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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Men - Mi

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
Ed7p2a Menke Ethel
ED1p3b Menke Friedcatri
Ed7p2a Menke Henry
Ed7p2a Menke Lillian
ED1p3b Menke Minnie
Ed7p2a Menke Nettie
ED1p6b Menke Sophie
ED1p3b Menke Theodore M
Ed7p2a Menke Thomas
ED12p2a Menking Dora
ED11p1a Menking Ruby
Ed7p9a Merchand August
Ed7p15b Merchant Cecelia
Ed7p15b Merchant H R
Ed7p15b Merchant Herman
Ed7p15b Merchant Leonard
Ed7p15b Merchant Merle
Ed7p15b Merchant Mortimer
Ed7p15b Merchant Zora
ED4p8a Mernitz Albert
ED4p8a Mernitz Anna
ED4p8a Mernitz Erna
ED4p8a Mernitz Laura
ED4p8a Mernitz Louise
ED4p8a Mernitz Willie
ED9p2a Mersmann Adele
ED9p2a Mersmann Alton
ED9p6a Mersmann Anna
ED9p6a Mersmann Charles
ED9p6a Mersmann Charles
ED9p2a Mersmann Ernst
ED9p2b Mersmann Fritz
ED9p6b Mersmann Max
ED9p2b Mersmann Minna
ED9p2a Mersmann Tillie
Ed7p19a Merten Adolph
ED1p8a Merten Alma
ED1p8a Merten Annie
ED4p7b Merten Augusta
ED1p8a Merten Benny
Ed7p19a Merten Bertha
ED4p7b Merten Chester
ED1p6a Merten Clarence
ED1p8a Merten Ellis
ED1p8a Merten Gussie
ED1p8a Merten Gustave
ED1p8a Merten Jessie
ED1p8a Merten John
ED1p6a Merten Julia
ED1p8a Merten Julius
ED1p6a Merten Laurence
ED1p8a Merten Lee
ED4p7b Merten Louis
ED1p6a Merten William
ED5p11a Mertz Alfred
ED5p11b Mertz Edith
ED11p4a Mertz Edna
ED5p11b Mertz Edwin
ED5p11a Mertz Elisabeth
ED5p11b Mertz Emma
ED5p11a Mertz Erwin
ED5p11b Mertz Evyline
ED5p11a Mertz Fred
ED5p11a Mertz Herman
ED5p11b Mertz Hilda
ED11p4a Mertz Hilma
ED5p11a Mertz Lee
ED5p11b Mertz Lenora
ED11p4a Mertz Robert
ED5p11a Mertz Theresa
ED5p11a Mertz Wilhelmina
ED5p11b Mertz William
Ed7p19b Mesoe Besone
Ed7p19b Mesoe Cristol
Ed7p19b Mesoe May
Ed7p19b Mesoe Mekita
Ed7p19b Mesoe Mesone
Ed7p19b Mesoe Rosa
Ed7p19b Mesoe Sylvesta
ED1p7a Mettke Alice
ED1p7a Mettke Bertha
ED1p7a Mettke Byrdie
ED2p4b Mettke Ernest
ED1p7a Mettke John
ED2p4b Mettke Lillian G
ED1p7a Mettke Lizetta
ED2p4b Mettke Marjorie
ED2p4a Mettke Morris
ED1p7a Mettke Naldeman
ED1p7a Mettke Paul
ED1p7a Mettke Paula
ED2p4a Mettke Rosie
ED2p4b Mettke Rosie Lee
ED1p7b Metusky Dora
ED1p7b Metusky Elsa
ED1p7b Metusky Walter
ED1p12b Mewis ?an
ED1p12b Mewis ?lda
ED1p12b Mewis Adelie
ED2p7a Mewis Alex
ED2p6b Mewis Alma
ED1p1b Mewis Alma
ED1p9a Mewis Arthur
ED1p9a Mewis Arthur E
ED2p7a Mewis August
ED1p12b Mewis Baby
ED1p9a Mewis Bertha
ED1p9a Mewis Colbert R
ED1p12b Mewis Della
ED1p12b Mewis Delmus
ED2p6b Mewis Erna
ED1p9a Mewis Florence
ED2p6b Mewis Fred
ED1p9a Mewis Harmon
ED1p1a Mewis Henry
ED1p9a Mewis Hildgard
ED1p9a Mewis Lenora
ED1p9a Mewis Leon
ED1p12b Mewis Lottie
ED1p9a Mewis Martha
ED1p9a Mewis Monroe B
ED1p9a Mewis Nonie
ED1p12b Mewis Richard
ED1p12b Mewis Roland
ED2p7a Mewis Rosalie
ED1p9a Mewis Roy
ED2p7a Mewis Viola
ED1p9a Mewis Walter
ED1p9a Mewis Wilhelmina
ED10p18b Meyer Ada
ED1p8a Meyer Adalia
ED13p3b Meyer Alfreida
ED15p5a Meyer Annie
ED1p5b Meyer Annie R
ED1p5b Meyer Annie R
ED13p3b Meyer Arnold
ED8p7a Meyer Arthur D
ED6p17a Meyer August
ED1p8a Meyer Benny
ED13p3b Meyer Bertha
ED8p7a Meyer Burnetta
ED13p6b Meyer Burny
ED13p3b Meyer Chas
ED13p3b Meyer Clara
ED1p6b Meyer Dotty Mae
ED13p6b Meyer Eddie
ED13p3b Meyer Eddie
ED1p6b Meyer Eliesa
ED13p3b Meyer Emma
ED13p3b Meyer Emma
ED13p6b Meyer Emma
ED10p16b Meyer Ernst
ED13p6b Meyer Everlyn
Ed7p7b Meyer Fannie
ED6p17a Meyer Frank
Ed7p7a Meyer Frank
ED15p5a Meyer Frank
ED1p6b Meyer Fred
ED10p12a Meyer Gertie
ED13p3b Meyer Hannah
ED13p3b Meyer Hedwig
ED13p3b Meyer Henreta
ED13p2a Meyer Henrietta
ED8p7a Meyer Henrietta
Ed7p7b Meyer Herman
ED1p5b Meyer Hester
ED13p6b Meyer Hilda
ED1p5b Meyer Jacob H
ED1p8a Meyer Johana
ED13p3b Meyer John
ED15p5a Meyer John
ED13p2a Meyer John
ED13p3b Meyer John
ED10p12a Meyer L J
ED13p3b Meyer Laura
ED10p11b Meyer Lee
ED13p3b Meyer Lee
Ed7p7a Meyer Lillian
ED13p2a Meyer Lillie
Ed7p7a Meyer Lillie
ED1p8a Meyer Louisa
ED13p6b Meyer Lula
ED15p5a Meyer Lydia
ED1p6b Meyer Madeline L
ED1p5b Meyer Margerete
ED15p5a Meyer Mary
Ed7p7a Meyer Maydell
ED8p7a Meyer Melbourna
ED6p17a Meyer Mittie May
ED10p12a Meyer Nellie
ED8p7a Meyer Nove L
ED13p3b Meyer Otto
ED10p18b Meyer Otto L
ED13p6b Meyer Reinhard
ED13p3b Meyer Robert
ED13p6b Meyer Ruby
ED1p5b Meyer Ruth
ED13p3b Meyer Sophia
ED13p3b Meyer Sophie
ED13p3b Meyer Walter
ED13p2a Meyer William
Ed7p7a Meyer William
ED15p5a Meyer William
ED1p5b Meyer William J
ED8p3b Michaelis Alfrida
ED8p3b Michaelis Almeta
ED8p3b Michaelis Annie
ED8 p8a Michaelis Eddie
ED8p3b Michaelis Eldert
Ed7p2b Michaelis Elsie
ED8p3b Michaelis Gerhardt
ED8p2a Michaelis Hattie
ED8p3b Michaelis Hugo
ED8p3b Michaelis Leona
ED8p3b Michaelis Louis
ED8 p8a Michaelis Luke
ED8p3b Michaelis Manola
Ed7p2b Michaelis Max
ED8p3b Michaelis Minna
ED8 p8a Michaelis Nora
ED8p2a Michaelis Otto H
ED8p3b Michaelis Richard
ED9p4a Michaelis Selma
ED9p4a Michaelis William
Ed7p10a Mickie Katie
Ed7p10a Mickie Rosie
Ed7p12b Middleton Horatio
Ed7p12b Middleton Myrtle
ED12p8b Miencke Meinecke Emma
ED12p8b Miencke Meinecke Roy
ED12p8b Miencke Meinecke Walter
ED1p2a Miessner Bertha
ED1p12a Miessner Florence
ED1p12a Miessner Henry P
ED1p2a Miessner Isabel
ED1p12a Miessner Martha
ED1p2a Miessner Norma
ED1p2a Miessner Otto
ED1p12a Miessner Paul
ED1p2a Miessner Walter
ED1p2a Miessner Walter
ED10p16a Mieth Adolf J
Ed7p18b Mieth Albert
ED10p12b Mieth Albert F
Ed7p18b Mieth Alvena
ED10p10a Mieth Alvin
ED10p13b Mieth August
ED10p13b Mieth Benjamin
ED10p13b Mieth C F
ED10p10a Mieth Carl
ED10p14b Mieth Charlotte
ED10p15a Mieth Edgar
ED10p12b Mieth Elizabeth
ED10p13b Mieth Elsa
Ed7p18b Mieth Emil
ED10p16a Mieth Erna
ED10p16a Mieth Erwin
ED10p13b Mieth Fanny
ED10p13b Mieth Friedolin
ED10p13b Mieth George
ED10p16a Mieth George
ED10p16a Mieth Hetwig
ED10p15a Mieth Hilda
ED10p16a Mieth Hulda
ED10p13b Mieth Josephine
ED10p12b Mieth Laura
ED10p13b Mieth Lernerd
ED10p10a Mieth Marie
ED10p12b Mieth Mathilda
ED10p15a Mieth Mina
Ed7p18b Mieth Minnie
ED10p15a Mieth Nora
ED10p15a Mieth W D
ED10p16a Mieth Walter
ED10p12b Mieth William
Ed7p18b Mieth Willie
ED6p7a Mikel Albina
ED6p7a Mikel Charley
ED6p7a Mikel Frank
ED6p7a Mikel Joe
ED6p7a Mikel Rosa
ED6p7a Mikel Tracy
Ed7p5b Mikesh Albie
ED14p10a Mikeska Adele
ED14p10b Mikeska Adolph
ED5p6a Mikeska Albina
ED12p7b Mikeska Alfred
ED14p2a Mikeska Annie
ED14p10a Mikeska Annie
ED14p2a Mikeska Annie
ED14p2a Mikeska Annie
ED14p2a Mikeska Anton
ED14p1b Mikeska Bertha
ED15p14b Mikeska Charlie
ED14p2a Mikeska Edmund
ED5p9b Mikeska Edwin
ED14p1b Mikeska Edwin
ED12p7b Mikeska Ella
ED14p1b Mikeska Elsie
ED14p5a Mikeska Fannie
ED5p9b Mikeska Fannie
ED14p10a Mikeska Fannie
ED12p7b Mikeska Ferry
ED14p2a Mikeska Francis
ED5p6a Mikeska Francis
ED12p7b Mikeska Frank
ED5p5b Mikeska Frank
ED15p14b Mikeska Frank
ED14p2a Mikeska Frank
ED12p7b Mikeska Frank
ED14p10a Mikeska Frank J
ED14p10a Mikeska George
ED14p2a Mikeska Harry
ED12p7b Mikeska Henriette
ED5p6a Mikeska Hermina
ED14p10b Mikeska Jerry
ED14p10a Mikeska Jerry
ED5p9b Mikeska Joe
ED14p10b Mikeska Joe
ED14p10a Mikeska Joe
ED14p1b Mikeska John
ED14p5a Mikeska John
ED15p14b Mikeska John
ED14p10b Mikeska John F
ED5p9b Mikeska Johnnie
ED14p1b Mikeska Johnnie
ED14p10b Mikeska Johnnie
ED14p2a Mikeska Joseph
ED14p10a Mikeska Julie
ED14p10a Mikeska Ladgie
ED14p2a Mikeska Ladgie
ED14p5a Mikeska Lillie
ED14p10b Mikeska Louise
ED15p14b Mikeska Lydia
ED5p9b Mikeska Lydia
ED5p6a Mikeska Lydie
ED5p5b Mikeska Marie
ED14p2a Mikeska Marion
ED14p2a Mikeska Mary
ED15p14b Mikeska Mary
ED14p2a Mikeska Mihaly
ED5p6a Mikeska Miladie
ED5p9b Mikeska Nelson
ED5p9b Mikeska Olga
ED5p6a Mikeska Olga
ED14p2a Mikeska Otto
ED12p7b Mikeska Robert
ED14p4b Mikeska Rosa
ED15p14b Mikeska Rosa
ED12p7b Mikeska Rueben
ED5p9b Mikeska Theresa
ED14p10b Mikeska Therese
ED14p2a Mikeska Tom
ED14p2a Mikeska Valistie
ED5p6a Mikeska Vlasta
ED14p1b Mikeska Willie
ED15p14b Mikeska Willie
ED15p14b Mikusek Albine
ED15p14b Mikusek Celestyna
ED15p14b Mikusek Joe
ED15p14b Mikusek Marie
ED14p4b Milaner Rudolph
ED3p9b Miller Adelheidt
ED3p2b Miller Alice
Ed7p11a Miller Alma
ED3p9b Miller Annie
ED3p9b Miller Annie
Ed7p11a Miller Annie
ED3p4a Miller Annie
ED3p3a Miller Arthur
ED9p2b Miller Burley
Ed7p11a Miller Carl
ED9p2b Miller Carry
ED9p2b Miller Chaney
ED12p7b Miller Cora
ED9p2b Miller Davy
ED10p11b Miller Dessie
ED3p4a Miller Ed
ED5p1b Miller Eliza
ED2p6b Miller Emma
ED3p9b Miller Emma
ED3p1a Miller Eva May
ED10p11b Miller F B
ED3p3a Miller Frieda
ED3p1a Miller Garvin Edwin
ED10p7a Miller George
ED2p6b Miller Gilbert F
ED3p9b Miller Hedwig
ED3p4a Miller Helen
ED10p11b Miller Hetwig
ED3p2b Miller Inez
ED14p5b Miller J J
ED5p1b Miller James
ED9p2b Miller Jim
ED12p7b Miller Jim
Ed7p11a Miller Jodie
ED3p4a Miller Joe
ED3p9b Miller John
ED3p2b Miller John
ED12p5a Miller John
ED3p4a Miller John
ED9p2b Miller John
ED6p9b Miller John E
ED6p9b Miller Johnny F
ED10p7a Miller Josephine
ED3p1a Miller L. J.
ED3p2b Miller Laura
ED3p2b Miller Layfette
ED2p6b Miller Leola M
ED3p1a Miller Leslie Herman
ED3p1a Miller Lewis J
ED3p3a Miller Lillie 
ED10p7a Miller Lizzie
ED3p1a Miller Lois
ED12p5a Miller Mary
ED3p9b Miller Mary
ED6p9b Miller Maud
ED10p7a Miller May
ED3p4a Miller Minnie
ED14p3a Miller Mollie
ED3p2b Miller Nannie
Ed7p11a Miller Perry
Ed7p11a Miller Roy
ED3p3a Miller Sarah
ED3p4a Miller Theodore
ED3p4a Miller Theresa
ED9p2b Miller Veola
ED10p7a Miller Vivian
ED10p7a Miller Walter
ED3p2b Miller Will
ED4p5b Miller Willie
ED3p3a Miller Willie 
ED3p2b Miller Zollie
Ed7p2b Millis James
ED3p16b Mills Lulu
Ed7p18a Millsap Annie
Ed7p16b Millsap George
Ed7p18a Millsap Mildred
ED10p5a Minar Emilie
ED10p10a Minar Lina
ED10p5a Minar Paul 
ED10p5a Minar Peter
ED10p10a Minar Robert
ED15p3b Minks Henderson
ED15p3b Minks Innocene
ED15p3b Minks Ivan
ED15p3b Minks Louise
ED15p3b Minks Lucy
ED15p3b Minks Mary
ED15p3b Minks Tillie
ED15p7a Minor Martha
ED15p7a Minor Pat
ED10p11b Minton Annie May
ED10p18a Minton Creed
ED14p5a Minton Danford J
ED10p11a Minton Delaney
ED14p5a Minton Gilbert W
ED14p5a Minton John
ED14p5a Minton Lexie M
ED10p10b Minton Lizzie
ED14p5a Minton Nettie Bell
ED14p5a Minton Therese
ED10p11a Minton William
ED10p10b Minton William
ED3p6b Mitchel Amos
ED3p6b Mitchel Amos
ED3p6b Mitchel Emma
ED3p12a Mitchel Leila
ED3p12a Mitchel Liza
ED3p12a Mitchel Sallie
ED15p15b Mitchell Charlie
ED15p15b Mitchell George
ED15p17b Mitchell Jim
ED15p16a Mitchell Lottie
ED15p16a Mitchell Louisa
ED15p16a Mitchell Mandy
ED15p15b Mitchell Mariah
ED15p15b Mitchell Mary
ED15p15b Mitchell Rebecca
ED3p12a Mitchmore William
ED2p8a Mittanck Bertha A
ED2p8a Mittanck Gerhard
ED2p8a Mittanck Isabel
ED2p8a Mittanck Leon
ED2p8a Mittanck Otto E
ED1p6a Mittank Ehrhardt
ED1p6a Mittank Elmore
ED1p6a Mittank Gus A
ED1p6a Mittank Hillia
ED1p5a Mittank Madeline
ED1p6a Mittank Mary
ED15p8b Mize Garland
ED15p8b Mize Inez
ED15p8b Mize J Q
ED15p8b Mize John
ED15p8b Mize Mary E



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