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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED14p7a Macat Alvina
ED14p7a Macat Ernest
ED14p7a Macat Frank
ED14p9b Macat Joe
ED14p8a Macat Joe
ED14p9b Macat Therese
ED14p7a Macat Valesti
ED15p11a Macha Alice
ED15p17a Macha Francis
ED15p11a Macha Jennie
ED15p11a Macha Joe
ED15p11a Macha Joe
ED15p17a Macha Johana
ED15p11a Macha John
ED15p11a Macha Robert
ED15p11a Macha Rosa
ED6p13a Machala Adele
ED6p15a Machala Amelia
ED6p15a Machala Anna
ED6p13a Machala Annie
ED6p15a Machala Annie
ED6p15a Machala Charlie
ED6p13a Machala Emiel
ED6p13a Machala Francis
ED6p15a Machala Francis
ED6p13a Machala Frank
ED6p13a Machala Frank
ED6p15a Machala Frank
ED6p15a Machala Henry
ED6p4a Machala Jirite
ED6p13a Machala Joe
ED6p15a Machala Louis
ED6p13a Machala Louis
ED6p13a Machala Mary
ED1p1b Machemehl Adelaide
ED1p1b Machemehl Adelaide
ED14p6b Machemehl Adolph
ED1p2a Machemehl Albert C
ED1p2a Machemehl Anita
ED2p11a Machemehl Bernhardt
ED1p2a Machemehl Bernice
ED1p2a Machemehl Borel H
ED2p11a Machemehl Charles A
ED2p11a Machemehl Charles F
ED1p1b Machemehl Edwin E
ED1p2a Machemehl Ella
ED2p11a Machemehl Emilie
ED14p6b Machemehl Emily
ED2p6b Machemehl Erna
ED2p11a Machemehl Fred
ED2p11a Machemehl Gerhardt
ED2p6b Machemehl Hermine
ED14p6b Machemehl Hilda
ED2p11a Machemehl Jennie
ED1p2a Machemehl Leroy
ED14p6b Machemehl Leslie
ED1p1b Machemehl Louis A
ED2p2b Machemehl Louise
ED1p1b Machemehl Louise G
ED1p2a Machemehl Lucile
ED2p6b Machemehl Paul
ED2p11a Machemehl Paul W
ED2p11a Machemehl Victor
ED2p2b Machemehl Walter
ED14p6b Machemehl Walter
ED2p2b Machemehl William P
ED15p11a Mack Bill
ED3p10a Madison Bobbie
ED3p1a Madison Charly
ED3p1a Madison Charly
ED3p1a Madison Earle
ED3p10a Madison Elisha
ED3p1a Madison Ellen
ED3p13a Madison Herman
ED3p13a Madison Inell
ED3p10a Madison James
ED3p13a Madison John L
ED3p10a Madison Lora
ED3p13a Madison Luther
ED3p10a Madison May Ola
ED3p13a Madison Ophelia
ED3p1a Madison Q B
ED3p1a Madison Rachel
ED3p1a Madison Robbie
ED3p10a Madison Rosa
ED3p10a Madison Sarah
ED3p1a Madison Willie 
ED3p13a Madison Woodrow
ED8 p9b Maecke Maeckel Friedericke
ED8 p9b Maecke Maeckel Louis
ED14p2b Maeckel Annie
ED14p2b Maeckel Edward
ED14p2b Maeckel Francis
ED11p4a Maelckel Bennie
ED11p4a Maelckel Bertha
ED11p4a Maelckel Bertha
ED11p4a Maelckel Eddie
ED11p4a Maelckel Edna
ED11p4a Maelckel William
ED11p4a Maelckel William
ED10p10a Maerz Edward
ED10p5a Maerz Emil
ED10p10a Maerz Pauline
ED10p5a Maerz Pauline
ED10p5a Maerz Peter
ED10p5a Maerz Susanna
ED6p15a Mahala Joe
ED6p15a Mahala Louise
ED6p15a Mahala Millie
ED6p15a Mahala Milly
ED6p15a Mahala Mily
ED5p4a Mahlmann Agnes
ED5p5a Mahlmann Alice
ED5p4a Mahlmann Anita
ED5p4b Mahlmann Anna
ED5p5a Mahlmann Bennie
ED5p4a Mahlmann Elda
ED5p5a Mahlmann Emma
ED5p5a Mahlmann George
ED5p5a Mahlmann George
ED5p4a Mahlmann Hedwig
ED5p5a Mahlmann Henry
ED5p5a Mahlmann Herman
ED5p5a Mahlmann Lydie
ED5p5a Mahlmann Sophie
ED5p4a Mahlmann Willie Mae
ED5p4a Mahlmann Willie T.
ED4p7b Mahnke Anna
ED1p2b Mahnke Annie L
ED4p8a Mahnke Clara
ED1p2b Mahnke Dora L
ED3p9a Mahnke Edina
ED4p8a Mahnke Edwin
ED9p6b Mahnke Ella
ED9p6b Mahnke Ernst
ED1p13a Mahnke Eunice
ED1p13a Mahnke Henry
ED3p9a Mahnke Herman
ED3p9a Mahnke J. D
ED1p2b Mahnke Jennie
ED4p7b Mahnke John 
ED4p7b Mahnke John F
ED3p9a Mahnke Leslie
ED3p9a Mahnke Lonie
ED1p13a Mahnke Lydie
ED1p2b Mahnke Mattie D
ED9p6b Mahnke Paul
ED10p2a Mahon Elmo
ED10p2a Mahon Frank
ED10p2a Mahon Inasy
ED10p2a Mahon Jane
ED10p2a Mahon Rena
ED10p2a Mahon Sam
ED10p2a Mahon Samule
ED10p2a Mahon Viola
ED1p2b Mailler Eleanor
ED1p2b Mailler Harmon
ED1p2b Mailler Harmon
ED1p2b Mailler Helen
ED1p2b Mailler Lucile
ED1p2b Mailler Martha
ED15p9b Maldonado Porfirio
ED8p3b Malecek Adabert
ED8p3b Malecek Joe
ED8p3b Malecek Mary
ED8p3b Malecek Monroe
Ed7p1a Maler Annie
Ed7p13a Maler Barba
Ed7p1b Maler Barbara
Ed7p14a Maler Frank
Ed7p14a Maler George
Ed7p14a Maler Joe
Ed7p14a Maler John
Ed7p6b Malich Charlie
Ed7p6b Malich Ellie
Ed7p6b Malich Freda
Ed7p6b Malich Fritz
Ed7p16b Manak Alvena
Ed7p16b Manak Alvena
ED6p8b Manak Annie
Ed7p16b Manak Annie
Ed7p16b Manak August
ED6p8b Manak Frank
Ed7p16b Manak Frank
Ed7p16b Manak Joe
ED6p8b Manak Mary
Ed7p16b Manak Mary
ED6p8b Manak Mary
Ed7p16b Manak Pete
Ed7p16b Manak Powell
ED9p2b Mancillas Eleuterio
ED9p2b Mancillas Merce
ED9p2b Mancillas Sebera
ED14p10a Mandry Agnes
ED14p10a Mandry Joe
ED14p10a Mandry Joe
ED14p10a Mandry John
ED14p10a Mandry John
ED14p10a Mandry Mary
ED6p16a Mandy Mosdur
ED2p5a Manheim Fannie
ED2p5a Manheim John
Ed7p16a Manley Annie
Ed7p16a Manley Arthur
Ed7p16a Manley Ella
Ed7p16a Manley John
Ed7p16b Manley John
ED10p11b Manley Louise
Ed7p16a Manley Roberta
Ed7p16b Manley Viola
Ed7p16a Manley Willie
ED1p4b Manly Beatrice
ED1p4b Manly George
ED1p4b Manly Rosie L
ED6p8a Manna Annie
ED6p8a Manna Arnold
ED6p8a Manna Emilia
ED6p2a Manna Frank
ED6p8a Manna Frank
ED6p8a Manna Hilda
ED6p8a Manna Joe
ED6p8a Manna Ludwol
ED6p2a Manna Martha
ED6p8a Manna Martin
ED6p2a Manna William
ED6p3b Manning Algirtt
ED6p16a Manning Bessie M
ED6p3b Manning Dena
ED6p3b Manning George
ED6p16a Manning Hattie P
ED6p16a Manning John R
ED6p16a Manning Julia
ED6p3b Manning Lester
ED6p16a Manning Robert
ED6p16a Manning Willie A
Ed7p8b Mantzel Anita
Ed7p8b Mantzel Carl
Ed7p8b Mantzel Charlie
Ed7p8b Mantzel Ernestine
ED1p5b Mantzel Lilly
ED1p5b Mantzel Sherwood
ED1p5b Mantzel William
ED12p6a Marable Birdie
ED2p3a Marable Blanche
ED12p6a Marable Charlie
ED12p6a Marable Harry
ED2p3a Marable James
ED12p6a Marable Leona
ED12p6a Marable Lucy
ED12p6a Marable Rosie
ED15p19a Marek Abenia
ED10p9a Marek Adela
ED15p19a Marek Albert
ED10p9a Marek Anna
ED10p14b Marek Anna
ED15p19a Marek Annie
ED10p14b Marek Bennie
ED10p9a Marek Bennie
ED10p9a Marek Eddie
ED10p3b Marek Francisca
ED15p19a Marek Frank
ED10p9a Marek Henry
ED10p3a Marek Henry 
ED10p3a Marek Henry J
ED10p9a Marek Joe
ED10p9a Marek John
ED15p19a Marek John
ED10p9a Marek John
ED10p9a Marek John
ED10p14b Marek Ladislav
ED10p9a Marek Lidia
ED10p14b Marek Lidia
ED15p19a Marek Mary
ED10p14b Marek Mata
ED10p14b Marek Mrs. Ladislav
ED10p14b Marek Nora
ED10p14b Marek Olga
ED10p9a Marek Olga
ED10p9a Marek Otto
ED15p19a Marek Rosa
ED10p14b Marek Ruby
ED10p9a Marek Slavina
ED10p9a Marek Stavina
ED10p9a Marek Theresia
ED10p3b Marek V F
ED10p3a Marek Wilhelmine
ED10p9a Marek Willie
ED10p9a Marek Willie
ED11p8b Maren Rosie
ED10p2b Mares Alvina
ED10p2b Mares Annie
ED10p5a Mares Edmund
ED10p5a Mares Elsie
ED10p5a Mares Esther
ED10p5a Mares Frank
ED10p5a Mares H J
ED10p2b Mares Joe
ED10p2b Mares John
ED10p2b Mares John
ED10p5a Mares Lilly
ED10p2b Mares Theresa
ED10p2b Mares Theresa
ED10p5a Mares Vincent
ED10p5a Mares Willie
ED14p8b Maresh Annie
ED14p8b Maresh Annie
ED6p13a Maresh Annie
Ed7p9b Maresh Clara
ED14p8b Maresh Fannie
ED6p13a Maresh Frank
ED14p8b Maresh Frank
ED14p8b Maresh Frank
Ed7p9b Maresh Frank
Ed7p9b Maresh Jerry
ED2p3a Maresh John
ED6p13b Maresh John
ED14p8b Maresh John
ED14p8b Maresh Lillie
Ed7p9b Maresh Louis
Ed7p9b Maresh Louis
Ed7p9b Maresh Louisa
ED14p2b Maresh Louise
ED14p8b Maresh Lydia
ED6p13a Maresh Mary
ED6p13a Maresh Mary
ED14p8b Maresh Milady
ED14p8b Maresh Olga
ED6p13a Maresh Olga
ED14p8b Maresh Otto
ED6p13a Maresh Teresia
Ed7p9b Maresh Willie
ED14p8b Maresh Willie
ED1p11b Mariana Otilla
ED1p11b Mariana Sany
ED1p11b Mariana Victoria
ED14p3a Maris Alvin
ED14p3a Maris Francis
ED14p3a Maris Willie
ED14p3a Maris Willie
ED1p5b Marlette Otto
ED2p2b Marling Elwood
ED2p2b Marling Kitty
ED2p2b Marling Ralph
ED2p2b Marling Ralph
ED12p7a Marshall Emmett
ED15p2b Marshall Jim
ED12p7a Marshall Maria
ED12p7a Marshall Matherine
ED12p7a Marshall O B
ED12p9a Marshall Tearuther
ED8p6b Martens Ellanora
ED8p6b Martens Glades
ED8p6b Martens Herbert
ED8p6b Martens Herman
ED8p6b Martens Hertha
ED8p6b Martens Meta
Ed7p19a Martin Andrew
Ed7p19a Martin George
Ed7p19a Martin Mary
Ed7p19a Martin Oliver
ED6p12a Masarik Agnes
ED6p12a Masarik Julius
ED14p3b Maser Alfred
ED14p3a Maser Alma
ED14p3a Maser Bennie
ED14p3b Maser Bessie
ED14p3b Maser Eddie
ED14p3a Maser Ednes
ED14p3a Maser Edwin
ED14p3b Maser Ella
ED14p3a Maser Joe
ED14p3a Maser Lillie
ED14p3a Maser Milady
ED14p3a Maser Ruth
ED14p3a Maser Sadie
ED14p3b Maser Tillie
ED2p3b Master Chester A
ED2p3b Master Edith M
ED9p3a Mata Pascual
ED6p11a Mateja Annie
ED6p11a Mateja Ennie
ED6p11a Mateja Frank
ED6p11a Mateja Joe
ED6p11a Mateja Martin
ED6p11a Mateja Mary
ED15p8a Matejec Elnore
ED15p7a Matejka John C
ED15p7a Matejka Nellie A
ED9p2b Mathis Addie
ED2p8b Mathis Ben
ED9p2b Mathis Hattie
ED2p8b Mathis Lynie
Ed7p5b Matin Mrs.
ED1p12b Matta Mata Aurora
ED1p12b Matta Mata Cruz
ED1p12b Matta Mata Francisca
ED1p12b Matta Mata Manuel
ED1p12b Matta Mata Reveca
ED1p7a Matthe Arnold
ED1p7a Matthe Beatrice
ED1p7a Matthe Harold
ED1p7a Matthe Rose A
ED1p7a Matthe Rose A
ED1p7a Matthe Wolfgang A
ED3p7a Matthews Elerenaro
Matthias Cresencia
ED10p18a Matthias Francisca
ED10p18a Matthias Garzia
ED10p18a Matthias Honoria
ED10p18a Matthias Manuel
ED10p18a Matthias Ramona
ED10p18a Matthias Thomas
ED10p18a Matthias Tiwursio
ED15p3b Matula Florian
Ed7p7b Matula Gertrude
Ed7p7b Matula Louis
Ed7p7b Matula Mary
Ed7p7b Matula Mary
Ed7p4b Matuska Mary
ED6p10a Matyas Frank
ED6p10a Matyas Mathilda
ED8p1b Mau Emil C
ED8p1b Mau Emma
ED8p1b Mau Fannie
ED8p1b Mau Henry J
ED8p1b Mau Herman
ED8p1b Mau John
ED8p1b Mau Mary
ED8p1b Mau William
ED15p6b Maulton Clara F
ED15p6b Maulton R Leon
ED15p6b Maulton Robert L
Ed7p18a Maxwell Frank
ED4p3a May Robert
ED11p5b Mayer Dollie
ED11p5b Mayer Ellwood
ED11p5b Mayer Hedwig
ED11p5b Mayer Lawrenz
ED11p5b Mayer Mildred
ED11p5b Mayer Otto
ED11p5b Mayer Willie
ED10p14a Mayes George
ED15p6b Mayo Addie
ED15p6b Mayo Anita
ED15p6b Mayo Charlie
ED15p6b Mayo Herman
ED15p13a Mayo Jerry M
ED15p6b Mayo John H
ED15p13a Mayo Lene
ED15p6b Mayo Robert L
ED15p6b Mayo Vivian
ED15p6a Mayor Joana
ED12p7a Mays A B
ED12p6b Mays Aldonia
ED6p16a Mays Alfred
ED4p4a Mays Bracy
ED4p4a Mays Daisy
ED12p7a Mays Elijah
ED4p5a Mays Elizabeth
ED12p6b Mays Elmus
ED4p5a Mays Emly
ED12p6b Mays Emma
ED12p6b Mays Emma
ED12p6b Mays Ethel
ED12p7a Mays Fred
ED12p7a Mays George
ED12p7a Mays Georgia
ED4p5a Mays Georgia Anna
ED4p5a Mays J Susia
ED3p6a Mays Jessie
ED4p5a Mays Joe
ED4p5a Mays Joe
ED6p16a Mays John
ED12p7a Mays K T
ED12p6b Mays Katie
ED12p6b Mays Leola
ED6p16a Mays Mable
ED3p12b Mays Mary
ED6p16a Mays Mary
ED12p7a Mays Mayple
ED3p14b Mays Minnie
ED12p7a Mays Oscar
ED12p6b Mays Raymond
ED3p12b Mays Sam
ED12p7a Mays Susie
ED12p6b Mays Sylvester
ED12p7a Mays T C
ED6p16a Mays Tara
ED3p6a Mays Timothy
ED12p6b Mays Viola
ED6p4b Mazac Joe
ED6p4b Mazac John
ED6p4b Mazac Louie
ED6p4b Mazac Mary
ED6p4b Mazac Mary
ED6p4b Mazac Rosie



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