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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p8b Fair Eugene
ED5p7b Faist Bennie
ED5p7b Faist Clemons
ED5p7b Faist Edmund
ED5p7b Faist Emma
ED5p7b Faist Esther
ED5p7b Faist Jacob
ED5p5a Faist Mary
ED5p5a Faist Stephan
ED10p1a Falk Alma
ED12p1b Falk Otto
ED10p1a Falk Richard
ED10p1a Falk Richard
ED5p7b Faltecek Armand
ED5p7a Faltecek Paula
ED5p7b Faltecek Selma
ED3p11b Farmer Abner
ED3p11b Farmer Mittie
ED3p11b Farmer Richard
ED15p4a Faucett Earnestine
ED1p15b Faulk Charlie
ED1p15b Faulk Charlie
ED1p15b Faulk Douglas
ED1p15b Faulk Ida
ED1p15b Faulk Isabell
ED1p15b Faulk Lalie Bell
ED1p15b Faulk Otto
ED15p12a Fawcett Donna
ED15p10a Fawcett Lee
ED15p13b Fawcett Marselles
ED15p10a Fawcett Mary
ED15p12a Fawcett Ora Mae
ED15p17a Fawcett Rosa
ED15p10a Fawcett Therman
ED15p10a Fawcett Thula
ED15p10a Fawcett Walter
ED15p12a Fawcett Will
ED1p8a Fedford Alabama
ED1p8b Fedford Aurie
ED1p8a Fedford Briston
ED1p8b Fedford Francis
ED1p8a Fedford William M
Ed7p16a Feik Adolph
Ed7p16a Feik Ernest
Ed7p16a Feik Jake
Ed7p16a Feik Jake
Ed7p16a Feik Myrtle
Ed7p16a Feik Nita
Ed7p16a Feik Nita
Ed7p16a Feik Tillie
Ed7p4a Felcman Adolph
ED15p6a Felcman Adolph
Ed7p4a Felcman Annie
ED15p6a Felcman Annie
Ed7p4b Felcman Elsie
Ed7p4b Felcman Elsie
Ed7p4b Felcman Frank
ED15p6a Felcman Fred
Ed7p4b Felcman Helen
ED15p6a Felcman Jennie
Ed7p4a Felcman Joseph
ED15p6a Felcman Joseph
ED15p6a Felcman Joseph
ED15p6a Felcman Sophia
ED12p8b Felder A
ED12p8b Felder Gertrude
ED12p8b Felder Mary Lula
ED8p3a Feller Agnes
ED8p3a Feller Minna
ED12p4a Fenner Emil
ED12p4b Fenner Fritz
ED12p4a Fenner Paulina
ED12p4b Fenner Pauline
ED2p7b Ferguson Avie W
ED2p7b Ferguson Frances M
ED2p7b Ferguson Joseph C
ED14p11a Ferguson R A
ED14p11a Ferguson Teth
Ed7p11a Fernash Pearl
ED14p2b Fick Albert
ED14p2b Fick Alvin
ED14p1a Fick Chester
ED14p2b Fick Ella
ED14p2b Fick Emil
ED14p2b Fick Francis
ED14p1a Fick Julia
ED14p1a Fick Louis
ED14p1a Fick Louis
ED14p2b Fick Martha
ED14p1a Fick Otilie
ED14p2b Fick Rosalie
ED14p2b Fick William
ED14p2b Fick Willie
ED14p2b Fick Willie
ED1p8a Fidler Hulda
ED1p8a Fidler Otto
ED2p9b Fields George H
ED2p10a Fields John L
ED2p9b Fields Sally C
ED2p9b Fields Wesley
ED2p9b Fields William H
ED3p12a Fife Owen
ED3p12a Fife Rufie
ED3p1a Fila Bernice
ED3p1a Fila Fidella
ED3p1a Fila John
ED3p1a Fila Minnie
ED3p6b Fila Ralph Latimer
ED3p1a Fila Sophia
ED3p1a Fila Sophia May
ED10p17b Find Ada
ED10p17b Find E C
ED10p17b Find Ida
ED10p17b Find Leola
ED8p5b Findeisen Adina
ED6p1b Findeisen Arthur
ED6p1b Findeisen Bertha
ED8p5b Findeisen Della
ED8p5b Findeisen Emma
ED6p1b Findeisen Ervin Edgar
ED5p10b Findeisen Frances
ED8p5b Findeisen Hugo
ED8p5b Findeisen Iola
ED8p5b Findeisen Norma
ED8p5b Findeisen Willie
ED8p5b Findeisen Willie
ED8p6b Findeison Anna
ED8p6b Findeison Ben
ED8p6b Findeison Ema
ED8p6b Findeison Gotthold
ED8p6b Findeison Gottlop
ED8p6b Findeison Mary
ED10p17b Fink L R
ED10p17b Fink Mrs. L R
Ed7p1b Finks Mary Nell
Ed7p1b Finks Norbert O
Ed7p1b Finks Pearle
Ed7p1b Finks William
ED3p13a Finley Nettie
ED1p1a Finn/Frin Elsie
ED1p1a Finn/Frin Oscar
ED8p5a Fischer Elsie
ED8p5a Fischer Frank
Ed7p13b Fischer Gus
Ed7p13b Fischer Mary 
Ed7p13b Fischer Saul
ED10p9a Fisches Anna
ED10p9a Fisches W E
ED4p8b Fischgrabe Henry
ED4p8b Fischgrabe Ottilie
Ed7p4b Fischl Mollie
Ed7p11b Fisher Ada
ED2p1a Fisher Annie
ED2p2a Fisher Anton
ED2p1a Fisher August
ED2p1a Fisher Ben
ED2p2a Fisher Ben
ED2p1a Fisher Ben
ED2p2a Fisher Bessie
ED2p2a Fisher Birdie
ED2p1a Fisher Blanche
ED3p8a Fisher Chanie
ED3p7a Fisher Channie
ED2p1a Fisher Chester
ED14p2b Fisher Ed
ED2p1a Fisher Edna
ED3p8a Fisher Elie
ED3p7a Fisher Elisha
ED2p1a Fisher Ellie
ED2p2a Fisher Emmett
ED14p2b Fisher Esther
ED2p1a Fisher Evie
ED3p4b Fisher Fannie
ED14p2b Fisher Francis
Ed7p11b Fisher Frank
Ed7p11b Fisher George
ED2p1a Fisher Gratle
ED2p2a Fisher Henry
ED3p17a Fisher Henry
ED2p4b Fisher Herbert O
ED2p1a Fisher Ida
ED2p2a Fisher Ivy
ED2p1a Fisher James
ED2p2a Fisher Jennie
ED3p4b Fisher John
ED2p2a Fisher John
ED3p4b Fisher Johnnie
ED3p4b Fisher Josphine
ED2p1a Fisher Laverne
ED2p1a Fisher Lester
ED2p1a Fisher Lizzette
ED2p1a Fisher Louise
ED2p1a Fisher Lucile
ED14p2b Fisher Ludie
ED3p4b Fisher Luella
ED2p1a Fisher Mabel
ED3p4b Fisher Martha
ED2p2a Fisher Mary A
ED2p1a Fisher Mattie
ED2p1a Fisher Mattie E
ED2p2a Fisher Melissa
ED3p17a Fisher N. C
ED3p7a Fisher Nancy
ED3p17a Fisher Patsy
ED2p1a Fisher Paul
ED2p1a Fisher Raymond
ED3p4b Fisher Robert
ED3p17a Fisher Ruby
ED2p2a Fisher Thelma
ED3p4b Fisher Vitula
ED3p4b Fisher Will
ED3p17a Fisher Will
ED2p1a Fisher Willie May
ED14p8a Fisher Fischer Hugo
ED14p8a Fisher Fischer Josie
ED11p2b Fisseler Emma
ED11p2b Fisseler Osker
ED15p5a Fitch George
ED15p5a Fitch Kirna
ED15p5a Fitch Queen
ED15p5a Fitch Raymaond
ED3p1b Fitt Katie Irene
ED15p12a Fitzgerald Mary
ED15p12b Fitzgerald Richard
ED15p12b Fitzgerald Roosevelt
ED10p18b Fizer Isabelle
ED10p18b Fizer Jack
ED10p18b Fizer Lilly May
ED10p18b Fizer Mattie
ED10p18b Fizer Pearly
Ed7p4a Flack Mattie
Ed7p4a Flack Robert
ED10p6b Flake Delaney
ED10p4b Flake Elbertha
ED10p4b Flake Estella
ED10p6b Flake Garfield
ED6p19a Flake Jack
ED10p6b Flake James
ED10p4b Flake Jeff
ED6p19b Flake Jimmie
ED14p4a Flake Lafayette
ED10p6b Flake Lee Curtis
ED10p4b Flake Leeallen
ED10p6b Flake Lovevy Lee
ED10p4b Flake Mary
ED10p4b Flake Mary
ED10p4b Flake Mary Jane
ED6p19b Flake Nancy
ED6p19b Flake Ophela
ED10p6b Flake Ora Lee
ED10p6b Flake Pearly
ED10p6b Flake Pearly
ED10p6b Flake R J
Ed7p15a Flake Richard
ED10p4b Flake Rogers
Ed7p10b Flake Rosa
ED6p19b Flake Rosa
ED10p6b Flake Rosie
ED6p16b Flake Shellie
Ed7p15a Flake Thomas
ED10p4b Flake Van
ED10p4b Flake Victoria
ED10p6b Flake Willie
ED15p18b Flakes Adelle
ED10p14a Flakes Butler
ED15p18b Flakes Emilia
ED15p18b Flakes Fred
ED15p16a Flakes Gilbert
ED15p18b Flakes Hallie
ED15p16a Flakes Jessie
ED10p14a Flakes Laney
ED14p2a Flakes Marshel
ED10p14a Flakes Phillip
ED15p18b Flakes Richard
ED15p18b Flakes Stuben
ED10p14a Flakes Vida
ED1p4b Fleener Alexander
ED5p8b Flentge Albert
ED5p8b Flentge Alvin
ED5p8b Flentge Hattie
ED5p8b Flentge William
ED15p18b Fletcher Carry A
Ed7p18a Fletcher Lizzie
Ed7p18a Fletcher Robert
ED15p9b Flippen A F.
ED15p9b Flippen Beulah
ED15p9b Flippen Everett
Ed7p8a Florenza Juan
Ed7p8a Florenza Juan
Ed7p8a Florenza Kennedy
Ed7p8a Florenza Natalia
ED1p11b Flores Idela
ED1p11b Flores Juan
ED10p14a Floyd Abraham
ED10p14a Floyd Butler
ED11p8b Floyd Demetrice
ED11p8b Floyd Herbert
ED11p8b Floyd Ivory
ED11p8b Floyd Lecolia
ED11p8b Floyd Lecolia
ED11p8b Floyd Levi
ED10p14a Floyd Octava
ED10p14a Floyd Odessa
ED10p14a Floyd Rosa
ED11p8b Floyd Wallace
ED10p14a Floyd Woodrow
ED1p2b Foehner Ben O
ED1p2b Foehner Elfrida
ED1p2b Foehner Isadore
ED1p2b Foehner Lenora
ED1p2b Foehner Maria
ED1p4b Foeliner Leon
ED1p4b Foeliner Pauline
ED10p14b Foerster Clara
ED10p14b Foerster Henry
ED10p14b Foerster Herman
ED10p14b Foerster Joseph
ED15p5b Fojt Adolph
ED15p4b Fojt Annie
ED15p4b Fojt Delphene
ED15p4b Fojt Joe
ED15p5b Fojt John
ED15p5b Fojt Kate
ED15p5b Fojt Mary
ED10p16a Ford Alma Lea
ED15p12a Ford Antony
ED15p12a Ford Daisy
ED6p6b Ford George
ED2p1b Fordtran Ben
ED10p1b Fordtran Charlie
ED2p1b Fordtran Della
ED10p1b Fordtran Fairy
ED10p1b Fordtran Gilbert
ED10p1b Fordtran Howard
ED10p1b Fordtran Ida
ED10p1b Fordtran Mary
ED10p1b Fordtran Ora
ED10p1b Fordtran R L
ED10p1b Fordtran Robert
ED10p1b Fordtran Sallie
ED15p14b Forsha Annie
ED15p13b Forsha Cara
ED15p14b Forsha Clifford
ED15p13b Forsha Elmore
ED15p14b Forsha Elmus
ED15p13b Forsha Eula
ED15p13b Forsha Herman
ED15p14b Forsha Parris
ED15p13b Forsha Ray
ED15p13b Forsha Seth
ED6p21a Fort Edward Earl
ED6p21a Fort Emily Ellen
ED6p21a Fort Hellen Blanche
ED6p21a Fort Ida Louise
ED6p21a Fort Ray Clinton
ED6p21a Fort Robert Clinton
ED14p1a Foss Adele
ED14p1a Foss Herman
ED1p10b Foster Dick
ED14p9b Foster Margene
ED1p1a Fowler Edward
Ed7p5b Foytik Edith
Ed7p5b Foytik Frank
Ed7p5b Foytik Frank
Ed7p5b Foytik Julia
Ed7p5b Foytik Lillie
Ed7p5b Foytik Mildred
ED12p11b Frances Ben
ED12p11b Frances Ida
ED12p2b Francis Bennie Lee
ED12p1b Francis Rachel
ED12p2b Francis Susie
ED12p2b Francis Tom
ED1p6b Frank Albert
ED1p8a Frank Alfred
ED2p2b Frank Alice
ED1p8a Frank Alvina
ED3p7b Frank Annie
ED1p11b Frank Annie
ED2p2b Frank Arnold
ED2p2b Frank Arnold
ED2p2b Frank Arnold C
ED15p3b Frank Arthur
ED15p3b Frank Ben R
ED1p8a Frank Bernard
ED1p10b Frank Bertha
ED1p6b Frank Delores
ED2p2b Frank Earl K
ED1p8a Frank Edgar
ED1p8a Frank Edith
ED1p4b Frank Edwin
ED3p7b Frank Eldon
ED2p5b Frank Ella
ED2p2b Frank Ellenora
ED2p2b Frank Ellenora
ED1p11b Frank Ely
ED2p9a Frank Emil
ED2p9a Frank Emil
ED1p8a Frank Etta May
ED1p8a Frank Ferdinand
ED3p7b Frank Franklin
ED1p4b Frank Gladys
ED3p7b Frank Gus
ED1p8a Frank Harmon
ED2p5a Frank Harmon, Jr.
ED1p4b Frank Harold
ED1p8a Frank Hazel
ED2p2b Frank Henry
ED15p3b Frank Henry
ED1p8a Frank Hugo
ED2p5a Frank Janice
ED3p7b Frank Jessie
ED2p5b Frank Julius
ED2p5b Frank Julius
ED1p8a Frank Karl
ED1p11b Frank Lavern
ED2p5b Frank Lester
ED1p8a Frank Louisa
ED2p5b Frank Louise
ED2p5b Frank Luella
ED2p2b Frank Lydia
ED2p9a Frank Malita
ED1p11b Frank Marvin
ED2p2b Frank Mary
ED15p3b Frank Matilda
ED2p2b Frank Max
ED2p2b Frank Minnie
ED1p6b Frank Minnie
ED1p6b Frank Morris
ED1p4b Frank Myrtle
ED2p2b Frank Norma
ED1p6b Frank Reese
ED1p11b Frank Reinhold
ED1p4b Frank Ruby
ED2p2b Frank Ruby R
ED2p5a Frank Thelma
ED1p4b Frank Travis
ED1p8a Frank Wilbert
ED1p10b Frank William
ED2p9a Frank William
ED10p4b Franke Agnes
ED10p8b Franke Albert
ED15p19a Franke Aleta
ED10p4b Franke Almita
ED14p4a Franke Almitha
ED10p8b Franke Alvina
ED10p5a Franke Angela
ED10p4b Franke Arthur
ED10p8b Franke Bennie
ED10p4b Franke Bertha
ED10p4b Franke Carl
ED10p5a Franke Conrad
ED10p4b Franke Ed
ED10p4b Franke Edwin
ED10p8b Franke Elda
ED5p5a Franke Elenora
ED14p4a Franke Elvin
ED5p5a Franke Emily
ED10p16b Franke Emma
ED10p5a Franke Erna
ED10p4b Franke Ernst
ED10p4b Franke Erwin
ED10p8b Franke Esther
ED14p4a Franke Eugene
ED14p4a Franke Francis
ED5p5a Franke Franklin
ED10p5a Franke Helmuth
ED5p5a Franke Henry
ED10p5a Franke Hilda
ED10p4b Franke Ida
ED15p19a Franke Jessie
ED5p5a Franke Julius
ED10p4b Franke Laura
ED15p19a Franke Linda
ED10p5a Franke Lono
ED15p19a Franke Mary
ED10p4b Franke Mary
ED10p16b Franke Max C
ED10p16b Franke Max C
ED10p16b Franke Maynola
ED10p4b Franke Millie
ED10p16b Franke Milton
ED10p4b Franke Minna
ED10p4b Franke Monroe
ED10p4b Franke Norma
ED15p19a Franke Otto
ED10p4b Franke R D
ED14p4a Franke Richard
ED10p5a Franke Roger
ED15p19a Franke Thusnelda
ED10p5a Franke Vera
ED5p5a Franke Walter
ED10p16b Franke Wilborn
ED10p10a Franz Mrs. Louis
ED15p9b Frayard Evalyn
ED15p9b Frayard Fay
ED15p9b Frayard John B
ED15p9b Frayard Leta
ED15p9b Frayard O J
ED15p9b Frayard Rosamond
Ed7p9a Frazer Dora
Ed7p9a Frazer Walter
ED6p18a Fredrich Jennie Toliver
ED6p18a Fredrich W. J
ED6p18a Fredrich W. J
ED15p13a Free Edgar
ED15p13a Free Elizabeth
ED15p13a Free Jack
ED15p13a Free Mayor
ED15p13a Free Willie Mae
ED15p10a Freeman Edna
ED15p10a Freeman Finis E
ED15p10a Freeman Sadie
ED5p2b Freier Joachim
ED5p3a Freier Joachim
ED5p2b Freier Wilhelmine
ED5p3a Freier Wilhelmine
ED15p8a Freitag Agnes
ED15p8a Freitag Agnes E
ED15p7b Freitag Albert
ED15p8a Freitag Albert
ED15p7b Freitag Augusta
ED12p1b Freitag Bessie
ED12p1b Freitag Elmer
ED12p1b Freitag Emma
ED12p1b Freitag Irene
ED12p1b Freitag Phillip
ED5p5b Frels Margaret
ED5p5b Frels Norma
ED5p5b Frels Otto G
ED2p8b Frels Ruben
ED1p5a Frenzel Alphons
ED1p5a Frenzel Clara
ED1p5a Frenzel Norman
ED8p1a Fricke George H
ED8p1a Fricke Hilmer
ED8p1a Fricke Louise
ED8p1a Fricke Ruby
ED8p1a Fricke Vernon
ED2p7b Frietag August C
Ed7p4a Frimel Friml Adele
Ed7p4a Frimel Friml Annie
Ed7p3b Frimel Friml Fred
Ed7p4a Frimel Friml Freddie
ED8p6b Fritch Jewel J
ED6p20a Fritzgeralds Dan
ED6p20a Fritzgeralds Lin
ED10p16a Frnka Cecelia
ED10p17b Frnka H L
ED10p17b Frnka Hughlene
ED10p16a Frnka J J
ED10p16a Frnka Leona
ED10p17b Frnka Louise
ED10p17b Frnka Lynn
ED10p16a Frnka Miroslav
ED10p16a Frnka Olen
ED10p16a Frnka Olga
ED10p16a Frnka Palmo
ED8p3a Froebel Arthur
ED8p3a Froebel August 
ED8p3a Froebel Hedwig
ED2p2a Froebel Leotina
ED8p3a Froebel Lillie Lizzzie
ED2p2a Froebel Loella
ED2p2a Froebel Mertley
ED8p3a Froebel Paul
ED8p3a Froebel Richard
ED8p3a Froebel William
ED2p2a Froebel William
ED3p7b Froelich Adolph
ED3p9b Froelich Alfred
ED3p9a Froelich Annie
ED3p7b Froelich Charlie
ED3p7b Froelich Edmund
ED3p10a Froelich Ernest
ED3p7b Froelich Francis
ED10p4a Froelich G A
ED3p10b Froelich Gus
ED10p4a Froelich Gustav
ED3p7b Froelich Henry
ED3p9a Froelich Joe
ED1p6a Froelich John
ED3p9a Froelich John Otto
ED3p7b Froelich Martha
ED3p10b Froelich Mary
ED3p9b Froelich Mary
ED3p9a Froelich Mary  E
ED3p7b Froelich Mary Ann
ED3p9b Froelich Will C
Ed7p11b Fry James
Ed7p11b Fry Precious
Ed7p11b Fry Tama
Ed7p11b Fry William
ED10p4b Fuchs Carl
ED10p4b Fuchs Emilie
ED11p8a Fuchs Emma
ED11p8a Fuchs Hedwig
ED11p8a Fuchs Hilda
ED11p8a Fuchs John
ED12p10b Fuhee Fanny
ED12p10b Fuhee Lewelen
ED12p10b Fuhee Robert
ED12p10b Fuhee Sherman
Ed7p13a Fuller Erna
Ed7p13a Fuller Harold A
ED8p4b Furr Joe



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