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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

La - Li

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
Ed7p5b Laas Arnold
Ed7p5b Laas Arnold, Jr.
ED2p10b Laas Debora
Ed7p5b Laas Elsie
ED1p1b Laas Ema
ED2p10b Laas Ernst
ED1p1b Laas Ernst G
ED2p10b Laas Louisa
Ed7p5b Laas Moylan
ED1p1b Laas William E
ED8p2a Ladig Augusta
ED8p2a Ladig Christina
Ed7p1b Ladig Kate
Ed7p1b Ladig Kenneth
ED8p7a Ladig Leeland
ED8p2a Ladig Lena
ED8p7a Ladig Opal
ED8p7a Ladig Ordell
Ed7p1b Ladig Otto
ED8p7a Ladig Raymond
ED8p7a Ladig Selma
ED8p7a Ladig Wesley
ED2p4b Lageman Henry
ED10p3b Lahrman Frieda
ED10p3b Lahrman Herm
ED10p3b Lahrman Josephine
ED5p4b Lahrmann Alalbert
ED4p5b Lahrmann Eddie
ED4p6a Lahrmann Edna
ED4p6a Lahrmann Feibe
ED5p4b Lahrmann Laura
ED5p4b Lahrmann Norma
ED10p6b Lala Anna
ED10p6b Lala Anna
ED10p7a Lala Elgin
ED10p7a Lala F E
ED10p7a Lala Francis
ED10p6b Lala Frank
ED10p7a Lala Naoma
Ed7p13b Lambert Felix
Ed7p13b Lambert Paul
ED1p14a Lamberth Joseph H
ED1p14a Lamberth Mary C
ED1p4a Lambreth Anna K
ED1p4a Lambreth Annie
ED1p4a Lambreth Ivy E
ED1p4a Lambreth Ivy E
ED1p4a Lambreth Jesse E
ED1p4a Lambreth Jesse L
ED1p4a Lambreth Minnie
ED6p15a Lamer Frank
ED6p15a Lamer John
ED6p15a Lamer John
ED6p15a Lamer Mary
ED6p15a Lamer Mary
ED4p4a Lamp Anne
ED4p4a Lamp Bennie
ED4p4a Lamp Fritz
ED4p4a Lamp Fritz
ED4p4a Lamp Herman
ED4p3b Lamp Leona Lucile
ED4p3b Lamp Lester
ED4p4a Lamp Lillie
ED4p3b Lamp Matilda
ED4p3b Lamp Richard
ED4p4a Lamp Willie
ED1p2a Lampe Joe
ED1p2a Lampe Lorine
ED1p2a Lampe Romeo
ED1p2a Lampe Ronnes E
ED12p6b Landro Ethel
ED1p6a Lane Conie
ED6p6b Lane Esther
ED1p6a Lane Floyd
ED1p6a Lane Maggie
ED1p6a Lane Marshall
ED1p6a Lane Sadie
ED1p6a Lane Sterling
ED4p5b Lang Maggie
ED4p5b Lang Sarah
ED3p5a Langberg Ida
ED3p5a Langberg John
ED3p5a Langberg Trieda
ED3p5a Langberg Walter
ED3p8a Lange Alonzo
ED3p8a Lange Anna
ED3p8a Lange Edward
ED10p12b Lange Frank
ED3p8a Lange Gertrude
ED11p2a Lange Herman
ED10p12b Lange Joe
ED3p8a Lange Julia
ED10p12b Lange Lilly
ED10p12b Lange Lilly
ED10p12b Lange Ottilie
ED3p8a Lange Robert
ED10p12b Lange Silvia
ED3p8a Lange William
ED3p8a Lange William
ED2p3a Langue Joseph
ED3p6a Lark Callie
ED3p7a Lark Celia
ED3p7a Lark Johnnie
ED3p7a Lark Justene
ED3p6a Lark Lena
ED3p6a Lark Marshall
ED3p6a Lark Mat
ED3p6a Lark Tom
ED3p7a Lark Virginia
ED3p7a Lark Will Ida
ED11p2a Larkins Elnora
ED11p2a Larkins George
ED11p2a Larkins Josephine
ED11p2a Larkins Kinney
ED11p2a Larkins Lee Andrew
ED4p2a Larsen Andress
ED4p2a Larsen Richard
ED4p2a Larsen Roy
ED4p2a Larsen Uloff
ED4p2a Larsen Wanda
ED3p7b Laston Albert
ED3p7b Laston Annie
ED3p7b Laston Johnnie
ED3p7b Laston Sammie
Ed7p17b Lastovica Alvena
ED6p3b Lastovica Annie
ED15p15a Lastovica Annie
ED15p15a Lastovica Frank
ED6p3b Lastovica John
Ed7p17b Lastovica John
ED6p3b Lastovica Louis
Ed7p17b Lastovica Ludmila
Ed7p17b Lastovica Mary
ED6p3b Lastovica Rudolph
ED6p3b Lastovica Willie
Ed7p13a Late Bobbie
Ed7p13a Late Clyde
Ed7p13a Late Lawrence
Ed7p13a Late Lloyd
ED3p6b Latimer Charlie
ED3p7a Latimer Clayton
ED3p7a Latimer Irene
ED3p7a Latimer James
ED3p6b Latimer Zollie
ED6p6a Laue Hattie
ED6p6a Laue Louisa
ED6p6a Laue Lovie Ann
ED6p6a Laue Luke
ED6p6a Laue Rosa
ED6p6a Laue Willie
ED1p3a Laws Katherine W
ED1p3a Laws Nona
ED1p3a Laws Robert W
ED2p8b Lawson Dolin
Ed7p15a Lay Albert
Ed7p15a Lay Aurn
Ed7p15a Lay Burdett
Ed7p15a Lay Claude
Ed7p15a Lay Ellen
Ed7p15a Lay Frank
Ed7p15a Lay Gladys Nele
Ed7p15a Lay Grace
Ed7p15a Lay Hazel Ruth
Ed7p15a Lay Willie
Ed7p10a Leach Emma
Ed7p10a Leach Sam
ED12p8b Leaden Emeline
ED3p17a Leakes Classie
ED3p17a Leakes Clinty
ED3p17a Leakes Roxie
ED3p3b Lee Allen
ED3p4a Lee Allen
ED13p2b Lee Anderson
ED13p2b Lee Beula
ED3p3b Lee Eddie
ED3p3b Lee Emma
ED12p9a Lee Harvey
ED3p12b Lee Isaac
ED3p3b Lee Jennie
ED3p13a Lee Laura
ED13p2b Lee Lilly
ED3p3b Lee Mozelle
ED3p4a Lee Narcisus
ED3p3b Lee Rosa
ED3p3b Lee Walter
ED3p1b Leek Cleora
ED3p1b Leek George
ED3p1b Leek Henderson
ED3p1b Leek James
ED3p1b Leek Morgan
ED3p1b Leek Susie
ED3p16b Leeks Lissa
ED3p16b Leeks Sarah
ED3p16b Leeks Will 
Ed7p5b Leelen Amanda
ED9p6a Leenen Annie
ED9p6a Leenen Arnold
ED9p6a Leenen August
ED9p6a Leenen Betty
ED9p6a Leenen Betty
ED9p6a Leenen Clara
ED9p6a Leenen Gertrude
ED4p2a Lehmann Adolf
ED4p2a Lehmann Alma
ED4p2a Lehmann Alvin
ED12p4b Lehmann Bertha
ED4p1b Lehmann Herbert
ED4p1b Lehmann Idona
ED4p1b Lehmann Liescher
ED4p1b Lehmann Lillian
ED12p4b Lehmann Otto
ED4p1b Lehmann Roy
ED4p2a Lehmann Ruby Lee
ED5p3b Lehrmann Annette
ED5p3b Lehrmann Hazel
ED6p17b Lehrmann M W
ED5p3b Lehrmann Reinhold
ED5p3b Lehrmann Woodrow
ED12p3a Leiman Eddie
ED5p10b Lemmer Annie
ED5p10b Lemmer Gustave
ED15p17b Leonard Edward
ED15p17b Leonard Fannie
ED15p17b Leonard J E
ED15p17b Leonard Milton
ED15p16b Leonarta Mary
Ed7p3b Lepp Albert
Ed7p3b Lepp Caroline
Ed7p3b Lepp Daniel
Ed7p3b Lepp Elmore
Ed7p3b Lepp Helen
ED14p1a Leps Albert
ED14p1a Leps Gottlieb
ED14p1a Leps Herman
ED14p5b Leps Lena
ED14p1a Leps Lillie
ED14p1a Leps Minnie
ED14p5b Leps Otto
Ed7p19b Lerma Juan
Ed7p19b Lerma Reta
Ed7p19b Lerma Telina
Ed7p19a Lescher Bernice
Ed7p19a Lescher Charlie
Ed7p19a Lescher Rosie
ED9p7a Leschper Adolph
ED9p7a Leschper Alma
ED9p7a Leschper Andrew
ED4p7b Leschper Earnest
ED4p7b Leschper Gustav
ED9p7a Leschper Helen
ED9p7a Leschper Helen
ED4p7b Leschper Martha
ED4p7b Leschper Matilda
ED9p7a Leschper Otto 
ED9p7a Leschper Walter
ED10p17b Leshikar Allen
ED10p17b Leshikar Charles
ED10p7a Leshikar Charlie
ED10p17b Leshikar F F
ED10p7a Leshikar J B
ED10p7a Leshikar Jodie
ED10p7a Leshikar Lilly
ED10p17b Leshikar Milada
ED10p7a Leshikar Rosalia
ED10p7a Leshikar Rosie
ED10p7a Leshikar K C
ED8p5b Lesikar Alwina
ED8p5b Lesikar Anna
ED8p5b Lesikar Charlie
ED8p5b Lesikar Emil
ED8p5b Lesikar Franciska
ED8p5b Lesikar John
Ed7p13a Lethridge Beckie
Ed7p2a Levell Francis
Ed7p2a Levell Lonnie M
Ed7p2a Levell Malcom
Ed7p2a Levell Mary
Ed7p2a Levell Mildred
Ed7p14b Levine Abe
Ed7p4b Levine Abe
Ed7p14b Levine Gus
ED15p8b Lewandowski Conrad
ED12p11a Lewandowski Frances
ED12p11a Lewandowski Frank
ED12p11a Lewandowski Helen
ED12p11a Lewandowski Henry
ED12p11a Lewandowski Joe
ED12p11a Lewandowski John
ED12p11a Lewandowski Les
ED12p11a Lewandowski Mary
ED12p11a Lewandowski Pete
ED12p11a Lewandowski Rosa
ED15p12a Lewindowsky Annie
ED15p12a Lewindowsky Norman
Ed7p11b Lewis Addie
ED12p5a Lewis Albert
Ed7p9a Lewis Albert
ED1p10a Lewis Allan
Ed7p9a Lewis Amelia
ED9p3a Lewis Amy
ED2p4a Lewis Edna
ED15p10a Lewis Effie
Ed7p9a Lewis Elisha
ED15p10a Lewis Frona
Ed7p10b Lewis Gussie
Ed7p9a Lewis Howard
ED1p10a Lewis Ira B
Ed7p11b Lewis Jimmie
Ed7p11b Lewis Joe
ED2p4a Lewis John B
Ed7p17a Lewis Josephine
Ed7p10b Lewis L C
ED12p5a Lewis Leselen
Ed7p17a Lewis Mabel
Ed7p9a Lewis Mamie
ED12p7a Lewis Oscar
ED15p10a Lewis Richard
Ed7p11b Lewis Rosemond
Ed7p11b Lewis Rosie
ED1p10a Lewis Savanah
Ed7p17a Lewis Seburn
ED4p2b Lewis Susie
Ed7p11b Lewis Timothy
Ed7p10b Lewis Walter
Ed7p11b Lewis Willis
ED6p8b Lezak Agnes
ED6p11b Lezak Annie
ED6p11b Lezak Anton
ED6p11b Lezak Augestine
ED6p11b Lezak Bohumil
ED6p11b Lezak Cecelia
ED6p11b Lezak Cecelia
ED6p11b Lezak Christie
ED6p11b Lezak Frank
ED6p11b Lezak Frank
ED6p11b Lezak Josie
ED6p11b Lezak Louisa
ED6p11b Lezak Ludmila
ED6p11b Lezak Mary
ED6p11b Lezak Pete J
ED6p11b Lezak Peter
ED6p8b Lezak Rudolf
ED6p11b Lezak Stephena
ED15p17a Liberda Bessie
ED15p17a Liberda Frank
ED15p17a Liberda Gertrude
ED15p17a Liberda Gladys
ED15p17a Liberda Lyde
ED15p17a Liberda Mary
ED15p17a Liberda Mary Alice
ED2p5a Lierman Andrew
ED2p5a Lierman August
ED2p5a Lierman Edna
ED2p5a Lierman Emma
ED2p7a Lierman Evelin
ED1p7b Lierman Frank A
ED2p5a Lierman Lenies
ED1p7b Lierman Martha
ED2p7a Lierman Walter
ED15p2a Lilly Curge C
ED15p2a Lilly Curge C
Ed7p10a Lilly Dora
ED1p7a Lilly Elnora
ED1p7a Lilly Emma
Ed7p10a Lilly Ethel
ED1p7a Lilly Eveline
ED15p2a Lilly Isiah
Ed7p10a Lilly James
Ed7p13b Lilly John
ED15p2a Lilly Lethey
Ed7p10a Lilly Lilly
ED1p7a Lilly Mildred
ED15p2a Lilly Nettie
Ed7p13b Lilly Ora Lee
ED1p7a Lilly Pless
ED1p7a Lilly Quilley
ED15p12b Linard Joe
ED15p12b Linard Mary J
ED10p3a Lindeman E H
ED10p3b Lindeman Marvin
ED10p3b Lindeman Minna
ED10p3b Lindeman Olivia
ED10p3b Lindeman Rubin
ED10p3a Lindeman Lindemann E L
ED10p3a Lindeman Lindemann Elbert
ED10p3a Lindeman Lindemann Ella
ED10p3a Lindeman Lindemann Julia
ED10p3a Lindeman Lindemann Milton
ED10p3a Lindeman Lindemann Monroe
ED10p3a Lindeman Lindemann Walter
ED11p8a Lindemann Bruno
ED11p8a Lindemann Carry
ED11p7b Lindemann Chas
ED11p7a Lindemann Fredericke
ED11p8a Lindemann Ida
ED11p7b Lindemann Johanna
ED11p8a Lindemann Olga
ED11p8a Lindemann Otto F
ED11p8a Lindemann Pearl
ED11p8a Lindemann Robert
ED11p8a Lindemann Talita
ED5p8a Linke Adolph
ED5p8a Linke Albert
ED5p8a Linke Alma
ED5p8a Linke Charles
ED5p8a Linke Edward
ED5p8a Linke Lena
ED5p8a Linke Leo
ED5p8a Linke Lessie
ED5p8a Linke Louis
ED5p8a Linke Mary
ED5p8a Linke Tillie
ED11p5a Linnsteader Bern D
ED11p5a Linnsteader Bertha
ED11p5a Linnsteader Ester
ED11p5a Linnsteader Helna
ED11p5a Linnsteader Lynette
ED11p5a Linnsteader Osker
ED11p5a Linnsteader Walter
ED14p1a Lipscomb Ben Hur
ED14p1a Lipscomb Charlie
ED14p1a Lipscomb Henry
ED14p1a Lipscomb J D
ED14p1a Lipscomb Lar Nell
ED14p1a Lipscomb Mattie
ED14p1a Lipscomb Raymond
ED2p8a Lischka Adolph
ED2p8a Lischka Agnes
ED2p8a Lischka Albertina
ED2p8a Lischka Alois
ED3p7a Lischka Deloris
ED1p8a Lischka Edna
ED3p7a Lischka Ema
ED3p7a Lischka Herbert
ED1p8a Lischka Otto
ED15p10a Little Francis
ED15p10a Little Lena
ED15p10a Little Lena J
ED15p10a Little Roberta
ED15p10a Little Robt O
Ed7p16b Littlefield Arie
Ed7p16b Littlefield Bill V
Ed7p16b Littlefield Georgie
Ed7p16b Littlefield Lavella
Ed7p16b Littlefield Lovie D
Ed7p16b Littlefield Margurite
Ed7p16b Littlefield Merle
Ed7p16b Littlefield Welton
Ed7p16b Littlefield Willie
Ed7p4b Litzman Henry
ED4p8b Litzmann Erna
ED4p8b Litzmann Gus D
ED3p14a Livingston Francies



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