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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Je - Ju

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p10b Jedlicka Anton
ED6p10b Jedlicka Anton
ED6p10b Jedlicka Julie
ED1p10a Jeems Harrison
ED15p4a Jeff Albert
ED15p4a Jeff Bettie
ED15p4a Jeff Bill
ED13p4b Jeff Ella
ED15p4a Jeff John 
ED15p4a Jeff Marlee
ED13p4b Jeff Matron
ED13p4b Jeff Sealey
ED13p4b Jeff Silvester
ED15p4a Jeff Vinna
ED13p4b Jeff Walter
ED15p4a Jeff Willie Mae
ED2p7b Jefferson Lula
ED15p15a Jefferson Marvin E
ED2p7b Jefferson Robert
ED2p7b Jefferson Sarah
ED2p7b Jefferson Thomas
ED15p11a Jelesky Frank
ED15p11a Jelesky Lydia
ED12p2b Jenner Willie
ED3p12a Jennings Erma
ED3p12a Jennings Flec
ED3p12a Jennings Mary
ED3p12a Jennings Minnie
ED3p12a Jennings Rivers
ED3p12a Jennings Rufie Merle
ED3p12a Jennings Sallie
ED3p12a Jennings Sam
ED3p12a Jennings Virgie
ED3p12a Jennings Will
ED10p8b Jerrols Alfred
ED10p9a Jerrols Bessie
ED10p8b Jerrols Blanche
ED10p8b Jerrols Clomy
ED10p8b Jerrols Dora
ED10p8b Jerrols Ethel
ED10p8b Jerrols Eugene
ED10p8b Jerrols L E
ED10p8b Jerrols Lenora
ED10p9a Jerrols Liza
ED10p8b Jerrols Mabel
ED10p8b Jerrols Martha
ED10p8b Jerrols Mattie
ED10p8b Jerrols Owen
ED10p8b Jerrols Susie
ED10p11b Jerrols Woodrow
ED1p3a Jeschke Annie
ED1p3a Jeschke Ben A
ED1p3a Jeschke Edward
ED1p3a Jeschke Edward
ED1p3a Jeschke Ella Vera
ED1p3a Jeschke Josephine
ED1p3a Jeschke Lillie
ED1p3a Jeschke Margerite
ED5p9b Jesek Veronika
ED12p2a Jessen Minna
ED12p2a Jessen  Guslav
ED15p1b Jetelina Cyril
ED15p1b Jetelina Cyril
ED15p1b Jetelina Francis
ED15p1b Jetelina Motosh
ED15p1b Jetelina Rosa
ED6p10a Jez Frank
ED6p10a Jez Frank
Ed7p17a Jez Joe
Ed7p17b Jez Joseph
ED6p12a Jez Louise
ED15p15b Jez Mary
ED6p10a Jez Mary
ED6p12a Jez Norbert
Ed7p17a Jez Veronika
Ed7p17a Jez Veronika
ED6p10a Jez Willie
ED14p4b Jezek Annie J
ED14p4b Jezek Gracie R
ED14p4b Jezek Joe W
ED14p5b Jochec Ellis
ED14p5b Jochec Franklin
ED14p5b Jochec Gilbert
ED14p5b Jochec Jessie
ED6p15a John Maresh
ED12p8a Johns Mary A
ED12p8a Johns Minnie
ED12p8a Johns John August
ED4p7b Johnson Ade Lee
ED4p6a Johnson Alberta
ED2p7b Johnson Alton
ED1p8a Johnson Amy
ED4p6a Johnson Anne
Ed7p15b Johnson Annie
ED4p7a Johnson Annie
ED4p7a Johnson Anson
ED12p4b Johnson Archie
Ed7p15b Johnson Arold
Ed7p12b Johnson Arthur
Ed7p12b Johnson Augusta
ED5p1a Johnson Ben
ED6p6a Johnson Bert
Ed7p11a Johnson Bertie
ED12p5a Johnson Bettie
ED15p16a Johnson Calice
ED4p9a Johnson Caroline
ED2p3b Johnson Charles
ED2p3b Johnson Charles A
Ed7p11a Johnson Charlie
ED12p4b Johnson Cora
ED4p7a Johnson Cottie
ED3p15a Johnson David
ED4p1b Johnson Della
ED12p4b Johnson Dora
ED14p9b Johnson Eddie
ED11p7b Johnson Eddie
ED14p3b Johnson Eldridge
ED4p3b Johnson Ellen
ED4p3b Johnson Ellen
ED14p9b Johnson Emmaline
ED4p7b Johnson Enus
ED11p7b Johnson Frank J
Ed7p11a Johnson Freddie
ED1p7b Johnson George
ED3p5a Johnson George
Ed7p15b Johnson Gorly
ED1p14b Johnson Gracie
ED6p16a Johnson Hattie
ED6p19b Johnson Hattie
ED6p16a Johnson Haywood
ED1p9b Johnson Helen
ED11p7b Johnson Henretta
ED3p13a Johnson Henry
ED4p7a Johnson Henry
Ed7p12b Johnson Homer
Ed7p19a Johnson Hultsten
ED2p7b Johnson James A
ED6p19b Johnson Janne
ED3p8b Johnson Jarona
Ed7p11a Johnson Jessie
ED4p3b Johnson Jimmie
ED14p9b Johnson Jinny
Ed7p11a Johnson John
ED1p9b Johnson John
ED2p7b Johnson John D
ED6p6a Johnson Kate
ED3p4b Johnson Launlan ?
Ed7p12b Johnson Lawrence
ED11p7b Johnson Leanna
ED4p6a Johnson Lee Etha
ED4p6a Johnson Lela May
ED14p9b Johnson Leotis
Ed7p12b Johnson Lettie
ED12p4b Johnson Lisa
ED3p4b Johnson Lizzie
ED4p6a Johnson Louis
ED12p4b Johnson Lula
ED4p6a Johnson Lulu
ED1p5b Johnson Macey
ED6p5b Johnson Martha
ED12p5a Johnson Martin
Ed7p15b Johnson Maude
ED3p8b Johnson May Mollie
ED2p3b Johnson Mollie
Ed7p10b Johnson Nancy
ED1p9b Johnson Nancy
ED4p3b Johnson Noble
ED6p6a Johnson O C
ED14p9b Johnson Pearlice
ED11p7b Johnson Perline
ED12p4b Johnson Riley
Ed7p12b Johnson Robert
ED6p5b Johnson Robert
Ed7p12b Johnson Robert
ED4p7b Johnson Roberta
ED4p7a Johnson Robison
ED4p7a Johnson Rosa May
Ed7p12b Johnson Rosali
Ed7p11a Johnson Roy
ED4p3b Johnson Roy
ED4p7b Johnson Sam
ED4p7a Johnson See Willow
ED15p11b Johnson Selvy
ED15p5b Johnson Susas
ED4p7b Johnson Susie Anne
ED2p3b Johnson Thomas
ED2p3b Johnson Vada
Ed7p19a Johnson Victor
ED4p1b Johnson Victoria
ED4p7a Johnson Viola
ED15p12a Johnson Walter
ED12p4b Johnson Walter
Ed7p11a Johnson Warner
ED4p6a Johnson Wiley
Ed7p11a Johnson Willard
ED6p16a Johnson William
ED2p3b Johnson William
ED4p1b Johnson Willie
ED4p1b Johnson Willie
Ed7p19a Johnson Willroy
ED15p11b Johnson Wm
ED15p9b Johnston Doris J
ED1p8b Johnston Earl
Ed7p6b Johnston Jim
ED1p8b Johnston Lemuel
Ed7p6b Johnston Martha
ED1p3a Johnston Marthie
Ed7p7b Johnston Maxine
ED1p8b Johnston Redden
ED1p8b Johnston Ruth
Ed7p6b Johnston Sidney
ED15p9b Johnston T W
ED15p9b Johnston Thelma
ED1p3a Johnston Walter
ED1p3a Johnston Walter
Ed7p6b Johnston Worth
Ed7p9a Jolaske Annie
ED4p2b Jones Alberta
ED2p10a Jones Alex Lee
ED10p14a Jones Anna
Ed7p19a Jones Anna
ED2p10a Jones Baby
ED2p10a Jones Bessie M
ED1p13b Jones Clark
ED10p14a Jones E C
ED4p2b Jones Ebb
ED11p4b Jones Effie
ED2p10a Jones Eldie
ED9p1b Jones Eley
ED9p3a Jones Eley
ED2p8b Jones Ellis
Ed7p19a Jones Ernest
ED4p2b Jones Fannie
ED4p2b Jones Fannie
ED2p10a Jones Frank
ED9p3a Jones Frank
ED2p10a Jones Frank
ED9p1b Jones Frank 
ED2p9b Jones George 
ED4p3b Jones Hallie
ED4p5a Jones Henrietta
ED4p2b Jones Henry
ED4p3b Jones Henry
ED3p14a Jones Ida
ED2p9b Jones James
ED9p3b Jones Jerry
ED9p3a Jones Jessey
ED3p14a Jones Jessie
ED9p1b Jones Jessie
ED4p3b Jones Jessie
ED2p10a Jones Johnny M
ED1p13b Jones Kate
ED3p14a Jones Lela
ED4p2b Jones Leutenant
ED4p2b Jones Louvenia
ED4p3b Jones M L
ED4p2b Jones Maggie
ED12p5a Jones Mandy
ED9p1b Jones Mary
ED9p3a Jones Mary
ED4p2b Jones Mary
ED4p2b Jones Mathews
ED4p3b Jones May
Ed7p19a Jones Milton
ED3p14a Jones Minnie
Ed7p19a Jones Mozell
ED11p4b Jones Norma
ED2p5b Jones Ody
ED3p14a Jones Ollie
ED2p9b Jones Ora Nell
ED4p2b Jones Peter
ED2p10a Jones Rodie E
ED2p10a Jones Rose Emma
Ed7p19a Jones Roy
ED2p10a Jones Rubelia
ED2p9b Jones Ruby
ED4p2b Jones Sammie
ED3p17b Jones Shark
ED1p13b Jones Stella
ED2p8b Jones Texana
ED2p10a Jones Tommy
ED4p5a Jones Tory
ED4p2b Jones W. Nathanial
ED2p9b Jones Will Arthur
ED2p10a Jones Willie B
ED2p10a Jones Willie M
ED4p2b Jones Willie May
ED14p7b Jonsosky Adolph
ED14p7b Jonsosky Alma
ED14p7b Jonsosky Edwin
ED14p7b Jonsosky Joe
ED14p7b Jonsosky Lillie
ED14p7b Jonsosky Marie
ED14p7b Jonsosky Willie
Ed7p8a Jordan Hugo
Ed7p8a Jordan Minnie
ED8p1b Josan Jousan Andrew J
ED8p1b Josan Jousan Francis
ED8p1b Josan Jousan Jake
ED8p1b Josan Jousan Jake M
Ed7p12b Joseph Alvin
Ed7p12b Joseph Davis
Ed7p12b Joseph Emma
Ed7p12b Joseph Janie
Ed7p12b Joseph Jeraldine
Ed7p12b Joseph Willie
Ed7p18b Josey Addie
ED6p19b Josey Ellar
ED6p19b Josey Erner
Ed7p18b Josey Ernest
Ed7p18b Josey Eugene
Ed7p10a Josey Hayward
ED6p19b Josey Kobert
ED6p19b Josey Luciano
Ed7p12b Josey Mary
ED6p20b Josey Mittie
ED15p11a Josey Mrs. Della
ED6p20b Josey Nettie
Ed7p10a Josey Rachel
ED6p19b Josey Veariller
ED1p9a Josordy Jose
Ed7p3a Jousan Charlie
Ed7p3a Jousan Earle D
Ed7p3b Jousan Frank
Ed7p3b Jousan Hover
Ed7p3a Jousan Katie
Ed7p3b Jousan La Vonne
Ed7p3b Jousan May
Ed7p3a Jousan Mike
ED5p4a Juarez Benita
ED5p4a Juarez Candelario
ED5p4a Juarez Estefina
ED5p4a Juarez Eulalia
ED5p4a Juarez Louis
ED5p4a Juarez Roumaldo
ED5p4a Juarez Sabas
ED5p4a Juarez Victor
ED15p9b Juentus Jose
ED11p7a Juergens Conrad
ED11p7a Juergens Ella
ED5p5b Juergens Henry
ED11p7a Juergens Herman
ED5p5b Juergens Louise
ED11p7a Juergens Mansey
ED5p5b Juergens Sophie
ED11p7a Juergens Telze
ED14p6a Jurchak Dormin
ED14p6a Jurchak Frank
ED14p6a Jurchak John
ED14p6a Jurchak John
ED14p6a Jurchak Tillie
ED15p1a Jurek Andrew
ED14p10b Jurek Annie
ED6p11b Jurek Annie
ED6p11b Jurek Christina
ED14p10b Jurek Elsie
ED15p1a Jurek Emily
ED15p1a Jurek Evelyn
ED14p10b Jurek John
ED6p11b Jurek Louis
ED6p11b Jurek Lydia
ED6p11b Jurek Mary
ED6p11b Jurek Mary
ED6p11b Jurek Valentine
ED14p8b Jurgens Juergens Emma
ED14p8b Jurgens Juergens Erna
ED14p8b Jurgens Juergens Hattie
ED14p7b Jurgens Juergens Herman
ED14p8b Jurgens Juergens Monroe
ED14p8b Jurgens Juergens Paul
ED14p8b Jurgens Juergens Sadie
ED6p5b Jurica Annie
ED6p5b Jurica Annie
ED6p5b Jurica Eddie
ED6p5b Jurica Frank
ED6p5b Jurica Frank
ED6p5b Jurica Johny
ED6p5b Jurica Lydie
ED2p2b Jurick Gretchen



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