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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

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ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p11a Mlcak Agnes
ED6p11a Mlcak Annie
ED6p11a Mlcak Anton
ED6p11a Mlcak Anton
ED6p12b Mlcak August
ED6p11a Mlcak Francis
ED6p12b Mlcak Henry
ED6p11a Mlcak Jessie
ED6p11a Mlcak Joe
ED6p12b Mlcak Johanna
ED6p11a Mlcak John
ED6p11a Mlcak Lanis
ED6p11a Mlcak Louis
ED6p12b Mlcak Martha
ED6p11a Mlcak Mary
Ed7p7a Moebes Adele
Ed7p7a Moebes Arthur
Ed7p7a Moebes Doris
Ed7p7a Moebes Lambert
ED15p17b Moncada Adislado
ED15p17b Moncada Antonio
ED15p17b Moncada Julia
ED15p17b Moncada Nicolas
Ed7p2b Monroe Chas
ED15p7b Monroe Gladys
ED15p7b Monroe Minnie
ED15p13a Monroe Robert
Ed7p2b Monroe Sam
ED15p7b Monroe Wm R
Ed7p15b Monson John
Ed7p15b Monson Swan
ED12p5a Montgomery Moses
ED3p12a Montgomery Rosa Lee
ED3p12a Montgomery William
Ed7p12a Montgomery Wm
ED4p4a Moody Ben
ED12p9a Moor Ernest
ED5p8b Moore Abraham
ED4p6b Moore Addison
ED4p6b Moore Addison
ED5p2b Moore Alverda
ED5p3a Moore Alverda
ED4p6b Moore Anne
ED15p8b Moore Bennie
ED10p17a Moore Earl B
ED5p2b Moore Ernest
ED5p3a Moore Ernest
Ed7p9a Moore Fred
ED3p15b Moore Georgia
ED5p2b Moore Henry
ED5p3a Moore Henry
ED4p6b Moore Jennie
ED15p13a Moore Lettie
ED10p17a Moore Lillie Dorris
ED5p8b Moore Lulu
ED5p2b Moore Mago
ED5p3a Moore Mago
ED5p2b Moore Mary
ED4p6b Moore Mary
ED5p3a Moore Mry
ED5p2b Moore Nancy
ED5p3a Moore Nancy
ED4p6b Moore Vassie
ED3p15b Moore Warnetta
ED3p15b Moore Will
ED4p6b Moore Will
ED5p2b Moore William
ED5p3a Moore William
ED3p15b Moore Willie May
ED13p3a More Beula
ED13p3a More Hardy
ED13p3a More Lonnie May
ED13p3a More Robert
ED8p4b Moreno Arturo
ED8p4b Moreno Benito
ED6p9a Moreno Cruz
ED8p4b Moreno Dominga
ED8p4b Moreno Luz
ED6p9a Moreno Theresa
ED8p4b Moreno Ysabel Araga
ED12p6a Morgan James
ED12p6a Morgan Maria
ED9p4b Morgan Martha
ED12p3b Morgan Willie
ED15p10a Moris Blanche
ED15p18a Morris Austin
Ed7p2b Morris W Chas
ED6p20b Mosby Randolph F
ED2p11a Moseley Lizzie
ED2p11a Moseley Rachel
ED2p11a Moseley Sarah
ED3p3b Mosely Alice
ED13p1b Mosely Clara
ED1p10a Mosely Delie
ED13p1b Mosely Elnora
ED13p1b Mosely Hellen
ED2p5b Mosely Henrietta
ED1p10a Mosely Ida
ED3p3b Mosely Jase
ED1p10a Mosely John
ED1p10a Mosely John H
ED13p1b Mosely Lucian
ED2p5b Mosely Rufus
ED13p1b Mosely Willie B
ED12p6b Mosha Ellen
ED14p1b Mosha Mattie
ED12p10b Moszkowieg Joe M
ED12p10b Moszkowieg Leo Kadyia
ED12p10b Moszkowieg Louis
ED12p10b Moszkowieg Willie
ED10p6a Motheral Mollie
Ed7p9a Motl Annie
Ed7p9a Motl Annie
ED14p7b Motl Ben
ED14p7b Motl Benjiman
Ed7p9a Motl Bernard
ED14p7b Motl Bessie
ED14p7b Motl Emily
Ed7p9a Motl Joe
ED14p3b Motl Tony A
ED14p3b Motl Willie C
ED3p5a Motley Alfronia
ED3p5a Motley Bernice
ED12p5a Motley Melissie
ED4p3a Motley Willie
ED15p10b Mott Annie L
ED14p4b Motycka Anton
ED14p4b Motycka Joseph
ED15p15a Mozala Alford
ED15p15a Mozala Annie
ED15p15a Mozala Francis
ED15p15a Mozala Libusa
ED15p15a Mozala Mary
ED15p15a Mozala Mozola Frank
ED6p10b Mrassrik Albert
ED6p10b Mrassrik Fannie
ED6p10b Mrassrik Fannie
ED6p10b Mrassrik Jarm
ED6p10b Mrassrik Joe
ED6p10b Mrassrik John
ED6p10b Mrassrik John
ED6p10b Mrassrik Louis
Ed7p15a Mueller Adele
Ed7p7b Mueller Arno
ED11p4a Mueller Fredericke
Ed7p7b Mueller Helen
ED9p3a Mueller Herman C
Ed7p15a Mueller Hilda
ED9p3a Mueller Jeanette
Ed7p7b Mueller John
Ed7p15a Mueller Leo
ED11p4a Mueller Louis
Ed7p7b Mueller Lydia
ED11p4a Mueller Mary
Ed7p15a Mueller Valester
ED11p4a Mueller William
ED9p4b Muench Alice
ED9p4b Muench Annie
ED10p15b Muench Erna
ED10p14a Muench Erwin
ED10p15b Muench Gerhard
ED10p15b Muench Gerhard
ED10p14a Muench Hugo
ED10p15b Muench Leola Bell
ED10p14a Muench Louise
ED9p4b Muench Robert
ED10p15b Muench Theresa
ED10p15b Muench Willie
ED10p15b Muench Willy
ED10p17b Muenzler Bertha
ED10p17b Muenzler Esther
ED10p17b Muenzler Harry
ED10p17b Muenzler Louis O
ED10p17b Muenzler Ruby
ED10p17b Muenzler Walter
ED2p10b Muery Allen N
ED2p6a Muery Alma
ED2p6a Muery Alvin
ED2p6a Muery Alvine
ED2p6a Muery Charles F
ED2p9a Muery Ella
ED2p10b Muery Elnora
ED2p6a Muery Elsie
ED2p10b Muery Emil
ED2p9a Muery Emma
ED2p6a Muery Ernst
ED2p6a Muery George
ED2p6a Muery Herbert
ED2p6a Muery Hugo
ED2p10b Muery Josephine
ED2p9a Muery Louis
ED2p6a Muery Louise
ED2p6a Muery Marcus J
ED2p10b Muery Ora Nell
ED2p10b Muery Otto
ED2p10b Muery Otto James
ED2p6a Muery Pauline
ED2p10b Muery Rosalie
ED2p6a Muery Sam
ED2p6a Muery Sam C
ED2p10b Muery Vivian
ED15p10b Muller Mueller Minnie
Ed7p5b Mullins Allie
Ed7p5b Mullins John
Ed7p6a Mullins John
Ed7p8b Munch Barbara
Ed7p8b Munch Berhart
ED14p8a Munchkey Machinsky Albert
ED14p8a Munchkey Machinsky Bertha
ED14p8a Munchkey Machinsky Eddie
ED14p8a Munchkey Machinsky Fannie
ED14p8a Munchkey Machinsky Johnnie
ED14p8a Munchkey Machinsky Millie
ED14p8a Munchkey Machinsky Roman
ED14p8a Munchkey Machinsky Walter
ED6p20a Munger Carrie
ED6p20a Munger David Randon
ED12p10b Murphy Charlie
ED12p10b Murphy Ellen
ED3p17a Murry Hattie
ED11p5a Muske Alma
ED11p5a Muske Bruno
ED11p5a Muske Ernest
ED11p5a Muske Harry
ED11p5a Muske Herman
ED11p5a Muske Hilde
ED11p5a Muske Irene
ED11p5a Muske Louise
ED11p5a Muske Louise
ED6p15a Muskiet Anna
ED6p15a Muskiet Fanny
ED6p15a Muskiet John
ED6p15a Muskiet John
Ed7p4b Myer Dan
Ed7p4b Myer Ethel
ED15p12a Mynarck Caroline
ED15p12a Mynarck Mynarik John 
ED15p5b Mynarik Bessie
ED15p5b Mynarik John
ED15p5b Mynarik Lilly
ED15p5b Mynarik Sidonie


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