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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p20a Cade Mat
ED6p20a Cade Sara
ED3p11b Cain Clinton
ED3p11b Cain Erna
ED3p11b Cain Ivy
ED3p11b Cain Laura
ED3p11b Cain Lucile
ED3p11b Cain Milton
ED3p11b Cain Paul
ED3p11b Cain Ray
ED3p11b Cain Richard
ED3p11b Cain Ruby
ED3p11b Cain Verbie
ED3p11b Cain Victor
ED3p11b Cain Viola
ED6p9a Calaway Abraham
ED6p9a Calaway Auther
ED6p9a Calaway Elijah
ED6p9a Calaway Elijah
ED6p9a Calaway Emma
ED6p9a Calaway James L
ED6p9a Calaway William H
ED15p15b Cale Doree
ED15p15b Cale Gladys
ED15p15b Cale Jimmie
ED15p15b Cale Rubin
ED15p15b Cale Sarah
ED15p15b Cale Viola
ED8p3b Caletka Alfred
ED8 p 7b Caletka Augusta
ED8p3b Caletka Augusta
ED8 p 7b Caletka Charlie
ED8p3b Caletka Charlie
ED8 p 7b Caletka Edward
ED8 p 7b Caletka Lester
ED8 p 7b Caletka Norma
ED3p9b Calhoun Patsy
ED15p19a Callender Retha
ED1p2b Calvin Jonas
ED1p2b Calvin Mahalie
ED9p6a Camel Emma
ED9p6a Camel Hugh
ED9p6a Camel Idell
ED9p6a Camel Mable
ED9p5a Camel Mamie
ED9p6a Camel Walter
ED9p6a Camel Willie 
ED10p17b Camp Mollie
ED15p16b Campbell A C
ED15p16b Campbell Clarence
ED6p18a Campbell Elmer Dennis
ED15p16b Campbell Lizzie
ED6p18a Campbell Maggie Ann
ED15p16b Campbell Myrtle
ED15p16b Campbell Robert
ED4p6a Campbell Squire
ED1p3b Cannon Oliver
ED6p20a Cano Fannie
ED6p20a Cano Ramond
ED3p8a Canta J D
ED1p15a Canti Eddie
ED1p15a Canti Sarah
ED1p12a Cantoja Ponciaus
ED3p14a Canty Andra
ED3p14a Canty Elvira
ED3p13b Canty James
ED3p14a Canty John
ED3p14a Canty Lee Ellen
ED3p14a Canty Lee Ellis
ED10p18a Capiti Mrs. Emma
ED12p7b Captin Mary
ED15p16b Carr Callie
ED15p16b Carr Jessie
ED15p16b Carr Vera Lee
ED12p6a Carren Charity
ED12p6a Carren Fred
ED12p6a Carren Mary
ED12p6a Carren Simon
ED1p12a Carrion Angilate
ED1p12a Carrion Feliceda
ED1p12a Carrion Guadalupe
ED1p12a Carrion Josie
ED1p12a Carrion Marcella
ED1p12a Carrion Maria
ED12p5b Carson Bill
ED15p2b Carson Ellen
ED15p2b Carson Emma
ED15p2b Carson Emma
ED15p2b Carson Essie
ED15p2b Carson George 
ED12p5b Carson Henry
ED15p2b Carson Henry
ED8p6a Carson Laura
ED15p2b Carson Levy
ED12p5b Carson Mary
ED15p2b Carson Ora Nell
ED15p2b Carson Robert W
ED15p2b Carson Sadie
ED15p2b Carson William
ED1p5b Carter Alice
ED2p8b Carter Anella
ED1p1b Carter Annie
ED2p9b Carter Cecil
ED3p2b Carter George
ED3p3a Carter Jim
ED2p9b Carter Julius
ED2p9b Carter Laura Bell
ED2p8b Carter Leon
ED1p8a Carter Lilly
ED2p9a Carter Lonnie
ED3p3a Carter Manda
ED3p2b Carter N. C
ED2p9b Carter Pauline
ED1p1b Carter Quintus E
ED2p8b Carter Roy
ED1p5b Carter Rufus
ED1p2b Carter Vernon
Ed7p5b Cartledge Inez
Ed7p4b Case Bertha
Ed7p4b Case Leroy
ED9p6b Cassey Charlie
ED3p2b Caswell Cleveland
ED3p2b Caswell Lillie
Ed7p18a Cay Bill
Ed7p18a Cay Clarence
Ed7p18a Cay Ellen
Ed7p18a Cay Gladys
Ed7p18a Cay Mandy
Ed7p18a Cay Retha
Ed7p18a Cay Whit
Ed7p12a Centoros Mex
ED14p10b Cermac Fannie
ED14p5b Cermak Emilie
ED14p5b Cermak John
ED14p5b Cernak Lillie
ED6p9b Cernich Angina
ED6p9b Cernich Emilie
ED6p9b Cernich Herman
ED6p9b Cernich Joe
ED6p9b Cernich Regina
ED6p9b Cernich Rosia
ED6p9b Cernich Vaclay
ED15p8b Cerny Alaisia
ED15p8b Cerny Annie
ED15p8b Cerny Charlie W
ED15p14b Cerny Frank
ED15p8b Cerny J F
ED15p14b Cerny Louise
ED15p14b Cerny Mary
ED15p8b Cerny Mary
ED15p8b Cerny Vinislows
ED15p10a Cervantes Direa
Ed7p2b Cervantes Julian
ED6p10b Cervenka August
ED6p10b Cervenka Fannie
ED6p20b Cervenka Frank
ED6p10a Cervenka Frank
ED6p10b Cervenka Joe
ED6p20b Cervenka John
ED6p20b Cervenka Mary
ED6p10b Cervenka Mary
ED6p10b Cervenka Molka
ED6p10b Cervenka Veranyka
ED6p2a Cervenka Veronica
ED6p20b Cervenka Veronika
ED5p6b Chaloupka Alvin
ED5p5a Chaloupka Anna
ED5p5a Chaloupka Annie
ED5p5a Chaloupka Emil
ED5p5a Chaloupka Emily
ED5p6b Chaloupka Emma
ED5p5a Chaloupka Vincene
ED5p6b Chaloupka Vine
ED14p6b Chalupka Alvina
ED14p6b Chalupka Alvina
ED14p6b Chalupka Annie
ED14p6b Chalupka Lydgie
ED14p6b Chalupka Vincent
ED14p6b Chalupka Vincent
ED1p10b Chandler Elvie
ED1p10b Chandler Horace
Ed7p11a Chandler James Etta
Ed7p20a Chandler Jas
ED6p16a Chandler Joseph
ED15p18b Chandler Joseph 
Ed7p11a Chandler Julia
ED6p16a Chandler Lillie
ED15p18b Chandler Manda
ED6p16a Chandler Manuel
Ed7p11a Chandler Romelious
ED15p18b Chandler Rosa Lee
ED15p18b Chandler Walter
ED12p9a Chapel Elneor
ED12p7a Chapel Willis
ED2p1b Chappel Eddie
ED9p1a Chappel Eddie
ED10p11a Chappel Ella
ED2p1b Chappel Ida Bell
ED2p1b Chappel James
ED10p4b Chappel Jessie
ED2p1b Chappel Juanita
ED2p1b Chappel Lilly
ED2p1b Chappel Lobe
ED10p18a Chappel Nora
ED2p1b Chappel Tom
ED2p1b Chappel Tom
ED2p1b Chappel Willie May
ED6p16a Charles Emma
ED6p16a Charles John
ED6p16a Charles Will
ED2p6b Chatham Alma
ED2p6b Chatham Beulah
ED2p6b Chatham Blanche
Ed7p14b Chatham Bozia
ED2p6b Chatham Doris
ED2p6b Chatham Gladys
ED2p6b Chatham Guy E
ED2p6b Chatham Leo
ED2p6b Chatham Leroy
ED2p6b Chatham Lilly
ED2p6b Chatham Walter
ED2p6b Chatham Walter E
ED3p16b Chatman Fannie
ED3p16b Chatman George
ED2p3a Chatman Sam
ED3p16b Chatman Tutta
Ed7p4a Cherkas Evelyn
Ed7p4a Cherkas Joe
Ed7p4a Cherkas Rosa
Ed7p4a Cherkas Sadie
ED15p9a Chernosky Anton
ED14p4b Chernosky Celia
ED14p9b Chernosky Charles
ED14p5a Chernosky Eddie
ED14p5a Chernosky Elmo
ED14p9b Chernosky Emely
ED14p9b Chernosky Francis
ED14p9b Chernosky Gertrude
ED14p4b Chernosky Ignac
ED14p9b Chernosky John
ED15p12a Chernosky John R
ED14p9b Chernosky Mary
ED14p5a Chernosky Mattie
ED14p9b Chernosky Minila
ED14p9b Chernosky Minnie
ED14p9b Chernosky Minnie
ED14p8a Chernosky Otto
ED14p9b Chernosky Randolph
ED15p5b Cherry Annie Mae
ED15p13b Cherry Buena
Ed7p10b Cherry Buford
ED15p5b Cherry Columbus
ED15p5b Cherry Jake
ED15p15a Cherry Johas
ED15p13b Cherry John H
ED15p5b Cherry Josephine
ED15p15a Cherry Josiah
ED15p6a Cherry Leola
ED15p5b Cherry Louis
Ed7p10b Cherry Luther
ED15p5b Cherry Millie
ED15p5b Cherry Nathaniel
ED15p5b Cherry Olla
Ed7p10b Cherry Rena
ED15p12a Cherry Robert
ED15p5b Cherry Willie
ED2p10a Chesley Margarett
ED1p11a Chumann Edna
ED1p11a Chumann Edna
ED1p11a Chumann Frederic
ED1p11a Chumann Frita
ED1p11a Chumann Hildegard
ED1p11a Chumann Karl
ED1p11a Chumann Wilma
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Alvena
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Bertha
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Clara Sister
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Frank
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Hattie
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Helena
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Joe
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Joe
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Julia
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Martha
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Pete
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Tom
ED6p14b Cieslevicz Victor
ED6p18a Clapp Claude Clayborn
ED6p18a Clapp Edna May
ED6p18a Clapp Leola Lillian
ED6p18a Clapp Lou Ella
ED6p18a Clapp Nellie
ED6p18a Clapp T C
ED1p11a Clark Alma
ED4p3a Clark Alma
ED4p8b Clark Anne
Ed7p15a Clark Annie
ED1p12a Clark Beatrice
ED1p6a Clark Carry
ED4p8b Clark Dave
ED1p12a Clark Ellie
ED2p9a Clark George
ED1p11a Clark Hattie
Ed7p15a Clark Horace
ED1p12a Clark Ida
ED1p11a Clark James
Ed7p10a Clark Jessie
ED1p12a Clark Jessie
ED2p9a Clark Jim
ED2p9a Clark John N
ED1p11a Clark Leroy
ED4p2b Clark Lille
ED2p9a Clark Mabel
ED4p8b Clark Mary
ED4p2b Clark Mattie
ED1p12a Clark Mattie
ED2p9a Clark Melinda
ED4p2b Clark Mitchell C
ED1p11a Clark Nittie
ED1p12a Clark Solomon
ED4p2b Clark Sylvester V
ED1p11a Clark Tom
ED1p12a Clark Walter
ED1p11a Clark Walter
ED1p12a Clark Willie May
Ed7p18b Clarkson Cora
Ed7p18b Clarkson Gibbs
Ed7p15b Clarkston Henry
ED15p3b Claud Alfred
ED15p3b Claud Coretta
ED15p3b Claud Elizabeth
ED15p3b Claud Emma
ED15p3b Claud Samuel
ED15p3b Claud T P
ED15p3b Claud William
ED14p1a Clay Alice
ED14p1a Clay Henry
ED14p1a Clay John
ED6p19a Clay Jordan
ED6p20a Clay Marie
ED6p19a Clay Ollie
ED15p1a Cleveland Annie
ED15p2b Cleveland Annie
ED13p4b Cleveland Antony
ED15p14a Cleveland Cherry Lee A
ED15p1a Cleveland Clark
ED12p9a Cleveland Cloey
ED15p2b Cleveland Edna
ED13p5b Cleveland Florance
ED15p1a Cleveland Harris
ED15p14a Cleveland Henry
ED15p14a Cleveland Henry
ED13p4b Cleveland Jane
ED12p6a Cleveland Jasper
ED15p14a Cleveland Mamie
ED13p4b Cleveland Mary
ED13p5b Cleveland Mat
ED15p1a Cleveland Maud
ED12p9a Cleveland Omstead
ED9p7a Cleveland Pearlie
ED15p2b Cleveland Robert W
ED13p5b Cleveland Rufos
ED15p2b Cleveland Saul
ED13p5b Cleveland Siria
ED15p14a Cleveland Viola
ED13p5b Cleveland Will Ida
ED9p7a Cleveland William
ED12p9b Cloud Alex
ED12p9b Cloud Carrie
ED12p6b Cloud David
ED12p9b Cloud Elmus
ED12p6b Cloud Howard
ED12p9b Cloud Jake
ED12p11b Cloud Jane
ED12p9b Cloud Jettie
ED12p9b Cloud Joseph 
ED12p9b Cloud Josephine
ED12p9b Cloud Mamie
ED12p9b Cloud Maria
ED12p9b Cloud Rosa 
ED12p9b Cloud Rufus
ED12p9b Cloud Walter
ED12p9b Cloud William
ED3p10b Cloyd Cecil Dennis
ED3p10b Cloyd Maud
ED3p10b Cloyd Raymond
ED6p11b Cmardlka Edwin
ED6p11b Cmardlka Francis
ED6p11b Cmardlka Frank
ED6p11b Cmardlka Idella
ED6p11b Cmardlka Jerry
ED3p16a Coats Carolina
ED3p16a Coats Charlie
ED3p16a Coats Dewitt
ED3p12a Coats Elec
ED3p12a Coats Elec
ED3p16a Coats Elizabeth
ED3p16a Coats Ernest
ED3p16a Coats Grant
ED3p12a Coats Hattie
ED4p3b Coats Hobard
ED3p16a Coats Mattie
ED3p16a Coats Mattie; May
ED3p16a Coats Patsy
ED3p1b Coats Sallie
ED3p16a Coats Stella
ED3p16a Coats Will
ED3p16a Coats Willie
ED3p15a Cochran Australia
ED3p15a Cochran Eliza
ED1p14a Cochran George
ED3p15a Cochran Joe
ED3p8a Cochran Mary
ED1p14a Cochran Mary
ED1p7a Cochran Milan
ED1p14a Cochran Ruby O
ED3p16b Cockett Bernice
ED3p16b Cockett Mettie
ED3p16b Cockett Temple
ED12p4b Cole A D
ED12p4b Cole Aaron
ED12p4a Cole Benjamin
ED12p4b Cole Bernie Lee
ED3p12a Cole Bessie
ED3p12a Cole C D
ED3p6b Cole Charlie
ED12p4b Cole Elmus
ED3p6b Cole Ethel
ED3p12a Cole George
Ed7p16b Cole James
Ed7p16b Cole James
ED3p6b Cole John
ED12p4a Cole Lena
ED3p6b Cole Leola
ED3p6b Cole Mary
ED12p4b Cole Mary Jane
ED3p6b Cole Melinda
Ed7p16b Cole Myrtle
ED15p12b Cole Myrtle
ED15p19a Cole Richard L
ED3p6b Cole William H
ED3p14b Coleman ? May
ED15p11b Coleman A C
ED15p15a Coleman A D
ED1p10a Coleman Arthur
ED15p11b Coleman Charlie
ED15p11b Coleman Clad
ED15p11b Coleman Eddie
ED15p15a Coleman Falcom
ED1p10a Coleman Hattie
ED15p15a Coleman Herbert
ED15p11b Coleman J C
ED15p11b Coleman Jim
ED15p11b Coleman Johny Mae
ED15p11b Coleman Leroy
ED15p15a Coleman Lilly B
ED1p10a Coleman Magnolia
ED15p11b Coleman Perrie
ED3p14b Coleman Robert Louis
ED15p15a Coleman Theodore
ED1p10a Coleman Unice
ED15p11b Coleman Willard
ED3p14b Coleman Willis
ED12p8a Colins Mannie
ED1p7a Collerton John H
ED1p7a Collerton May
ED1p15b Collier Charry
ED1p15b Collier Christine
ED1p14b Collier Dan
ED1p14b Collier Deola
ED1p15b Collier Minnie
ED1p14b Collier Nonie
ED1p15b Collier Rachel
ED1p15b Collier Roberta
ED1p15b Collier Roberta
ED1p15b Collier Stephen
ED1p14b Collier Willis
ED12p8b Collins Cokran
ED12p7b Collins Dorothy
ED12p7b Collins Ennis
ED12p7b Collins Eva
ED12p7b Collins Hattie
ED1p9b Collins Henry
ED12p7b Collins Ima
ED12p11b Collins Iris
ED1p9b Collins Jeff
ED12p11b Collins Joe
ED12p11b Collins Jon
ED12p7b Collins Lonnie
ED12p4a Collins Lula
ED12p4a Collins Lula M
ED1p9b Collins Maggie
ED12p4a Collins Maggie
ED12p7b Collins Mariah
ED1p10a Collins Marie
ED12p11b Collins Mary
ED12p4a Collins Mathews
ED12p7b Collins Myrtle
ED12p11b Collins Seina
ED12p4a Collins Walter
ED12p7b Collins Will Ida
ED12p4a Collins Willie
ED12p4a Collins Willie B
ED3p8a Condron Emma
Ed7p2b Connor Flora
Ed7p13a Connor Trint
ED6p5a Coody Barney
ED6p5a Coody Barney
ED15p13b Coody Ella
ED6p5a Coody Jessie
ED6p5a Coody Lizzie
ED6p5a Coody Mary
ED6p5a Coody Mary
ED6p5a Coody Owen
ED6p5a Coody Rensy
ED15p13b Coody W G
Ed7p19a Cook Lillian
Ed7p19a Cook Marshall
Ed7p19a Cook Merrel
Ed7p19a Cook William
Ed7p19a Cook William
ED15p17a Cooper Alberta
ED1p5a Cooper Bettie
ED15p17a Cooper Dave
ED15p17a Cooper Edgar
ED15p16b Cooper Hettie
ED15p16b Cooper Ira
ED15p17a Cooper Jimmie
ED8p6a Cooper Lee H
ED1p5a Cooper Louis J
ED1p5a Cooper Louise
ED15p17a Cooper Martha
ED15p17a Cooper Oscor
ED15p16b Cooper Robert
ED15p17a Cooper Suettie
ED10p6b Cooper Tom
ED15p17a Cooper U T
ED1p5a Cooper Walter
ED15p13a Copeland Bula
ED15p13a Copeland Dorthy
ED15p13a Copeland Lita M
ED15p13a Copeland Ruth L
ED15p13a Copeland Will
ED15p7b Corme Antonio
ED15p7b Corme Crus
ED15p7b Corme Mary
ED15p7b Corme Mary
ED8p4b Cornelius Emil
ED8p4b Cornelius Julius
ED8p4b Cornelius Katharina
ED6p9a Cortez Alfred
ED6p9a Cortez Eney
ED6p9a Cortez Fadaly
ED6p9a Cortez Gorgoues
ED6p9a Cortez Murea
ED6p9a Cortez Touie
Ed7p3a Cory Ida
ED2p9b Cotton Bertha
ED14p2b Coufal Fannie
ED1p6b Coward Bertha
ED1p6b Coward Elba L
ED1p6b Coward Russel
ED1p6b Coward Willis B
ED15p10a Cox Daisy
ED15p10a Cox H I
ED15p13b Cox Nellie N
ED15p10a Cox Sarah A
ED15p13b Cox T L
ED2p4a Craener Robert
Ed7p1b Crain Regina
Ed7p1b Crain Robert
ED4p1a Cramer Alfonso
ED4p1a Cramer Martha
ED3p12b Crampton Maheley
ED13p4b Cravin Alberta
ED13p4b Cravin Garett
ED13p4b Cravin Leeroy
ED13p4b Cravin Lizer
Ed7p12a Crawford Albert
Ed7p12a Crawford Eugene
Ed7p12a Crawford Katherine
Ed7p12a Crawford Laura
Ed7p12a Crawford Laura
ED2p7a Creekmore Katherine
ED2p7a Creekmore Nancy
ED11p7a Creppon Crisco
Ed7p1b Cristal Ellis
Ed7p1b Cristal Leona
Ed7p1b Cristal Otto
ED4p3a Crockett Bryan
ED4p3a Crockett Jonas
ED12p1a Crump James W
ED12p1a Crump Lucy K
ED12p8a Crump Maggie
ED12p1a Crump Mary A
ED12p8a Crump Meccie
ED12p1a Crump Mildred
ED12p8a Crump Willie
ED3p8a Crumpton Becker
ED3p8b Crumpton Enoch
ED3p8b Crumpton Gerturde
ED3p5b Cumming Aquilla
ED3p5b Cumming John
ED2p8b Cummings Addie
ED3p5a Cummings Allen
ED1p15a Cummings Allie
ED3p9b Cummings Andrew
ED3p5a Cummings Caroline
ED3p12a Cummings Edna
ED2p8b Cummings Ely
ED3p9b Cummings Evaline
ED2p8b Cummings Helen
ED3p5a Cummings Henry C
ED3p5a Cummings Martha
ED2p8b Cummings Miemeyer
ED3p5a Cummings Mose
ED2p8b Cummings Riesie
ED3p5a Cummings Sarah
ED1p5b Cummings See Bee
ED2p8b Cummings Walter
ED2p8b Cummings Willie
ED10p9b Cummins Ada
ED10p9b Cummins Diana
ED10p9b Cummins Hattie
ED12p7a Cummins Henry
ED10p9b Cummins Robert
ED15p13a Cunningham Addie
ED15p13a Cunningham J E
ED4p6a Curry Ada
ED4p4a Curry Anne
ED4p6a Curry Lillian
ED4p4a Curry Mahalia
ED4p6a Curry Milan
ED3p1a Curry Temple



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