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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Di - Dy


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED12p5a Dias Bertha Lee
ED12p5a Dias Ethel
ED12p5a Dias George
ED12p5a Dias Maypel
ED12p5a Dias Pinky
ED1p9a Diaz Ignacio
ED4p2b Dibble Anne
ED6p19b Dibble Darkis
ED1p2b Dickehut Ben
ED2p6b Dickehut Bertha
ED2p4b Dickehut Charles
ED2p4b Dickehut Clara
ED2p6b Dickehut Fritz C
ED1p2b Dickehut Odele
ED15p2a Dickerson Carey
ED15p2a Dickerson Dallas
ED15p2b Dickerson Elnora
ED9p7a Dickerson Geniva
ED9p7a Dickerson Isaiah
ED9p7a Dickerson J D
ED9p7a Dickerson Mettie
ED15p2b Dickerson Ordell
Ed7p20a Dickerson Otto
ED15p2a Dickerson Rosa A
Ed7p20a Dickerson Sarah
Ed7p20a Dickerson Willie Otto
ED1p13b Dierke Annie
ED8p5a Dierke Charlotte
ED8p5a Dierke Ella
ED1p13b Dierke Fritz
ED1p13b Dierke Lena
ED1p13b Dierke Louisa
ED1p13b Dierke William L
ED8p5a Dierke Willie F
Ed7p13a Diestel Arthur
Ed7p13b Diestel Clara
Ed7p13b Diestel Luna
Ed7p13b Diestel Minnie
Ed7p13a Diestel Walter
Ed7p13a Diestel Willie
ED3p16a Diggs Jake
ED15p16a Dillworth Henry
ED8p4a Dippel Albert J
ED8p4a Dippel Alethea
ED10p9a Dippel Alvin
ED10p9a Dippel Dessie
ED10p6a Dippel Earline
ED10p6a Dippel Eldyss
ED10p6b Dippel Ella
ED10p9a Dippel Elsa
ED10p9a Dippel Emil
ED8p4a Dippel Emilya
ED10p9a Dippel Emma
ED10p6a Dippel Ernst
ED10p6a Dippel Leroy
ED10p6a Dippel Louise
ED10p9a Dippel Thusnelda
ED10p9a Dippel Walter
ED15p5a Dirba Agnes
ED15p5a Dirba Agnes
ED15p5a Dirba Emily
ED15p5a Dirba Emily
ED15p5a Dirba Emma
ED15p5a Dirba Francis
ED15p5a Dirba Frank
ED15p5a Dirba Frank
ED15p5a Dirba Joe
ED15p5a Dirba John
ED15p5a Dirba Julia
ED15p5a Dirba Louise
ED15p5a Dirba Mary
ED15p5a Dirba Raymaond
ED15p5a Dirba Sophie
ED6p6b Dirks George
ED6p6b Dirks Rebecker
ED8p1b Dittert Adele
ED8p1a Dittert Allen
ED8p2a Dittert Alvin
ED6p7b Dittert Andrew
ED8p1a Dittert Anita
ED8p7a Dittert Anna
ED1p6a Dittert Anton
ED1p6a Dittert Anton
ED8p1b Dittert Arthur
ED8p2a Dittert August
ED8p7a Dittert Charlie
ED8p1a Dittert Christian
ED1p1a Dittert Cleonie
ED8p2a Dittert Daniel
ED1p1a Dittert Edgar
ED6p7b Dittert Edna
ED1p1a Dittert Edward
ED6p7b Dittert Elsie
ED1p1a Dittert Emilia
ED8p2a Dittert Emma
ED1p6a Dittert Eva
ED8p1a Dittert Gretchen
ED1p6a Dittert Helen
ED8p2a Dittert Henriette
ED8p1b Dittert Henry M
ED6p7b Dittert Ida
ED8p1b Dittert Jubal C
ED8p1a Dittert Jusse
ED6p7b Dittert Lawrence
ED8p1b Dittert Leo
ED8p1b Dittert Margaretd
ED8p1a Dittert Mary
ED1p1a Dittert Otto
ED8p2a Dittert Richard
ED1p1a Dittert Viola
ED6p7b Dittert William
ED6p7b Dittert William
ED15p2b Dittmar Elsie
ED15p2b Dittmar Henry
ED15p2b Dittmar Minnie
ED8p3b Dobelgott Mary
ED10p1a Dockal Arthur
ED11p8a Dockal Edwin
ED11p8a Dockal Emil 
ED11p8a Dockal Emilia
ED11p8a Dockal Francy
ED10p1a Dockal Fred
ED10p1a Dockal Gertrude
ED11p8a Dockal James
ED11p8a Dockal Jessie
ED11p8b Dockal Lee
ED11p8b Dockal Leona
ED11p8a Dockal Neal
ED11p8b Dockal Walter
ED10p1a Dockal Wilkens
ED11p4b Docry Arolla
ED11p4b Docry Duddly
ED11p4b Docry Essie
ED11p4b Docry Henritta
ED11p4b Docry Ida May
ED11p4b Docry Maggie
ED12p3b Dodd Emily
ED12p3b Dodd Harry
ED12p3b Dodd J D
ED1p14a Dodson Amos
ED1p13b Dodson Frances
ED1p14a Dodson Ivy
ED1p14a Dodson Josephine
ED1p14a Dodson Lee Lee
ED1p14a Dodson Lola
ED1p14a Dodson Maria
ED1p14a Dodson Menssey
ED1p14a Dodson Ransey
ED1p13b Dodson Sam
ED8p1b Doernbraach Anna
ED8p1b Doernbraach William
ED15p1b Dolejsi Adolph
ED15p1b Dolejsi Annie
ED15p1b Dolejsi Francis
ED15p1b Dolejsi Francis
ED15p1b Dolejsi Frank
ED15p1b Dolejsi Frank
ED15p1b Dolejsi Joe
ED15p1b Dolejsi Lewis
ED15p1b Dolejsi Lewis
ED15p1b Dolejsi Millie
ED14p8a Doleshal Armond
ED14p8a Doleshal Leslie
ED10p7a Domesle Anna
ED10p7a Domesle Charlie
ED10p7a Domesle Chas
ED10p7a Domesle Joseph
ED10p16a Dorbritz Agnes
ED10p16a Dorbritz Bertha
ED10p16a Dorbritz C A
ED8 p8a Dornbrack Caroline
ED8 p8a Dornbrack Fritz
ED8 p8a Dornbrack Ida
ED8 p8a Dornbrack Luella
ED8 p8a Dornbrack Rudolph
ED15p16a Dotson D D
ED11p5b Dotson Effilee
ED15p16a Dotson Janie
ED11p5b Dotson Matilde
ED11p5b Dotson McKinley
ED15p2b Dotson Mima
Ed7p10b Downey Alma
Ed7p10a Downey Emma
Ed7p10a Downey Freddie
ED6p2b Downey Louis
ED6p2b Downey Lucie
Ed7p11a Downey Mattie
Ed7p10a Downey Willie
ED6p21b Downie Philip
ED6p21b Downie William H
ED6p21b Downie Willie Mary
Ed7p4b Doyl Mrs. Tom
Ed7p4b Doyl Tom
ED8 p8a Drab Adolph
ED8 p8a Drab Anita
ED8p3b Drab Emil
ED8 p8a Drab Friedericke
ED8p3b Drab Joe
ED8p3b Drab Meta
ED4p3b Draehn Callie
ED4p3b Draehn Della
ED4p3b Draehn Earla
ED4p3b Draehn Helen
ED4p3b Draehn Hermann
ED4p3b Draehn Lula
ED4p3b Draehn Raymond
ED15p10a Drake Carrie B
ED15p10a Drake Hattie A
ED15p10a Drake W S
ED14p6a Drevojanik Joe
ED14p6a Drevojanik Mathilde
ED14p6a Drevojanik Tom
ED14p6a Drevojanik Tom
ED14p6a Drevojanik Willie
ED1p1a Drobouski Louis
ED6p22b Droluk Albyna
ED6p22b Droluk Henry
ED6p22b Droluk Hermana
ED6p22b Droluk Joe
ED6p22b Droluk Joe
ED6p22b Droluk Louis
ED6p22b Droluk Mary
ED6p22b Droluk Mary
ED6p22b Droluk Vanes
Ed7p4a Drozd Edwin
Ed7p4a Drozd Frank A
Ed7p4a Drozd Joseph
Ed7p4a Drozd Mary
Ed7p4a Drozd Mary
Ed7p4a Drozd Willie
ED15p18a Drymala Anton
ED15p18a Drymala Hilda
ED15p18a Drymala Justina
ED15p18a Drymala Mary
ED15p18a Drymala Vick
ED15p18a Drymala Victor
ED6p4b Drymalla Abina
ED6p4b Drymalla Annie
ED6p4b Drymalla Fannie
ED6p4b Drymalla Felix
ED6p4b Drymalla Maggie
ED6p4b Drymalla Michel
ED6p4b Drymalla Sebastian
ED6p4b Drymalla Victoria
ED6p4b Drymalla Willie
ED1p12a Duarte Juan 
ED1p5a Dubois Henrietta
ED3p8a Dubose Jack
ED13p5a Dubose Kelley
ED13p5a Dubose Lula
ED13p5a Dubose Milisey
ED13p5a Dubose Stacey
Ed7p4b Dubose William
ED10p11a Dudensing Alfred
ED10p10a Dudensing Edwin
ED10p11a Dudensing Ellie
ED10p10a Dudensing Elsa
ED10p11a Dudensing Herman
ED10p11a Dudensing Jessie
ED10p11a Dudensing Ottilie
ED10p11a Dudensing Richard
ED10p11a Dudensing Sophie
ED10p11a Dudensing Walter
ED1p5b Dudley Lucey
ED12p11b Dulu Adele
ED12p11b Dulu Ed
ED12p11b Dulu Martha
ED2p2b Dunaway Flora
ED2p2b Dunaway James C
ED2p2b Dunaway James R
ED1p2b Duncan Dorothy R
ED1p2b Duncan Douglas
ED1p2b Duncan Francis
ED1p2b Duncan Mildred
ED6p7a Duningham Lenora
ED6p7a Duningham Mary
ED5p11a Dusek Emma
ED5p10b Dusek Frank
ED5p11a Dusek Henry
ED5p11a Dusek Henry
ED15p8b Dusek Johana
ED5p11a Dusek Martha
ED15p8b Dusek Vinc
ED11p3a Duttal Williamea
ED10p17a Duve Alfred
ED10p17a Duve Elsa
ED10p17a Duve Emma
ED10p17a Duve George
ED10p17a Duve Herman E
ED10p17a Duve Laura
ED10p17a Duve Walter
ED15p16b Dympna Mary
ED11p4a Dyrich Dytrich Frank
ED11p4a Dyrich Dytrich Matilde
ED11p4a Dyrich Dytrich Rosie
ED11p4a Dyrich Dytrich Rosie


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