbert
ED4p8b Brune Julius
ED4p8b Brune Laura
ED10p10a Brune Laura
ED10p10b Brune Lesley
ED6p8a Brune Loyd
ED4p8b Brune Maggie
Ed7p15b Brune Mahala
ED4p8b Brune Mary
Ed7p15b Brune May Bell
ED4p8b Brune Olga
ED4p8b Brune Paul
Ed7p15b Brune Rosie
ED10p10b Brune Selma
Ed7p15b Brune Tillie
ED6p18a Brune W. F
ED10p10b Brune Wilkins
ED10p10a Brune William
Ed7p17a Bryan Ed
Ed7p17a Bryan Ed
ED6p19b Bryan Mattie
Ed7p17a Bryan Willie
ED3p5b Bryant Cherry
ED3p5b Bryant Emmerson
ED3p5b Bryant James
ED4p5b Bryant Jimmie
ED3p5b Bryant John S
ED3p5b Bryant Johnnie
ED3p3b Bryant Lester
Ed7p11b Bryant Lottie
ED3p5b Bryant Mary
ED4p5b Bryant Samilie
ED15p1a Bubela Francis
ED15p1a Bubela Steve
ED6p12a Buchala Alvena
ED6p12a Buchala Emmie
ED6p12a Buchala Frank
ED15p8b Buchala Henry
ED6p12a Buchala Joe
ED6p12a Buchala John
ED6p12a Buchala Louie
ED6p12a Buchala Louise
ED6p12a Buchala Mary
ED6p12a Buchala William
ED3p11b Buchanan Jessie
ED3p11b Buchanan Joe
ED3p11b Buchanan Leroy
ED3p11b Buchanan Martha
ED3p11b Buchanan Rose
ED3p11b Buchanan Sadie
ED3p11b Buchanan Willis
ED3p8b Buchannan Archie
ED3p8b Buchannan Ernest
ED3p8b Buchannan Georgia
ED3p8b Buchannan Jack
ED3p8b Buchannan James
ED3p8b Buchannan Janie
ED3p8b Buchannan Johnnie 
ED3p8b Buchannan Lucy
ED3p8b Buchannan Mary
ED3p8b Buchannan Nathaniel
ED1p1b Buchtien Emma
ED1p1b Buchtien Ernst
ED1p1b Buchtien Gladys
ED1p1b Buchtien Henry
ED9p5a Buchtien Herman
ED1p1b Buchtien Lee
ED13p6b Buckson Augusta
ED13p6b Buckson Clara
ED13p6b Buckson Fritz
ED13p6b Buckson Friz
ED13p6b Buckson Katy
ED13p6b Buckson Paulena
ED13p6b Buckson Willie
ED10p15a Buechman Edmund
ED10p15a Buechman Edmund
ED12p5a Buechman Elsa
ED12p5a Buechman Hugo
ED10p15b Buechman Lorena
ED10p15a Buechman Rosa
ED12p5a Buechman Walter
Ed7p3a Buechmann Adele
Ed7p3a Buechmann Alvin
ED12p5b Buechmann Bernice
ED1p3a Buelow Francisco
ED1p12b Buelow Martina
ED1p12b Buelow Mina
ED1p12b Buelow William
ED10p6a Buenger Adolf
ED10p5a Buenger Agnes
ED8 p9b Buenger Charlie
ED10p5a Buenger Eldie W
ED10p6a Buenger Elsa
ED8 p9b Buenger Friedericke
ED10p6a Buenger J C
ED10p6a Buenger Johanna
ED8 p9b Buenger Minna
ED10p5a Buenger Nessie
ED10p5a Buenger Norbert E
ED10p6a Buenger Ora Dell
ED8 p9b Buenger Otto
ED10p5a Buenger W A
ED10p6a Buenger Wanita
ED15p2a Bujek Annie
ED15p11b Bujnoch Bessie
ED15p11b Bujnoch George
ED15p11b Bujnoch John F
ED15p11b Bujnoch Johnny
ED15p11b Bujnoch Mary
ED15p11b Bujnoch Mary
ED15p11b Bujnoch Theodore
ED15p11b Bujnoch Willie
ED11p1a Bull Jim
ED9p7a Buller Antonia
ED9p7a Buller Charles
ED9p7a Buller Fritz
ED9p7a Buller Mary
ED1p4b Bullock Arthur
ED1p4b Bullock Elsie
ED1p4b Bullock James
ED1p4b Bullock Lillian
ED1p4b Bullock Louis
ED1p4b Bullock Maud
ED1p4b Bullock William
ED4p4b Buntzel Elsie
ED4p4b Buntzel Erick
ED4p4b Buntzel Hedwig
ED4p4b Buntzel Julius
ED4p4b Buntzel Mary
ED4p4b Buntzel Matha
ED4p4b Buntzel Minna
ED9p6a Buntzil Dallas
ED9p6a Buntzil Emma
ED9p6a Buntzil Ernest
ED9p6a Buntzil Waco
ED6p16b Burdett A J
ED6p16b Burdett Babert
ED6p16b Burdett Gunpie
ED6p16b Burdett Leetha
ED6p16b Burdett Ornie
ED6p16b Burdett Tammie
ED6p16b Burdett Wiss
Ed7p11b Burditt Austin
Ed7p11b Burditt Austin
Ed7p11b Burditt Ocie
ED6p14b Bures Frank
ED6p14b Bures Frank
ED6p14b Bures Josie
ED6p14b Bures Mary
Ed7p7b Burger Ada
Ed7p7b Burger Annie
Ed7p7b Burger Annie
ED6p21a Burger Bella Rose
Ed7p7b Burger Christopher
Ed7p7b Burger Clara
ED6p21a Burger Cora Lucile
ED6p21a Burger Dorris May
Ed7p7b Burger Gertrude
Ed7p7b Burger James
ED6p21a Burger James Henry
ED6p21a Burger Joseph Henry
Ed7p7b Burger Louis
Ed7p7b Burger Willie
ED3p16a Burk Annie
ED3p16a Burk Bubbie
ED3p16a Burk Cenia
ED3p16a Burk Ophelia
ED3p16a Burk Rebecca
ED3p16a Burk Sandy
ED1p2a Burns Asie S
ED1p2a Burns Hattie
ED2p2b Burns John
ED2p2b Burns Rose G
ED8p6a Burton Hettie
ED8p6a Burton Isabella
ED8p6a Burton Jack
ED6p21b Burtschell Ed
ED6p21b Burtschell Jack
ED6p21b Burtschell Jessie Lee
ED3p1b Bush Benjamin
ED3p1b Bush Callie
ED3p1b Bush Eddie
ED3p12b Bush Eddie
ED3p12b Bush Ernest
ED3p1b Bush Hannah L
ED3p1b Bush Lieutenant
ED3p1b Bush Magaline
ED3p1b Bush Mammie J
ED3p12b Bush Mathie
ED9p5a Bushtien Auguste
ED9p5a Bushtien Esther
ED9p5a Bushtien Harold
ED9p5a Bushtien Louise
Ed7p15b Bushwall Fannie
Ed7p13b Bushwall Frank
Ed7p13b Bushwall Louis
Ed7p15b Bushwall Thomas
ED12p8a Buster Cliff
ED12p8a Buster Early
ED12p8a Buster Emein
ED1p4a Buster Fred
ED1p4a Buster Goldie
ED12p8a Buster Hal
ED12p8a Buster Johnnie M
ED12p8a Buster Sadie
ED12p8a Buster Willie
ED2p7a Butler Annie L
ED6p16a Butler Bosey
ED6p16a Butler Callie
ED15p18a Butler Carry
ED2p7a Butler Emory
ED15p9b Butler Floyd
ED15p18a Butler Jim
ED15p18b Butler Josephine
ED15p9b Butler L D Leroy
ED15p18b Butler Mattie Lee
ED1p3b Butler Ralph
ED15p9b Butler Sallie
ED15p16a Butler Shelt
ED15p9b Butler Truman
ED15p9b Butler W L
ED1p5a Byars Dave
ED6p20a Byars Elias
ED6p20a Byars Eligha
ED4p2b Byars Ella
ED4p2b Byars Estella
ED1p5a Byars Hannah
ED4p1b Byars Loma
ED4p1b Byars Mattie
ED4p2b Byars Ollie
ED4p1b Byars Zimmie
ED4p1b Byars Zimmie
ED3p1b Byas Jimmie
ED3p1b Byas Margaret
ED6p16a Byas Minkey
ED6p16a Byas Sallie
ED6p19a Byers Charley
Ed7p13b Byers Clayborn
ED6p19a Byers Elige
Ed7p13b Byers Lillie
ED6p19a Byers Oranell
ED3p17a Bynim Mattie
ED3p17a Bynim Walter
Ed7p10b Bynum Abram
ED9p2b Bynum Arthur
ED9p1b Bynum Bill
ED9p3a Bynum Birdola
ED9p3a Bynum Dock
ED9p3a Bynum Hattie
ED9p3a Bynum Jody
ED9p2a Bynum Joe
ED9p3a Bynum Koran
ED9p1b Bynum Lula
ED9p3a Bynum Will
ED4p2b Byram John



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