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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Ho - Hu


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p8b Hoams Abe
ED6p8b Hoams Minnie
ED8p4a Hodge Alma
ED8p4a Hodge Elie F
ED6p5b Hodge Leala
ED8p4a Hodge Minnie
ED8p4a Hodge Rubybell
ED1p7a Hodges Lula
ED1p7a Hodges Thelma
ED1p7a Hodges Tom
Ed7p18a Hoek Alvena
Ed7p18a Hoek Charlie
Ed7p18a Hoek Ervin
Ed7p18a Hoek Freda
Ed7p18a Hoek John
Ed7p18a Hoek Minna
ED4p7a Hoff Agnes
ED2p1a Hoff Alma
ED2p4a Hoff Aloise
ED4p5a Hoff Alvina
ED1p13a Hoff Anita
ED2p1a Hoff Anita
ED1p10b Hoff Anna
ED6p1a Hoff Annie
ED1p10b Hoff Annie
ED1p9b Hoff Barnett C
ED2p1a Hoff Cara Bell
ED1p9b Hoff Charles M
ED6p1a Hoff Charley
ED1p10b Hoff Edmund
ED1p9b Hoff Eleanore
ED4p1b Hoff Elizabeth
ED4p5a Hoff Ernest
ED1p9b Hoff Harry
ED4p1b Hoff Hazel
ED1p14b Hoff Henry
ED2p1b Hoff Henry
ED4p7a Hoff Henry
ED15p9a Hoff John W
ED1p9b Hoff Lawrence
ED4p5a Hoff Leroy
ED1p10b Hoff Lilly
ED1p9b Hoff Metta
ED4p5a Hoff Paul
ED1p9b Hoff Raymond
ED15p9a Hoff Sophia
ED2p1a Hoff Theo
ED1p10b Hoff Walter
ED4p7a Hoff Wilbert
ED1p10b Hoff William
ED6p1a Hoff Willie
ED1p5a Hoffman Alvin
ED1p11a Hoffman Dora
ED1p4a Hoffman Emma
ED1p6a Hoffman Emma
ED1p5a Hoffman Ernest J
ED1p6a Hoffman Frieda
ED3p9a Hoffman Henry
ED1p5a Hoffman Hertha
ED1p11a Hoffman Joachim
ED3p9a Hoffman Mary
ED3p9a Hoffman Mollie
ED1p4a Hoffman William H
ED11p1a Hoffmann August 
ED11p1a Hoffmann Birnie
ED2p3b Hoffmann Erna
ED2p3b Hoffmann Fritz
ED2p3b Hoffmann Lena
ED11p1a Hoffmann Lizzie
ED2p3b Hoffmann Selina
ED1p7a Hofman Alice
ED1p7a Hofman Gladstone
ED1p7a Hofman John D
ED1p7a Hofman Manus J
ED1p7a Hofman Thomas
ED1p7a Hofman Thomas
ED2p11b Hofman Hoffmann Olga
ED2p11b Hofman Hoffmann Roland V
ED2p11b Hofman Hoffmann William H
ED12p9a Hogan Archie C
ED12p9a Hogan Belinda
ED12p9a Hogan Christine
ED12p9a Hogan Elisabeth
ED12p9a Hogan Ella
ED12p9a Hogan Festus
ED12p9a Hogan Festus
ED12p9a Hogan John W
ED12p9a Hogan Zelma L
Ed7p11a Hoggans Louisa
ED14p8a Hohle Chas
ED14p8a Hohle Ernest
ED13p7b Hohlt Augusta
ED14p2a Hohlt Bennie
ED13p5b Hohlt Clarance
ED14p1a Hohlt Eddie
ED5p5b Hohlt Ella
ED14p2a Hohlt Elsie
ED14p1a Hohlt Emma
ED13p5b Hohlt Emma
ED14p1a Hohlt F William
ED5p1b Hohlt H William
ED12p3a Hohlt Henry
ED14p2a Hohlt Herald
ED14p1a Hohlt Herbert
ED12p3a Hohlt Louisa
ED5p5b Hohlt Louise
ED14p1a Hohlt Mata
ED12p3a Hohlt Melinda
ED14p2a Hohlt Meta
ED5p1b Hohlt Moneta
ED14p1a Hohlt Nora
ED13p5b Hohlt Otto
ED5p1b Hohlt Otto C
ED12p3b Hohlt Perle
ED14p2a Hohlt Raymond
ED13p7b Hohlt Robert
ED5p1b Hohlt Sophie
ED14p1a Hohlt Walter
ED13p7b Hohlt Weda
ED5p5b Hohlt Wilhelm F
ED12p3a Hohlt William
ED14p2a Hohlt Willie C
ED14p9b Holba Francis
ED14p9b Holba Joe
ED14p9b Holba Johnnie
ED14p9b Holba Lucy
ED14p9b Holba Therese
ED6p8b Holcomb Catherine
ED6p8b Holcomb Robert
ED14p8a Hold August
ED14p8a Hold August
ED14p8a Hold Edwin
ED14p8a Hold Emely
ED14p8a Hold Emmie
ED14p8b Hold Erna
ED14p8b Hold William
ED13p8b Holdt Hold Alfreda
ED13p8b Holdt Hold Bertha
ED13p8b Holdt Hold Ervin
ED13p8b Holdt Hold Henry
ED2p9a Holland Ann
ED1p2b Holland Flora
ED1p2b Holland Flora L
ED2p9a Holland Henry
ED1p2b Holland Jennell
ED2p9a Holland Jim
ED1p2b Holland Louise
Ed7p18a Holliday General Lee
Ed7p18a Holliday Hellen
Ed7p18a Holliday Luckie
Ed7p18a Holliday Pat
Ed7p18a Holliday Pat
Ed7p18a Holliday R K
ED12p10b Hollie Daught
ED12p10b Hollie Sam
ED9p4b Hollien Adolph
ED4p3a Hollien Della
ED4p3a Hollien E F
ED8 p8a Hollien Fred
Ed7p4b Hollien Huldah
ED1p5b Hollien Leo
ED4p3a Hollien Leo
ED6p20a Holliway Edna
ED15p14a Holliway J W
ED5p9b Hollmann Annie
ED5p9b Hollmann Gerhard
ED5p9b Hollmann Ida
ED5p9b Hollmann Otto
ED6p21b Holloway Allace
ED6p21b Holloway Anna
ED6p21b Holloway George
ED6p21b Holloway Hattie
ED15p18a Holmes Cealia
ED2p9a Holmes Edith
ED2p9a Holmes Edna E
ED2p9a Holmes Jesse M
ED15p18a Holmes President
ED2p9a Holmes Robert
ED2p9a Holmes Thomas
ED2p9a Holmes Thomas D
ED2p9a Holmes Willie M
ED2p9a Holmes Woodrow
ED12p10b Holt Alfred
ED4p5a Holtz Lillie
ED4p5a Holtz Louise
ED4p5a Holtz Monroe
ED4p5a Holtz Owen
ED4p5a Holtz Richard
ED4p5a Holtz William
ED15p1a Holub Annie M
ED15p9a Holub Arnold
ED15p9a Holub Benjamin
ED15p11b Holub Daniel
ED15p1a Holub Elizabeth
ED15p9a Holub Fannie
ED15p2a Holub Francis
ED15p9a Holub Georgia
ED15p2a Holub Ig
ED15p11b Holub J E
ED15p9b Holub Libor
ED15p2a Holub Martha
ED15p1a Holub Peter F
ED15p11b Holub Rose
ED15p9a Holub Vinc
ED15p9b Holub Willie
ED10p12a Holzman Mrs. Joe
ED3p1b Homes Elisha
ED3p1b Homes Katie
ED3p1b Homes Willie
ED13p5a Honekamp Henry
ED13p5a Honekamp Mary
ED13p5a Honekamp Otto
ED13p5a Hood Amel
ED12p1b Hood Charles
ED13p1a Hood Charley
ED13p5a Hood Clara
ED13p5a Hood Dora
ED9p7a Hood Frank
ED13p5a Hood Hattie
ED9p7a Hood Lovey Lee
ED9p7a Hood Maggie May
ED13p1a Hood Martha
ED9p7a Hood Mary A
ED13p5a Hood Matty Lee
ED6p8b Hood Nancie
ED9p7a Hood R H
ED12p1b Hood Sallie
ED13p5a Hood Seser
ED13p5a Hood Tomey
ED6p8b Hood Wesley
ED3p5a Hope Carrie
ED3p5a Hope Eddie
ED3p5a Hope Eddie
ED3p5a Hope Emma
ED3p5a Hope Ethel
ED3p5a Hope Mozelle
ED3p5a Hope R S
ED14p10a Hopkins Beatrice
ED14p10a Hopkins Cora
ED14p10a Hopkins Isiah
ED13p4a Hopmann Arnold
ED13p4a Hopmann Ernest
ED13p4a Hopmann Learnard
ED13p4a Hopmann Lillie
ED13p4a Hopmann Olga
ED13p4a Hopmann Sophia
ED13p4a Hopmann Wm
ED8p4b Hoppe Alfred
ED10p9b Hoppe Allen
ED8p6a Hoppe Almo
ED8p5a Hoppe Annie M
ED8p6a Hoppe August
ED8p6a Hoppe August
ED8p5a Hoppe Bertha
ED8p6a Hoppe Clara
ED10p9b Hoppe Clarence
ED8p6a Hoppe Ellen
ED10p13b Hoppe Ellie
ED8p6a Hoppe Elsie
ED10p9b Hoppe Emil E
ED10p9b Hoppe Emilie
ED10p13b Hoppe Emma
ED10p15b Hoppe G A
ED10p9b Hoppe Gladys
ED8p5a Hoppe Henry
ED8p4b Hoppe Herman
ED10p9b Hoppe Hollen
ED8p6a Hoppe Lester
ED10p14b Hoppe Louise
ED8p5a Hoppe Ludwig
ED8p6a Hoppe Mary
ED8p4b Hoppe Mary
ED10p9b Hoppe Mary
ED8p4b Hoppe Mary
ED8p5a Hoppe Mather
ED10p14b Hoppe Otto
ED10p9b Hoppe Palmer
ED10p9b Hoppe Paul
ED10p3b Hoppe Richard
ED10p13b Hoppe Rudolf
ED8p4b Hoppe Walter
ED10p9b Hoppe Wilhelmine
ED10p9b Hoppe William
ED15p10a Horn Amanda
ED3p9b Horn August
ED3p9b Horn Bertha
ED15p10a Horn D A
ED15p10a Horn David
ED3p9b Horn Helen
ED15p1b Horn Mary
ED15p1b Horn Tommie
ED15p9b Hornsby Katherine
ED15p9b Hornsby Rufus
Ed7p1b Horsch Charles
Ed7p1b Horsch Eva
ED15p13a Horth Charlie
ED15p13a Horth Edgar
ED15p13a Horth Elga
ED3p9b Horton Kid
ED3p14a Horton Mary
ED3p9b Horton May Etta
ED10p17a Hotmann Bennie
ED10p17a Hotmann Louise
ED10p17a Hotmann Rudy
ED10p17a Hotmann W F
ED10p17b Hotmann Winnie
ED4p4b House Callie
ED4p4b House Ezebelle
ED4p4b House John
ED4p4b House Julia Lee
ED4p4b House Louis
ED4p4b House Mary
ED4p4b House Walter
ED4p9a House Willie
ED3p7b Houston Jim
ED3p7b Houston Jimmie
ED3p7b Houston Johnnie
ED3p7b Houston Lulu
ED3p7b Houston Tommie
Ed7p4a Hover Frank
Ed7p4a Hover Frank 
Ed7p4a Hover Jack
Ed7p4a Hover Julia
Ed7p1b Howard Alma
Ed7p1b Howard Ann
ED6p5a Howard Bennie
ED2p6b Howard Cecil
ED6p5a Howard John
ED6p5a Howard Lillie
ED2p6b Howard Marshall
ED3p9b Howard Mary
ED3p9b Howard Travis
ED3p9b Howard Walter
ED2p3a Howard Wayne
Ed7p1b Howard Zada
ED2p6b Howard Zettoe E
ED10p16b Howe Augusta
ED10p16b Howe Carla
ED10p16b Howe Chas W
ED10p16b Howe Elinor
ED10p14a Howe Fritz
ED10p16b Howe Helga
ED10p14a Howe Herbert
ED10p14a Howe Louise
ED10p16b Howe Louise
ED10p14a Howe Mathilda
ED10p16b Howe Norma
ED10p14a Howe Selma
ED10p14a Howe William
ED15p8a Hozak Joseph
ED15p8a Hozak Teresie
ED15p12b Hranicky Adolph
ED15p11a Hranicky Albina
ED15p9a Hranicky Annie
ED15p12b Hranicky Annie  
ED15p12b Hranicky Bennie
ED15p11a Hranicky Chas
ED15p9a Hranicky Christine
ED15p11a Hranicky Clara
ED15p11a Hranicky Hattie
ED15p9a Hranicky Ignatz
ED15p11a Hranicky Liga
ED15p9a Hranicky Louise
ED15p11a Hranicky Mary
ED15p9a Hranicky Raymond
ED15p9a Hranicky Richard
ED15p7b Hranicky Rud
ED15p12b Hranicky Willie
Ed7p2b Hubbard Irene
ED6p2b Hubenak Annie
ED6p2b Hubenak Frank
ED6p2b Hubenak Frank
ED6p2b Hubenak Valsta
ED8p2b Huber August
ED14p8a Huber Fritz
ED14p8a Huber Henen
ED8p2b Huber Henry
ED14p8a Huber Isabel
ED14p8a Huber Jessie
ED8p2b Huber Lawrence
ED8p2b Huber Maganolia
ED14p8a Huber Marie
ED14p8a Huber Sam
ED12p3b Hubert Annie
ED6p17a Hudison Earnest
ED3p16b Hudson Roxanna
ED3p16b Hudson Wess
ED5p5a Huebner Alma
ED10p7b Huebner Augusta
ED5p4b Huebner Bennie
ED5p7b Huebner Benny
ED1p6b Huebner Delmas
ED5p10a Huebner Dewey
ED5p7b Huebner Edward
ED5p7b Huebner Emily
ED5p10a Huebner Emily
ED5p7b Huebner frieda
ED5p10a Huebner Goldie
ED5p3b Huebner Harry
ED5p4b Huebner Herman
ED5p7b Huebner Herman
ED5p10a Huebner Herman H
ED5p10a Huebner Hermine
ED10p4a Huebner Hugo
ED5p5a Huebner Hugo L
ED5p4b Huebner Ivy
ED5p10a Huebner Ivy
ED5p4b Huebner Jessie
ED5p7b Huebner Joseph
ED10p7b Huebner Kermit
ED10p7b Huebner Lee
ED5p4b Huebner Lester
ED10p4a Huebner Lina
ED5p4a Huebner Lydia
ED5p4b Huebner Marie
Ed7p6b Huebner Mary
ED5p7b Huebner Otto
ED5p5a Huebner Otto
ED5p5a Huebner Paulie
ED5p4b Huebner Sadie
ED5p10a Huebner Sophie
ED5p7b Huebner Tony
ED10p7b Huebner Waldo
ED5p10a Huebner William
ED10p7b Huebner Wm
ED14p3b Huff Bailey
ED14p3b Huff Bessie
ED14p3b Huff Della
ED14p3b Huff Ervin
ED14p3b Huff Frieda
ED14p3b Huff Gilbert
ED14p3b Huff Goldie
ED14p3b Huff Olivia
ED14p3b Huff Richard
ED14p3b Huff Willie
ED3p17b Huges Manda
Ed7p10a Humes Eliza
Ed7p10a Hunt Bernice
Ed7p6a Hunt Dorothy
Ed7p6a Hunt Hasel
Ed7p6a Hunt Hazel
Ed7p10a Hunt Mary
Ed7p6a Hunt Mildred
Ed7p10a Hunt Sylvesta
ED4p7a Hunt Sylvester H
ED4p7a Hunt Viola
ED15p19a Hunter Alonzo
ED15p19a Hunter Bell
ED9p1b Hunter Cally
ED9p1b Hunter Clara
ED15p19a Hunter Garnett
ED15p19a Hunter Hattie Mae
ED15p19a Hunter James
ED9p1b Hunter Jessie
ED9p1b Hunter Martha
ED15p19a Hunter Myrtle
ED9p1b Hunter Oscar
ED15p19a Hunter Ruby
ED9p1b Hunter Walter
ED15p19a Hunter Willie L
ED11p2b Hupe Adela
ED11p2b Hupe Alfred
ED11p2b Hupe Eldon
ED11p2b Hupe Ella
ED11p2b Hupe Ella
ED11p2b Hupe Fritz
ED11p2b Hupe Henriette
ED11p2b Hupe Otto


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