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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Ga - Go


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED2p7a Gabel August
ED2p7a Gabel Gustave
ED2p7a Gabel Mary
ED2p7a Gabel Pauline
ED6p8a Gaff Babie
ED6p8a Gaff Bald
ED6p8a Gaff Bobie
ED6p8a Gaff Francis
ED6p8a Gaff Garian
ED6p8a Gaff George
ED6p8a Gaff Huggie
ED6p8a Gaff Mack
ED10p18a Gaines Aaron
ED10p18a Gaines Ira
ED10p18a Gaines Laura
ED10p14a Gaines Mabel
ED10p18a Gaines Maud
Gaines Robert
Ed7p1b Gajevsky Agnes
ED6p3b Gajewski Abbena
ED6p3b Gajewski Joe
ED6p3b Gajewski Rosie
ED6p3b Gajewski Willie
ED6p14a Gajewsky Agnes
ED6p4b Gajewsky Agnes
ED6p4b Gajewsky Albina
ED6p4b Gajewsky Albina
ED6p4b Gajewsky Frank
ED6p14a Gajewsky Frank
ED6p14a Gajewsky Hattie
ED6p14a Gajewsky Helen
ED6p14a Gajewsky Josie
ED6p4b Gajewsky Judie
ED6p14a Gajewsky Lawrence
ED6p14a Gajewsky Mary
ED6p14a Gajewsky Steve
ED6p14a Gajewsky Tom
ED6p14a Gajewsky Willie
ED10p2b Galber Gottlieb
ED10p14b Galle Alice
ED10p14b Galle Alton
ED10p10a Galle Andreas
ED10p12b Galle Caroline
ED10p14b Galle Emil
ED10p12b Galle Friedrick
ED10p12b Galle Friedrick
ED10p12b Galle Herman
ED10p10a Galle Marcus
ED10p14b Galle Mary
ED10p10a Galle Mary
ED10p10a Galle Reseda
ED10p10a Galle Richard
ED10p10a Galle Wilhelmine
ED15p16b Gallia Annie
ED15p16b Gallia Willie
Ed7p2b Gallis Christina
Ed7p2b Gallis Hutto
ED15p12b Gamble Anderson
ED15p12b Gamble Annie Mae
ED15p12b Gamble Arthur Lee
ED15p12b Gamble Blanche
ED15p12b Gamble Emma
ED15p12b Gamble Florence
ED15p12b Gamble Hattie Mae
ED15p12b Gamble Jessie
ED15p12b Gamble Jim
ED15p12b Gamble L D
ED15p12b Gamble Larkin
ED6p6b Ganes S D
ED15p7b Garcia Alberta
ED15p7b Garcia Andrea
ED15p7b Garcia Louis
ED15p16b Gargas Rosie
ED5p11b Garlin Caroline
ED5p11b Garlin Ella
ED5p11b Garlin Erna
ED5p11b Garlin Fred
ED5p11b Garlin Leona
ED6p4b Garling Albert
ED6p4b Garling Alvin
ED9p3b Garling August
ED6p4b Garling Bertha
Ed7p8a Garling Frank
ED9p3b Garling Goldy
ED6p4b Garling Herman
Ed7p8a Garling Hermina
ED6p4b Garling Hilda
ED9p3b Garling Ivy
ED9p3b Garling John
ED9p3b Garling John H
ED6p4b Garling Ladima
ED6p4b Garling Leona
ED9p3b Garling Lizzie
ED9p3b Garling Louisa
ED9p3b Garling Woodrow
ED15p8a Garmovsky Louis
ED15p8a Garmovsky Mary
ED2p10b Garnett Annie
ED2p5b Garnett Beatrice
ED2p5b Garnett Betty
ED2p5b Garnett Burrell
ED12p11a Garnett Carrie
ED2p10b Garnett Chester
ED2p10b Garnett Chester
ED2p5b Garnett Eliza
ED2p5b Garnett Emeline
ED1p10a Garnett Jane
ED12p11a Garnett Lillie M
ED2p5b Garnett Lottie Bell
ED2p5b Garnett Lovey
ED1p10a Garnett Martha
ED12p11a Garnett O B
ED2p5b Garnett Ola
ED2p5b Garnett Robert
ED2p10b Garnett Viny
ED4p2a Garrett Basel
ED2p6b Garrett Bessie
ED3p11a Garrett Celia Hazel
ED3p11a Garrett Clara Stella
ED2p6b Garrett Clyde
ED3p11a Garrett Daniel Stark
ED12p6b Garrett Elizabeth
ED4p2a Garrett Ella
ED12p6b Garrett Frank
ED4p2a Garrett Howard
ED3p11a Garrett Jess Willard
ED3p11a Garrett John D.
ED3p11a Garrett John Richard
ED3p11a Garrett Lenora
ED2p6b Garrett Leon
ED4p6a Garrett Leroy
ED3p11a Garrett Lizzie
ED4p6a Garrett Louise
ED2p6b Garrett Lucy
ED3p11a Garrett Margie Thelma
ED4p6a Garrett Roy
ED4p2a Garrett Stanley
ED4p6a Garrett Vernon
ED4p2a Garrett Wesley
ED3p13a Garrett Will
ED2p6b Garrett William
ED12p5b Gaskamp Emma
ED12p5b Gaskamp G C
ED5p5a Gaskamp Leona
ED12p5b Gaskamp Leverna
ED5p5a Gaskamp Minnie
ED5p5a Gaskamp William
Ed7p10b Gasper Annie
ED3p2b Gasper Annie
Ed7p10b Gasper Arthur
Ed7p10b Gasper Fred
ED3p2b Gasper Manuel
ED3p2b Gasper Milam
Ed7p10b Gasper Oscar
ED3p2b Gasper Roberta
ED6p6b Gavranove August
ED6p6b Gavranove Charley
ED6p6b Gavranove Frank
ED6p6b Gavranove Frank
ED6p6b Gavranove Mary
ED6p6b Gavranove Rosa
ED6p6b Gavranove Sophia
ED2p6a Gavranovic Albert
ED2p6a Gavranovic Fanny
ED2p6a Gavranovic Ivan
ED2p6a Gavranovic Joe
ED2p6a Gavranovic Mary
ED2p6a Gavranovic Thomas
Ed7p17b Gebhardt Charlie
Ed7p17b Gebhardt Mary
Ed7p17b Gebhardt Walter
Ed7p4a Gens David
Ed7p4a Gens Effie
Ed7p4a Gens Herman
Ed7p4a Gens Louella
ED6p15a Gentry Addie Lee
ED6p15a Gentry Cornelius
ED6p15a Gentry David
ED6p15a Gentry Estella
ED15p4b Gentry Eulila
ED15p4b Gentry Gaynell
ED6p3a Gentry Henrieta
ED15p4b Gentry Mitchel
ED15p4b Gentry Myrtle
ED6p3a Gentry Pleas
ED15p4b Gentry Ruth
ED15p4b Gentry Sid Willie
ED6p16a George Arthur
ED6p16a George Brown
ED6p16a George Hattie
ED6p16a George J C
ED6p16a George Lee
ED12p3b George Lee
ED12p3b George Louis
ED12p3b George Mary
ED6p16a George Minnieole
ED6p16a George Natheniel
ED6p16a George Nellie
ED12p3b George Nellie
ED12p3b George Ollie
ED12p3b George Ollie
ED6p16a George Sophie
ED12p3b George Verner
ED6p11b Geralda Mary
ED8p4a Gerbermann Adela
ED8p4a Gerbermann Anton
ED8p4a Gerbermann Ella
ED8p4a Gerbermann Lina
ED11p2b Gerek Anges
ED11p2b Gerek Anna
ED11p2b Gerek Aseton
ED11p2b Gerek Joe
ED13p4a Gerhard Elsie
ED13p4a Gerhard Gladis
ED13p4a Gerhard John
ED13p4a Gerhard Minie
ED13p4a Gerhard Rosa
ED11p8b Gerhardt Rosie
Ed7p4b Gerhart Annie
Ed7p4b Gerhart Joe
Ed7p4b Gerhart Lillie
ED6p9b Gesyowski Albenia
ED6p9b Gesyowski August
ED6p9b Gesyowski Steimboe
ED6p9b Gesyowski Valenta
ED6p9b Gesyowski Victoria
ED11p8a Giebel Albert
ED11p4a Giebel Ben
ED11p8a Giebel Clara
ED11p4a Giebel George
ED11p8a Giebel Herman
ED11p4a Giebel Pauline
ED3p5b Gilbert Chris
ED3p5b Gilbert Elmo O
ED3p5b Gilbert J C
ED3p5b Gilbert Mary Lu
ED3p16b Giler Lilac
ED3p16b Giler Wesley
ED9p1b Gilinda Eugene
ED15p17a Gillam Marshall
ED1p3a Gillen Grace
ED15p19b Gilliam Albert
ED15p19b Gilliam Fannie
ED15p19b Gilliam Imelee
ED15p19b Gilliam Jeffreys
ED15p19b Gilliam Manuel
ED15p19b Gilliam Roosevelt
ED6p16b Gillman Gillum Henry
ED6p16b Gillum Aaron
Ed7p17b Gillum Adele
Ed7p17a Gillum Agnes
ED6p16b Gillum Anderson
ED6p16b Gillum Anna M
Ed7p17b Gillum Aron
ED6p16b Gillum Asbury
Ed7p17a Gillum Collis
ED6p16b Gillum Jessie
ED6p16b Gillum Lawrence
Ed7p17b Gillum Levenia
ED6p17a Gillum Lueciel
ED6p16b Gillum Missourie
Ed7p17b Gillum Nona
ED6p17a Gillum Sophie
ED6p17a Gillum T F
ED6p16b Gillum T J
ED13p6a Gilmore Albert
ED13p6a Gilmore Alfred
ED13p6a Gilmore Ernest
ED13p6a Gilmore Harrison
ED13p6a Gilmore Mary
ED3p1a Gilmore Melissa
ED13p6a Gilmore Sam
ED13p6a Gilmore Tomas
ED13p6a Gilmore Walter
ED1p15a Gilson Bracey
ED1p15a Gilson Delie
ED4p5a Gindorf Amelie
ED4p5a Gindorf Anne
ED4p5a Gindorf Stephen
ED6p19a Gipson Edser
ED6p19a Gipson Sapkroma
ED6p19a Gipson Tennie
ED2p4a Girndt Arthur
ED2p4a Girndt Bell
ED3p13a Girtman Buster
ED3p13a Girtman Lewis
ED6p5b Gist Berdie
ED6p5b Gist Clarence
ED6p5b Gist Ida
ED6p5b Gist Jim
ED4p3b Givens Fannie
ED4p3b Givens John
ED15p6a Givins Anna
ED15p6a Givins Clarence
ED2p10b Givins Gill
ED15p6a Givins John
ED15p6a Givins John L
ED15p6a Givins Katie
ED15p6a Givins Lizzie
ED15p6a Givins Rodgers
ED10p11a Glaeser Benno
ED10p1b Glaeser Dessie
ED5p4a Glaeser Edgar
ED10p11a Glaeser Emma
ED10p1b Glaeser Emma
ED10p2b Glaeser Ernest
ED5p4a Glaeser Ernest
ED10p1b Glaeser Esther
ED10p11a Glaeser Gilbert
ED10p1b Glaeser Hilma
ED5p4a Glaeser Ida
ED10p2b Glaeser Johanna
ED10p1b Glaeser Laura
ED5p4a Glaeser Mundina
ED10p11a Glaeser R F
ED10p1b Glaeser Ralph
ED10p1b Glaeser Robert W
ED10p11a Glaeser Roma
ED10p1b Glaeser Walter
ED12p4a Glaser Arnold
ED12p4a Glaser Arthur
ED12p2a Glaser Elizabeth
ED12p1a Glaser Erma
ED12p2a Glaser Evelyn
ED12p4a Glaser Fritz
ED12p1a Glaser Fritz W
ED12p2a Glaser Gladys
ED12p4a Glaser Hattie
ED12p4a Glaser Irene
ED12p8a Glaser Irvin
ED12p4a Glaser Louisa
ED12p4a Glaser Louisa
ED12p8a Glaser Paul
ED12p2a Glaser Phillip
ED12p8a Glaser Ronald
ED12p8a Glaser Sophia
ED12p4a Glaser Walter
Ed7p11b Glass Charlie
Ed7p12a Glass Eddie
Ed7p11b Glass Eliza
Ed7p12a Glass Perilia
Ed7p12a Glass Robert
ED14p1a Gleaser Glaeser Adaline
ED14p1a Gleaser Glaeser Erna
ED14p1a Gleaser Glaeser Ida
ED14p1a Gleaser Glaeser Laura
ED14p1a Gleaser Glaeser Lena
ED14p1a Gleaser Glaeser Lydia
ED14p1a Gleaser Glaeser Robt
ED14p1a Gleaser Glaeser Thelda
ED14p1a Gleaser Glaeser Wela
ED14p1a Gleaser Glaeser Willie
ED6p21b Gleen Alberta
ED6p2a Gleen Clide May
ED6p21b Gleen James
ED6p21b Gleen Lee Jay
ED12p2b Gleen Mandy
ED12p2a Gleistein Ida
ED1p3b Glenn Agnes
Ed7p14b Glenn Arlevell
Ed7p5b Glenn Charles
Ed7p14b Glenn Flew
Ed7p14b Glenn Hallie
Ed7p14b Glenn Hattie
ED1p5a Glenn Ida
Ed7p14b Glenn Lender
ED1p5a Glenn Leslie
ED1p5a Glenn Levy J
ED1p5a Glenn Levy J
ED1p3b Glenn Lissett
Ed7p14b Glenn Lovie
Ed7p14b Glenn Mary
Ed7p14b Glenn Myrtle
Ed7p5b Glenn Ora
Ed7p14b Glenn Palace
Ed7p14b Glenn Pearlie
Ed7p14b Glenn Sadie Lee
Ed7p14b Glenn Square
ED1p3b Glenn Violet
ED1p4b Glenn William J
ED15p6a Glitz Emma
Ed7p6b Godenzweig Annie
Ed7p13a Godenzweig Lizzie
Ed7p13a Godenzweig Wm
ED9p2a Goebel Alfred
ED9p2a Goebel Alvin
ED9p3b Goebel Alwin
ED9p3b Goebel Arnold
ED9p4b Goebel Arthur
Ed7p14a Goebel Ben
ED9p3b Goebel Bertha
ED9p3b Goebel Bertha
ED9p2b Goebel Bill
Ed7p14a Goebel Charles
Ed7p14a Goebel Charles
ED9p5a Goebel Edna
ED9p3b Goebel Elfrieda
ED9p4b Goebel Elsa
ED9p3b Goebel Emil
ED9p4b Goebel Emma
ED9p3b Goebel Evelyn
ED9p2a Goebel George
ED9p6a Goebel Helene
Ed7p14a Goebel Herbert
ED9p3b Goebel Herman
ED9p4b Goebel Hugo
ED9p4b Goebel Ida
Ed7p14a Goebel Johanna
ED9p3b Goebel Julius
Ed7p14a Goebel Leslie
ED9p4b Goebel Lucile
ED9p4b Goebel Olga
ED9p3b Goebel Oscar
ED9p3b Goebel Reinhold
ED9p4b Goebel Robert
ED9p3b Goebel Roxey
ED9p3b Goebel Selma
Ed7p14a Goebel Sophie
ED9p2a Goebel Theresa
ED9p3b Goebel Tony
ED13p3b Goeke Chas
ED13p1a Goeke Clara
ED13p3b Goeke Clara
ED13p1a Goeke Elve
ED13p3b Goeke Emanuel
ED13p3b Goeke Henry
ED13p3b Goeke Herbert
ED13p3b Goeke Hettie
ED13p1a Goeke John
ED13p1a Goeke John
ED13p3b Goeke Lillie
ED13p1a Goeke Norma
ED13p1a Goeke Otto
ED13p3b Goeke Thinea
ED13p3b Goeke Veramae
ED13p3b Goeke Viola
ED13p8a Goessler Charley
ED13p8a Goessler Louise
ED15p12a Goffney Edna
ED15p12a Goffney Walter
ED1p10a Goggin Lemmel
ED12p8a Goins Fannie
ED12p8a Goins Steve
ED2p9b Goldswaite Hannah
ED2p9b Goldswaite Ransome
ED2p3b Gollaher Charles H
ED2p3b Gollaher Lilly D
ED9p1b Goller Alice
ED9p1b Goller Chas
ED1p11a Goller Gussie
ED1p11a Goller Helen
ED9p1b Goller Josephine
ED9p1b Goller William
ED10p3b Gollmer C C
ED10p6a Gollmer C E
ED10p3b Gollmer Caroline
ED10p6a Gollmer Edmund
ED10p6a Gollmer Fred
ED10p6a Gollmer Frieda
ED10p3b Gollmer Hetwig
ED10p6a Gollmer Hubert
ED10p3b Gollmer Hulda
ED4p9a Gongora Amalia
ED4p9a Gongora Antonia
ED4p9a Gongora Edrojen
ED4p9a Gongora Elizia
ED2p8b Gongora Eugenio
ED4p9a Gongora Johnie
ED4p9a Gongora Manuel
ED4p9a Gongora Margarito
ED4p9a Gongora Simona
ED6p20a Gonzales Joe
ED6p20a Gonzales John
ED11p1a Gonzales Leo
ED6p20a Gonzales Maggie Bell
ED8p6a Gonzales Pastola
ED6p20a Gonzales Wheeler
ED6p20a Gonzales Wheeler
ED6p3a Gonzalez Annie
ED6p3a Gonzalez Arlner
ED6p3a Gonzalez Caldman
ED6p3a Gonzalez Charley
ED6p3a Gonzalez Davidson
ED6p3a Gonzalez Eddie Lee
ED6p3a Gonzalez George
ED6p3a Gonzalez Hiram
ED6p3a Gonzalez John
ED6p3a Gonzalez Mary Ann
ED6p3a Gonzalez Mithe May
ED6p3a Gonzalez Orse
ED6p3a Gonzalez Rosavina
ED6p3a Gonzalez Sarah
ED6p3a Gonzalez Willard
ED9p3b Gonzalo Antonia
ED9p3a Gonzalo Teran
ED9p3a Gonzalo Trenida
ED3p5b Gooden Elias
ED3p5b Gooden Rosie Lee
ED1p4a Goodman Adelia
ED1p4a Goodman Charles 
ED1p4a Goodman Charles T
ED2p2b Goodpasture Winni
ED2p11a Gorden Harry 
Ed7p20a Gordon Laresa
ED3p14b Gordon Mattie
Ed7p20a Gordon Sam
ED3p4b Gorzycki Bruno
ED3p4b Gorzycki Helen
ED3p4b Gorzycki Johnnie
ED3p4b Gorzycki Josie
ED3p4b Gorzycki Louisa
ED3p4b Gorzycki Mary
ED3p4b Gorzycki Mary
ED3p4b Gorzycki Stana
ED3p4b Gorzycki Stefa
ED3p4b Gorzycki William


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