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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Kn -Krc

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED15p8a Knesek Celcecia
ED15p8a Knesek Elija
ED15p8a Knesek Richard
ED15p8a Knesek Rudolph 
ED15p8a Knesek Rudolph R
ED10p3b Knolle Annie
ED10p3b Knolle B E
ED10p4a Knolle Ben
ED10p3b Knolle Bernice
ED10p3b Knolle C F
ED10p16b Knolle E M
ED10p16b Knolle Ernestine
ED10p4a Knolle Hilda
ED10p3b Knolle Ida
ED10p3b Knolle Josephine
ED10p3b Knolle Miles
ED10p4a Knolle O J
ED12p1a Knolle R. E.
ED10p3b Knolle Sadie
ED10p3b Knolle Susie
ED1p1a Knop Kasper
ED1p1a Knop Lena
ED11p3a Koch Agria
ED10p13a Koch Allen
ED10p13a Koch Bienchen
ED10p16b Koch C T
ED10p13a Koch Charles C
ED10p2a Koch Clara
ED10p13a Koch Dennis
ED10p16b Koch Dorothy
ED10p13a Koch Elsa
ED10p16b Koch Emilie
ED11p3a Koch Fred
ED10p9b Koch Frieda
ED11p3a Koch Gertrud
ED10p13a Koch Haywood
ED10p14b Koch John
ED10p13a Koch Karry
ED10p16b Koch M C
ED10p9b Koch Mary
ED11p3a Koch Mary
ED11p3a Koch Meta
ED10p16b Koch Olga
ED11p3a Koch Olthard
ED10p9b Koch Peter
ED10p9b Koch Raymond
ED10p2a Koch Theodor
ED10p13a Koch Willie E
ED10p13a Kochendoerfer Fritz
ED10p13a Kochendoerfer Ottilie
ED10p13a Kochendoerfer William
ED6p10a Kocurek Agness
ED15p1a Kocurek August
ED15p1a Kocurek Edna
ED15p1a Kocurek Edward
ED15p1a Kocurek Edwin
ED15p1a Kocurek Frank
ED15p1a Kocurek John
ED15p1a Kocurek Lewis
ED6p10a Kocurek Louis
ED6p10a Kocurek Louise
ED15p1a Kocurek Mary
ED15p1a Kocurek Rosa
ED6p10a Kocurek Sophia
ED5p10a Koehler Bertha
ED5p1b Koehler Elda
ED5p1b Koehler Esta
ED5p10a Koehler Henry
ED5p1b Koehler Leona
ED5p1b Koehler Lizette
ED5p10a Koehler Martha
ED5p10a Koehler Olga
ED5p1b Koehler Otto
ED5p10a Koehler Sophie
ED3p16b Koehn Adolph
ED4p3b Koehn Albert
ED4p6b Koehn Alvin
ED3p7a Koehn Amanda
ED4p3b Koehn Bernice
ED3p7a Koehn Charlie F
ED2p8a Koehn Emil
ED4p6b Koehn Emma
ED4p3a Koehn F H
ED3p7a Koehn Herman
ED1p3a Koehn John
ED4p6b Koehn Johnie
ED4p3b Koehn Kinch
ED3p16b Koehn Leonard
ED1p3a Koehn Lilly
ED4p3b Koehn Louise
ED3p16b Koehn Lydia
ED1p3a Koehn Martha
ED1p3a Koehn Minna
ED4p6b Koehn Monroe
ED4p6b Koehn Richard
ED3p16b Koehn Sophia
ED3p7a Koehn Viola
ED1p3a Koehn Walter
ED1p13a Koepka Metta
ED8p6b Koeppen Adolph
ED8p6b Koeppen Martha
ED8p6b Koeppen Willie
ED8p6b Koeppen Willimina
ED10p3a Koerner Clara
ED3p5a Koerth Adolph
ED2p11b Koerth Harman
ED3p5a Koerth Julia
ED3p5a Koerth Lena
ED3p5a Koerth Leona
ED2p11b Koerth Martha
ED2p11b Koerth Viola
ED5p6a Koester Dora
ED5p6a Koester Henry
ED5p6a Koester Henry
ED5p6a Koester Leonard
ED5p6a Koester Lina
ED5p6a Koester Meta
ED5p6a Koester Minna
ED3p8b Kohanowski Felix
ED3p8b Kohanowski Josie
ED3p8b Kohanowski Lucy
ED3p8b Kohanowski Rosa
Ed7p6a Kohlleffel Bertha
Ed7p6a Kohlleffel Leona
Ed7p6a Kohlleffel Lillie
Ed7p6a Kohlleffel Otto
Ed7p6a Kohlleffel Willie
ED15p9b Kolafa Mary
ED8p2b Kollastchny Adolph
ED8p2b Kollastchny Adoph
ED8p2b Kollastchny Augusta
ED8p2b Kollastchny Emily
ED8p2b Kollastchny Emma
ED8p2b Kollastchny Etty
ED8p2b Kollastchny George
ED8p3a Kollastchny Hilda
ED8p2b Kollastchny Otto
ED8p2b Kollastchny Richard
ED8p3a Kollastchny Viola
ED8p2b Kollastchny Willie
ED8p2a Kollatschny Agnes
ED8p4a Kollatschny Alfred
ED8p1b Kollatschny Alvah
ED8p3b Kollatschny Charlie
ED8p4a Kollatschny Ella
ED8p2a Kollatschny Elliot
ED8p2a Kollatschny Elmo
ED8p2a Kollatschny Flora
ED8p3b Kollatschny Francis
ED8 p8b Kollatschny Frank
ED8 p8b Kollatschny Frieda
ED8 p8b Kollatschny Georgia
ED8 p8b Kollatschny Hennretta
ED8p2a Kollatschny Herman
ED8 p8b Kollatschny Leander
ED8p1b Kollatschny Mary
ED8p1b Kollatschny Mary
ED8p3b Kollatschny Nellie
ED8p1b Kollatschny Paul
ED8p3b Kollatschny Sophie
ED8 p8b Kollatschny Wera
ED8 p8a Kollhoff Alfred
ED8 p8a Kollhoff Annie
ED8 p8a Kollhoff Arthur
ED8 p8a Kollhoff Charles
ED8 p8a Kollhoff Edwin
ED8 p8a Kollhoff Ella
ED2p4b Kolpke Dora
ED2p4b Kolpke Flora
ED2p4b Kolpke Henrietta
ED11p8b Koneschik Bessie
ED11p8a Koneschik John
ED11p8a Koneschik John J
ED11p8a Koneschik Mary
ED8 p9a Konesheck Hetwig
ED8 p9a Konesheck Willie
ED5p8b Konisczny Frank
ED5p8b Konisczny Johanna
ED5p8b Konisczny Mary
ED5p8b Konisczny Stanislava
ED5p8b Konisczny Steve
ED5p8b Konisczny Veronika
ED5p8b Konisczny Waleria
ED5p8b Konisczny Wanda
ED15p15b Kopecky Agnes
ED15p15b Kopecky Anton
ED15p13a Kopecky Elsie
ED15p13a Kopecky Frank
ED15p13a Kopecky Inocene
ED15p13a Kopecky Jim
ED15p13a Kopecky Louise
ED15p13a Kopecky Louise
ED15p3a Kopetsky Clara
ED15p3a Kopetsky Joe
ED14p9a Koppa Annie
ED14p5b Koppa Annie
ED14p9a Koppa Anton
ED14p5b Koppa Joe
ED14p9a Koppa Lillie
ED14p9a Koppa Ludre
ED14p9a Koppa Tom
ED14p9a Koppa Vlastic
ED12p11a Kopycinske Albena
ED12p11a Kopycinske Edwina
ED12p11a Kopycinske Joe
ED12p11a Kopycinske Joe
ED12p11a Kopycinske Konegede
ED12p11a Kopycinske Sealy
ED14p3a Korenek Joe
ED14p3a Korenek John
ED14p3a Korenek Lodgie
ED14p3a Korenek Mary
ED12p8a Korplack Frances
ED12p8a Korplack Honey
ED8p5a Kosenek John J
ED8p5a Kosenek Tillie
ED8p5a Kosenek Viola
ED15p1b Kosik Andrew
ED15p1b Kosik Henry
ED15p1b Kosik Katherina
ED8p5a Koska Ella Mae
ED11p8b Koslovskey Annie
ED11p8b Koslovskey Martin
ED10p9b Koslovsky Anna
ED10p9b Koslovsky Chas
ED10p9b Koslovsky Clara
ED10p8b Koslovsky John
ED10p8b Koslovsky Mary
ED8p4a Kotzebue Bertha
ED6p13b Kovacevic Eddie
ED6p13b Kovacevic Henrietta
ED6p13b Kovacevic Joe
ED6p13b Kovacevic Josephine
ED6p13b Kovacevic Otto
ED14p10b Kovar Annie
ED15p1a Kovar Annie
ED15p15a Kovar Anton
ED15p15a Kovar Augusta
ED15p15a Kovar Augusta
ED15p15a Kovar Charlie
ED15p1a Kovar Francis
ED15p15a Kovar Hattie
ED15p1a Kovar John 
ED15p15a Kovar Johnie
ED15p15a Kovar Louise
ED15p1a Kovar Mary
ED15p1a Kovar Mary
ED15p1a Kovar Steve
ED1p8b Koy Adelaide
Ed7p13b Koy Arthur
ED1p8b Koy August
Ed7p7b Koy Charlie
Ed7p13a Koy Clara
ED1p8b Koy Eddie
Ed7p3b Koy Elenor Blanche
Ed7p3b Koy Ella
Ed7p13b Koy Ernest
Ed7p7b Koy Evelyn
ED6p2a Koy George
Ed7p3b Koy Hugo
ED1p5a Koy Hugo
Ed7p7b Koy Louise
Ed7p13b Koy Lucile
Ed7p7b Koy Mamie
Ed7p3b Koy Marian Clair
Ed7p7b Koy May Dell
Ed7p1a Koy Ora Dell
Ed7p1a Koy Richard
ED1p5a Koy Stella
Ed7p13a Koy Theodore
Ed7p13a Koy Tillie
Ed7p1a Koy Winnie
Ed7p3b Koy Woodrow
ED15p8b Kozuch Agnes
ED15p8b Kozuch Felix
ED15p8b Kozuch Felix
ED15p8b Kozuch Leddie
ED15p8b Kozuch Mary
ED13p7a Kramer Albert
ED13p7a Kramer Albert
ED12p4a Kramer Edward  A
ED13p7a Kramer Edwin
ED12p9b Kramer Emma
ED14p4a Kramer Ernst
ED12p4a Kramer Ester
ED12p9b Kramer Fritz
ED12p9b Kramer Helma
ED13p7a Kramer Henritie
ED12p4a Kramer Herbert
ED12p4a Kramer Lena
ED13p7a Kramer Lenora
ED13p7a Kramer Lillie
ED13p7a Kramer Malinda
ED13p7a Kramer Rudolph
ED14p9a Kramer Krause Annie
ED14p9a Kramer Krause Edwin
ED14p9a Kramer Krause Herman
ED13p3a Kramfato Annie 
ED13p3a Kramfato Charley
ED13p3a Kramfato John
ED6p9a Krampitz Bettie
Ed7p5a Krampitz Charles
Ed7p5a Krampitz Dovie
Ed7p5a Krampitz Elsie
Ed7p5a Krampitz Frank
Ed7p5a Krampitz Lena
ED6p9a Krampitz Rudolph
Ed7p5a Krampitz Vollie
Ed7p5a Krampitz Willie
ED8p2b Krancher Anna
ED8p2b Krancher Charlie
ED8p2b Krancher Frida
ED8p2b Krancher Hugo
ED8p2b Krancher Lesley
ED11p5a Kraus Grace Irene
ED11p5a Kraus Leila Bell
ED11p5a Kraus Willie
ED5p4b Krause Alfred
ED10p12b Krause Alma
ED5p2b Krause Alma
ED5p3a Krause Alma
ED10p6a Krause Alvin
ED10p5b Krause Anna
ED10p5b Krause Anna
ED9p5a Krause August
ED9p5a Krause August
ED10p15b Krause August
ED10p6a Krause Bennie
ED10p15b Krause Bertha
ED10p15b Krause Carl
ED10p15b Krause Charlotte
ED10p5b Krause Dessie
ED10p15b Krause Edgar
ED10p5b Krause Edna
ED10p15b Krause Elizabeth
ED2p3b Krause Ella
ED10p5b Krause Elsa
ED10p5b Krause Emil
ED5p4b Krause Ernestine
ED14p7a Krause Fannie
ED10p5b Krause Frank
ED9p5a Krause Frank
ED14p3b Krause Fritz
ED14p7a Krause Gilbirt
ED5p2b Krause Gustav
ED5p3a Krause Gustav
ED2p3b Krause Hans
ED14p3b Krause Herman
ED9p5a Krause Herman
ED10p15b Krause Hertha
ED9p5a Krause Johanna
ED10p5b Krause Johanna
ED5p4b Krause John
ED14p7a Krause John
ED5p4b Krause John
ED10p5b Krause Lee
ED14p7a Krause Leon
ED10p12b Krause Lesley
ED10p6a Krause Lilly
ED10p5b Krause Lilly
ED10p5b Krause Louis
ED10p15b Krause Louis H
ED5p4b Krause Louise
ED2p3b Krause Luther A
ED14p3b Krause Martha
ED5p4b Krause Martha
ED13p1b Krause Matildy
ED10p15b Krause Max
ED14p3a Krause Mollie
ED10p6a Krause Mrs. Ed
ED10p15b Krause Nola
ED10p12b Krause Norma
ED13p1b Krause Otto
ED14p3b Krause Paul
ED2p3b Krause Paul G
ED5p2b Krause Raymond
ED5p3a Krause Raymond
ED10p15b Krause Raymund
ED9p5a Krause Rudolph
ED5p2b Krause Selma
ED5p3a Krause Selma
ED14p3b Krause Theresa
ED9p5a Krause Tilly
ED10p12b Krause Wallie
ED10p15b Krause Walter
ED10p12b Krause Willie
ED14p3a Krause Willie
ED10p12b Krause Willie
ED15p2a Krc Charlie
ED15p2a Krc Emily
ED15p2a Krc Frank
ED15p2a Krc Henry
ED15p2a Krc John
ED15p2a Krc Lucy
ED15p2a Krc Mary
ED15p2a Krc Verna
ED6p2a Krchnak Adolph
ED6p2a Krchnak Agnes
ED6p2a Krchnak Cyril
ED6p2a Krchnak Francis
ED6p2a Krchnak Frank
ED6p2a Krchnak Frank
ED6p2a Krchnak Joe
ED6p2a Krchnak John
ED6p2a Krchnak Louis
ED6p2a Krchnak Mary



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