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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Hel - Hl

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED1p1a Hellmieth/Hellmich Ernst
ED1p1a Hellmieth/Hellmich Pearlie
ED1p3a Hellmuth Ada
ED1p8b Hellmuth Adolph
ED1p3a Hellmuth Charles
ED1p3a Hellmuth Charles
ED1p3a Hellmuth Edgar
ED1p8b Hellmuth Ella
ED1p3a Hellmuth Emma
ED1p1b Hellmuth Gardner
ED1p3a Hellmuth Hazel
ED1p8b Hellmuth Irvin
ED1p8b Hellmuth Julia
ED1p3a Hellmuth Lenora
ED1p1b Hellmuth Lola
ED1p3a Hellmuth Marcus
ED1p3a Hellmuth Mollie
Ed7p6b Hellmuth Meier Adele
Ed7p6b Hellmuth Meier Glen Dora
Ed7p6b Hellmuth Meier Hilda
Ed7p6b Hellmuth Meier Lucile
Ed7p6b Hellmuth Meier Meier Hellmuth
ED8p7a Helms Johana
ED11p3a Helweg Albert
ED11p3a Helweg Anna
ED11p3a Helweg Bernhardt
ED10p13a Helweg Caleta
ED11p3a Helweg Chas A W
ED10p13a Helweg Colbert
ED11p3a Helweg Hedwig
ED11p3a Helweg Lillie
ED10p13a Helweg Louis K
ED10p13a Helweg Mary
ED11p3a Helweg Mary
ED10p13a Helweg Royland
ED15p18a Helwig Clinton
ED15p18a Helwig Dora
ED15p18a Helwig Edward
ED15p18a Helwig Emma
ED15p18a Helwig H
ED15p18a Helwig Helen
ED15p18a Helwig Roy
ED15p18a Helwig Waldo
ED15p11a Hemesy Agnes
ED15p11a Hemesy Dora
ED15p11a Hemesy George
ED15p11a Hemesy Josephine
ED15p11a Hemesy Ruby
ED12p7a Henderson Carrie
ED12p7a Henderson Conbry
ED12p7a Henderson Elijah
ED13p1b Henderson Estella
ED13p1b Henderson Gilbert
ED12p6b Henderson Henriette
ED13p1b Henderson Isia
ED4p3a Henderson Judge
Ed7p13a Henderson Sarah
ED10p14b Henkhaus Arthur
ED10p15a Henkhaus Gilbert
ED10p15a Henkhaus Gladys
ED10p14b Henkhaus H A
ED10p14b Henkhaus Harry C
ED10p15a Henkhaus O H
ED10p14b Henkhaus Roxie
ED10p14b Henkhaus Rubin
ED10p15a Henkhaus Tony
ED15p18b Hennessey Drucilla
ED15p18b Hennessey Joe
ED15p18b Hennessey Louis
ED1p5a Henrichson Angela
ED1p5a Henrichson Leo
ED1p12b Henricksen Falaska
ED1p12b Henricksen Henrietta
ED1p12b Henricksen John E
ED1p9b Henrickson Agnes
ED1p6b Henrickson Charles A
ED1p6b Henrickson Charles N
ED1p9b Henrickson Eleonora
ED1p6b Henrickson Ella
ED1p9b Henrickson Emil
ED1p6b Henrickson Eva B
ED1p9b Henrickson Helen
ED1p9b Henrickson Henrietta
ED1p9b Henrickson Walter
Ed7p11b Henry Rosa
ED13p6a Henske Arther
ED13p6a Henske Chas
ED13p6a Henske Chas
ED13p6a Henske Ed
ED13p6a Henske Emile
ED13p5b Henske Frieda
ED13p6a Henske Fritz
ED13p6a Henske Gladies
ED13p6a Henske Heddie
ED13p5b Henske Melvin
ED13p6a Henske Minnie
ED13p5b Henske Otto
ED13p6a Henske Theo
ED12p8b Hensky Henske Clara
ED12p8b Hensky Henske Edna
ED12p8b Hensky Henske Henry
ED12p8b Hensky Henske Henry
ED12p8b Hensky Henske Johnnie
ED12p8b Hensky Henske Lottie
ED12p2a Hensley Bernice
ED2p1b Hensley Emma
ED2p1b Hensley Frank
ED12p2a Hensley Helen
ED12p2a Hensley Irvin
ED2p1b Hensley Marian
ED12p2a Hensley Minnie
ED12p2a Hensley Willie
ED13p3a Herbert Alnora
ED13p3a Herbert Annie May
ED13p3a Herbert Ed
ED13p3a Herbert Frances
ED13p3a Herbert Gladis
ED13p3a Herbert Lester
ED13p3a Herbert Lillie
ED13p3a Herbert Lonny
ED13p3a Herbert Nealey
ED13p3a Herbert Willar
ED5p11b Herbrig Bertha
ED5p7b Herbrig Hulda
ED5p7b Herbrig Leroy
ED5p7b Herbrig Lillie
ED5p5a Herbrig Louis
ED5p7b Herbrig Lydia
ED5p7b Herbrig Otto
ED5p11b Herbrig Richard
ED8p1b Hering Andrew L
ED8p1b Hering Gertrude
ED8p1b Hering Gustav
ED8p1b Hering Henry J
ED8p1b Hering Ida
ED8p1b Hering Lawrence
ED8p1b Hering Louis W
ED8p1b Hering Walter
Ed7p19a Herman Clarence
Ed7p3b Herman Ella
ED2p4b Herman Gertrude
Ed7p19a Herman Gotthold
Ed7p19a Herman Joanna
Ed7p3b Herman Marshall
ED10p5b Hermsdorf Cora
ED10p5b Hermsdorf Linda
ED10p5b Hermsdorf Nora
ED10p5b Hermsdorf O H
ED10p5b Hermsdorf Viola
ED8p6b Hermsdorfer Alice
ED10p5a Hermsdorfer Elda
ED8p6a Hermsdorfer Emma
ED8p6a Hermsdorfer Ernst
ED10p5a Hermsdorfer Ernst
ED10p5a Hermsdorfer Henrietta
ED8p6a Hermsdorfer Maple
ED10p5a Hermsdorfer Paul
ED15p18a Hern Earl E
ED15p18a Hern J C
ED15p18a Hern Julia
ED15p18a Hern Justina
ED15p18a Hern Willie F
ED1p12a Hernandez Mercedes
ED1p12a Hernandez Peras
ED10p2b Herr Anna
ED10p2b Herr Christian
ED5p3b Herr Dora
ED5p3b Herr Edgar
ED10p2b Herr Ellis
ED10p2b Herr Hetwig
ED10p2b Herr Hilda
ED5p3b Herr John
ED10p2b Herr Olga
ED5p3b Herr Otto
ED12p4b Herring Hering Andrew
ED12p4b Herring Hering Annie
ED12p4b Herring Hering Ella
ED12p4b Herring Hering Henry
ED12p4b Herring Hering Sophia
Ed7p5b Hess Clara
Ed7p5b Hess Floyd
Ed7p5b Hess Henry
Ed7p5b Hess Henry
Ed7p5b Hess Hugo
Ed7p5b Hess Jesse
Ed7p5b Hess Johanna
ED11p2a Hetzel Clinton
ED11p2a Hetzel Lina
ED11p2a Hetzel Lynn
ED11p2a Hetzel Paul
ED11p5b Hetzel Pilipine
ED11p5b Hetzel Richard
ED5p2a Hewett Ella Mae
ED8p4b Hewig Eddie
ED8p4b Hewig Nilda
ED1p7b Heyne Clara D
ED1p7b Heyne Mary
ED1p7b Heyne Williams
ED9p6b Hibbeler Agnes
ED9p6b Hibbeler Alfred
ED9p6b Hibbeler Alma
ED9p6b Hibbeler Ben
ED9p6b Hibbeler Flora
ED9p6b Hibbeler John
ED9p6b Hibbeler Lonie
ED9p6b Hibbeler Marshall
ED9p6b Hibbeler Mary
ED9p6b Hibbeler Minna
ED9p6b Hibbeler Rudolph
ED1p6b Hickey Helen T
ED1p6b Hickey Raymond O
ED1p6b Hickey Thomas M
ED1p6b Hickey Tom M
ED6p12b Hickl Annie
ED6p12b Hickl Ed
ED6p12b Hickl Gus
ED6p12b Hickl John
ED6p12b Hickl John
ED6p12b Hickl Julia
ED6p12b Hickl Louis
ED6p12b Hickl Lucy
ED6p12b Hickl Willie
ED12p6b Hicks Arthur
ED14p9a Hicks Audre Jackson
ED14p9a Hicks Bertha
ED12p6b Hicks Caroline
ED12p6b Hicks George
ED12p6b Hicks George
ED12p6b Hicks Louette
ED12p6b Hicks Minnie
ED12p6b Hicks Viney
ED2p2b Hietman Eunice
ED2p2b Hietman Hugo
ED2p5b Hietman Heitmann Cecil O
ED2p5b Hietman Heitmann Clara
ED2p5b Hietman Heitmann Robert
ED10p18a Highsmith Dorothy Mae
ED10p18a Highsmith Elsie
ED10p18a Highsmith Elsie
ED10p18a Highsmith J W
ED1p3b Hilborn Glenn
ED1p3b Hilborn Grace
ED1p3b Hilborn Hattie
ED1p3b Hilborn Oscar
ED1p3b Hilborn Oscar B
ED2p8a Hildebrandt Agusta
ED2p8a Hildebrandt Anita
ED3p9a Hildebrandt Joseph
ED2p8a Hildebrandt Ledie
ED3p7b Hildebrandt Lucy
ED2p8a Hildebrandt Mabel
ED3p9a Hildebrandt Petronela
ED2p8a Hildebrandt Sophie
ED2p8a Hildebrandt William
ED2p8a Hildebrandt William
ED6p21a Hill Abigail
Ed7p12b Hill Ada
ED9p3a Hill Adam
Ed7p12b Hill Algie
ED5p7a Hill Alma
ED1p14a Hill Alma
ED1p3b Hill Ballantine
ED1p14a Hill Blanche
ED14p9a Hill Bob
Ed7p18b Hill Brother
Ed7p15a Hill Carrie
ED6p21a Hill Carrie May
ED6p21a Hill Carrie May
ED2p10a Hill Cherry Lee
ED1p14a Hill Clarence
ED3p15a Hill Clister
ED1p14a Hill Daisy
Ed7p13a Hill Dorothy
ED1p3b Hill Dorothy
ED14p9a Hill Douglas
ED1p14a Hill Ealeen
ED5p7b Hill Edmund
ED1p3b Hill Ella
ED1p14a Hill Elsie
ED6p2a Hill Emily
ED1p14a Hill Ethel L
ED6p21a Hill Florence Elenor
ED5p7a Hill Fritz
Ed7p5b Hill Gaston
Ed7p15a Hill George
ED6p21a Hill George William
Ed7p12b Hill Gladys
ED5p7a Hill Hildegard
Ed7p13a Hill Jacob
ED3p15a Hill Jake
ED4p8b Hill James
ED6p21a Hill James Hudson
ED6p21a Hill James Walter
Ed7p18b Hill Jasper H
ED13p5b Hill John
ED6p21a Hill Josey Luke
ED6p21a Hill Justus
ED1p3b Hill Lewellyn
ED2p10a Hill Lonny
ED2p10b Hill Lottie
ED13p5b Hill Louis
ED1p3b Hill Louis
ED2p10b Hill Lucy M
ED3p10a Hill Luella
ED1p5b Hill Margerete
ED14p9a Hill Mary
Ed7p5b Hill Mary Belle
Ed7p7b Hill Mildred
ED13p5b Hill Millie
ED5p7a Hill Minna
Ed7p18b Hill Myrtle
Ed7p13a Hill Nettie Marie
ED2p10b Hill Oliver
ED5p7a Hill Paula
ED5p7a Hill Pauline
ED6p21a Hill Robert Louis
ED3p10a Hill Rosa
Ed7p7b Hill Rowena
ED1p3b Hill Sam A
Ed7p18b Hill Sister
Ed7p12b Hill Theo
Ed7p7b Hill Thomas
Ed7p12b Hill Tollie
ED13p5b Hill Walter
ED2p11b Hill William I
ED13p5b Hill Willie
ED1p14a Hill Willie
ED2p8b Hill Oliver
ED8 p8b Hillboldt Adele
Ed7p7a Hillboldt Alvina
ED9p3b Hillboldt Auguste
ED8 p8b Hillboldt Ben
Ed7p7a Hillboldt C S
ED9p4a Hillboldt Charles
ED6p8a Hillboldt Charley
Ed7p7a Hillboldt Chas E
ED8 p9a Hillboldt Debora
ED9p4a Hillboldt Dora
ED8 p8b Hillboldt Emma
ED8 p8b Hillboldt Esther
Ed7p15b Hillboldt Flora
ED9p4a Hillboldt Henry
ED8 p9a Hillboldt Henry W
ED8 p8b Hillboldt Herman
ED8 p9a Hillboldt Hettie
ED8 p8b Hillboldt Hettie
Ed7p15b Hillboldt Jack
ED8 p9a Hillboldt Leola
ED9p4a Hillboldt Lilly
ED9p4a Hillboldt Linnie
ED9p3b Hillboldt Louis
ED6p8a Hillboldt Mary
ED6p8a Hillboldt Ruby
ED8 p9a Hillboldt Sam
ED9p4a Hillboldt Waco
ED9p3b Hillboldt Walter
ED8 p9a Hillboldt Willie
ED6p8a Hillboldt Willie
Ed7p17b Hillbolt Annie
Ed7p17b Hillbolt Dallas
Ed7p1a Hillebrand Henry
Ed7p1a Hillebrand Ida
Ed7p9b Hillebrand Juaneeta
Ed7p9b Hillebrand Nora
Ed7p9b Hillebrand Rhinehart
Ed7p1a Hillebrand Walter
ED2p8b Hillyered Alice
ED2p10a Hillyered Alice
ED2p10a Hillyered Edward
ED2p10a Hillyered Frannie
ED2p10a Hillyered Georgie
ED2p10a Hillyered Herbie
ED2p10a Hillyered Lottie
ED2p10a Hillyered Mary
ED2p10a Hillyered Palace
ED2p10a Hillyered Robert J
ED2p10a Hillyered Tommy
ED14p9a Hiltpold Clara
ED14p9a Hiltpold Jacob
ED14p9a Hiltpold Winnie
ED6p21a Himes Rubin
ED6p21a Himes Sallie
ED5p6b Himley Erna
ED5p6b Himley Helen
ED5p6b Himley Lizette
ED5p6b Himley Paul
ED9p5b Himly Adelia
ED9p5b Himly Adona
ED9p5b Himly Alex
ED9p5b Himly Charley
ED4p8b Himly Edmond
ED9p5b Himly Edward
ED4p8b Himly Josie
ED9p4a Himly Otto
ED4p8b Himly Woodrow
ED12p5a Hines Ernest
ED12p5a Hines Leroy
ED12p5a Hines Mollie
ED8p4b Hinkel Bertha
ED8p4b Hinkel Danial
ED8p5b Hinkel Ellie
ED8p4b Hinkel Ernest
ED8p5b Hinkel Henry
ED8p4b Hinkel Martter
ED8p4b Hinkel Milda
ED8p4b Hinkel Samuel
ED8p3b Hinsen Anna
ED8p3b Hinsen Arnold
ED8p3b Hinsen Edgar
ED8p3b Hinsen Herbert
ED8p3b Hinsen Ida
ED8p3b Hinsen Willie
ED1p13a Hinsly Oscar
ED3p7a Hinton Clara
ED3p8a Hinton Ida
ED3p7a Hinton John
ED9p7a Hintz Alberta
ED9p3b Hintz Alfred
ED6p7b Hintz Annie
ED9p7a Hintz Auguste
ED9p3b Hintz Cada
ED9p7a Hintz Charles
ED9p3b Hintz Chester
ED6p7b Hintz Ellie
ED9p3b Hintz Fred
ED6p7b Hintz Frieda
ED6p7b Hintz Gertrude
ED9p3b Hintz Hattie
ED6p7b Hintz Hugo
ED9p5b Hintz Iola
ED9p3b Hintz Joachim
ED9p5b Hintz Leonard
ED6p7b Hintz Leta
ED9p3b Hintz Lexie
ED9p5b Hintz Lucy
ED9p3b Hintz Minna
Ed7p7b Hintz Minnie
ED6p7b Hintz Otto
ED9p5b Hintz Raymond
ED9p7a Hintz Sadie
ED9p5b Hintz Thomas
ED6p7b Hintz Walter
ED4p8a Hintzel Anna
ED4p8a Hintzel Anton
ED4p8a Hintzel Boleslaus
ED4p8b Hintzel Edward
ED4p8b Hintzel John
ED4p8a Hintzel Martha
ED4p8b Hintzel Paul
ED4p8a Hintzel Pete
ED4p8b Hintzel Petrobella
ED4p8a Hintzel Stephen
ED4p8b Hintzel Steve
ED4p8b Hintzel Teresa
ED4p8b Hintzel Vanda
Ed7p17a Hinze Adele
Ed7p17a Hinze Alma
Ed7p17a Hinze Annie
ED13p2a Hinze Auguste
Ed7p18b Hinze Edwin
Ed7p17a Hinze Edwin
ED13p2a Hinze Elsie
ED13p2a Hinze Erna
Ed7p17a Hinze Harry
Ed7p18b Hinze Hattie
ED13p2a Hinze Herbert
Ed7p18b Hinze Hugo
Ed7p17a Hinze John
Ed7p17a Hinze Joseph
Ed7p17a Hinze Laura
Ed7p18b Hinze Lena
Ed7p18b Hinze Leo
Ed7p18b Hinze Louis 
Ed7p17a Hinze Philippine
ED13p2a Hinze Reinhold
ED8p4a Hirsch Charles
ED15p12a Hlavaty Francis
ED15p12a Hlavaty Frank
ED15p12a Hlavaty Henry
ED15p12a Hlavaty Leonard
Ed7p8a Hluchan Addie
Ed7p1a Hluchan Claudie
Ed7p5a Hluchan Ernest
Ed7p1a Hluchan Fanny
Ed7p8a Hluchan Freddie
Ed7p5a Hluchan Henry
Ed7p1a Hluchan Henry
Ed7p4b Hluchan John
Ed7p5a Hluchan Lena
Ed7p8a Hluchan Louis
Ed7p8a Hluchan Louis
Ed7p8a Hluchan Lucy
Ed7p5a Hluchan Rosa
Ed7p8a Hluchan Sophia
Ed7p8b Hluchan Sophia
Ed7p8a Hluchan Sophia
Ed7p5a Hluchan Valaddie
Ed7p1a Hluchan Willie
Ed7p8a Hluchan Woodrow


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