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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Da - De

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED8p2a Dabelgott Ida
ED8p2a Dabelgott Joachim
ED15p17b Dabney Albert
ED12p6a Dabney Alvin
ED6p9a Dabney Daisy
ED13p1a Dabney Dallas
ED15p17b Dabney Edward
ED15p17b Dabney Edward
ED6p8b Dabney Eugene J
ED6p9a Dabney Forest
ED6p8b Dabney Freddie
ED12p6a Dabney Freddie
ED6p8b Dabney Howard
ED15p17b Dabney J D
ED15p17b Dabney J T
ED12p6a Dabney Jake
ED12p6a Dabney Jasper
ED12p6a Dabney Jimmie
ED12p6a Dabney John
ED13p1a Dabney John
ED12p6a Dabney Lala M
ED13p1a Dabney Louis
ED13p1a Dabney Lucy
ED12p6a Dabney Mary L
ED12p6a Dabney Mattie
ED15p17b Dabney Pearlie
ED12p6a Dabney Perle
ED13p1a Dabney Richard
ED6p9a Dabney Robert
ED6p9a Dabney Rubie
ED12p6a Dabney Saddie
ED6p8b Dabney Sallie
ED15p17b Dabney Sallie
ED6p8b Dabney Will
ED12p6a Dabney Willie
ED3p5b Dahms Adele
Ed7p5a Dahms Ben
ED3p5b Dahms Edmund
ED3p5b Dahms Frieda
Ed7p5a Dahms John
Ed7p5a Dahms Mary
Ed7p5a Dahms Minnie
ED3p5b Dahms William
ED3p5b Dahms Willie V
ED1p13b Dahnel Edmond
ED1p13b Dahnel Emil
ED1p13a Dahnel Henry
ED1p13b Dahnel Herbert
ED1p13b Dahnel Louie
ED1p13a Dahnel Louisa
ED1p13b Dahnel Louisa
ED1p13b Dahnel Martina
ED1p13b Dahnel Mary
ED1p13a Dahnel Sophie
ED1p13b Dahnel Werner
ED12p7a Dahse Adela
ED12p1b Dahse Adolph
ED12p7b Dahse Adolph
ED12p4a Dahse Annie
ED12p4a Dahse Bennie
ED12p4a Dahse Bernice
ED12p1b Dahse Clara
ED12p4a Dahse Henry
ED12p7b Dahse Hildegard
ED12p4a Dahse Irvin
ED12p7b Dahse Joe
ED12p7b Dahse Lee
ED12p7a Dahse Louis
ED12p7b Dahse Mary
ED12p4a Dahse Minnie
ED12p4a Dahse Nobie
ED12p7a Dahse Nora
ED12p4a Dahse Reinhold
ED12p7a Dahse Theodore
ED12p7a Dahse Walter
ED12p7a Dahse William
Ed7p5b Damek Alvine
Ed7p4b Damek Gertrude
Ed7p4b Damek John
Ed7p4b Damek Magdaline
Ed7p4b Damek Ruby
Ed7p4b Damek Rudolf
Ed7p5b Damek Stefine
ED15p3a Damon Garfield C
ED6p2b Danek Frank
ED1p8a Danele Johny May
Ed7p13b Daniel Mary Ann
Ed7p13b Daniel Wright
ED10p8b Daniels Addie
ED10p8b Daniels Ben
ED10p8b Daniels Bercie
ED10p8b Daniels Edmund
ED10p8b Daniels Edmund
ED10p8b Daniels Edward
ED10p8b Daniels Emma
ED10p8b Daniels Frank
ED10p8b Daniels Roxie
ED10p8b Daniels Stella
ED10p8b Daniels Tom
ED10p8b Daniels Verlean
ED9p7a Dannels Mahaley
ED9p7a Dannels Ruby May
Ed7p16a Dannhaus Henrietta
ED1p8a Danson Almeta
ED1p8a Danson Annie A
ED1p8a Danson Herbert
ED1p8a Danson William H
ED6p19b Darbie Willie Joseph
ED11p7b Darden Ada
ED11p7b Darden Bea Lo
ED11p7b Darden George
ED11p7b Darden Lissie
ED11p7b Darden Luty
ED11p7b Darden Mattie
ED6p17a Datany Cleo
ED6p17a Datany Earl
ED6p17a Datany Josephine
ED12p2a Daughtery Adeline
ED12p2a Daughtery M A
ED10p4b Daum Augusta
ED10p5a Daum Emil
ED10p4b Daum Herman
ED15p16a David Alice
ED15p16a David Coral
ED15p16a David Ezekel
ED15p16a David John
ED3p17a Davis Abraham
Ed7p10a Davis Addie
ED4p4a Davis Alonzo
ED3p17a Davis Anna
ED4p3a Davis Anne
ED1p7a Davis Annie
ED10p6b Davis Annie 
ED10p7a Davis Ardella
ED14p6b Davis Aro
ED4p3a Davis B T
ED12p2b Davis Beatrice
ED13p2a Davis Beatrice
ED4p3a Davis Beatrice
ED14p6b Davis Bessie Mae
ED10p6b Davis Bettie
ED10p6b Davis Bettie
ED13p2a Davis Betty
ED3p17a Davis Budola
ED4p4a Davis Charlie
ED3p5b Davis Chester A
ED6p21b Davis Clara
ED14p6b Davis Clarence
ED10p11b Davis Clement
ED15p16b Davis Climie
ED4p2b Davis Clordy
ED6p21b Davis Columbus
ED10p11b Davis Cora
ED3p17a Davis Cosie
ED6p21b Davis D S
ED4p6b Davis Dave
ED4p3a Davis Deddie
ED14p6a Davis Dora
ED15p16b Davis Earl M
ED1p7a Davis Edward
ED10p6b Davis Edward
ED1p7a Davis Elizabeth
ED12p9b Davis Emma L
ED15p16b Davis Ethelee
ED4p4a Davis Eugene
ED4p6b Davis Fredie
ED3p17a Davis Georgie
ED6p21b Davis Gill
ED6p21b Davis Gill
ED4p6b Davis Golend
Ed7p10a Davis Hall
ED3p13a Davis Hannah
ED15p15b Davis Hattie
ED10p11b Davis Hattie Lea
ED13p2a Davis Hazel
ED2p5b Davis Henry
ED14p6a Davis Henry
ED12p9b Davis Hiram
ED4p3a Davis Isam
ED4p3a Davis Isam
ED15p16b Davis Isiah
ED14p6a Davis Jaberle
ED10p6b Davis James
ED6p21b Davis James
ED4p3a Davis James
ED4p4a Davis Jesse
ED3p15a Davis Jessie
ED14p4a Davis Jessie
ED4p4a Davis Julia
ED10p11b Davis L E
ED4p9a Davis L James
ED4p3a Davis Lagipie
ED10p6b Davis Leola
ED4p4a Davis Leroy
ED13p2a Davis Lester
ED6p21b Davis Letha
ED3p17a Davis Levi
ED4p6b Davis Ley
ED10p6b Davis Lizzie
ED10p6b Davis Lodgie
Ed7p3b Davis Lon
ED3p17a Davis Louisa
ED4p3a Davis Lusendia
ED1p7a Davis Luther
ED15p15b Davis Mabel
ED4p3a Davis Mahalie
ED12p9b Davis Margrete
ED2p5b Davis Mary
ED10p7a Davis Mary
ED1p7a Davis Mary A
ED6p21b Davis Mayella
ED8p6a Davis Mc
Ed7p10a Davis Myrtis
ED5p7a Davis Nadine
ED4p5a Davis Otha
ED4p3a Davis Resie
ED4p5a Davis Richard
ED10p6b Davis Richard
ED14p6b Davis Robert
Ed7p3b Davis Rosa Lee
ED14p6b Davis S D
ED10p3a Davis Simon
ED6p21b Davis Sopha
ED3p15a Davis Sophie
ED4p2b Davis Temple
ED5p7a Davis Tom
ED12p2b Davis Vera
ED13p2a Davis Verabell
Ed7p10a Davis Verna
ED6p21b Davis Viola
ED13p2a Davis Weldon
ED14p6b Davis Werly
ED14p6a Davis Wesley
ED4p3a Davis Will
ED4p3a Davis Will Ida
ED6p21b Davis William
ED10p6b Davis William
ED10p7a Davis William T
ED10p11b Davis Willie
Ed7p10a Davis Willie
ED1p7a Davis Willie M
ED15p16a Davis Winnie
Ed7p14b Dawson A D
Ed7p11a Dawson Alvesta
Ed7p14b Dawson Choice
Ed7p13a Dawson Ed
Ed7p13a Dawson Edwin
Ed7p11a Dawson Erile
ED15p10a Dawson Eva
Ed7p14b Dawson John
Ed7p11a Dawson Lona
Ed7p11a Dawson Lula May
Ed7p14b Dawson Mabel
Ed7p13a Dawson Nona
ED15p10a Dawson R H
Ed7p11a Dawson Ruil
Ed7p11a Dawson Sylvesta
Ed7p11a Dawson Willard
ED3p13a Dehnel Elma
ED3p13a Dehnel Gertrude
ED3p13a Dehnel John 
ED3p13a Dehnel Leona
ED3p10a Deitrich Dora
ED10p6a Deitrich Emma
ED3p10a Deitrich Ernest
ED3p10a Deitrich Fritz
ED3p10a Deitrich Raymond
ED2p2b Delay A
ED2p2b Delay Martha B
ED10p9a Delion Bernice
ED10p5b DeLion Bertha
ED10p9a Delion Charles
ED10p9a Delion Gertrude
ED10p9a Delion Leon
ED10p9a Delion Mattie
ED10p5b DeLion Sophie
ED10p5b DeLion Willie
ED10p5b DeLion Wilmar
ED15p16b Demel Wencales
Ed7p8a DeNeefe Catherine
Ed7p8a DeNeefe Elizabeth
Ed7p8a DeNeefe Ellen
Ed7p8a DeNeefe Eugenia
Ed7p8a DeNeefe Jennie
Ed7p8a DeNeefe Johnnie
Ed7p8a DeNeefe Laudes
Ed7p8a DeNeefe Richard
Ed7p8a DeNeefe Thomas
Ed7p8a DeNeefe Thomas
ED15p19a Denhel F M
ED15p19a Denhel Lena
ED15p19a Denhel Lilly
ED15p19a Denhel Otto
ED15p19a Denhel Richard
ED15p19a Denhel Walter
ED6p20a Dennis Alron Mayer
ED6p20a Dennis Bert Harrison
ED6p20a Dennis Chester Lee
ED6p20a Dennis Joseph Woods Baby
ED6p20a Dennis Mary Harrie
ED15p7a Dentler Annie
ED15p7a Dentler Lawrence
ED15p2a Denton Clem
ED15p2a Denton Glenn
ED15p2a Denton Irene
ED15p2a Denton Mace
ED15p2a Denton Millard
ED15p2a Denton Pearl
ED15p2a Denton Rufus
ED15p2a Denton Verl
ED15p13a Derr Annie
ED15p13a Derr Clarence
ED15p13a Derr Mattie
ED15p13a Derr Samuel C
ED8p6b Dethloff Charles
ED3p8b Dethloff Eddie
ED8p6b Dethloff Edwin
ED1p10a Dethloff Ellie
ED3p8b Dethloff Evelyn May
ED4p7b Dethloff Henry
ED8p6b Dethloff Henry
ED1p10a Dethloff Henry
ED1p10b Dethloff Herbert
ED3p8b Dethloff Herman
ED1p10b Dethloff Hildegard
ED8p6b Dethloff Katy
ED8p6b Dethloff Mary
ED3p8b Dethloff Mattie
ED8p6b Dethloff Pauline
ED4p7b Dethloff William
ED3p8b Dethloff Willie Fred
ED3p14a Deutrich Dennis
ED3p14a Deutrich Edna
ED3p14a Deutrich Herbert
ED3p14a Deutrich Leola
ED3p14a Deutrich Mary
ED3p14a Deutrich Richard
ED3p14a Deutrich Rosa
ED9p7a Dever Bettie
ED5p2a Dever Lizzie Mae
ED9p7a Dever Lonnie



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