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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Gr - Gy


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED1p13a Grabo Annie
ED1p13a Grabo Christian
ED4p7a Grabow Alma
ED4p7a Grabow Henry
ED11p1b Graeter Bertha 
ED10p1a Graeter Erwin
ED11p1b Graeter Gottlob F
ED10p1a Graeter H W
ED11p2b Graeter John
ED10p1a Graeter Laura
ED10p1a Graeter Linda
ED2p9a Graf Bertha
ED2p9a Graf Fritz F
ED2p9a Graf Gilbert
ED11p1a Graf Gustav
ED1p13a Graf Hattie
ED1p13a Graf Marcus M
ED1p13a Graf Otis
ED2p9a Graf Philip
ED1p15b Granan Hulda
ED1p15b Granan Leona
ED1p15b Granan Otto
Ed7p1a Granvile Kathleen
ED1p3b Grau Clara
ED1p3b Grau Edgar
ED1p3b Grau Harmon F
ED1p3b Grau Margerite
ED1p1a Grauau Herman F
ED1p1a Grauau Ivey
ED1p1a Grauau Ruth
Ed7p10b Graves David
Ed7p10b Graves Hannah
Ed7p10b Graves William
ED3p10a Grawunder Adolph
ED3p11a Grawunder Albert
ED3p11a Grawunder Alvin
ED3p10a Grawunder Bertha
ED3p10a Grawunder Clara
ED3p14b Grawunder Ed
ED3p11a Grawunder Edwin
ED3p11a Grawunder Emma
ED3p10a Grawunder Emma
ED3p10a Grawunder Ernest
ED3p10a Grawunder Henry
ED3p10a Grawunder Herman
ED3p11a Grawunder Leon
ED3p11a Grawunder Lonnie
ED3p14b Grawunder Minnie
ED3p11a Grawunder Nelda
ED6p19a Gray Earnest
ED6p19a Gray Hayward
ED6p19a Gray Jannie Lee
ED6p19a Gray Jimmie
Ed7p4b Gray Lizzie
ED6p19a Gray Lucy
Ed7p7a Gray Lula
ED6p19a Gray Sim
Ed7p7a Gray William
ED6p19a Gray Zad
ED8p6a Grazer Marta
ED14p5a Grebe Adele
ED13p1a Grebe Adolph
ED14p5a Grebe Alfred
ED13p1a Grebe Emma
ED5p6b Grebe Erwin
ED2p2a Grebe Fred
ED5p6b Grebe Freddie
ED13p1a Grebe Henrietta
ED5p6b Grebe Henry
ED14p5a Grebe John
ED5p6b Grebe Leroy
ED5p6b Grebe Louise
ED2p2a Grebe Otilia
ED15p4a Green Clara
ED15p4a Green David
ED10p2a Green Estella
Ed7p12a Green Ester
ED10p2a Green George
ED10p2a Green Idella
ED10p2a Green Jane
ED3p12a Green Leicester
ED15p6a Green Lorenza
ED15p6a Green Mallie
ED15p6a Green Marshall
ED15p6a Green Marshall
ED15p6a Green Marsitt
ED15p4a Green Mattie 
ED15p6a Green Nan B
ED10p2a Green Richard
ED6p1a Greene Denisee
ED6p1a Greene Effie
ED6p1a Greene Fred
ED6p1a Greene Hallie May
ED6p1a Greene Iowa
ED6p1a Greene Larnia
ED6p1a Greene Leenolia
ED6p21b Greene Luevenia
ED6p1a Greene Ora
ED6p1a Greene Orange
ED6p21b Greene Rogers
ED6p1a Greene Sattie
ED1p9b Gregurak August
ED1p9b Gregurak Joe
ED1p9b Gregurak John
ED1p9b Gregurak Mary
ED1p9b Gregurak Stanislous
ED6p13a Gregurek Albert
ED6p8b Gregurek Alfred
ED6p8b Gregurek Fannie
ED6p13a Gregurek Francis
ED6p8b Gregurek Frank
ED6p13a Gregurek Frank
ED6p13a Gregurek Idella
ED6p8b Gregurek Joe
ED6p13a Gregurek John
ED6p8b Gregurek Lopald
ED6p8b Gregurek Louis
ED6p8b Gregurek Mary
ED6p13a Gregurek Mattie
ED6p8b Gregurek Vinc
ED15p8b Grigar Augusta
ED15p8b Grigar L J
ED15p8b Grigar Rosa
ED15p8b Grigar Willie
ED15p15a Grigor Alexie
ED15p15a Grigor Frank
ED15p15a Grigor Luitgard
ED15p15a Grigor Simon
ED15p15a Grigor Grigar Hermina
ED5p1a Grimm Charles
ED13p7a Grimm Emma
ED5p1a Grimm Emma
Ed7p9a Grimm Emma
ED13p7a Grimm Ernest
ED13p7a Grimm Henry
ED5p1b Grimm Hester
ED5p1b Grimm Lillian
Ed7p9a Grimm Minnie
ED13p7a Grimm Reinhold
Ed7p9a Grimm Robert
ED13p7a Grimm Walter
ED8p4b Grissom Charlie
ED8p4b Grissom Julius
ED8p4b Grissom Louis
ED8p4b Grissom Mary
ED8p4b Grissom Mary
ED8p4b Grissom William
ED1p5a Groff Agusta
ED1p10b Groff Allwin
ED1p5a Groff Arnold
ED1p10b Groff Beatrice
ED1p10b Groff Ellina
ED2p7a Groff Gustave
ED1p5a Groff Harmon
ED1p10b Groff Ida
ED1p10b Groff Mabel
ED3p12b Gromer Estella
ED10p18b Gross Adolf H
ED1p5b Gross Annie
ED10p11b Gross Arthur
ED8p3a Gross Clara
ED10p11b Gross Davy
ED10p10b Gross Earline
ED10p10b Gross Emil
ED10p10b Gross Emma
ED10p5b Gross Ernst
ED10p10b Gross Esther
ED8p3a Gross Frank
ED2p5a Gross Frank
ED10p11b Gross Fritz
ED10p18b Gross Glenn
ED1p5b Gross Gustave
ED10p10b Gross Helen
ED10p12b Gross Henry W
ED10p5b Gross HIlda
ED2p5a Gross Lester
ED10p18b Gross Lilly
ED10p5b Gross Louis
ED10p11b Gross Louis 
ED10p6b Gross Louise
ED8p3a Gross Marcus
ED10p11b Gross Mrs Henry
ED10p11b Gross Niel
ED10p5b Gross Olivia
ED10p11b Gross Pauline
ED10p12b Gross Pauline
ED10p6b Gross Robert
ED10p18b Gross Roy
ED2p5a Gross Tillie
ED10p12b Gross Vernita
ED10p6b Gross Wallis
ED10p5b Gross Werner
ED10p12b Gross Willie
ED10p5b Gross Wilma
ED2p4a Grote Anna
ED2p4a Grote Charlotte
ED2p4a Grote Colgnitt
ED2p4a Grote Ferdinand
ED2p4a Grote Ruby
Ed7p1a Groth Fannie
Ed7p5b Gru?sen Alice
Ed7p5b Gru?sen Amelia
Ed7p5b Gru?sen Violet
Ed7p5b Gru?sen Grumsen? Walter
Ed7p2b Grubbs Charles
Ed7p1a Grubbs Harry
Ed7p1a Grubbs Hilda
Ed7p2b Grubbs Hulda
Ed7p1a Grubbs Jack
Ed7p1a Grubbs James
Ed7p1a Grubbs James
Ed7p1a Grubbs Ray Ray
Ed7p2b Grubbs Vivian
ED1p13a Grube Charles
ED2p1b Grube Charles
ED2p1b Grube Goldie
ED2p1b Grube John
ED2p1b Grube Louise
ED1p5b Gruener Bennie
ED8 p 7b Gruener Charlie
ED8 p 7b Gruener Charlie H
ED1p5b Gruener Eddie M
ED1p5b Gruener Gussie
ED1p5b Gruener Lillian
ED8 p 7b Gruener Mary
ED1p5b Gruener Mary
ED15p17b Guardiola Francisco
ED15p17b Guardiola Guadalupe
ED15p17b Guardiola Josema
ED15p17b Guardiola Maria Jesus
ED15p17b Guardiola Pablo
ED15p17b Guardiola Refujo
ED15p17b Guardiola Salome
ED15p17b Guardiola Yndalecio
ED5p4a Gueldner Adele
ED5p4a Gueldner Louis
ED5p4a Gueldner Lydie
ED5p4a Gueldner Martha
ED5p4a Gueldner Olga
ED5p4a Gueldner William
ED5p4a Gueldner William
ED1p13a Guidorf Edwin
ED1p13a Guidorf Hedwig
ED1p13a Guidorf Henry
ED1p13a Guidorf Minna
ED1p13a Guidorf Morris
ED1p13a Guidorf Steven
ED3p11b Gullett Elizabeth
Ed7p2b Guna Jose
Ed7p2b Guna Maggie
ED5p7a Guthmann Adam
ED5p7a Guthmann Emma
ED5p7a Guthmann Flesker
ED5p7a Guthmann Frances
ED5p7a Guthmann Leola
ED5p7a Guthmann Leona
ED5p7a Guthmann Regina
ED5p7a Guthmann Sophie
ED15p17b Gutierrez Louis
ED15p17b Gutierrez Narciso
ED15p17b Gutierrez Rogelio
ED15p17b Gutierrez Tomaso
ED3p14b Gutosky Adam
ED3p14b Gutosky Francis
ED3p14b Gutosky Joe
ED3p14b Gutosky Mary
ED3p14b Gutosky Perlie
ED3p14b Gutosky Tommie
ED3p14b Gutosky Victor
ED3p14b Gutosky Walter
ED12p3a Guydon Edward
ED12p3a Guydon George
ED12p3a Guydon Ida
ED12p3a Guydon Lelia
ED15p9b Guyler Amanda 
ED15p9b Guyler Amanda F
ED15p9b Guyler Bernard
ED15p9b Guyler Robert
ED15p9b Guyler Robt. W
ED15p9b Guyler Sam
ED2p9b Gylda Calvin
ED2p9b Gylda Charlie
ED2p9b Gylda Katie
ED2p9b Gylda Lucy
ED2p9b Gylda Willie Arthur


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