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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

I - Ja


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
Ed7p9a Igadatz Edwin
Ed7p9a Igadatz Frank
Ed7p9a Igadatz Janda
Ed7p9a Igadatz Sophia
ED3p14b Ignasiak Evelyn
ED3p14b Ignasiak Francis
ED3p14b Ignasiak Joe
ED3p14b Ignasiak Johanna
ED3p14b Ignasiak John
ED3p14b Ignasiak Mary
ED3p14b Ignasiak Nettie
ED3p14b Ignasiak Pearl
ED3p14b Ignasiak Pearlie
ED3p14b Ignasiak Rosa
Ed7p1b Inman Mary Nell
Ed7p1b Inman Mildred
Ed7p1b Inman Pattie Louise
ED1p3b Ioneoiece Adolph
ED1p3b Ioneoiece Helen L
ED1p3b Ioneoiece Henry
ED1p3b Ioneoiece Louis
ED1p3b Ioneoiece Nettie
ED1p3b Ioneoiece Welhimia
Ed7p5b Irsall Eugene
Ed7p5b Irsall Gussie
Ed7p5b Irsall Jennie
ED15p6b Irvin Edna
ED15p6b Irvin Irene H
ED15p6b Irvin Mamie D
ED15p6b Irvin Mattie
ED15p6b Irvin Nannie V
ED15p6b Irvin R A
ED15p6b Irvin R A
ED15p6b Irvin Robert M
Ed7p15b Iselt August
Ed7p15b Iselt Ellie
ED10p15b Iselt Elmo
ED6p21a Iselt Elsie Addie
Ed7p15b Iselt Emma
Ed7p15b Iselt Erna
ED10p15b Iselt Lester
ED10p15b Iselt Lilly
ED6p21a Iselt Lubins
ED10p15b Iselt Norma
ED10p15b Iselt Romeo
ED10p15b Iselt Willie
ED6p16b Ivey Agnes
ED6p16b Ivey Allen
ED3p12a Ivey Callie
ED6p16b Ivey James
ED3p15b Ivey John
ED6p16b Ivey Johnnie ;M
ED3p15b Ivey Jonas
ED3p12a Ivey Jonas
ED3p15b Ivey Josephine
ED3p12a Ivey Laurence T
ED4p6a Ivey Magnolia
ED3p15b Ivey Maria
ED6p16b Ivey Mary E
ED6p16b Ivey Walter
Ed7p14b Jackevay Ben
ED8p5b Jacksi Albert
ED3p5b Jackson Addie Lee
ED3p15b Jackson Adeline
ED3p11a Jackson Agullia
ED6p17a Jackson Albert
ED4p3a Jackson Albert
ED14p9b Jackson Alberta
ED1p8a Jackson Allen
ED3p13b Jackson Amy
ED3p11b Jackson Amy
ED12p7a Jackson Andrew
ED12p7a Jackson Andrew
ED3p4b Jackson Andy
ED2p6a Jackson Annie
ED3p3a Jackson Annie
ED3p1a Jackson Arthur
ED6p8a Jackson Baberd
Ed7p12b Jackson Baby
ED1p11a Jackson Baly
ED6p8a Jackson Ben
ED3p13b Jackson Benny
ED3p5b Jackson Bernice
ED15p12a Jackson Berry
ED6p8a Jackson Bessie
ED6p19b Jackson Bobert
ED3p15b Jackson Brady
ED6p19b Jackson Burwilliams
ED1p11a Jackson Calvin
ED12p7a Jackson Carol
ED1p11a Jackson Cecil
ED15p14a Jackson Charity
ED3p5a Jackson Charlie
ED3p5b Jackson Clara
ED3p5b Jackson Columbus
ED3p15b Jackson Corine
ED12p7a Jackson Corine
ED1p15a Jackson Cosy
ED1p11a Jackson Creseta
ED3p5b Jackson Daisy
ED3p5a Jackson Dave
ED9p2b Jackson Delia
ED6p20a Jackson Dennis
ED3p1a Jackson Deorsay
ED6p19b Jackson Ed
Ed7p3b Jackson Ed
ED1p11a Jackson Edgar
ED3p16b Jackson Effie
ED3p15b Jackson Elijah
ED1p11a Jackson Elijah
ED6p19b Jackson Ella
ED6p8a Jackson Ellias
ED3p4b Jackson Elliot
ED6p8a Jackson Ellis
ED6p19b Jackson Ema
ED3p4b Jackson Emery
ED12p7a Jackson Ernest
ED3p11a Jackson Eva
ED4p1a Jackson Ezerlera
ED3p4b Jackson Fannie
ED3p1a Jackson Fannie
ED1p10b Jackson Felecia
ED9p2a Jackson Fentroy
ED15p14a Jackson Ferry
ED12p2a Jackson Fred
ED12p7a Jackson Fredie
ED1p10b Jackson Genete
ED6p4a Jackson Genevia
ED3p11b Jackson George
ED1p14b Jackson George
ED3p16a Jackson George 
ED2p9b Jackson George Bell
ED1p14b Jackson George W
ED1p8a Jackson Gertrude
Ed7p12b Jackson Gladys
ED12p6a Jackson Gladys
ED1p14b Jackson Gussie
ED3p13b Jackson Harry
ED3p4b Jackson Hattie
ED1p11a Jackson Hazel
ED1p10b Jackson Henry
ED15p14a Jackson Houston
ED15p14a Jackson Houston
ED3p4b Jackson Inez
ED3p11a Jackson Irene
ED2p9b Jackson Jack
ED3p4b Jackson Jake
ED4p5a Jackson Joe
Ed7p3b Jackson John
ED3p15b Jackson John
ED3p5a Jackson John
ED15p14a Jackson John J
ED3p13b Jackson John W
ED3p15b Jackson Johnnie May
ED4p4a Jackson Josephene
ED1p11a Jackson Josephine
ED12p7a Jackson Julius
ED12p7a Jackson Julius
ED3p12a Jackson King
ED1p14b Jackson Lavy
ED6p19b Jackson Leeray
ED3p1a Jackson Lenora
ED3p15b Jackson Leola
ED3p5b Jackson Leon
ED3p1a Jackson Leroy
ED3p13b Jackson Lillie May
ED6p8a Jackson Lizzie
ED6p8a Jackson Lola
ED3p15b Jackson Lydia Ann
ED3p10b Jackson Mabel
ED3p3a Jackson Mabel
ED4p4a Jackson Mandy
ED2p9b Jackson Martha
ED12p6b Jackson Mary
ED3p13b Jackson Mary
ED3p10b Jackson Mary
ED3p8a Jackson Mary Etta
ED3p15b Jackson Mattie
ED3p12a Jackson Mattie
ED6p8a Jackson Mattie
ED15p14a Jackson Melissa
ED6p19b Jackson Mellie
ED4p5a Jackson Milam
ED12p7a Jackson Mirdie
ED3p4b Jackson Mose
ED3p12a Jackson Nancy
Ed7p3b Jackson Nannie
ED2p9b Jackson Nathan
ED15p14a Jackson Nepolian
ED3p5b Jackson Nezzie
ED3p16b Jackson Norris
ED3p3a Jackson Norris
ED12p7a Jackson O B
ED2p9b Jackson Rena
ED3p13b Jackson Robert
ED4p4a Jackson Robert
ED4p4a Jackson Roberta
ED3p11a Jackson Roberta
ED15p14a Jackson Roberta
ED12p9a Jackson Roberta
ED3p15b Jackson Roosevelt
ED12p7a Jackson Rosa
ED4p5a Jackson Rose
ED12p2a Jackson Sadie
Ed7p10b Jackson Sallie
ED3p4b Jackson Sarah
ED12p6a Jackson Siddie
ED1p6b Jackson Solomon
ED1p14b Jackson Sophie
ED12p7a Jackson Sterling
ED12p7a Jackson Sula
ED6p8a Jackson Suzzie
ED6p8a Jackson Tallie
ED3p3a Jackson Thomas
ED3p3a Jackson Tom A
ED3p11a Jackson Turner
ED15p14a Jackson Velma
ED6p19b Jackson Verge
ED3p4b Jackson Viola
ED3p15b Jackson Virginia J
ED3p4b Jackson Walter
ED3p15b Jackson Walter
ED3p5b Jackson Will
ED3p15b Jackson Will Ida
ED3p1a Jackson William P
ED3p15b Jackson Willie
ED1p11a Jackson Willie
ED3p3a Jackson Willie Belle
ED3p13b Jackson Willie V
ED3p5b Jackson Willie V
ED6p19b Jackson Winnie
ED12p6b Jackson Wright
ED6p4b Jacmenck ? Paul
Ed7p2b Jacobs Bobbie
ED10p16a Jacobs Frank
ED10p16a Jacobs Manuel Lee
ED10p16a Jacobs Rillie
ED13p7a Jahnke Herman
ED13p7a Jahnke Mattie
ED8 p 7b Jaloway Jalowy Herman
ED8 p 7b Jaloway Jalowy Hettie
ED8 p 7b Jaloway Jalowy Liedia
ED8 p 7b Jaloway Jalowy Macedaman
ED6p7a Jan Adila
ED6p7a Jan Alvin
ED6p7a Jan Annie
ED6p7a Jan Emil
ED6p7a Jan Emily
ED6p7a Jan Leo
ED6p7a Jan Lumir
ED6p7a Jan Marcella
ED6p7a Jan Rosia
Ed7p19b Janacek Mary
ED3p9a Janczak Albert
ED3p6b Janczak Annie
ED3p9a Janczak Chester
ED3p6b Janczak Chester
ED3p6b Janczak Ed
ED3p9a Janczak Gertrude
ED3p6b Janczak Joe
ED3p6b Janczak Johnnie
ED3p9a Janczak Lizette
ED3p9a Janczak Mary
ED3p6b Janczak Paulina
ED3p6b Janczak Pete
ED3p6b Janczak Talbot
ED3p6b Janczak Victoria
ED10p5a Janecek Alvin
ED14p10b Janecek Annie
ED8p5b Janecek E J
ED14p10b Janecek Edward
ED8p5b Janecek Edwin J
ED14p10b Janecek Hattie
ED10p5a Janecek Lidia
ED8p5b Janecek Rose
ED10p5a Janecek Theresa
ED14p10b Janecek Walter
ED10p5a Janecek Willie
ED5p1a Janes Charles
ED5p9b Janes Delphin
ED5p9b Janes Edward
ED5p9b Janes Elisabeth
ED5p1a Janes Elvin
ED5p9b Janes Ernest
ED5p9b Janes Frances
ED5p1a Janes Franciska
ED5p1a Janes Franciska
ED5p9b Janes Johnnie
ED5p9b Janes Joseph
ED5p9b Janes Martha
ED5p9b Janes Rose
ED5p1a Janes Sidonia
ED5p9b Janes Vina
ED5p1a Janes Vincenc
ED5p1a Janes Vladislav
ED5p9b Janes Vladislav
ED5p9b Janes William
ED15p18b Janick August
ED15p18b Janick Celestina
ED15p18b Janick Charlie
ED15p18b Janick Edward
ED15p18b Janick Frank
ED15p18b Janick Rosa
ED15p16b Janik Alfred
ED15p16b Janik August
ED15p16b Janik Emilie
ED15p16b Janik Henry
ED15p16b Janik Marie
ED15p16b Janik Raymond
ED15p16b Janik Robert
ED3p16a Jankosky Joe
ED3p16a Jankosky Julie
ED3p16a Jankosky Martha
ED3p16a Jankosky Mary
ED3p16a Jankosky Max
ED3p16a Jankosky Polly
ED3p16a Jankosky Sophia
ED3p16a Jankosky Steve
ED3p16a Jankosky Valeror
ED3p16a Jankosky Winnie
ED14p10a Janovsky Alvin
ED15p11a Janovsky Anton
ED14p10a Janovsky Bennie
ED1p13b Janovsky Edward
ED14p10a Janovsky Emily
ED14p7a Janovsky Frank
ED1p13b Janovsky Frank
ED14p10a Janovsky Herminia
ED14p7a Janovsky Jerry
ED14p10a Janovsky Joe
ED14p10a Janovsky Joe
ED15p11a Janovsky Joe
ED1p13b Janovsky John
ED1p13b Janovsky Joseph
ED1p13b Janovsky Julie
ED15p11a Janovsky Liga
ED14p10a Janovsky Lillie  
ED14p7a Janovsky Max
ED14p7a Janovsky Minnie
ED1p13b Janovsky Rudolph
ED14p7a Janovsky Ruth
ED1p13b Janovsky Tillie
ED15p11a Janovsky Tillie
ED15p11a Janovsky V
ED6p22b Janson Bettie
ED6p22b Janson Bettie Mae
ED6p22b Janson Frank
ED6p22b Janson Jake
ED6p22b Janson Lenora
ED4p7a Jarrel Ed
ED4p7a Jarrel Elnora
ED4p7a Jarrel Gerline
ED4p7a Jarrel Hattie
ED4p7a Jarrel Marcus
ED4p7a Jarrel Nettie
ED4p7a Jarrel Nora
ED4p7a Jarrel Ollie
ED4p7a Jarrel Walter
ED6p13b Jasek Alvena
ED6p4b Jasek Alvina
ED6p13b Jasek Annie
ED6p14a Jasek Frank
ED14p8b Jasek Frank
ED6p4b Jasek Fred
ED6p13b Jasek Joe
ED6p4b Jasek Joe
ED14p8b Jasek Louis
ED14p8b Jasek Louis
ED6p14a Jasek Mary
ED14p8b Jasek Mary
ED14p8b Jasek Rudoff
ED14p8b Jasek Therese
ED14p8b Jasek Therese
ED6p4b Jasek Tonie
ED12p10b Jaworski Andrew
ED12p10b Jaworski Annie
ED12p10b Jaworski Annie
ED12p10a Jaworski Anton
ED12p10b Jaworski Edmund
ED12p10b Jaworski Effie
ED12p10b Jaworski Frank
ED12p10b Jaworski Henry
ED12p10a Jaworski Josephine
ED12p10b Jaworski Mary
ED12p10b Jaworski Perle


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