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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
Ed7p1b Earl James
ED12p1a Eastman Florence
ED12p1a Eastman Gilbert
ED12p1a Eastman N A
ED12p1a Eastman Rebeca L
ED12p1a Eastman Sybil
ED5p5b Eben Bernhard
ED5p5b Eben Bertha
ED5p5b Eben Edgar
ED5p5b Eben Emma
ED5p5b Eben Harry
ED5p5b Eben Henry
ED5p5b Eben John
ED5p5b Eben Manfred
ED5p5b Eben Marie
ED5p5a Eben Paul
ED5p5b Eben Walter
ED5p5b Eben William
ED5p5a Eben Zulika
ED3p4a Eber Dora
Ed7p9b Eber Edna
ED3p4a Eber Gratie
ED3p4a Eber Julius
Ed7p9b Eber Leslie
Ed7p9b Eber Martha
Ed7p9b Eber Otto
ED12p5b Ebert Alvine
ED12p5b Ebert Anita
ED12p5b Ebert Charles
ED12p5b Ebert Dolores
ED12p5b Ebert Elfrieda
ED12p5b Ebert Meta
ED12p8a Echols Arthur
ED6p19b Echols Fred
ED12p7b Echols John
ED6p19b Echols Josephine
ED12p8a Echols Millie
ED12p7b Echols Paulina
ED6p19b Echols Stockie
ED6p19b Echols Willie
ED9p7a Eckardt Alwin
ED9p7a Eckardt Bertha
ED8 p9b Eckardt Bertha
ED8 p9b Eckardt Charlie
ED8p6b Eckardt Clara
ED8p4a Eckardt Edmond
ED8p6b Eckardt Edwin
ED8p4a Eckardt Henry
ED8p4a Eckardt Henry
ED9p7a Eckardt Irma
ED8p6b Eckardt Otto
ED8p4a Eckardt Paulina
ED8 p9a Eckelberg Anna
ED8 p 7b Eckelberg Eliza
ED8 p9a Eckelberg Ella
ED8 p9a Eckelberg Ervin
Ed7p12a Eckelberg Fanny
Ed7p12a Eckelberg Frank
ED8 p 7b Eckelberg Fritz
ED8 p9a Eckelberg Henry
ED9p4a Eckelberg Hetty
ED9p4a Eckelberg Ivy
ED9p4a Eckelberg Louisa
ED8 p9a Eckelberg Sophie
ED9p4a Eckelberg Tom
ED9p4a Eckelberg Waco
ED10p10a Eckerman Adele
ED10p2a Eckerman Alex
ED10p2a Eckerman Alfred
ED10p4a Eckerman Alice
ED10p2a Eckerman Almita
ED10p2a Eckerman Anita
ED10p10a Eckerman Anna
ED10p10a Eckerman Barnet
ED10p12b Eckerman Ben R
ED10p3a Eckerman Charlotte
ED10p2a Eckerman Cornell
ED10p2a Eckerman Ed
ED10p3a Eckerman Ed A
ED10p2a Eckerman Edmund
ED10p2a Eckerman Edna
ED10p10a Eckerman Elmer
ED10p2a Eckerman Elsa
ED10p12b Eckerman Etta
ED10p10a Eckerman F H
ED10p10a Eckerman Frieda
ED10p2a Eckerman Gilbert
ED10p10a Eckerman Gladys
ED10p2a Eckerman H R
ED10p2a Eckerman Henrietta
ED10p3a Eckerman Hetwig
ED10p2a Eckerman Hetwig
ED10p2a Eckerman Hugo
ED10p3a Eckerman Leland
ED10p4a Eckerman Lina
ED10p2a Eckerman Mary
ED10p2a Eckerman Miles
ED10p2a Eckerman Minna
ED10p2a Eckerman Norma
ED10p2a Eckerman Olga
ED10p2a Eckerman Paula
ED10p2a Eckerman Robert
ED10p2a Eckerman Ruby
ED10p2a Eckerman Rudolf
ED10p10a Eckerman Walter
ED10p10a Eckerman Eckermann Emil
ED11p7a Eckermann Almitha
ED11p7a Eckermann Arnold H
ED11p8b Eckermann Arthur
ED11p7a Eckermann August 
ED11p7a Eckermann Emilie
ED11p8b Eckermann Emilie
ED11p7a Eckermann Esther
ED11p7a Eckermann Herman
ED11p7a Eckermann Louise
ED11p8b Eckermann Magrette
ED11p7a Eckermann Walter L
ED11p2a Eckhoff Henry
ED11p2a Eckhoff Lina
ED11p2a Eckhoff Otto
ED11p2a Eckhoff Teta
Ed7p15b Eckols Artie
Ed7p15b Eckols Casper
Ed7p15b Eckols Jack
ED6p20b Eda Frank  
ED6p20b Eda George
ED6p20b Eda Hattie   
ED6p20b Eda Johnie
ED6p20b Eda Kate
ED6p20b Eda Roseline
ED6p20b Eda Rosey
ED15p18b Edar August
ED15p18b Edar Edward
ED15p18b Edar Johnie
ED15p18b Edar Katie
ED15p18b Edar Mike
ED15p18b Edar Stanley
ED6p21b Edderds Dan
ED1p14b Eddie Afonso
ED1p14b Eddie Johnson
ED1p14b Eddie Mickey
ED3p6a Eddy Calvin
ED3p6a Eddy Mary
ED3p6b Eddy Ruby
ED6p21b Eder Charley
ED6p21a Eder Fannie
ED6p21a Eder Fannie
ED6p21b Eder Fred
ED6p21a Eder Henry
ED6p21b Eder Mattie
ED6p21a Eder Mic?
ED3p14a Edward Ellen
ED3p14a Edward Jack
ED2p11a Edward Edwards Blooney
ED2p10b Edward Edwards Charlie
ED2p11a Edward Edwards Charlie
ED2p11a Edward Edwards Edna
ED2p11a Edward Edwards Ellis R
ED2p11a Edward Edwards Ida
ED2p11a Edward Edwards Irvin
ED2p11a Edward Edwards John
ED2p11a Edward Edwards Lowena
ED3p12a Edwards Ben
ED3p12a Edwards Bennie
ED3p16b Edwards George
ED3p16b Edwards Gussie
ED3p16b Edwards Henry
ED3p16b Edwards Jinnie
ED3p16b Edwards Johnnie
ED3p16b Edwards Lillie
ED3p16b Edwards Mack
ED3p16a Edwards Maggie
ED3p16b Edwards Mary
ED3p16b Edwards Mattie
ED3p16b Edwards Otlia
ED3p16a Edwards Planty
ED3p16a Edwards Planty
ED3p16b Edwards Robert
ED3p12a Edwards Tamessa
ED15p5b Egger Ada
ED15p5b Egger Alvin
ED15p5b Egger Bertha
ED15p5b Egger Marvin
ED15p5b Egger Robert
ED15p5b Egger Walter
ED15p5b Egger William
Ed7p8b Egner John
Ed7p8b Egner John
Ed7p8b Egner Oscar
Ed7p9a Egner Walter
ED11p4a Ehringsohn Bertha
ED11p4a Ehringsohn Elsie
ED11p4a Ehringsohn John
ED11p4a Ehringsohn Norma
ED11p4a Ehringsohn Paul
ED11p4a Ehringsohn Walter
ED11p4a Ehringsohn William
ED4p5b Einkauf Ava
ED4p5b Einkauf Fred
ED4p5b Einkauf George
ED4p5b Einkauf Hermann
ED4p5b Einkauf Jessie
ED4p5b Einkauf Lena
ED4p5b Einkauf Riley
ED4p5b Einkauf Roy
ED4p5b Einkauf Victor
ED4p5b Einkauf Willie Bell
ED11p4b Eixmann Bruno
ED11p4b Eixmann Dora
ED11p4b Eixmann Raymond
ED11p4b Eixmann Walter
ED11p4b Eixmann William
Ed7p16a Ekarius Bennie
Ed7p16a Ekarius Caroline
Ed7p16a Ekarius Ed C
Ed7p16a Ekarius Ella
Ed7p16a Ekarius Elmore
Ed7p16a Ekarius Emanual
Ed7p16a Ekarius George
Ed7p16a Ekarius Ida
ED14p10a Elick Alvina
ED14p10a Elick Francis
ED14p10a Elick John
ED14p10a Elick Sophie
Ed7p7b Elley Arthur
Ed7p7b Elley Goldie
Ed7p7b Elley Gus
Ed7p7b Elley Louis
Ed7p7b Elley Lula
Ed7p19a Elliott Arvilla
Ed7p18a Elliott Florine
Ed7p19a Elliott Henry
Ed7p18a Elliott Susie
ED3p4b Ellison Charlie
ED3p4b Ellison Elsa
ED3p4b Ellison John Robert
ED3p4b Ellison Rosa May
ED3p4b Ellison Wilie Moses
ED3p4b Ellison Will
Ed7p2a Elmore Charles
Ed7p2a Elmore Charlie
Ed7p2a Elmore Henry
Ed7p2a Elmore Leslie
Ed7p2a Elmore Marguerite
Ed7p2a Elmore Mary Louise
ED10p7b Elnavarro Gregorio
ED10p7b Elnavarro Margaretha
ED10p7b Elnavarro Maria
ED10p7b Elnavarro Paulo
ED10p7b Elnavarro Thomas
ED10p11b Elolf Adela
ED15p9a Elolf Albert
ED15p9a Elolf Augusta
ED10p11b Elolf Elsa
ED15p9a Elolf Emelia
ED10p11b Elolf Esther
ED15p9a Elolf Fritz
ED10p11b Elolf Gilbert
ED10p11b Elolf Milton
ED10p11b Elolf Willie B
ED10p11b Elolf Willy May
ED6p20b Elshick Frank John
ED6p20b Elshick Sallie
ED12p3b Embree James I
ED12p3b Embree Nell Ida
ED2p6b Emondson Jack E
ED2p6b Emondson Mattie B
ED12p4b Emshoff Adolph
ED13p7a Emshoff Alma
ED13p6b Emshoff Arnhold
ED12p4b Emshoff Clara
ED13p5a Emshoff Edna
ED13p1a Emshoff Edwin
ED13p6b Emshoff Edwin
ED13p1a Emshoff Emil
ED13p4b Emshoff Emma
ED13p5a Emshoff Emma
ED13p6b Emshoff Henriette
ED13p7a Emshoff Herbert
ED14p4a Emshoff John S
ED14p4a Emshoff Johnnie
ED13p5a Emshoff Louis
ED13p1a Emshoff Louise
ED13p4b Emshoff Martha
ED13p5a Emshoff Mata
ED13p4b Emshoff Nora
ED13p7a Emshoff Norma
ED13p1a Emshoff Otto
ED13p4b Emshoff Royland
ED13p7a Emshoff Selma
ED14p4a Emshoff Sophie
ED13p7a Emshoff Willie
ED13p1a Emshoff Wm
ED13p4b Emshoff Wm
ED13p6b Emshoff Wm
ED13p5a Enax Malinda
ED13p5a Enax Marvin
ED13p5a Enax Raymond
ED13p5a Enax Wm
ED13p2a Engelholm Arthur
ED13p2a Engelholm Henry
ED13p2a Engelholm Martha
ED13p2a Engelholm Ottilie
ED13p1a Engelholm Rudolph
ED15p7b Engelking A W
Ed7p8b Engelking Adele
ED15p7b Engelking Albert
ED15p19a Engelking Anita A
ED15p7b Engelking Arthur
ED6p1b Engelking Bertha
Ed7p6a Engelking Charlie
ED6p1b Engelking Clara
ED15p7b Engelking Eliese
ED6p1b Engelking Ella
ED15p7b Engelking Erma
Ed7p6a Engelking Ernest
ED15p7b Engelking Etta
Ed7p8b Engelking Ferdinand
ED6p1b Engelking Flora
ED9p5b Engelking Gus
Ed7p6a Engelking Hattie
Ed7p6a Engelking Henry
ED9p5a Engelking Isabella
ED9p5a Engelking Julius
Ed7p6a Engelking Leola
ED15p7b Engelking Leona
Ed7p8b Engelking Leslie
Ed7p8b Engelking Lessing
ED6p1b Engelking Lillie
Ed7p8b Engelking Mary
ED9p5b Engelking Mary
ED15p19a Engelking Mattie
ED6p1b Engelking Pearl
Ed7p8b Engelking Rudolph
Ed7p8b Engelking Rudolph
Ed7p8b Engelking Sigismund
ED15p19a Engelking W G J
ED9p5b Engelking Willie G
ED14p8b Engleholm Engelholm Celia
ED14p8b Engleholm Engelholm Gilbert
ED14p8b Engleholm Engelholm Robert
ED1p6b Enikauf Baby
ED1p6b Enikauf Elizabeth
ED1p6b Enikauf Henry
ED1p6b Enikauf Henry
ED3p9a Ennis Francis
ED3p9a Ennis Jeff
ED3p5b Ennis Prince Albert
ED1p2a Eoller Pearl
ED1p2a Eoller Tober
ED3p14b Ephfrom Dan
ED10p2b Ernst Adolf
ED10p3a Ernst Alma
ED10p2b Ernst August
ED10p3a Ernst F H
ED10p3a Ernst Florence
ED10p2b Ernst Friedrich
ED10p2b Ernst Herman
ED3p8a Ervin Doc
ED3p8b Ervin Eliza
ED3p8b Ervin Elvira
Ed7p15a Ervin Frank
Ed7p15a Ervin Thelma
ED3p8b Ervin Willie
ED6p21b Esar Florence Lee
ED6p21b Esar Ollie
ED6p21b Esar Will
Ed7p18a Eskarias Ekarius Eddie
Ed7p18a Eskarias Ekarius Etheleder
Ed7p18a Eskarias Ekarius Louise
Ed7p15a Esnek Fritz
ED1p12b Espinos Guadalupe
Ed7p16a Esterak Annie
Ed7p16a Esterak Emil
Ed7p16a Esterak Emily
ED15p10b Esterak Emma
Ed7p16a Esterak Emma
ED15p10b Esterak Ervin
ED14p7a Esterak Francis
ED15p10b Esterak J F
Ed7p16a Esterak Joe
ED14p7a Esterak John
Ed7p16a Esterak Louis
Ed7p16a Esterak Rosie
ED14p7a Esterak Rozalia
Ed7p16a Esterak Stefie
ED14p7a Esterak Vinska
Ed7p16a Esterak Willie
ED1p2a Euckert Dora
ED6p11b Euphrasia Mary
ED15p11b Evans A J
ED5p1a Evans Adell
Ed7p11b Evans Albert
ED5p1a Evans Alberta
ED5p1a Evans Andrew
ED3p13a Evans Annie
Ed7p11b Evans Aphelia
Ed7p11a Evans Cecil
ED15p11b Evans Clinton
ED15p11b Evans Ennie
Ed7p11a Evans Ethel
Ed7p11a Evans Harry
ED12p11b Evans Henrietta
ED15p12b Evans Henry
ED5p1a Evans James
ED15p18b Evans John M
ED15p11b Evans Kato
ED15p12a Evans Kenzy
ED15p11b Evans Lissie
ED15p12b Evans Mary 
ED15p11b Evans Pearl
ED5p1a Evans Pearl
ED6p14a Evelin Elvira
ED6p14a Evelin John
ED6p14a Evelin Langston
ED6p14a Evelin Louie
ED15p12a Eveline Letha
ED9p4b Eveline Willie May
Ed7p9b Evendorf Fritz
Ed7p9b Evendorf Lena
ED3p14b Everett Mary Jane
ED3p14b Everett Nick
ED12p6a Everline Elnuus
ED13p6a Evins Fannie
ED13p6a Evins Harrison
ED13p6a Evins Ora
ED13p6a Evins Viola
ED13p6a Evins Willie
ED6p2b Evyak Annie
ED6p2b Evyak John
ED6p2b Evyak Mary
ED8p2b Ewald Arthur
ED8p2b Ewald Elizabeth
ED8p2b Ewald Emily
ED8p2b Ewald Fredie
ED8p2b Ewald Fritz
ED8p2b Ewald Hettie



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