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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Ka - Kl


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED10p6a Kaase Alma
ED14p7b Kaase Alvin
ED14p3b Kaase Anita
ED14p7b Kaase Chas
ED14p7b Kaase Chas
ED14p4b Kaase Edgar
ED14p4b Kaase Egnas
ED14p3b Kaase Elda
ED10p6b Kaase Ella
ED14p3b Kaase Emma
ED14p4b Kaase Ernst
ED10p6a Kaase Erwin
ED14p3b Kaase Esther
ED14p3b Kaase Eugene
ED10p6a Kaase Fritz
ED10p6b Kaase Helwig
ED14p7b Kaase Herbert
ED14p4b Kaase Mary
ED10p6a Kaase Mrs. Selma
ED10p6b Kaase Otto
ED14p7b Kaase Robert
ED14p7b Kaase Rosie
ED10p6b Kaase Roy
ED14p4b Kaase Walter
ED14p3b Kaase Willie
ED8p2a Kabell Alfred
ED8p2a Kabell Edwin
ED9p1a Kabell Josephine
ED8p2a Kabell Louise
ED8p2a Kabell Richard
ED9p1a Kabell Thomas
ED1p5a Kachele Curtis
ED1p5a Kachele Julius
ED1p5a Kachele Sophie
ED8 p8a Kadernoschka Ida
ED8 p8a Kadernoschka John
ED8 p8a Kadernoschka Max
ED8 p8b Kadernoschka Nola
ED5p2b Kadlecek Anna
ED5p3a Kadlecek Anna
ED5p2b Kadlecek Franciska
ED5p3a Kadlecek Franciska
ED5p2b Kadlecek Otto
ED5p3a Kadlecek Otto
ED5p2a Kadlecek Thomas
ED5p2b Kadlecek William
ED5p3a Kadlecek William
ED13p2b Kaechele Arthur
ED12p1b Kaechele Bernice
ED13p2b Kaechele Bertha
ED12p1b Kaechele Bruno
ED15p4a Kaechele Chas
ED15p4a Kaechele Chas R
ED15p4a Kaechele Clara
ED12p1b Kaechele Clara
ED12p1b Kaechele Dora
ED15p4a Kaechele Edna
ED13p2b Kaechele Elmer
ED13p2b Kaechele Grover
ED13p2b Kaechele Henry
ED13p2b Kaechele Ida
ED13p2b Kaechele John
ED12p1b Kaechele Lee
ED13p2b Kaechele Louise
ED13p5b Kaechele Marvin
ED12p1a Kaechele Minnie
ED12p1a Kaechele Nora
ED13p5b Kaechele Olga
ED13p5b Kaechele Otto
ED1p8b Kaechler Alma
ED1p8b Kaechler Baly
ED1p8b Kaechler Edward
ED15p10b Kahanek Annie
ED15p10b Kahanek Ellis
ED15p10b Kahanek Francis
ED15p10b Kahanek Henry
ED15p10b Kahanek Joe
ED15p10b Kahanek Julia
ED1p3b Kaiser Grover
Ed7p7b Kaiser Katie
Ed7p12a Kaiser Maggie
ED1p3b Kaiser Mary E
ED1p3b Kaiser Minnie
Ed7p7b Kaiser Robert
ED1p3b Kaiser Virginia
Ed7p12a Kaiser William
ED3p5b Kaliszewski Annie
ED3p5b Kaliszewski Edward
ED3p5b Kaliszewski Frank
ED3p5b Kaliszewski Joe
ED3p5b Kaliszewski John
ED3p10b Kaliszewski Joshephine
ED3p5b Kaliszewski Katie
ED3p10b Kaliszewski Paulina
ED3p10b Kaliszewski Valentine
ED3p10b Kaliszewski Wallace
Ed7p1a Kallus Annie
Ed7p1a Kallus Charlie
Ed7p1a Kallus Eddie
Ed7p1a Kallus Frank
ED15p8a Kallus Joe
Ed7p1a Kallus Joe
ED14p8a Kamas Annie
ED5p9b Kamas Annie
ED14p7a Kamas Annie
ED13p4a Kamas Edward
ED14p8a Kamas Esther
ED12p2a Kamas Eunice
ED14p8a Kamas Fannie
ED14p7a Kamas Francis
ED12p2a Kamas Isabel
ED12p2a Kamas J D
ED12p2a Kamas J D
ED14p7a Kamas Joe
ED5p9b Kamas Joe
ED14p8b Kamas Joe
ED5p9b Kamas Joe
ED14p7a Kamas John
ED5p9b Kamas John
ED14p8a Kamas John C
ED14p7a Kamas Leroy
ED14p8b Kamas Lillie
ED14p7a Kamas Margaret
ED13p4a Kamas Mary
ED14p8a Kamas Mary
ED14p8b Kamas Minnie
ED14p7a Kamas Rosie
ED14p7a Kamas Theresa
ED14p7a Kamas Thomas
ED14p7a Kamas Tom
ED14p8b Kamas Tom
ED14p8b Kamas Tom
ED14p7a Kamas William
ED9p5a Kaminsky Albert
ED9p5a Kaminsky Bennie
ED9p5a Kaminsky Cally
ED9p5a Kaminsky Frank
ED9p5a Kaminsky Frank
ED9p5a Kaminsky Joe L
ED9p5a Kaminsky John
ED9p5a Kaminsky Mary
ED9p5a Kaminsky Pete
ED9p5a Kaminsky Sally
ED9p5a Kaminsky Theresa
ED9p5a Kaminsky Tommy
ED9p5a Kaminsky Victoria
ED15p4a Kanak John W
ED6p4a Kanarak Annie
ED6p4a Kanarak Joe
ED6p4a Kanarak Paul
ED6p4a Kanarak Pete
ED6p4a Kanarak Pete
ED6p4a Kanarak Rosie
ED6p4a Kanarak Sophie
ED6p4a Kanarak Tellie
ED6p3a Kaneck Alois
ED6p3a Kaneck Bessie
ED6p3a Kaneck Emiel
ED6p3a Kaneck Fannie
ED6p3a Kaneck Henry
ED8p6a Karasik Ernest
ED8p6a Karasik Gertrude
ED8p6a Karasik Hix
ED8p6a Karasik John
ED8p6a Karasik Louise
ED15p4b Karcak Frank
ED15p4b Karcak James
ED15p4b Karcak John
ED15p4b Karcak Mary
ED15p4b Karcak? Barbara
ED8p2a Karger Annie
ED8p2a Karger Annie
ED8p2a Karger Julias
ED8p2a Karger Lawrence
Ed7p7b Karger Rose
ED14p7a Kasparek Fannie
ED14p7a Kasparek Frank
ED15p11b Kaspor Ksspar Joe
Ed7p1a Kastrop Berthold
Ed7p1a Kastrop E E
ED4p7b Kastrop Ed
ED4p7b Kastrop Edna
Ed7p1a Kastrop Johanna
ED4p7b Kastrop Julian
Ed7p1a Kastrop Lillie
ED4p7b Kastrop Mildred
ED6p7b Katz Henry
ED1p1a Kaufhold Dora
ED1p1a Kaufhold Edna D
ED1p1a Kaufhold Henry
ED1p1a Kaufhold Raymond
ED10p1b Kautz Adela
ED10p1b Kautz Ella
ED10p1b Kautz Otto
ED10p1b Kautz Pauline
ED10p1b Kautz Werner
ED12p8a Kawjora Frances
ED12p8a Kawjora Mike
ED12p8a Kawjora Rosa
Ed7p17b Kay Alma
ED3p6a Kazee Peggy
ED3p6a Kazee Tom
ED12p1a Keachele Kaechele Fritz
ED1p1a Kearney Ima
ED1p1a Kearney Jack
ED1p1a Kearney Karl
ED1p1a Kearney Neil
ED1p1a Kearney Ruth J
ED1p1a Kearney Sidney
ED8p6b Keding Alex
ED8 p9a Keding Alvin
ED4p8b Keding Anne
ED4p6a Keding Anne
ED8p6b Keding August
ED4p6a Keding Berdie
ED8 p9a Keding Clara
ED8 p9b Keding Cleveland
ED8 p9b Keding Daniella
ED4p6a Keding Dave
ED8p6b Keding Erna
ED4p6a Keding Evelyn
ED4p6a Keding Gladys
ED8 p9a Keding Glenn
ED8 p8b Keding Henry
ED8p6b Keding Johana
ED4p8b Keding John
ED8 p9b Keding Lina
ED8 p8b Keding Mary
ED8 p9a Keding Myrtle
ED4p6a Keding Otto
ED4p8b Keding Richard
ED8 p9a Keding Waco
ED13p2a Keener Arthur
ED13p2a Keener Arthur
ED14p9a Keener Bertha
ED13p2a Keener Bessie
ED14p3b Keener Daisey
ED5p1b Keener Edward
ED13p2a Keener Elsa
ED14p3b Keener Ervin
ED14p3b Keener Feory
ED13p2a Keener George
ED5p7a Keener Gertrude
ED14p9a Keener Isaac
ED5p1b Keener Isiah
ED5p7a Keener Jady
ED14p3b Keener Lettie
ED14p9a Keener Mary
ED5p1b Keener Mary
ED14p3b Keener Peachy
ED14p9a Keener Philis
ED5p1b Keener Roberta
ED14p3b Keener W T
ED14p3b Keener William
ED5p1b Keener William
ED3p6a Keith Leonice
ED10p12a Keli Caroline
ED10p12a Keli Francis
ED10p12a Keli Gertie
ED10p12a Keli James
ED10p12a Keli Nora
ED10p12a Keli Samuel
Ed7p2b Keller Goldwin
ED10p16a Kellner Bertha
Ed7p6b Kellner Bettie
Ed7p6b Kellner Fred
ED8p3a Kellner Herman
ED10p16a Kellner Oscar
ED10p17b Kellner Ottilie
ED8p3a Kellner Rozetta
ED10p16a Kellner Wilma
ED3p13b Kelly Daisy
ED1p10a Kelly Ella
ED3p9b Kelly Era Lee
ED3p9b Kelly Jashia
ED1p10a Kelly John
ED3p9b Kelly Joshia
ED3p9b Kelly Laura
ED3p9b Kelly Leola
ED2p3a Kelly William
ED1p6b Kelso Thomas J
Ed7p18a Kemp George
ED12p9b Kemper Eliza
ED12p9b Kemper Fritz
ED12p9b Kemper Lena
ED12p9b Kemper Walter
ED3p1b Kendrick C Gussie
ED3p3a Kendrick Claude
ED3p3a Kendrick Claude N
ED3p3a Kendrick Dorine
ED3p3a Kendrick Floy Ruth
ED3p1b Kendrick Gussie
ED3p1b Kendrick John
ED3p2a Kendrick May
ED3p2a Kendrick May Virginia
ED3p1b Kendrick Myra
ED3p2a Kendrick Philip Roy
ED3p3a Kendrick Tolulu
ED3p2a Kendrick W. Hammack
ED3p2a Kendrick Wiley
Ed7p8b Keng Clara
Ed7p9a Kennedy Freda
Ed7p9a Kennedy Mona
Ed7p9a Kennedy Newton
Ed7p9a Kennedy Will
ED4p1a Kenter Alma
ED4p1a Kenter Anne
ED4p1a Kenter Ben
ED4p1a Kenter Franklin
ED4p1a Kenter H B
ED4p1a Kenter Leslie
ED9p7b Kerby Florence
ED8 p9a Kersten Adele
ED8 p9a Kersten Albert
Ed7p6a Kersten Alma
Ed7p6a Kersten C A
Ed7p6a Kersten Charlie
ED8 p8b Kersten Charlie
Ed7p6a Kersten Edwin
ED8p7a Kersten Ema
Ed7p6a Kersten Eva
ED8 p9a Kersten Evelyn
Ed7p6a Kersten George
ED8p5a Kersten Herbert
ED8 p9a Kersten Herman
ED4p6a Kersten Herman
Ed7p6a Kersten Laverne
ED8 p9a Kersten Ophilia
ED8p7a Kersten Pearl
Ed7p6a Kersten Viola
ED13p4b Kesee Allis
ED13p4b Kesee Bettie
ED13p4b Kesee Billie
ED13p4b Kesee Ed
ED12p5b Kesee Etha M
ED13p4b Kesee Henry
ED12p5b Kesee J D
ED12p5b Kesee James L
ED12p5b Kesee Jim
ED13p4b Kesee Louise
ED12p5b Kesee Mosanna
ED12p5b Kesee Raymond
ED12p5b Kesee Richard
Ed7p10a Kesee Vivian
Ed7p10a Kesee Will
Ed7p10a Kesee Willie
ED15p4a Kesson Cal Davis
Ed7p11a Kidd Emma
Ed7p11a Kidd Nixon
ED12p4a Kiempstadt Fritz
ED12p4a Kiempstadt Laura
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Alfred
ED4p1b Kiesewetter Alva
ED2p7b Kiesewetter Anna
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Annie
ED2p7b Kiesewetter August L
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Charlie
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Charlie
ED4p1b Kiesewetter Chas
ED1p6a Kiesewetter Edwin
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Erna
ED1p6a Kiesewetter Ferdinand
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Freda
ED1p6a Kiesewetter Frieda
ED4p1b Kiesewetter Hattie
ED4p3b Kiesewetter Henry
ED4p3b Kiesewetter Hulda
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Ida
ED4p1b Kiesewetter Lela
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Mary
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Max
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Minnie
ED2p7b Kiesewetter Paul
ED4p1b Kiesewetter Selma
ED4p1b Kiesewetter Valera
ED15p4b Kiesewetter Walter
ED4p1b Kiesewetter Wilbert
ED4p1b Kiesewetter Willie
ED6p17b Kincaid George
ED6p17b Kincaid Jean
ED2p1a King Annie
ED2p9a King Annie Lou
ED2p9a King Ben
ED15p14a King Blakely
ED6p4a King Carey
ED6p13b King Cassie
ED11p1b King Clara
ED2p1a King Davis
ED5p3b King Elvy
ED15p12b King Emma
ED5p3b King Emma
ED6p4a King Everlina
ED5p3b King Frank
ED6p13b King Frank
ED6p20b King Frank
ED6p4a King Frank John H
ED3p12b King George
ED2p9a King Georgie
ED5p3b King Howard
ED6p13b King James
ED6p4a King James
ED6p4a King James
ED6p13b King James
ED5p4a King Jonas
ED15p14a King Lena
ED6p13b King Lena
ED5p4a King Leon
ED5p3b King Leon
ED3p12b King Margie
ED5p4a King Mattie
ED5p3b King Mattie
ED5p3b King Norma
ED6p4a King O J
ED6p13b King O J
ED15p14a King Ora L
ED2p9a King Oscar
ED2p9a King Sam
ED5p3b King Teague
ED5p4a King Walter
ED6p4a King Wilber
ED8p1b Kinkler Anna
ED8p2a Kinkler Anna
ED8p2a Kinkler Erwin
ED8 p 7b Kinkler Fritz
ED8p2a Kinkler Hedwig
ED3p15b Kinnard Leonza
ED3p15b Kinnard M F
ED3p15b Kinnard Sam
ED15p14a Kirby Charlie
ED15p14a Kirby Eddie
ED15p14a Kirby Eddie
ED15p14a Kirby James
ED15p14a Kirby Jessie
ED15p14a Kirby Johnie
ED15p14a Kirby Lula
ED15p14a Kirby Percy S
ED15p14a Kirby Timison
ED15p14a Kirby Virgal Lee
ED15p14a Kirby Willie M
ED5p8a Kirchner Andreas
ED5p8a Kirchner Andreas
ED5p8a Kirchner August
ED5p8a Kirchner Emily
ED5p8a Kirchner Emily
ED5p8a Kirchner Leona
ED5p8a Kirchner Malinde
ED5p8a Kirchner Martha
ED5p8a Kirchner Minna
ED5p8a Kirchner Nelda
ED14p4a Kirchner Rice
ED2p3b Kirkpatrick Clifton A
ED2p3b Kirkpatrick Edward
ED2p3b Kirkpatrick Minnie
ED2p3b Kirkpatrick Roland
ED14p6b Kisner Daniel
ED14p6b Kisner Edna
ED14p6b Kisner Elsie
ED14p6b Kisner Minnie
ED14p6b Kisner Tom
ED13p7a Klausmeyer Alfreda
ED13p7a Klausmeyer Edwin
ED13p7a Klausmeyer Elsie
ED13p7a Klausmeyer Henry
ED13p7a Klausmeyer Herbert
ED13p7a Klausmeyer Ida
ED13p7a Klausmeyer Lillie
ED13p7a Klausmeyer Martha
ED13p7a Klausmeyer Matilda
ED13p7a Klausmeyer Reinhart
ED15p3a Klecka Agnes
ED15p9b Klecka Alma
ED15p3a Klecka Augusta
ED15p3a Klecka Charlie
ED15p14b Klecka Emilie
ED15p3a Klecka Frank
ED15p3a Klecka Frank
ED15p9b Klecka John
ED15p3a Klecka Lilly
ED15p9b Klecka Lucy
ED15p3a Klecka Mary
ED15p3a Klecka Millie
ED15p14b Klecka Steve
Ed7p15a Kleim Emelia
Ed7p15a Kleim Will
Ed7p15a Kleim Will
ED15p14b Klekar Alois
ED15p8a Klekar Annie
ED15p14b Klekar Clara
ED15p8a Klekar Elnora
ED15p14b Klekar Emil
ED15p8a Klekar John P
ED15p8a Klekar Johnie
ED15p8a Klekar Mary
ED15p8a Klekar Mary
ED15p14b Klekar Matilda
ED15p8a Klekar Paul
ED15p14b Klekar Peter
ED15p14b Klekar Sibela
ED14p8b Klemp Klump Ada
ED14p8b Klemp Klump Edna
ED14p8b Klemp Klump Leo
ED14p8b Klemp Klump Mathilde
ED1p15b Klentzman Annie
ED1p15b Klentzman Delmer
ED1p15b Klentzman Ewald
ED1p15b Klentzman Louis
Ed7p18a Klopsteck Albert
Ed7p18a Klopsteck Albert
Ed7p18a Klopsteck Dora
ED12p1b Klopsteck Ella
Ed7p18a Klopsteck Erna
ED12p5b Klopsteck Gilbert
ED14p4b Klopsteck Herman
ED14p4b Klopsteck Hilda
Ed7p9b Klopsteck Minnie
ED14p3b Klopsteck William
Ed7p9b Klopsteck Willie
Ed7p18a Klopsteck Wilmer
Ed7p9b Klopsteck Wm
ED11p1a Kloranzles Lepod
ED4p1b Kloss Bertha
ED9p4a Kloss Charles
ED9p4a Kloss Charles Alex
ED9p4a Kloss Dora
ED4p1b Kloss Earnest
ED1p5b Kloss Ellen
ED9p1a Kloss Fred C
ED1p5b Kloss Ida
Ed7p6b Kloss Jennie
ED9p4a Kloss Richard
ED1p5b Kloss Ulrich
ED1p11a Klosterman Christina
ED1p11a Klosterman Harmon
ED12p5b Klostermann Alvine
ED12p5b Klostermann Edgar
ED12p5b Klostermann Fritz
ED12p5b Klostermann Lula B
ED13p2b Kluck Emil
ED2p7b Kluentz Fritz
Ed7p6b Kluever Alma
ED9p2a Kluever Charles
ED9p2a Kluever Martha
Ed7p6b Kluever Sophia
Ed7p6b Kluever William
ED8 p 7b Klump Anna
ED11p1b Klump Eldred
ED11p1b Klump Elvira
ED11p1b Klump Emma
ED11p1b Klump Ernst
ED11p1b Klump Herbert
ED11p1b Klump Lilly
ED11p1b Klump Roy


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