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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Lo - Ly


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED13p2b Locket Albert
ED13p2b Locket Bertha
ED13p2b Locket Kessie
ED13p2b Locket Lawrence
ED9p1b Lockett Ammond
ED3p16b Lockett Ann
ED3p7a Lockett Edgar
ED9p1b Lockett Hammond
ED9p1b Lockett Katy
ED3p16b Lockett Sebie
ED9p7b Loehr Anton
ED9p6a Loehr Birdie
Ed7p13a Loehr Flora
ED9p6b Loehr George
ED9p6a Loehr Gussie
Ed7p13a Loehr Henry
Ed7p13a Loehr Henry Otto
ED9p6b Loehr Herman
ED9p7b Loehr Herman
ED9p6b Loehr Johnnie
ED9p6b Loehr Lina
Ed7p13a Loehr Louisa
ED9p6a Loehr Max
ED9p7b Loehr Nora
ED9p7b Loehr Ruby
ED9p6a Loehr Tilly
ED9p6b Loehr Walter
Ed7p13a Loehr William
ED9p6b Loehr Willie
ED13p8a Loesch Albert
ED13p2b Loesch Alvin
ED13p8a Loesch Andey
ED13p8a Loesch Augusta
ED13p2b Loesch Bernice
ED5p2a Loesch Charlotte
ED13p2b Loesch Chas
ED13p8b Loesch Chas
ED14p2a Loesch Christopher
ED13p8a Loesch Edvin
ED13p8a Loesch Ella
ED13p2b Loesch Ella
ED13p8b Loesch Elsie
ED13p5a Loesch Elsie
ED14p2a Loesch Emma
ED13p8a Loesch Emma
ED13p5a Loesch Erma
ED13p8a Loesch Ernest
ED13p8a Loesch Fritz
ED13p8b Loesch Hedwig
ED14p2a Loesch Helen
ED14p2a Loesch Helga
ED13p2b Loesch Henrietta
ED13p8a Loesch Henrietta
ED13p8a Loesch Henry
ED13p5a Loesch Henry C
ED13p2b Loesch Hildegard
ED13p2b Loesch Hulda
ED12p11b Loesch Johnnie
ED13p8a Loesch Lillie
ED12p11b Loesch Lillie
ED13p2b Loesch Louis
ED13p8a Loesch Louise
ED13p8b Loesch Minie
ED14p2a Loesch Minnie
ED13p2b Loesch Minnie
ED13p8a Loesch Minnie
ED13p2b Loesch Nettie
ED13p8a Loesch Otto
ED13p8b Loesch Paul
ED13p8a Loesch Robert
ED14p2a Loesch Scholetta
ED12p11b Loesch Selma
ED14p2a Loesch Sophia
ED14p2a Loesch Theo
ED13p2b Loesch Theo
ED13p8a Loesch Theo
ED13p8a Loesch Verlin
ED13p8a Loesch Willie
ED13p8a Loesch Wm
ED13p8a Loesch Wm
Ed7p14b Loescher Bessie
Ed7p7a Loescher Chas
Ed7p14b Loescher Evelyn
Ed7p7a Loescher Frank B
Ed7p14b Loescher Glenn
Ed7p14b Loescher Lillian
ED6p20b Loescher Louis T
ED6p20b Loescher Major
Ed7p14b Loescher Margarite
Ed7p7a Loescher Mary
Ed7p14b Loescher Mary
Ed7p14b Loescher Sadie May
ED6p20b Loescher Sophia
Ed7p14b Loescher Theodore
ED15p13a Lofton Dora
ED3p4a Lofton Letha
ED3p4a Lofton Margaret
ED14p9b Logan Cordili
ED14p9b Logan Elba
ED14p9b Logan Hinton
ED14p9b Logan James
ED14p9b Logan Marinda
ED14p9b Logan Minnie
ED14p9b Logan Wesley
Ed7p11a Long Erline
Ed7p11a Long Eunice
Ed7p10b Long Herbert
Ed7p10b Long Huey
Ed7p10b Long Jewel
Ed7p10b Long Lura
Ed7p10b Long Martha
Ed7p11a Long Ora
Ed7p10b Long Robert
Ed7p11a Long Robertha
Ed7p16b Lopcik Joe
Ed7p16b Lopcik Stefie
ED1p12a Loreny Aneta
ED1p12a Loreny Lillie
ED1p12a Loreny Richard R
Ed7p14a Losen Felon
Ed7p14a Losen Lereta
Ed7p14a Losen Stephen
ED4p6b Lot Joe
ED4p6b Lot Mary Ella
ED4p6b Lot Sam
ED13p6b Lott Bessie
ED13p6b Lott Eddie
ED15p2b Lott Edna
ED4p4b Lott Elijah
ED4p4b Lott Ella
ED13p6b Lott Emma
ED6p3b Lott Emma
ED13p6b Lott Emma May
ED4p4b Lott Enis
ED4p4b Lott Enus
ED13p4b Lott Frank
ED13p4b Lott Henry
ED13p4b Lott Ira
ED13p4b Lott Ira
ED13p6b Lott James
ED13p4b Lott Jim
ED13p4b Lott Jim
ED13p4b Lott Leola
ED4p4b Lott Litmag
ED13p4b Lott Maggie
ED13p4b Lott Marie
ED13p4b Lott Mary
ED13p4b Lott Mary
ED13p4b Lott Mattie
ED4p5a Lott Mattie Lee
ED13p2b Lott Mollie
ED13p2b Lott Nannie
ED2p3a Lott Ned
ED13p6b Lott Nettie Bell
ED13p4b Lott Robert
ED13p6b Lott Robert
ED13p4a Lott Robt
ED13p4b Lott Roy
ED13p4b Lott Sallie
ED13p6b Lott Sam
ED15p2b Lott Sylvia Lee
ED13p2b Lott Wesly
ED13p6b Lott William
ED13p6b Lott York
ED6p5a Louis Elizzie
ED6p16a Louis Hillard
ED6p16a Louis Robirdie
ED1p1b Louwein Dora
ED1p1b Louwein Henry
ED1p1b Louwein Rudolph
Ed7p15a Love George
ED3p5a Love Lillie 
ED3p4a Love Lucy
ED3p5a Love Willie
Ed7p5b Lowe Callie
Ed7p5b Lowe David
Ed7p5b Lowe Edward
Ed7p5b Lowe Jack
Ed7p5b Lowe Jewel
Ed7p5b Lowe John
Ed7p5b Lowe Milton
Ed7p12b Lowe Moza
Ed7p12b Lowe Sallie
ED2p4b Lowevine Louwien Lenora
ED2p4b Lowevine Louwien William
ED2p4b Lowevine Louwien William
ED2p4b Lubin Gus A
ED2p4b Lubin Lehova
ED2p4b Lubin Metta
ED13p1b Lubojacky Charley
ED13p1b Lubojacky Ed
ED13p1b Lubojacky Frank
ED13p1b Lubojacky John
ED13p1b Lubojacky Lydia
ED13p1b Lubojacky Norma
ED13p1b Lubojacky Rosa
ED13p1b Lubojacky Will
ED15p19b Luchak Annie
ED15p19b Luchak Frank C
ED15p19b Luchak Hatwick
ED15p19b Luchak Katie
ED15p19b Luchak Mary
ED3p8b Lucherk Ed
ED3p8b Lucherk Flora
ED3p8b Lucherk Josie
ED3p8b Lucherk Ky
ED3p8b Lucherk Pauline
ED3p8b Lucherk Pauline
ED3p8b Lucherk Verna
ED15p4a Lucy Cary
ED15p6b Lucy Paul 
ED15p4a Lucy Sylvester
ED6p1a Ludwig Agnes
ED13p6a Ludwig Albert
ED13p6a Ludwig Andres
ED9p5b Ludwig Anna
ED9p5b Ludwig Anna
ED13p6a Ludwig Annie
ED4p7b Ludwig Bennit
ED4p7a Ludwig Charlie
ED15p14a Ludwig Clara
ED6p1a Ludwig David
ED4p8b Ludwig Edna
ED9p6b Ludwig Edwin
ED4p8b Ludwig Emil
ED9p5b Ludwig Emma
ED4p8b Ludwig Ernest
ED9p5b Ludwig Frank
ED13p6a Ludwig Fritz
ED13p6a Ludwig Fritz
ED4p7a Ludwig Gertrude
ED9p6b Ludwig Hedwig
ED6p1a Ludwig Ida
ED6p1a Ludwig Johanna
ED9p6b Ludwig Joseph
ED4p8b Ludwig Leada
ED9p6b Ludwig Lillie
ED2p1a Ludwig Loella
ED9p6b Ludwig Luella
ED15p14a Ludwig Malinde
ED9p5b Ludwig Maria
ED13p6a Ludwig Matilda
ED9p5b Ludwig Max
ED15p14a Ludwig Otto
ED9p5b Ludwig Paul
ED9p6b Ludwig Therese
ED15p14a Ludwig Walter
ED13p6a Ludwig Willie
ED9p5b Ludwig Willie
ED15p14a Ludwig Williem
ED3p9a Lueckemeyer Bertha
ED3p9a Lueckemeyer Ervin
ED3p9a Lueckemeyer John
ED3p9a Lueckemeyer Leona
Ed7p18b Luedecke Alfred
Ed7p18b Luedecke Amelia
ED8p1a Luedecke Anna
ED8p1a Luedecke Benton
Ed7p18b Luedecke Christ
ED8p1a Luedecke Christian
ED8p1a Luedecke Edgar
ED8p1a Luedecke Elfrieda
ED10p13b Luedecke Ernst
Ed7p18b Luedecke Evelyn
ED8p1a Luedecke Frank
ED10p11b Luedecke Fritz
ED10p11b Luedecke Henriette
ED8p1a Luedecke Henry F
ED8p1a Luedecke Hilma
ED8p1a Luedecke Hilton
ED10p13b Luedecke Ida
ED8p1a Luedecke Julia
ED8p1a Luedecke Leona
ED10p13b Luedecke Leroy
ED10p13b Luedecke Leycester
ED8p1a Luedecke Louella
ED8p1a Luedecke Robert
ED2p3a Luedecke Rosie
ED10p13b Luedecke Rubin
ED8p1a Luedecke Susie
ED10p13b Luedecke Vivian
ED8p1a Luedecke Walter
ED5p7a Luedeker Anna
ED11p8a Luedeker August
ED5p7a Luedeker Charles
ED11p8a Luedeker Emil
ED11p7b Luedeker Hattie
ED11p8a Luedeker Hennritta
ED5p7a Luedeker Herbert
ED11p7b Luedeker Otto
ED13p5b Luedke Adell
ED8p4b Luedke August
ED13p5b Luedke Eddie
ED8p4b Luedke Edward
ED8p5a Luedke Edwin
ED13p5b Luedke Ella
ED13p5b Luedke Ervin
ED8p4b Luedke Fritz
ED13p5a Luedke John
ED13p5b Luedke Lillie
ED8p4b Luedke Louisa
ED13p5a Luedke Louise
ED8p5b Luedke Mary
ED13p5a Luedke Olga
ED8p5b Luedke Otto
ED8p5a Luedke Williamina
ED13p5a Luedke Willie B
ED12p2a Luekemeyer Arno
ED12p2a Luekemeyer Emma
ED12p2a Luekemeyer Leeroy
ED12p2a Luekemeyer Otto
ED10p1a Luetge Arno
ED10p1a Luetge Carl
ED10p1a Luetge Denis
ED10p1a Luetge Eddie
ED10p1a Luetge Egon
ED11p8a Luetge Egon C
ED10p1a Luetge Ernst
ED10p1a Luetge Erwin
ED11p8a Luetge Florence
ED10p1a Luetge Henry
ED10p1a Luetge Henry
ED10p1a Luetge Hilton
ED10p1a Luetge Lernerd
ED10p1a Luetge Leroy
ED10p1a Luetge Lizzie
ED10p1a Luetge Mary
ED10p1a Luetge Minna
ED10p1a Luetge Nellie
ED10p1a Luetge Norma
ED10p1a Luetge Otto
ED10p1a Luetge Wilhelmine
ED9p5b Luhn Alma
ED1p13a Luhn Annie
ED12p8b Luhn Annie
ED12p1a Luhn Annie
ED12p1a Luhn August
ED1p13a Luhn Benhard
Ed7p8b Luhn Benjamine
ED1p13a Luhn Benno H
Ed7p5a Luhn Bettie
Ed7p8b Luhn Clara
Ed7p8b Luhn Conrad
ED12p8b Luhn Doris
ED12p1a Luhn Edgar
ED1p13a Luhn Edmond B
ED12p2a Luhn Ellen
ED12p1a Luhn Elma
ED12p8b Luhn Elvie
ED2p8b Luhn Emily
ED12p1a Luhn Fanny
ED12p8b Luhn Felix
ED12p1b Luhn Hazel
ED12p1b Luhn Hugo
ED12p8b Luhn Irvin
ED12p8b Luhn Leslie
ED12p1b Luhn Matta
ED12p1a Luhn Minna
ED12p1b Luhn Morris
ED12p1b Luhn Myrtle
ED1p13a Luhn Nonie L
Ed7p13a Luhn Otto
ED12p1a Luhn Paul
Ed7p8b Luhn Paula
ED12p2a Luhn Raymond
ED9p5b Luhn Reinhardt
ED12p2a Luhn Robert J
ED12p8b Luhn Rodger
ED12p1a Luhn Theodore
Ed7p16a Lukas Anna
Ed7p16a Lukas John
Ed7p16a Lukas Paul
Ed7p16a Lukas Tressie
ED13p6a Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Clara
ED13p7b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Dorphy
ED13p3b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Edvin
ED13p7b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Edwin
ED13p6a Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Emma
ED13p7b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Franklin
ED13p3b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Fritz
ED13p6a Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer John
ED13p6a Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Lara
ED13p7b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Lottie
ED13p6a Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Louise
ED13p7b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Lula
ED13p3b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Robt
ED13p3b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Sophia
ED13p7b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Theo
ED13p7b Lukemeyer Lueckemeyer Theo
ED1p4a Lulen Adele
ED1p4a Lulen Leo Henry
ED1p4a Lulen Rosalie
ED1p4a Lulen Walter E
Ed7p19b Luna Antonio
Ed7p19b Luna Augestine
Ed7p19b Luna Aurelia
ED6p9a Lunett Allas
ED6p9a Lunett Allas
ED6p9a Lunett Allas
ED6p9a Lunett Joe
ED6p9a Lunett Lucie
ED1p13a Lurime Adelie
ED1p13a Lurime Marcedes
ED1p13a Lurime Otto C
ED1p13a Lurime Ozelle
ED1p13a Lurime Wilburt
Ed7p2a Lux Edwin
Ed7p2a Lux Ellie
Ed7p2a Lux Gertrude
Ed7p19b Lux Joseph
Ed7p2a Lux Josephine
Ed7p2a Lux Leo
ED3p2a Lynn Abbie
ED3p2a Lynn Addie
ED12p8b Lynn Alice
ED12p8b Lynn Collie
ED12p8b Lynn Edgar A
ED3p2a Lynn Everett
ED3p2a Lynn Henry
ED12p8b Lynn Japhet M
ED3p2a Lynn Lillian
ED12p8a LyNn M T
ED3p2a Lynn Thomas
ED3p2a Lynn Wade
ED3p2a Lynn Zadie
ED6p15a Lyon Phillip
ED2p6a Lyons Annie
ED2p11a Lyons Bessie
ED2p8b Lyons Dolly
ED2p11a Lyons Edna
ED2p11a Lyons Effie
ED2p6a Lyons Ethel L
ED2p6a Lyons Grace M
ED2p11a Lyons Hattie
ED2p6a Lyons Hugh F
ED2p11a Lyons Jeff D
ED2p11a Lyons Jesse
ED2p8b Lyons Joseph
ED2p8b Lyons Josephine
ED2p11a Lyons Jule
ED2p6a Lyons Marvin E
ED2p6a Lyons Mildred M
ED2p11a Lyons Sam
ED2p8b Lyons Virginia
ED2p6a Lyons Walter
Ed7p14a Lyth Ambrose
Ed7p14a Lyth Lee Roy
Ed7p14a Lyth Lillie
Ed7p14a Lyth William
ED2p3b Lytle Edna
ED2p3b Lytle Maggie
ED2p3b Lytle Metta
ED2p3b Lytle William B


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