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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Kre - Kv


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED10p8a Krenek Alfred
ED10p8a Krenek Alvina
ED10p8a Krenek Angela
ED10p8a Krenek Frank
ED10p8a Krenek Henry
ED10p8a Krenek Hugo
ED10p8a Krenek Ida
ED10p8a Krenek Joe
ED10p8a Krenek Johnny
ED10p8a Krenek Katharine
ED10p8a Krenek Paul
ED10p8a Krenek Wilfred
ED4p6b Kretschmar Bernard
ED4p6b Kretschmar Emma
ED4p6b Kretschmar Freda
ED4p6b Kretschmar Martha
ED4p6b Kretschmar Martin
ED4p6b Kretschmar Walter
ED10p15b Kretzchmar Arthur C
ED10p15b Kretzchmar Gustave
ED10p15b Kretzchmar Johanna
ED10p13a Kretzschmar Adela
ED10p7b Kretzschmar Alma
ED10p13a Kretzschmar Annie
ED8 p 7b Kretzschmar Bertha
ED10p14a Kretzschmar Bertha
ED8 p 7b Kretzschmar Charlie
ED8p3b Kretzschmar Charlie
Ed7p6b Kretzschmar Ed
ED10p13a Kretzschmar Edmund
ED10p13a Kretzschmar Elizabeth
ED8 p 7b Kretzschmar Emil
ED10p14a Kretzschmar G E
ED8p3b Kretzschmar Guardie
ED10p14a Kretzschmar Gus J
ED8p3b Kretzschmar Hilda
ED10p13a Kretzschmar Julius
ED10p13a Kretzschmar Julius J
ED10p13a Kretzschmar Mary
Ed7p6b Kretzschmar Minnie
ED10p13a Kretzschmar Mundina
ED10p13a Kretzschmar Olga
ED10p13a Kretzschmar Otto E
ED11p3b Krienke Alena
ED11p3b Krienke Alfred
ED11p3b Krienke Robert
ED11p3b Krienke Rosie
ED11p3b Krienke Willie 
ED10p3b Kristen Ambrose
ED10p3b Kristen Elwood
ED10p3b Kristen Emma
ED10p3b Kristen Laura
ED10p3b Kristen Myrtle
ED5p11a Krivacka Edward
ED5p11a Krivacka Hermina
ED5p11a Krivacka Joseph
ED5p11a Krivacka Julia
ED5p11a Krivacka Mary
ED5p11a Krivacka Vera
ED5p11a Krivacka Wilhelmina
ED5p11a Krivacka William
ED5p11a Krivacka William
ED2p1b Kroeger Allen A
ED2p1b Kroeger Billy
ED2p1b Kroeger Charlie
ED2p1b Kroeger Grace
ED2p1b Kroeger John K
ED2p1b Kroeger Joseph L
ED2p1b Kroeger William
Ed7p8b Kroemer Kroener Annie
Ed7p8b Kroemer Kroener Herman
Ed7p8b Kroemer Kroener Max
Ed7p8b Kroemer Kroener Minnie
ED8p1b Kroener Lottie
ED8p1b Kroener Otto
ED8p1b Kroener Walter
ED5p5a Kroger Johann Henry
ED14p5a Krompata Alvina
ED14p5a Krompata Alvina
ED14p5a Krompata Henry
ED14p5a Krompata Louis
ED14p5a Krompata Lydia
ED14p5a Krompata Milady
ED14p5a Krompata Tom
ED14p5a Krompata Valesta
ED14p4b Kroulik Alfred
ED14p4b Kroulik Emily
ED5p9a Kroulik Hattie
ED5p9a Kroulik Hugo
ED5p9a Kroulik John
ED14p4b Kroulik John
ED14p4b Kroulik Johnnie
ED10p11a Krueger A L
ED10p12a Krueger Alma
ED5p6b Krueger Alton
ED5p2a Krueger Anna
ED1p3a Krueger Augusta
ED5p6b Krueger Auguste
ED4p2a Krueger Berdie
ED4p1b Krueger Bertha
ED10p16b Krueger Bertrice
ED2p6b Krueger Charles G
ED2p6b Krueger Charles L.
ED4p1b Krueger Clarence
ED1p3a Krueger Dallas
ED4p1b Krueger Daniel
ED1p3a Krueger Della
ED4p8a Krueger Delores
ED10p12a Krueger Denis
ED1p3a Krueger Dorothy
ED4p8a Krueger Edmund
ED4p1b Krueger Elsie
ED10p12a Krueger Emil
ED5p6b Krueger Emma
ED4p8a Krueger Emmie
ED10p11a Krueger Estella
ED4p2a Krueger Fritz
ED5p2a Krueger Fritz
ED4p1b Krueger Hazel
ED10p11a Krueger Helen
ED4p8a Krueger Helen
ED5p6b Krueger Henry
ED4p1b Krueger Hermann
ED10p15a Krueger Hertha
ED4p1b Krueger Hilda
ED10p11a Krueger Hilma
ED10p12a Krueger Ida
ED1p3a Krueger Irvin
ED10p12a Krueger Jessie
ED4p1b Krueger John
ED10p15a Krueger Lee
ED4p1b Krueger Leroy
ED4p2a Krueger Lillian
ED10p12a Krueger Lillie
ED4p2a Krueger Lucile
ED10p16b Krueger M W
ED4p1b Krueger Marcus
ED10p12a Krueger Margaretha
ED4p1b Krueger Matilda
ED10p12a Krueger Maurice
ED4p2a Krueger Meta
ED10p11a Krueger Minna
ED4p1b Krueger Minna
ED10p11a Krueger Nola
ED4p1b Krueger Nona
ED2p6b Krueger Nonie
ED10p16b Krueger Nora
ED10p11a Krueger Norman
ED1p3a Krueger Otto
ED10p12a Krueger Ray
ED10p12a Krueger Reinhold
ED4p1b Krueger Roland
ED4p1b Krueger Sidney
ED4p1b Krueger Waco
ED4p2a Krueger Werner
ED4p1b Krueger William
ED5p6b Krueger William
ED4p1b Krueger Willie, Jr.
ED3p1b Krumrey Annie
ED2p8a Krumrey Edward
ED2p8a Krumrey Emil
ED3p1b Krumrey Emil
ED2p8a Krumrey Gardner
ED3p1b Krumrey Herbert
ED2p8a Krumrey Hildegarde
ED3p1b Krumrey Ida
ED3p1b Krumrey J. C
ED3p1b Krumrey John
ED3p1b Krumrey Lester
ED2p8a Krumrey Marina
ED2p8a Krumrey Mosell
ED3p1b Krumrey Pauline
ED2p1a Krumrey Walter
ED6p22b Krupala Abina
ED6p22b Krupala Annie
ED6p22b Krupala Anton
ED6p4a Krupala Emil
ED6p4a Krupala Francis
ED6p22b Krupala Joe
ED6p4a Krupala John
ED6p22b Krupala John
ED6p22b Krupala Julia
ED6p22b Krupala Ladik
ED6p22b Krupala Mary
ED6p22b Krupala Paul
ED6p22b Krupala Paul
ED6p22b Krupala Rudolph
ED6p4a Krupala Tom
ED3p16a Krusleski Charlie
ED3p16a Krusleski Estella
ED3p16a Krusleski Frank
ED3p16a Krusleski Joe
ED3p16a Krusleski Lee
ED3p16a Krusleski Martha
ED3p16a Krusleski Mary
ED3p16a Krusleski Rosa
ED3p16a Krusleski Stana
ED3p16a Krusleski Vatta
ED15p13b Kubala Earnest
Ed7p9b Kubala Edward
ED15p13b Kubala Elisomet
Ed7p9b Kubala Francis
ED15p13b Kubala Frank
ED15p13b Kubala Jerry
Ed7p9b Kubala John V
Ed7p9b Kubala Johnnie
Ed7p9b Kubala Julius
Ed7p9b Kubala Keddy
ED15p13b Kubala Liga
ED15p13b Kubala Lizzie
ED15p13b Kubala Rosa
ED5p2a Kuban Rosie
ED15p13a Kubricht Bennie
ED15p13a Kubricht Charlie
ED15p13a Kubricht Daniel
ED15p13a Kubricht Frank
ED15p13a Kubricht John  
ED15p13a Kubricht Mary
ED15p13a Kubricht Rosa
ED15p13a Kubricht Ruth
ED15p13b Kubricht Stanley
ED15p13a Kubricht Theo
ED15p13a Kubricht Theophilus
ED15p13a Kubricht Willie
ED15p9a Kucera Annie
ED15p9a Kucera Annie
ED10p3b Kucera Frank
ED15p9a Kucera John
ED15p9a Kucera John
ED15p9a Kucera Millie
ED15p9a Kucera Rosa
ED8 p 7b Kucher Alwin
ED8 p 7b Kucher Buanes
ED2p1b Kucher Fred
ED8 p 7b Kucher Herman
ED8 p 7b Kucher Lester
ED8 p 7b Kucher Minna
ED13p6b Kucra Kucera Eddie
ED13p6b Kucra Kucera Joe
ED13p6b Kucra Kucera John
ED13p6b Kucra Kucera Paul
ED13p6b Kucra Kucera Paul
ED13p6b Kucra Kucera Rosa
ED13p6b Kucra Kucera Rosa
ED13p6b Kucra Kucera Willie
ED14p7b Kudlacek Alvina
ED14p7b Kudlacek Annie
ED14p7b Kudlacek Frank
ED14p7b Kudlacek John
ED14p7b Kudlacek John
ED14p7b Kudlacek Mathilda
ED14p7b Kudlacek Olga
ED14p7b Kudlacek Rudolph
ED10p14b Kuehn Adalbert
ED10p11a Kuehn Albert
ED2p4a Kuehn Alma
ED10p11a Kuehn Almita
ED2p4a Kuehn Aloise
ED10p11a Kuehn Antonia
ED6p7b Kuehn Arnold
ED10p8a Kuehn Arthur
ED10p8a Kuehn Bennie
ED10p14b Kuehn Clifton
ED10p8a Kuehn Edina
ED10p8a Kuehn Edna
ED5p3b Kuehn Edwin
ED10p14b Kuehn Emilie
ED2p1b Kuehn Emma
ED5p3b Kuehn Ernest
ED10p8a Kuehn Esther
ED2p1b Kuehn Fay
ED5p3b Kuehn Frieda
ED10p14b Kuehn Hertha
ED10p14b Kuehn Hilda
ED10p11a Kuehn Hugo A
ED10p8a Kuehn Kinny
ED10p11a Kuehn Lawrence
ED2p4a Kuehn Leona M
ED10p8a Kuehn Lina
ED10p11a Kuehn Louise
ED10p11a Kuehn Olga
ED10p14b Kuehn Paul
ED5p3b Kuehn Pauline
ED2p4a Kuehn Robert
ED10p11a Kuehn Walter
ED10p8a Kuehn William
ED10p8a Kuehn Willie
ED15p7b Kuhn Bula
ED15p7b Kuhn C F
ED15p7b Kuhn Clara
ED15p7b Kuhn Clara Ruth
ED15p7b Kuhn Estella
ED15p7b Kuhn Halley Mae
ED11p7a Kuhn Hugo A
ED11p7a Kuhn Ida
ED11p7a Kuhn Irene
ED15p7b Kuhn Leola
ED3p10b Kujawa Florence
ED3p10b Kujawa Inez
ED3p10b Kujawa Joe
ED3p10b Kujawa Johnnie
ED3p10b Kujawa Mary
ED3p10b Kujawa Rufus
ED3p10b Kujawa Sophia
ED3p10b Kujawa Stanley
ED6p3a Kulenda Albena
ED6p3a Kulenda Francis
ED6p3a Kulenda Frank
ED6p3a Kulenda Joe
ED6p3a Kulenda Jule
ED6p3a Kulenda Louis
ED6p3a Kulenda Mary
ED15p14b Kulhanek Antoney
ED15p14b Kulhanek Frank
ED15p14b Kulhanek Frank
ED15p14b Kulhanek Jaroslav
ED15p14b Kulhanek Karel
ED15p14b Kulhanek Libusa
ED15p14b Kulhanek Mathilda
ED8 p8a Kulow Anita
ED8 p8a Kulow Antonia
ED8 p8a Kulow Carl
ED8 p8a Kulow Johana
ED8 p8a Kulow Mary
ED8 p8a Kulow Minna
ED8 p8a Kulow Nettie
ED8 p8a Kulow Walter
ED8 p8a Kulow William
ED1p1b Kuntz Annie B
ED1p1b Kuntz Fraey R
ED6p7b Kunze Dallas
ED6p7b Kunze Daraelca
ED6P18b Kunze David James
ED6P18b Kunze Earnest Frank
ED6p5b Kunze Eddie
ED6P18b Kunze Eddie Oscar
ED6p7b Kunze Ella
ED6P18b Kunze F J
ED6P18b Kunze Ginneva
ED6P18b Kunze Leo Searal
ED6p7b Kunze Marshall
ED6p5b Kunze Mary
ED6P18b Kunze Matilda Frederick
ED6P18b Kunze Melva Robert
ED6p20b Kunze Robert C
ED6P18b Kunze Robert Charles
ED6p7b Kunze Tillie May
ED6p7b Kunze Will
ED6P18b Kunze Willie Dewitt
ED6p21a Kunze Zada
ED6p21a Kunze Zera Mae
ED1p6a Kupsa Ima
ED1p6a Kupsa Lillian
ED1p6b Kupsa Meoma
ED1p6a Kupsa Verna
ED6p21b Kur  Annie
ED6p21b Kur  Charley
ED6p21b Kur  William H
ED5p1b Kuropata Alvin
ED5p1b Kuropata Emilie
ED5p1b Kuropata Franciska
ED5p1b Kuropata Frank
ED5p1b Kuropata Olga
ED5p1b Kuropata Sophia
ED5p1b Kuropata Stephan
Ed7p4b Kurston Edwin
Ed7p4b Kurston Emmie
ED3p9a Kurts Charlie
ED3p9a Kurts Henry
ED3p9a Kurts Mattie
ED3p9a Kurts ? Charlie
ED6p7b Kurtz Alfred
ED6p5b Kurtz Annie
ED6p21b Kurtz Artie
ED6p9a Kurtz Bettie
ED6p5b Kurtz Charles
ED6p5b Kurtz Doris
Ed7p4a Kurtz Emanuel
ED8 p8a Kurtz Emma
ED6p7a Kurtz Joseph
ED6p21b Kurtz Josey
ED6p9a Kurtz Kenneth
Ed7p3a Kurtz Lawrence
ED6p7a Kurtz Lena
ED6p7b Kurtz Lena
Ed7p4a Kurtz Lizzie
Ed7p4a Kurtz Louella
ED6p9a Kurtz Louis
ED6p21b Kurtz Mammie
ED8 p8a Kurtz Otto
ED6p5b Kurtz Otto
ED15p19b Kurtz Richard
Ed7p18b Kurtz Richard
Ed7p4a Kurtz Willie
ED1p6a Kutach Ernest G
ED1p6a Kutach Estelle
ED1p6a Kutach Katie
ED14p7a Kutej Gracy
ED14p3b Kutej Martin
ED14p7a Kutej Tommy
ED14p7a Kutej Tonnie
ED14p1a Kuterna John
ED6p12a Kutra Alvina
ED6p5a Kutra Annie
ED6p12a Kutra Annie
ED6p5a Kutra Annie
ED6p12a Kutra Annie
ED6p5a Kutra Annie
ED6p5a Kutra Anton
ED6p5a Kutra Antonie
ED6p11a Kutra August
ED6p5a Kutra Christina
ED6p11a Kutra Emil
ED6p13b Kutra Fanny
ED6p11a Kutra Fela
ED6p11a Kutra Francis
ED6p5a Kutra Francis
ED6p11a Kutra Frank
ED6p5a Kutra Frank
ED6p13a Kutra Joe
ED6p12a Kutra Joe
ED6p12a Kutra John
ED6p13b Kutra Lillie
ED6p11a Kutra Louis
ED6p5a Kutra Louis S
ED6p12a Kutra Louisa
ED6p13a Kutra Mary
ED6p12a Kutra Mary
ED6p5a Kutra Mary
ED6p13b Kutra Mollie
ED6p13a Kutra Rosa
ED6p13b Kutra Sophia
ED6p5a Kutra Tania
ED6p12a Kutra William
ED6p11a Kutra Willie
ED8p7a Kveton Albert
ED8 p8a Kveton Alurina
Ed7p4a Kveton Angelina
Ed7p2b Kveton Anna
ED8 p8a Kveton Anna
ED8 p8a Kveton Annie
Ed7p2b Kveton Della
Ed7p4a Kveton Ella
ED8 p9a Kveton Ellice
ED8p7a Kveton Elsie
ED8p7a Kveton Emmet
ED8 p9a Kveton Erma
ED8p7a Kveton Estella
ED9p4a Kveton Ethel
ED8 p8a Kveton Fannie
ED9p4a Kveton Forest
ED8 p8a Kveton Frank
ED8 p8a Kveton Frank
ED8p7a Kveton Herman
ED8p7a Kveton Hugo
Ed7p4b Kveton Ida
Ed7p2b Kveton Jake
ED8 p9a Kveton Jessie
ED8 p9a Kveton Joe
ED9p4a Kveton Julia
Ed7p4b Kveton Kate
ED9p4a Kveton Laurine
ED8p7a Kveton Leo
ED8 p9a Kveton Lissie
ED8 p8a Kveton Mary
Ed7p4a Kveton Mat
Ed7p4a Kveton Minnie
ED9p4a Kveton Myrtle
ED8p7a Kveton Ora
ED9p4a Kveton Oradell
ED8 p8a Kveton Otto
ED9p4a Kveton Reese
ED8 p8a Kveton Richard
ED8 p9a Kveton Roy
ED8 p8a Kveton Sophie
ED8p7a Kveton Threase
ED9p4a Kveton Tom
ED8 p9a Kveton Ulna
ED8 p9a Kveton Waco
Ed7p4b Kveton Walter
ED9p4a Kveton William


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