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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Ha - Hei


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p8b Haak Pearl
ED6p8b Haak Walter
ED15p19a Habermacher Callie
ED15p13b Habermacher Edith M
ED15p13b Habermacher Edward
ED15p19a Habermacher J C
ED15p13b Habermacher J S
ED15p13b Habermacher Nettie
ED6p5a Habermacher Ray
ED15p19a Habermacher Robert
ED6p5a Habermacher Rosa
ED15p13b Habermacher Sarah F
ED6p5a Habermacher William
Ed7p5a Hackbarth Annie
Ed7p5a Hackbarth Erma
Ed7p5a Hackbarth Fritz
Ed7p5a Hackbarth George
Ed7p5a Hackbarth John
Ed7p5a Hackbarth John
Ed7p5a Hackbarth Julia
Ed7p5a Hackbarth Leon
Ed7p5a Hackbarth Leona
Ed7p5a Hackbarth Louise
Ed7p5a Hackbarth Loulabel
Ed7p6b Hackbarth Mahala
Ed7p6b Hackbarth Paul
Ed7p5a Hackbarth Richard
ED4p7a Hacker August
ED4p7a Hacker August
ED4p7a Hacker Louise
ED4p7a Hacker Louise
ED5p10a Hackfeld Fritz
ED5p10a Hackfeld Harry
ED5p10a Hackfeld Marie
ED6p21b Haczynsky Helln
ED6p21b Haczynsky Jacob
ED6p21b Haczynsky Joe
ED6p21b Haczynsky Mary
ED6p21b Haczynsky Minlen
ED6p21b Haczynsky Sylvester
ED6p21b Haczynsky Walter
ED14p4b Haedge Anita
ED14p4b Haedge Bertha
ED14p4b Haedge Charlie
ED14p4b Haedge Erma
ED6p5b Haedge Evelyn
ED14p4b Haedge Otto
ED6p5b Haedge Theresa
ED6p5a Haedge Walter
ED5p6a Haevischer Bennie
ED5p6a Haevischer Bertha
ED5p6a Haevischer Erna
ED5p6a Haevischer Freddie
ED5p6a Haevischer Herbert
ED5p6a Haevischer Weta
ED5p6a Haevischer William
ED6p21a Hagemann Albert
ED4p4b Hagemann Augusta
ED6p21a Hagemann Ella
ED4p4b Hagemann Fritz
ED6p21a Hagemann Hazel
ED6p21a Hagemann Leeroy
ED6p21a Hagemann Louellen
ED9p5a Hagemann Minnie
ED6p21a Hagemann Myrtle
ED6p21a Hagemann Siney
ED4p1a Hagen Charlie
ED4p1a Hagen Emma
ED4p1a Hagen Gardner
ED4p1a Hagen Hugo
ED4p1a Hagen Lenora
ED8p6a Hahn Alfred
Ed7p20a Hahn Baby
ED8p6a Hahn Clara
ED10p17a Hahn Ella
ED8p6a Hahn Gustav
Ed7p20a Hahn Lena
Ed7p20a Hahn Otto
ED10p17a Hahn Theodore
ED10p2b Hailey R L
ED6p14b Hajdik Annie
ED6p14b Hajdik Frankie
ED6p14b Hajdik Joe
ED6p14b Hajdik Johnnie
ED6p14b Hajdik Julia
ED6p14b Hajdik Lonis
ED6p14b Hajdik Martin
ED6p14b Hajdik Willie
ED10p2b Hajek Anna
ED10p2b Hajek Johnny
ED10p2b Hajek Joseph
ED10p2b Hajek Katharina
ED10p2b Hajek Mary
ED10p2b Hajek William
ED15p6b Hajovsky Charlie
ED15p6b Hajovsky Frank
ED15p6b Hajovsky Fred
ED15p6b Hajovsky Lennie
ED15p6b Hajovsky Mary
ED15p6b Hajovsky Pauline
ED5p2a Halkhake Dora
ED5p2a Halkhake Elda
ED5p2a Halkhake Herman
ED5p2a Halkhake Selma
ED5p2a Halkhake Wilhelm
Ed7p10b Hall Arine
ED6p20a Hall Bertha May
ED15p10b Hall Charlie A
ED6p3b Hall Cliford
Ed7p10b Hall Cloma
ED6p20a Hall Edter
ED6p3b Hall Eller
ED3p6a Hall Enoch
ED6p3b Hall J C
ED6p20a Hall Joseph 
ED5p2b Hall Kora
ED5p3a Hall Kora
ED6p3b Hall Lee Roy
ED6p20a Hall Maggie
ED6p3b Hall Marie
Ed7p11a Hall Mary
ED6p9a Hall Nester
ED6p20a Hall Nettie
ED6p21b Hall Octavo
ED5p2b Hall Osborne
ED5p3a Hall Osborne
ED6p9a Hall R C
Ed7p10b Hall R L
ED6p20a Hall Robert
Ed7p10b Hall Sie
ED6p9a Hall Susetta
ED6p9a Hall Tammie
ED6p3b Hall Vera
ED6p3b Hall William
Ed7p10b Hall William
Ed7p10b Hall Willie
ED2p2b Hallman Arthur
ED2p2b Hallman Emily S
ED6p4a Halzursk Sopie
ED6p4a Halzursk Steave
ED6p11a Hamala Domik
ED6p12a Hamala Francis
ED6p11a Hamala Francis
ED6p12a Hamala Frank
ED6p12a Hamala Frank
ED6p11a Hamala Joe
ED6p11a Hamala John
ED6p12a Hamala Ludwik
ED6p11a Hamala Otilla
Ed7p16b Hamermuller Annie
Ed7p16b Hamermuller Richard
ED1p6b Hamilton Thomas T
ED3p3a Hammack Allie A
ED2p2b Hammack Ethel
ED2p7a Hammack Hattie
ED3p1a Hammack Hull
ED2p2b Hammack Irwin
ED2p2b Hammack John 
ED2p7a Hammack Karl H
ED2p7a Hammack Karl I.
ED3p1a Hammack Mary Evalyn
ED3p1a Hammack Nella Alleen
ED3p1a Hammack Nellie C
ED2p2b Hammack Olivia
ED3p1a Hammack Raleigh
ED2p7a Hammack Robert W.
ED3p3a Hammack Walter O
ED3p15b Hammond Andrew
ED3p15b Hammond Andrew
ED3p15b Hammond Henry
ED3p15b Hammond Herman
ED3p15b Hammond Lonnie
ED3p15b Hammond Marbroy
ED3p15b Hammond Ottie
ED3p15b Hammond Polly
ED3p17b Hammonds Heny
ED3p17b Hammonds Mattie
ED3p17b Hammonds Pearl
ED12p6a Hampton Carry
ED15p16a Hampton James
ED12p2b Hampton Wade
ED1p8b Hampton Wylie
Ed7p5a Hanak Francis
Ed7p5a Hanak Joseph
Ed7p7b Hanimacher Habermacher Clintie
Ed7p7b Hanimacher Habermacher Herman
Ed7p7b Hanimacher Habermacher Mayme
ED10p6a Hanka Helena
ED10p18b Hanka J H
ED10p6a Hanka W E
ED15p13a Hardeman Emma
ED15p13a Hardeman J J
ED1p1b Harigel Baby
ED1p1b Harigel Bertha
ED2p2a Harigel Bessie
ED1p1b Harigel Edwin W
ED2p2a Harigel Emily
ED1p1b Harigel Hedwig
ED1p1b Harigel Ida
ED2p8b Harigel Nancy
ED2p2a Harigel Nannie L
ED1p1b Harigel Norma
ED1p1b Harigel Oscar
ED1p1b Harigel Oscar
ED13p6b Haris Henriette
ED13p6b Haris Selvester
ED2p5a Harloff Anna
ED3p4a Harper Bessie
ED3p4a Harper Birdella
ED3p15b Harper Callie
ED3p2b Harper Fred Kasee
ED3p2b Harper Gloster
ED3p2b Harper Hannah
ED12p7a Harper Hubert J
ED12p7a Harper John
ED3p6b Harper John
ED3p2b Harper Lucile
ED3p6b Harper Lucy
ED12p7a Harper M G
ED12p7a Harper Mary
ED3p15b Harper Rebecca
ED3p4a Harper William
ED3p4a Harper William
ED6p3a Harris Aaron
ED6p3a Harris Aaron
ED3p3b Harris Addell
ED1p15a Harris Addie
ED3p7b Harris Adeline
ED3p7b Harris Alfred
ED6p8a Harris Alfred
ED12p3b Harris Allen
ED5p8b Harris Arleigh
ED6p3a Harris Barker Tee
ED4p9a Harris Ben
ED12p3b Harris Bennie
ED1p14b Harris Callie
ED6p3a Harris Cannie D
ED6p8a Harris Charley
ED5p8b Harris Christopher
ED6p3a Harris Cilvester
ED15p3a Harris Clarence
ED12p3b Harris Dan
ED9p7a Harris Dave
ED3p13a Harris Ebbie
ED6p3a Harris Edna
ED3p3a Harris Emma
ED5p10a Harris Emma
ED4p9a Harris Ennis
ED2p11a Harris Ernestine
ED1p15a Harris Estelle
ED2p11a Harris Fannie
ED5p10a Harris Floyd
ED6p6b Harris Frank
ED6p3a Harris Frank
ED3p3b Harris Fred
ED6p3a Harris Fred
ED1p15a Harris Freeman
ED5p8b Harris Gertrude
ED3p3a Harris Gude
ED2p11a Harris Harry D
ED12p3b Harris Harvey
ED6p3a Harris Henrietta
ED3p3a Harris Henry
ED12p3b Harris Hester
ED6p3a Harris Ida
ED3p3b Harris Ida Dell
ED3p3a Harris Isabella
ED2p11a Harris James
ED3p5b Harris James
ED2p11a Harris Jennie
ED3p17a Harris Jodie
ED6p19a Harris John
ED3p5a Harris John
ED3p3b Harris John Allen
ED3p5a Harris John Willie
ED3p17a Harris Johnnie
ED6p3a Harris Johnnie
ED1p15a Harris Joseph
ED3p3b Harris Josephine
ED6p19a Harris K H
ED6p6b Harris Katie
ED4p9a Harris Lee
ED6p3a Harris Lee Ester
ED3p3b Harris Leila Anna
ED6p19a Harris Lenna
ED6p6b Harris Liddie
ED4p9a Harris Liza
ED6p6b Harris Lonnie
ED3p5b Harris Lucius
ED3p17a Harris Lucy
ED6p8a Harris Lula
ED15p19a Harris M J
ED12p3b Harris Maggie
ED6p3a Harris Marshall
ED6p6b Harris Marshel
ED6p8a Harris Mary
ED6p3a Harris May Lee
ED6p19a Harris Melvin
ED12p3b Harris Millie
ED6p19a Harris Morris
ED12p3b Harris Nelson
ED3p3a Harris Nettie
ED6p19a Harris Norman
ED4p9a Harris Pearle
ED3p5a Harris Rachel
ED5p8b Harris Raleigh
ED12p3b Harris Robert
ED3p13a Harris Robert
ED1p15a Harris Rodie
ED6p3a Harris Rolly
ED1p15a Harris Roxy
ED6p19a Harris Ruffin
ED1p15a Harris Shade
ED1p15a Harris Shaderic
ED2p11a Harris Sophie
ED2p11a Harris Sophie
ED6p8a Harris Tairri
ED4p9a Harris Texana
ED6p3a Harris Thelma
ED6p6b Harris Tommie
ED12p3b Harris Tommie
ED12p3b Harris Viola
ED6p19a Harris Walker
ED5p10a Harris William
ED1p15a Harris William
ED3p7b Harris Willie
ED15p3a Harris Willie B
ED3p5a Harris Winnie
ED11p7a Hartfiel Emil R
ED11p7a Hartfiel Emma
ED11p7a Hartfiel Henry
ED11p7a Hartfiel Julinae
ED11p7a Hartfiel Osker R
ED11p7a Hartfiel Otto P
ED8p2b Hartman Alma
ED8p2b Hartman Anna
ED8p2b Hartman August
ED8p2b Hartman Augusta
ED8p2b Hartman Charles
ED8p2b Hartman Edna
ED8p2b Hartman Edwin
ED1p15b Hartman Ellostie
ED1p15b Hartman Emily
ED1p15b Hartman Frank
ED8p2b Hartman Henry A
ED8p2b Hartman Louise
Ed7p4b Hartman Millie
ED8p2b Hartman Willie
ED14p8a Hartmann Annie
ED14p8a Hartmann Annie
ED8p1a Hartmann Arthur
ED14p8a Hartmann August
ED11p5a Hartmann Daisy
ED8p1a Hartmann Emest
ED11p5a Hartmann Emil
ED14p7a Hartmann Francis
ED11p5a Hartmann Henry
ED11p5a Hartmann Jannie
ED11p5a Hartmann Lee
ED8p1a Hartmann Minna
ED14p7a Hartmann Ruth
ED3p16b Harvey Darkes
ED4p1a Harvey Dealy
ED12p6a Harvey Elsie
ED3p15a Harvey Francis
ED3p15a Harvey Freddie
ED12p6a Harvey Hattie
ED4p3a Harvey Hattie
ED3p15a Harvey Henry
ED3p15a Harvey Henry
ED3p15a Harvey Iola
ED4p1a Harvey Julia
ED3p16b Harvey Kye
ED4p3a Harvey Lilia
ED3p16b Harvey Lillie
ED12p6a Harvey Linsey W
ED4p1a Harvey Nathan
ED4p1a Harvey Nathan
ED3p15a Harvey Pearlie
ED12p6a Harvey William
ED5p8a Hasselbrock Lillie
ED5p8a Hasselbrock Lina
ED5p8a Hasselbrock William
ED11p7a Hassler Arthur
ED8p3a Hassler Augusta
ED8p3a Hassler Charles H
ED8p3a Hassler Elice
ED11p7a Hassler Emil
ED8p1b Hassler Emily
ED11p7a Hassler Erna
ED8p3a Hassler Evelyn
ED8p3a Hassler Jesse J
ED11p7a Hassler Louise
ED8p1b Hassler Minna
ED8p3a Hassler N Golabell
Ed7p19b Hasta Basanta
Ed7p19b Hasta Cornelia
Ed7p19b Hasta Lous
ED13p1a Hattie Brembry
ED13p1b Hattie Ella Lucy
ED13p1b Hattie Wilmont
ED15p14a Hatton Johnie
ED15p14a Hatton Johnie Mae
ED15p14a Hatton Lula
ED11p2a Hauck Fenton
ED11p1b Hauck Fritz
ED11p1b Hauck Hulda
ED11p1b Hauck Lillian
ED11p1b Hauck Lonnie
Ed7p16b Hauland Annie
Ed7p16b Hauland Antone
Ed7p16b Hauland Antone
Ed7p16b Hauland Emmie
Ed7p16b Hauland Jersey
Ed7p16b Hauland John
Ed7p16b Hauland Ottilie
Ed7p16b Hauland Richard
Ed7p16b Hauland Rudolf
ED10p5b Haverlah Anna
ED10p5b Haverlah Bennie
ED5p7b Haverlah Eliza
ED10p5b Haverlah Erwin
ED5p7b Haverlah Harry
ED5p7b Haverlah Kinny
ED5p7b Haverlah Lillie
ED5p7b Haverlah Ruby
ED5p7b Haverlah William A
ED5p7b Haverlah Willie
ED15p16a Hawkins Martha
ED15p16a Hawkins Wm
ED3p8a Hayden Cordell
ED3p8a Hayden Enoch
ED3p6b Hayden Jim
ED3p6b Hayden Mary John
ED3p8a Hayden Reedy
ED3p6b Hayden Sarah Ellen
ED15p14b Haynes Albert
ED3p14b Haynes Charlie
ED3p8b Haynes E C
Ed7p4a Haynes Harry
Ed7p4a Haynes Lallie
ED3p14b Haynes Lucile
Ed7p4a Haynes Oranelle
Ed7p12a Hays John
Ed7p12a Hays Leon
Ed7p12a Hays Ollie
ED3p10a Haywood Ada
ED1p15b Haywood Callie
ED3p10a Haywood Ella
ED3p10a Haywood Fidella
ED3p10a Haywood Ida 
ED3p10a Haywood Jim Ed
ED1p15b Haywood Johnny
ED3p10a Haywood May Ella
ED1p15b Haywood Theodore
ED3p10a Haywood Wesley
ED1p15b Haywood Will
ED3p10a Haywood William
ED3p10a Haywood William
ED12p8b Heath Jim
ED5p6b Heckenkamp Delta
ED5p6b Heckenkamp Ella Mae
ED13p2b Heckmann Chas
ED13p2b Heckmann Elsie
ED13p2b Heckmann Emma
ED13p2b Heckmann Ida
ED13p2b Heckmann Willie
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Alma
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Clara
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Eddie
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Emma
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Herbert
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Hilda
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Hy
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Ida
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Lidia
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Rheinhardt
ED10p7b Hegemeyer Willie
ED13p7a Heidemann Emma
ED13p7a Heidemann Fritz
ED13p7a Heidemann Hildegard
ED13p7a Heidemann Louis
ED13p7a Heidemann Martha
ED13p7a Heidemann Otto
ED13p7a Heidemann Sofia
ED6p20b Hein Augusta
ED8p1a Hein Bertha
ED6p20b Hein Edella Annie
ED8p1a Hein Edward
ED6p20b Hein Edwin
ED8 p8b Hein Ferdnand
ED8p1a Hein Fritz
ED8 p8b Hein Rosine
ED8p1a Hein Selma
ED10p11a Heinsohn Flora
ED10p11a Heinsohn Ottilie
ED10p11a Heinsohn Otto
ED2p4b Heitman Annie
ED2p4b Heitman Walter
ED2p4b Heitman Winora O
ED13p2b Heitmann Carolyne
ED8p4b Heitmann Ella
ED13p2b Heitmann Ella
ED8p4b Heitmann Emil
ED13p2b Heitmann Fritz
ED13p2b Heitmann Lydia
ED13p2b Heitmann Willie


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