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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Mc - Mel


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p20a Mc Farland Alberta
ED8p6a McBarnes Bennie
ED11p1b McBride Albreta
ED11p1b McBride Bertha L
ED11p1b McBride Everline
ED11p5b Mcbride Isic
ED11p1b McBride Isola
ED11p1b McBride Moss
ED11p1b McBride Rose
ED11p1b McBride Tom
ED2p3b McCanne Susan
ED1p4b Mccasland Andrew T
ED1p4b Mccasland Dolly
ED1p4b Mccasland Eddie
ED1p4b Mccasland Elizabeth
ED1p4b Mccasland John W
ED1p4b Mccasland William
ED1p4b Mccasland Winton
ED15p8b McClellan Daisy
ED15p8b McClellan John
ED1p11a McClinton Albert
ED4p3b McClinton Elias
ED1p10b Mcclinton Frank
ED1p14b Mcclinton Frank
ED1p11a McClinton Margaret
ED1p9a Mcclinton Mary
ED1p14b Mcclinton Mary
ED1p10b Mcclinton Pramelia
ED4p3b McClinton Rosa
ED1p11a McClinton Terry
ED15p12b McCloud Ella
ED15p12b McCloud J C
ED11p7b McColgh Henry
ED11p7b McColgh Isic
ED3p3a Mccrary James A
ED10p17b McCraw Estelle
ED10p17b McCraw Guy
ED10p17b McCraw Morris
Ed7p11b McCray Bernice
Ed7p11b McCray Berta
Ed7p12b McCray Cyntha
Ed7p11b McCray Jane
Ed7p11b McCray Lowry
ED3p15b Mccray Manual
Ed7p11b McCray Washington
ED3p6a McCree Nancy
ED3p6a McCree Sarah
ED3p6a McCree Sarah
ED3p6a McCree Wyley
Ed7p13b McCulloch Rosa
ED10p11a McCullough Jim
ED10p10a McCullough John
ED10p10b McCullough Lena
ED10p11b McCullough Liza
ED10p11a McCullough Nora
ED1p8a Mcdade Allen
ED6p3a McDade Alma
ED5p1a McDade Anna
ED6p8b McDade Binace
ED13p3a McDade Bof
ED5p1a McDade Callie
ED4p6b Mcdade Catherine
ED3p14a Mcdade Clara
ED6p8b McDade Dallas
ED5p1a McDade Dora
ED6p8b McDade Emigine
ED6p3b McDade Emil
ED3p14a Mcdade Emmett
ED13p3a McDade Eugene
ED5p1a McDade George
ED13p3a McDade Heddie
ED3p14a Mcdade Henry
ED3p14a Mcdade Hetty
ED6p8b McDade Janata
ED6p19a Mcdade Joe
ED6p8b McDade Latta
ED13p3a McDade Lillie
ED3p14a Mcdade Luella
ED3p14a Mcdade Luther
ED6p3a McDade Mallie
ED3p14a Mcdade Manuel
ED1p8a Mcdade Mary
ED1p7a McDade Mary E
ED6p21b Mcdade Nelson
ED3p14a Mcdade Nick
ED6p19a Mcdade Patience
ED6p21b Mcdade Sallie
ED6p3a McDade Walter
ED12p11a McDonald Arthur
ED12p11a McDonald Bettie
ED4p6b Mcdonald Billie
ED9p2a McDonald Carry
ED9p2a McDonald Eillie
ED9p2a McDonald Eleanora
ED12p11a McDonald Fredie
ED2p1b McDonald Hattie
ED12p9a McDonald Ira
ED3p4b Mcdonald Irene
ED12p11a McDonald James
ED4p6a Mcdonald James
ED12p11a McDonald James
ED9p5a McDonald Jessie
ED3p4b Mcdonald Joe
Ed7p11b McDonald John
ED9p5a McDonald John
ED9p5b McDonald John
ED9p7b McDonald Leon
ED9p5b McDonald Lizzie
ED2p1b McDonald Louise
ED3p4b Mcdonald Malcire
Ed7p11b McDonald Mary
ED3p4b Mcdonald Mildred
ED9p2a McDonald Moses
ED9p5b McDonald Nellie
ED12p11a McDonald Ortt
ED4p6a Mcdonald Oscar
ED9p2a McDonald Raymond
ED2p1b McDonald Richard
ED12p1b McDonald Thomas
ED9p2a McDonald Tim
ED12p11a McDonald Viola
ED15p10a McElvy Annie L
ED15p10a McElvy Bertha
Ed7p3b McElvy Eula May
Ed7p3b McElvy Helen
Ed7p3b McElvy Helen Dorothy
ED15p10a McElvy John L
Ed7p3b McElvy Luretta
Ed7p3b McElvy Margaret
Ed7p3b McElvy Mary Louise
Ed7p3b McElvy Richard
Ed7p3b McElvy Richard
ED15p10a McElvy Tom J
ED6p21a Mcfarland Annie
ED6p21b Mcfarland Hattie
ED6p21a Mcfarland Oscar
ED6p21b Mcfarland Sie
ED9p1b McGogern Henrietta
ED9p1b McGogern John
ED15p2b McGonegall Annie L
ED15p2b McGonegall Clay
ED15p2b McGonegall Clay
ED1p3a Mcgoogan Grace
ED1p3a Mcgoogan John
ED1p3a Mcgoogan John
ED12p2b McGowan Lucy
ED10p3a McGregor Arthur
ED10p3a McGregor Arthur
ED10p3a McGregor Daisy
ED13p6a McGregor Ervin
ED13p6a McGregor James
ED13p6a McGregor James
ED10p3a McGregor Jeddie
ED13p6a McGregor Loucile
ED10p3a McGregor Marvin
ED13p6a McGregor Rosa
ED15p12a McGrue Cassie
ED4p8b Mckinley Ben
ED4p8b Mckinley Cato
ED4p8b Mckinley Eddie
ED4p8b Mckinley Hattie
ED2p11b Mckinney Frank
ED2p11b Mckinney Leila
ED11p2b McLean John
ED5p4b Mclellan Lela
ED5p4b Mclellan Leroy
ED5p4b Mclellan Mary Ann
ED5p4b Mclellan Solomon
ED12p10a McMann Albert
ED12p10a McMann Henrette
ED12p10a McMann Horace
Ed7p6a McMillan Ida
Ed7p6a McMillan Joseph C
Ed7p6a McMillan Wilmer
Ed7p6a McMillan Wilmer, Jr.
ED10p2b McNeal Frank
ED9p1b McNeese Charlie
ED13p1a McNeese Elnora
ED13p1a McNeese Georgia Ann
ED13p1a McNeese Henry
ED9p1b McNeese Isabella
ED13p1a McNeese Leola
ED9p1b McNeese Mary
ED13p1a McNeese Rosetta
ED9p1b McNeese Sam
ED9p1b McNeese Sarah
ED9p1b McNeese Willie Lee
ED5p9a McNeil Ada
ED11p5a McNeil Alice
ED5p9a McNeil Andrew
ED5p9a McNeil Anne
ED5p9a McNeil Carrie
ED5p9a McNeil Cora
ED5p9a McNeil Cristina
ED5p9a McNeil Guy
ED11p5a McNeil Hattie
ED5p9a McNeil Hector
ED5p9a McNeil Indiana
ED5p9a McNeil Jimmie
ED5p9a McNeil Mathilde
ED11p3b McNeil Neil
ED5p9a McNeil Pearl
ED11p5a McNeil Richard
ED11p3b McNeil Richard
ED11p3b McNeil Rosie
ED11p5a McNeil Sera
ED11p5a McNeil Willie
ED12p10b McNeily Joe M
ED12p10b McNeily S A
Ed7p10a Mcnese Mack
ED12p3b McNutt Arthur
ED12p3b McNutt Dennis
ED12p2b McNutt Ernest P
ED12p3b McNutt Frankie M
ED12p3b McNutt Grace
ED12p2b McNutt Guy M
ED12p3b McNutt Horace H
ED12p2b McNutt James L
ED12p2b McNutt James N
ED15p6b McNutt Johnnie
ED12p3b McNutt Joseph
ED12p2b McNutt Mary E
ED12p3b McNutt Mattie
ED12p3b McNutt Mollie E
ED12p2b McNutt Perle M
ED12p3b McNutt R B
ED12p2b McNutt Rosa L
ED12p3b McNutt Ruth
ED12p2b McNutt Susan B
ED12p3b McNutt Susie M
ED12p2b McNutt Walter B
ED6p2b Mechla Albena
ED6p2b Mechla Amye
ED6p2b Mechla Fannie
ED6p2b Mechla Jim
ED6p2b Mechla John
ED6p2b Mechla John
ED6p2b Mechla Louise
Ed7p7a Mecklenburg Louise
ED6p19b Medaris Darthula
ED6p19b Medaris Erett Macilns
ED6p19b Medaris Gentle Green
ED6p19b Medaris Grolie Ganata
ED6p19b Medaris Lealan
ED6p19b Medaris R L
ED6p19b Medaris Sallie May
ED8p5b Mehner Ernest
ED8p5b Mehner Hertha
ED8p5b Mehner Jessie
ED8p5b Mehner Josie
ED8p5b Mehner Paul
ED8 p 7b Meier Adolph
ED8 p 7b Meier Alma
Ed7p15a Meier Annie
Ed7p18a Meier August
ED12p5a Meier Caroline
Ed7p15a Meier Charlie
Ed7p15a Meier Clara
Ed7p8a Meier Eldridge
ED4p5a Meier Erich
ED5p8a Meier Erna
ED5p8a Meier Ernest
ED12p3a Meier Ernest
ED12p5a Meier Esther
ED12p3a Meier Eugene 
ED12p3a Meier Eugene A
ED8 p9b Meier Fritz
ED12p5a Meier George
Ed7p8a Meier Henry
Ed7p15a Meier Henry
ED5p8a Meier Herbert
ED5p8a Meier Herman
ED12p3a Meier Julia
ED5p8a Meier Julia
Ed7p18a Meier Julius
ED12p5a Meier Leslie
Ed7p15a Meier Lillie
ED8p4b Meier Louisa
Ed7p18a Meier Mary
ED5p8a Meier Minna
Ed7p8a Meier Ora Dell
ED12p5a Meier Otto J
Ed7p15a Meier Tony
Ed7p8a Meier Violet
ED12p3a Meier Wilma A
ED12p6b Meinecke Arthur
ED4p9a Meinecke Dora
ED4p9a Meinecke Ella
ED3p10a Meinecke Ellen
ED4p1a Meinecke Fred
ED3p10a Meinecke Ida Dorothy
ED4p9a Meinecke John F
ED3p10a Meinecke Leona
ED3p10a Meinecke Mandoline
ED4p1a Meinecke Martha
ED4p1a Meinecke Myrtle
ED3p10a Meinecke Ora Nell
ED3p10a Meinecke Robert
ED3p10a Meinecke Roy
ED11p6a Meinen Delphine
ED11p6a Meinen Erna
ED11p6a Meinen Willie
ED5p1a Meir Adela
ED5p1a Meir Amanda
ED5p1a Meir Bennie
ED5p1a Meir Bernhard
ED5p1a Meir Bertha
ED5p1a Meir Clara
ED5p1a Meir Dina
ED5p1a Meir Frieda
ED5p1a Meir Fritz
ED5p1a Meir Laurel
ED5p1a Meir Louise
ED5p1a Meir Minna
ED5p1a Meir Ramond
ED5p1a Meir Wilhelmina
ED5p3b Meischen Aldolph
ED11p2a Meischen Arthur
ED11p2b Meischen Augusta
ED11p2a Meischen Edgar
ED5p3b Meischen Edgar
ED11p2a Meischen Elvera
ED11p2a Meischen Hilda
ED11p2a Meischen Laura
ED11p2a Meischen Louis
ED5p3b Meischen Nora
ED11p2a Meischen Norbert
ED11p2a Meischen Regena
ED5p3b Meischen Regine
ED11p2a Meischen Selma
ED11p2a Meischen Thresa
ED5p3b Meischen Walter
ED11p2b Meischen Wilmae
ED9p5b Meisner Auguste
ED2p3b Meissner Alvin
ED1p4a Meissner Cordella
ED2p1a Meissner Edmond
ED2p1a Meissner Edwina
ED2p1a Meissner Harry C
ED2p4a Meissner Henrietta
Ed7p9a Meissner Kitty
Ed7p9a Meissner Lottie
ED2p1a Meissner Malinda
Ed7p9a Meissner Otto
ED1p4a Meissner Robert
Ed7p9a Meissner Ruby
Ed7p9a Meissner Sophia
ED8p3a Meister Herman
ED8p3a Meister Wilhemina
ED6p4b Melcak Charley
ED6p4b Melcak Frank
ED6p4b Melcak Tonie
ED11p6a Melcher Dora
ED11p6a Melcher Herman
ED11p6a Melcher Rubin
ED6p9b Mellian Eddie
ED6p9b Mellian Jullie
ED6p9b Mellian Layed
ED15p16b Mellnar Melnar Alfonse
ED15p16b Mellnar Melnar Frank
ED15p16b Mellnar Melnar Jennie
ED15p16b Mellnar Melnar Joe
ED15p16b Mellnar Melnar Joe
ED15p16b Mellnar Melnar Leopold
ED15p16b Mellnar Melnar Margurette
ED15p16b Mellnar Melnar Willie
ED8p6a Melmer Herman
ED8p6a Melmer Herman
ED8p6a Melmer Mary
ED8p6a Melmer Max
Ed7p1a Meloneck Emil
Ed7p1a Meloneck Frank
Ed7p19a Meloneck Herman
Ed7p1a Meloneck Lillie
Ed7p19a Meloneck Lillie
Ed7p1a Meloneck Myrtle
Ed7p1a Meloneck Norma
Ed7p1a Meloneck Waldine
ED9p3a Melonik Meloneck Anna
ED9p3a Melonik Meloneck Frank
ED9p3a Melonik Meloneck Louise
Ed7p15a Meloy Albert
Ed7p15a Meloy Jessie
ED6p9a Melton Henry

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